Coeymans: They’ve Been Rejected, Rebuked, Rebuffed but Take Revenge on the Community

18 Nov

Voters ousted the majority of the scoundrels on the Coeymans town council (Tom Dolan’s still around but very alone; he’s out next time) and on the New Baltimore town council, while rejecting their cronies. Almost cleaned house. But those left in power for the next two months are taking their revenge before they have to hand over their house keys!

YOU VOTED THEM OUT!! But they're Mad and Mean, and they're going to punish you before they leave!
But they’re Mad and Mean, and they’re going to punish you before they leave!

You’d think they’d have some dignity, and accept the voters’ decision. Voters simply didn’t want their kind any more. So do you think they’d accept the message and leave with dignity, or show some good will in their last two months in office. Hell NO! They’re going to do all the damage they can before they handover the keys to town hall. They’re going to punish voters for giving them the boot!

Revenge of the Rejects

The Coeymans dems under the misguidance of loser Tom Dolan ran Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington’s babe, Michelle Maddage, for town clerk. They played Maddage for a circus clown, and she played right along with Dolan, Boehm, and Darlington and danced like their cute little monkey, and ran for a town office for which she had absolutely no qualifications. She lost pitifully! But Maddage was just a tool. You see, Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington had cut a deal that would place his wife, now a secretary in that racist, pandering, incompetent Albany County DA David Soares’ office, in the Coeymans town clerk’s office as a part-time employee. Imaging if the plan had succeeded: If Maddage had by some stroke of misfortune, won and became Coeymans town clerk, she would hire Darlington’s wife in the town clerk’s office. That would put dodo-cop Gregory Darlington in charge of the clerk’s office and in control of any information leaving town hall, because Maddage would be taking orders from Darlington, his wife, and from Tom Boehm and Tom Dolan! Talk about a police state! Talk about turning town government into a family business!!! Voters by the grace of a merciful God put a quick stop to those diabolical plans.

But just because Maddage and the Darlingtons lost the bid to control the Coeymans town clerk’s office. And just because Tom Boehm and Dawn Rogers got booted from their playpens on the Coeymans town council doesn’t mean that they’re finished screwing the citizens of the town of Coeymans. They still have 2 months to do a hell of a lot of damage and they’re mad and mean. They’re going to pull all the stops now that they have nothing to lose. They’re going to punish voters for making the right choices.

Psycho-Cop Ryan Johnson, as inept as he was and continues to be, has botched up so many investigations and probably holds the record for complaints against the Coeymans police department has been promoted to the rank of sergeant in the Coeymans p.d.!

What? You Promoted Psycho-Cop Ryan Johnson?!?

What? You Promoted Psycho-Cop Ryan Johnson?!?

In the town of Coeymans they’ve already started. We all know what friends Boehm and Darlington are, and Dawn Rogers had a special fondness for the Coeymans police department. Craig Apple, Albany County Sheriff saw the writing on the wall and pulled his sockpuppet Kerry Thompson out of the Coeymans p.d. with the cleverly disguised “promotion” of Thompson to “deputy chief deputy.” Thompson then resigned his position with the Coeymans p.d. (Nice move, Craig, get out of harm’s way while you can.) So what do the dregs on the Coeymans town council do? Rather than accept their fate, they promote psycho cop Ryan Johnson, a reject from the Cairo p.d., and such a psycho that they had to get him out-of-the-way in the Coeymans p.d. so they got on a drug task force. Well Johnson, as inept as he was and continues to be, has botched up so many investigations and probably holds the record for complaints against the Coeymans police department has been promoted to the rank of sergeant in the Coeymans p.d.! They promoted Coeymans’ own Psycho-Cop! Thanks Tom Boehm, Tom Dolan, Dawn Rogers!!!

Previous to the so-called “promotion” Psycho-cop Ryan F. Johnson was collecting more than $58,000 in town of Coeymans taxpayer dollars! For what?

That is poor government, escalating spending in this way in times when the majority on the Coeymans town council should be looking for ways to save money and to avoid excess spending. No doubt this is a part of the Boehm, Rogers, Dolan Revenge Plan. Ryan F. Johnson was already cashing in to the tune of more than $58,000 a year from the Coeymans taxpayer pockets!

Even Tom Boehm’s lies couldn’t keep him or Dawn Rogers in office. The two town officials Boehm and Darlington, and Rogers were constantly tripping up and abusing got re-elected, and Boehm and Rogers, two of Darlington’s supporters, are no more. Now where does that leave Darlington? Where does that leave that money-pit of the Coeymans police department? Here’s where: in very dangerous waters. The Coeymans police department is useless, corrupt, and simply a playpen for a bunch of thugs who can’t go anywhere else. They thought they had it made until their friends on the Coeymans town council got the boot. Now the way is clear to break up the party going on in the basement of Coeymans town hall and turn law enforcement over to the profession law enforcement professionals you’re paying for already: The Albany County Sheriff and the New York State Police.  There are better ways to spend the $1,000,000 (one million) that the Coeymans p.d. is costing taxpayers every year!

Have our readers heard about the suspension of two Coeymans police officers for misconduct or criminal activities? We’ve heard it’s been discussed in town council Executive Session but not a peep has been heard in the media. It’s been a very well-kept secret. Do we owe the secrecy to Tom Boehm, Dawn Rogers and Tom Dolan? How about it, Coeymans police-chief-whose-job-is-in-jeopardy Gregory Darlington: Come clean if you can. Who are the officers and what’s the story?

