After the Elections in New Baltimore: O’Rorke, Benway, Norris Laying Landmines for New Administration

19 Nov

Voters ousted incompetent New Baltimore supervisor Susan O’Rorke and defeated the majority of her coterie on November 5, 2013 (Janet Brooks is still in town hall as town clerk, and Diane Jordan is now tax collector). Almost cleaned house. But those left in power for the next two months are already taking their revenge before they have to hand over their house keys! They’re laying landmines for the new supervisor and board!

YOU VOTED THEM OUT!! But they're Mad and Mean, and they're going to punish you before they leave!
But they’re Mad and Mean, and they’re going to punish you before they leave!

You’d think they’d have some dignity, and accept the voters’ decision. Voters simply didn’t want their kind any more. So do you think they’d accept the message and leave with dignity, or show some good will in their last two months in office. Hell NO! They’re going to do all the damage they can before they handover the keys to town hall. They’re going to punish voters for giving them the boot!

Revenge of the Rejects

What? You Promoted Psycho-Cop Ryan Johnson?!?

What? You Gave Denis Jordan a Rais?!?

That is poor government, escalating spending in this way in times when the majority on the New Baltimore town council should be looking for ways to save money and to avoid excess spending. No doubt this is a part of the O’Rorke, Benway, Norris, Angelis-Schrauf Revenge Plan. Denis Jordan, allegedly illiterate, was already cashing in to the tune of more than $52,000 a year out of New Baltimore taxpayers’ pockets!

Barbara Finke (R) was the only New Baltimore board member to vote against the pay raise for Jordan! Why is there only one town board member with a sense of financial responsibility?

We say: As soon as the new New Baltimore town council takes over in January, we say RESCIND Jordan’s raise! O’Rorke and her cronies Lisa Benway and Christopher Norris have already made New Baltimore a Laughing stock by their mismanagement of New Baltimore finances and purchasing. Denis Jordan is one of the morons who made the scathing New York State Comptroller’s auditors’ comments possible. And now O’Rorke and her sockpuppets reward their royal nitwit with a raise. According to the Comptroller’s audit (see below), they’ve always been irresponsible with YOUR MONEY. But this has to be the absolute limit! Stop the lies they tell to misinform residents and cut Jordan’s pay, take back the pay raise NOW!

In the meantime, keep a close eye on what is going on on the New Baltimore town council, and watch Susan O’Rorke, Lisa Benway, and Christopher Norris very closely. They’re going to try to push quite a few things through before they leave that you’re going to be saddled with afterwards. Get to the town council meetings and make your wishes known. New Baltimore residents must demand a moratorium on any major decisions until the new New Baltimore town council takes over. And keep a very close eye on what’s going on with the town of New Baltimore budget: O’Rorke and her pals put together the 2014 budget and it probably means more problems! Don’t let them spend any more of your dollars on a employees who can’t do the job! New Baltimore voters have the momentum, now use it to good advantage: Anything O’Rorke, Benway, Norris or their behind-the-scenes villains (Yes! We’re talking about you Angelis, Schrauf, Brooks, Ross, and others) want, SAY NO!

Corruption in the Town of New Baltimore

Like the town of Coeymans, the voters in the Town of New Baltimore finally got smart and kicked supervisor Susan O’Rorke out and put in some community-minded people like Nick Dellisanti, Jeff Ruso, Sally van Etten on the board and sent a clear message to the local elitist clubs represented by Janet Angelis (of sign-stealing fame) and Hilary Schrauf (of no fame at all). That doesn’t mean that Dellisanti, Ruso, and van Etten have a ticket for free lunch; in fact, we’re going to be watching them very, very closely and any indication of deviating from the straight and narrow, and we’ll be on them tighter than the skin on a frog’s back, will earn them some unwanted attention, too. It you take the job, you’d better do the job.

Regrettably, however, New Baltimore voters kept two insiders in New Baltimore town hall: Janet Brooks as town clerk and Diane Jordan as tax collector. The New Baltimore town clerk is a glorified file clerk and now that the insiders club is no longer in power on the New Baltimore town council and there’s a new supervisor, Brooks is going to have to put in her hours and get to work on time. And no hanky-panky with the sheriff’s deputies. Brooks has had it too easy over the past decade or so because she’s been among her ultra-liberal, pseudo-democrat friends. Things are going to be different from now on, however.

Our main beef is with the fact that Diane Jordan was elected to the position of New Baltimore tax collector. The job of the tax collector in New Baltimore doesn’t require a brain, really, so Jordan qualifies. What we are concerned about is that her allegedly illiterate hubby, Denis Jordan, is New Baltimore highway superintendent. As you already know, we don’t like too many family members in small town government, at least not in the same town hall!

And like the town of Coeymans, ex-supervisor Susan O’Rorke and her cronies on the New Baltimore town board, Lisa Benway and Chris Norris, now that they are losers (they were before but are even more so now), are getting their empty heads together to punish New Baltimore taxpayers. O’Rorke and her gang have two months to do their worst, and they’ve already started: They just approved a pay raise for Denis Jordan.

Is that responsible government, we have to ask? In a time when austerity measures are in order O’Rorke and her minions spend, spend, spend. And why Denis Jordan? Has anyone seen the recent New York State Office of the Comptroller’s report on the recent audit of the Town of New Baltimore’s finances? If you haven’t, you’d better have a look, because Denis Jordan’s activities in cohoots with O’Rorke and her club are the focus of the auditor’s very severe criticisms.

What this means is that O’Rorke and her club rewarded Denis Jordan with a pay raise while he was breaking every rule and law in the book! O’Rorke and her coterie of crooks, Lisa Benway and Chris Norris, who themselves get their share of criticism in the audit report for spending town money without adhering to principles, policies, or the law. Jordan, O’Rorke, Benway, and Norris should be facing criminal charges for what they’ve done in the town of New Baltimore and for misusing New Baltimore taxpayers’ money.

Susan O'Rorke, Lisa Benway, chris Norris, Denis Jordan Has the New York State Comptroller's Audit Report Revealed Ongoing Corruption in New Baltimore?

Susan O’Rorke, Lisa Benway, Chris Norris, Denis Jordan
Has the New York State Comptroller’s Audit Report Revealed Ongoing Corruption in New Baltimore?

If you want the gory details, we recommend you read the entire audit report. You can read it or down load it from this link: Comptroller’s Audit Report on New Baltimore.

Here are some of the remarks made by the Comptroller’s auditors (taken straight out of the Audit report!):

  • The Board did not ensure that Town officials followed statutory bidding requirements or the Town’s procurement policy. We identified approximately $301,000 in purchases that were not properly bid as required by law, and approximately $94,000 in purchases that did not have quotes as required by Town policy…As a result, the Board does not have adequate assurance that goods and services have been acquired at the lowest cost. (page 5)
  • Town officials did not comply with GML requirements for competitive bidding of purchases. We examined 29 purchases subject to competitive bidding requirements totaling $545,168 from seven vendors, and found that purchases totaling $301,137 paid to four vendors were not competitively bid or purchased under valid OGS or county contracts. Purchases not competitively bid included: Road Paving Services – The Town paid $127,908 to a company for paving services…the company doing the paving work did not submit the lowest quote.(page 6)
  • New Truck – The Town purchased a 2013 truck cab and chassis for $120,740…In addition, the Town purchased the truck’s dump body and plow for about $25,000 without properly soliciting bids. (page 6)
  • Pickup Truck – The Town purchased a pickup truck with a plow for about $27,000…the vendor was not the OGS contract holder and there was no documentation to link this local dealer to an approved OGS vendor. (page 6)
  • By circumventing GML requirements, the Board has not provided the taxpayers with assurance that significant contracts were awarded in a transparent and open process, and that the expenditures were prudent. (page 6)
  • Town officials did not provide sufficient oversight to ensure compliance with the procurement policy requirement for three written quotes. Of the $143,031 in applicable purchases in our sample that required three written quotes, purchases totaling $94,120 did not have the required quotes or were not alternatively purchased through State or county contract.
  • Low-Sulfur Diesel Fuel – The Town paid an aggregate of $21,824 for two types of low-sulfur diesel fuel for Highway vehicles and equipment…Town officials did not have documentation to show that the fuel was purchased under either contract.
  • Plastic Pipes and Connections – The Town purchased $14,758 in materials to repair culverts. [Town made false claims that pipes were purchased under a county contract. No such contract exists.]
  • Pole Barn Addition – The Town purchased building materials totaling $9,755 to construct an addition to a Town building but had no supporting quotes.
  • Uniform Service – Uniform rental and laundry services of $7,011 for Highway Department uniforms had no supporting quotes.
  • Material and Services – The Town paid $34,278 to multiple vendors for gravel, processed stone, crusher run (crushed stone) and road paving preparation material, waste management, and other products/services. The Highway Superintendent [Denis Jordan] said that he had obtained written quotes as required by policy and that he verbally presented them to the Board but did not retain the written quotes. [Yeah! And pigs have wings, too!]
  • – Additionally, prior Board approval was required, but was not documented, for individual and aggregate purchases totaling $135,377 of our sample of $165,455. Town officials said the approvals were given in committee meetings [= O’Rorke, Benway, Norris!]. The Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor told us that they meet regularly in committee meetings with the Highway Superintendent [Denis Jordan] to discuss planned Highway Department purchases, but do not ask for or receive copies of quotes.

According to the NYS Office of the Comptroller:

The Town [of New Baltimore] is governed by an elected Town Board (Board) composed of a Town Supervisor (Supervisor) [Susan O’Rorke] and four Board members. The Board is responsible for overseeing the Town’s operations, finances and overall management and provides guidance through the enactment of policies and procedures, adoption of the annual budget, and approval of all contracts. The Supervisor [Susan O’Rorke], who serves as the Town’s chief executive and chief fiscal officer, is responsible for implementing Board policy and overseeing the financial management of the Town’s moneys. As chief fiscal officer, the Supervisor is responsible for overseeing most of the Town’s financial duties. (page 3)

General Municipal Law (GML) requires that purchase and public work contracts in excess of $20,000 and $35,000, respectively, during a fiscal year be publicly advertised for bids and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. (page 5)

Susan O’Rorke, Denis Jordan, Lisa Benway and Chris Norris have criminally mismanaged the Town of New Baltimore’s money and business.