We say: As soon as the new Coeymans town council takes over in January, we say RESCIND Johnson’s promotion. Set the wheels in motion to save Coeymans taxpayers $1,000,000 and eliminate the Coeymans Police Department. Stop the lies they tell to misinform residents that they need the Coeymans p.d.!

In the meantime, keep a close eye on what is going on on the Coeymans town council, and watch Tom Boehm, Dawn Rogers, and Tom Dolan very closely. They’re going to try to push quite a few things through before they leave that you’re going to be saddled with afterwards. Get to the town council meetings and make your wishes known. Coeymans residents must demand a moratorium on any major decisions until the new Coeymans town council takes over. And keep a very close eye on what’s going on with the town of Coeymans 2014 budget! It hasn’t been approved yet. Don’t let them spend any more of your dollars on a police department that’s almost out the door! Coeymans voters have the momentum, now use it to good advantage: Anything Boehm, Dolan, Rogers or Darlington want, SAY NO!

Town of New Baltimore

Like the town of Coeymans, the voters in the Town of New Baltimore finally got smart and kicked supervisor Susan O’Rorke out and put in some community-minded people like Nick Dellisanti, Jeff Ruso, Sally van Etten on the board and sent a clear message to the local elitist clubs represented by Janet Angelis (of sign-stealing fame) and Hilary Schrauf (of no fame at all).  That doesn’t mean that Dellisanti, Ruso, and van Etten have a ticket for free lunch; in fact, we’re going to be watching them very, very closely and any indication of deviating from the straight and narrow and we’ll be on them tighter than the skin on a frog’s back.

Read more about the NYS Comptroller’s audit findings of financial mismanagement and give-your-friend-a-raise practices in the Town of New Baltimore at
After the Elections in New Baltimore: O’Rorke, Benway, Norris Laying Landmines for New Administration

Tit for Tat! What would they do to you? What have they done to you/ The Editor

Tit for Tat! What would they do to you?
What have they done to you

The Editor

We’re Not Going to Forget

We’d like your support to get action!

The Hudson-Catskill Newspapers (Ravena News Herald, Greene County News, Daily Mail) refused to publish the personal profiles of the New Baltimore’s Republican, Conservative and Independence party-endorsed candidates. Don’t you think that might have had a very big effect on the election results in New Baltimore, or anywhere else where such media misconduct could happen? We’d like you to  John B. Johnson, chairman, and Mark Vinciguerra, publisher, what you think of their discriminatory, unfair, unbalanced coverage of the candidates and their unfairly influencing the elections. The publishers of those newspapers abused their privileges. Here are their emails:

John B. Johnson
Chairman, Johnson Newspaper Corp.

Mark Vinciguerra
Publisher, Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


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2 responses to “Coeymans: They’ve Been Rejected, Rebuked, Rebuffed but Take Revenge on the Community

  1. Virgil

    November 18, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard they promoted that moron Johnson to sergeant. I personally can’t wait until the Coeymans PD is eliminated and the Albany County Sheriffs and NYS Police take over. Change is coming to the Town of Coeymans. As soon as the newly elected get in…I’m sure getting rid of the Coeymans Police is one of the first things on the list. I just hope the rest of the citizens want the same change.


    • RCS Confidential

      November 18, 2013 at 2:44 pm

      Thank you, Virgil, for your comment.

      Yes, it is incredible what is going on in the town of Coeymans. But that’s how it’s been going on for years only because the cronies have been taking care of each other, watching each other’s backs, and silencing any opposition. The Coeymans police department is just a den of animals and the whole lot needs to be shipped out or “put-to-sleep.” They are mostly rogues and all self-serving. Deluca is an example and should be one of the first to be fired. Darlington is a dodo and should have gone years ago. Johnson is a crackpot and needs to be promoted to a padded cell at CDPC and sedated. As for the rest, they’re simply parasites sucking up as much as they can until they can claim a pension and continue sucking up public resources while doing the same thing they’ve always done: break the law and get away with it because they have a badge. Mr Flach now has the backing to put his plan into effect of eliminating the Coeymans police department by an act of the town board, the same way hit has been financed, it can be unfinanced.

      There is a strong faction in the Coeymans township who are in favor of eliminating the Coeymans police department and handing over law enforcement to the Albany County Sheriff and the New York State Police. And we don’t have to pay extra for them to serve this community, unless we insist that they have a physical presence here in Coeymans. That physical presence, will at most cost only half of what it’s costing now to fund a Coeymanazi police force. The only ones opposed to saving all that money are the ones who are receiving all that money: the Coeymans police department and their beneficiaries. Two of those beneficiaries, Thomas Boehm and Dawn Rogers are gone as of January; the only one left is Tom Dolan and his days are severely numbered, as is his power on the Coeymans town council. He’s outnumbered on all sides.

      Darlington and his crew are shitting themselves right about now; they’ll kiss anyone’s dog’s ass just to get a smile.

      Our next target it to get rid of Ravena’s mummy mayor John Bruno and Nancy Warner. Once that bunch is driven out of village hall, then Cathy Deluca and her payoff playpen the Ravena Health and Fitness Center goes. It might go sooner if it doesn’t start paying for itself. I see an awful lot of Ravena residents at Planet Fitness lately and, when I ask why they don’t use the Ravena club, they look at me like I’m stupid. The look around themselves and say: “Ravena? Why? when I have this?”

      Coeymans residents just have to keep an eye on what’s going on in town hall between now and January. Sitting quietly on their hands and mumbling isn’t going to do the job. They have to be aware and stay aware. The evil is still on the town council and has to be controlled until it’s out the door.

      The Editor



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