Money-Corruption-Cuffs The right combo for abusing voter and taxpayer trust! For violating your oaths of office and breaking the law!

The right combo for abusing voter and taxpayer trust!
For violating your oaths of office and breaking the law!

Is this how Denis Jordan and his friends on the New Baltimore town board, ex – supervisor Susan O’Rorke, and town council members Lisa Benway and Chris Norris play with taxpayer money, ignoring New York State General Municipal Laws and even their own town policies? How long has this mismanagement been going on? What this does clearly illustrate is that it pays to be an insider…and it apparently pays really well, too.

So, New Baltimore residents and taxpayers, with all of this criminal activity going on in the New Baltimore Highway Department under the illiterate expertise of one Mr Denis Jordan, with the support of ex – supervisor Susan O’Rorke and friends Lisa Benway and Chris Norris, how is it that Denis Jordan qualifies for a pay raise?!?

Susan O’Rorke, Denis Jordan, Lisa Benway and Chris Norris have criminally mismanaged the Town of New Baltimore’s money and business. The have violated the New York State General Municipal Law and the financial policies of the Town of New Baltimore. They have criminally violated the trust and the laws they took solemn oaths of office to defend, protect, and uphold!

It’s an interesting fact that the NYS Comptroller’s Audit was held back until after the elections. Was there a plan to protect the criminals in the Town of New Baltimore and to not adversely influence their chances for re-election? Was this a democrat plan? Did someone in Albany, perhaps on the democrat committee, know about the draft audit report and pull strings to keep the democrat Comptroller from releasing these damning results before the elections? Didn’t do them much good, did it? Is there a mole in the Comptroller’s office or just dirty politics as usual?

David Wukitsch? Or is it Michael Biscone?

David Wukitsch? Or is it Michael Biscone?

New Baltimore uses the same town attorney as the Town of Coeymans, David Wukitsch. That’s spelled “S-h-y-s-t-e-r.” Took lessons from Michael Biscone, apparently. Mr Wukitsch is about as useful as tits on a bull or pants on a hooker! Where is Mr Wukitsch when all of this law-breaking is going on? Isn’t he supposed to be advising the town? Keeping things legal? Wukitsch is a wishy-washy crook, taking the towns’ cash and leaving them to their half-wits. Mr Wukitsch needs to appear before the Third Appellate Division and the New York State Professional Standards Commission and maybe have his license to practice suspended. The town is paying him but what’s he doing? NOTHING! Taking money and giving nothing in return is theft, Mr Wukitsch, and you are a thief! Time to fire Wukitsch’s ass and get someone who knows what he’s doing!

We say that residents must demand that the Office of the NYS Attorney General investigate and bring charges against Susan O’Rorke, Denis Jordan, Lisa Benway, and Chris Norris for public corruption, conspiracy and obstruction of justice! We say that residents of the Town of New Baltimore must demand that the NYS Atorney General division of public corruption and the Albany Field Office, Special Agent in Charge, Andrew Vale get involve in investigating possible criminal activity in New Baltimore Town Hall, and why these laws were violated, and standing financial policies ignored. We know who got screwed! But what we want to know is Who got paid off? Who benefitted?

Read about the Revenge of the Rejected in the Town of Coeymans. Click on the link below:
Coeymans: They’ve Been Rejected, Rebuffed but Take Revenge on the Community

Tit for Tat! What would they do to you? What have they done to you/ The Editor

Tit for Tat! What would they do to you?
What have they done to you

The Editor

We’re Not Going to Forget

We’d like your support to get action!

The Hudson-Catskill Newspapers (Ravena News Herald, Greene County News, Daily Mail) refused to publish the personal profiles of the New Baltimore’s Republican, Conservative and Independence party-endorsed candidates. Don’t you think that might have had a very big effect on the election results in New Baltimore? We’d like you to John B. Johnson, chairman, and Mark Vinciguerra, publisher, what you think of their discriminatory, unfair, unbalanced coverage of the candidates and their unfairly influencing the elections. The publishers of those newspapers abused their privileges. Here are their emails:

John B. Johnson
Chairman, Johnson Newspaper Corp.

Mark Vinciguerra
Publisher, Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

We have a big bone to pick with the Greene County Board of Elections, too, and demand some action from the Office of the Attorney General and from the Secretary of State. Why? the Greene County Board of Elections did nothing in response to the unbalanced coverage of the candidates. You can read on the Greene County BoE website: “The right to vote in the United States is one of our most important constitutional guarantees and we make every effort to insure that the election process in Greene County is administered in a fair, efficient, and professional manner.” OK. It’s not! In fact, we feel that the residents and voters of the Town of New Baltimore, no matter what their persuasion, should demand that Greene County Election Commissioners Thomas J. Burke and Brent Bogardus both RESIGN! They’ve both proved themselves to be useless, impotent, and irrelevant! If you agree, tell them so! Here are their e-mails:

Thomas J. Burke

Brent Bogardus

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!

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