Definite Rejects: Town of New Baltimore

03 Nov

In the Town of New Baltimore

O'Rorke, Angelis, Schrauf, Jordan, Brooks

O’Rorke, Angelis, Schrauf, Jordan, Brooks

New Baltimore voters have a very clear choice this election day: Give up the town of New Baltimore to the O’Rorke control freaks or take back the town of New Baltimore and re-establish democracy and resident participation in our local government. It’s truly ironic, the Republican / Conservative / Independence candidates of the Dellisanti team are more democratic than those running on the democrat ticket, most of whom couldn’t get real political party endorsments and are running either as no-party candidates or as candidates of obscure “parties” like the “Our Town Party” and the “Responsible to the People”—Lord knows what crackpot politics those parties endorse. (Or they’re running on a democrat line but aren’t democrats!). Here’s our take on the VOTE NO! candidates in New Baltimore.

Fangs, Claws, and Excess Body Hair Airbushed Out New Baltimore Democratic candidates? Lies! Front, from left: Hilary Schrauf and Janet Angelis, both running for town council, and Tax Collector Diane Jordan. Back: Town Clerk Janet Brooks, left, and Town Supervisor Susan O’Rorke. Uncredited posed photo.

Fangs, Claws, and Excess Body Hair Airbushed Out
New Baltimore Democratic candidates? Lies! Front, from left: Hilary Schrauf and Janet Angelis, both running for town council, and Tax Collector Diane Jordan. Back: Town Clerk Janet Brooks, left, and Town Supervisor Susan O’Rorke. Uncredited posed photo.
What you see is NOT what you get!

Local Catskill-Hudson Newspapers the Ravena News Herald, the Green County News, the Daily Mail all call them “Democratic Candidates.” That’s an outright lie, misinformation in your local papers (Thank you! Jessica Mosier of the Catskill-Hudson Newspapers/Register Star!). Only Angelis is a registered democrat. O’Rorke and Brooks are not registered or enrolled in any political party. Jordan, a Republican, is running on the democrat line because the Republicans didn’t want her (she has nothing to offer). O’Rorke, Schrauf and Brooks are “endorsed” by what they’re calling the “Our Town Party“, and Jordan is endorsed by the “Responsible to the People” party. Ever heard of them? Nor have we! This bunch must have cooked up those parties at one of their drinking orgies at Donovan’s Shady Harbor, the former Boathouse bar, the official New Baltimore Dem watering hole. (Just what New Baltimore needs in the town hall: a bunch of boozed-up freely fornicating cows!) The Independence Party dumped the entire bunch and put its support behind the Delisanti team The O’Rorke witches coven is not endorsed, apparently, by any mainline party.

The "O'Rorke 5" Plan for New Baltimore

The “O’Rorke 5” Plan for New Baltimore

NO New Madams in New Baltimore Town Hall

no_smallSusan O’Rorke (no party endorsement and not registered or enrolled in any political party but endorsed by the “Our Town Party”) running for New Baltimore town supervisor
Here’s where we get into some real evil stuff. Where do we start with Susan O’Rorke? She never made a commitment to any political party and is an NOP on the voter registry. O’Rorke’s party is O’Rorke, and it’s her party. The residents of New Baltimore are not invited. She didn’t get the Independence endorsement but then the entire democrat mob in New Baltimore got snubbed by the Independence Party. She’s hated by her own town board except for the brown-nosers Christopher Norris and Lisa Benway but their time is almost up and they’ll get the boot in the next round of elections. O’Rorke is noted for her violation of free speech at New Baltimore town meetings, her discriminatory practices, her circumventing the law to make unlawful purchases for her favorites, her practice of excluding the public in New Baltimore government. Susan O’Rorke and her small group of selected apes have taken over New Baltimore town hall and have locked the doors to the rest of the community. It’s really time for a change in New Baltimore and the Dellisanti team seems to be the perfect group to bring that change. New Baltimore can’t survive another four years of O’Rorke-ism.

no_smallJanet Angelis (registered democrat) running for New Baltimore town council
This is another control freak who is a member of the O’Rorke private party. Angelis close to the lunatic fringe in New Baltimore that want to classify the locals as “Newbaltimorons” together with the other separatist elitists, the Rosses, the Nightons and their crowd, who wan to make New Baltimore their little gentry paradise. The O’Rorke private clubhouse, the New Baltimore town hall, and its current lunatic occupants are dead set on creating two classes of residents in New Baltimore: them and us. The once noble New Baltimore Conservancy has mutated into a private club of snobs, Angelis being one of the leading snobs. Angelis and her allies, the notorious and nefarious Ross pair, Joan and Bitter Bob, the local New Baltimore wholesale hate-mongers, together with their loose-cannon neighbor, John Luckacovic, all joined in a lawsuit several years ago, when they sued the Town of New Baltimore to keep public water out of New Baltimore. With people like Angelis, who want to make New Baltimore a country-club town for downstaters, and push everyone else into the Hudson, are the biggest enemies of progress and development in New Baltimore. It’s people like Angelis and her crowd who will ensure that any worthwhile interests in the area will continue to jump over New Baltimore to invest in Coxsackie. That’s how the Lewis regime worked before O’Rorke, and that’s how the O’Rorke regime has been working. Put Angelis in town hall on the New Baltimore town council and get ready to feel a really heavy heel on your necks. Again, we can’t say enough in favor of the Dellisanti team who are offering real alterantives to the tyranny and dictatorship we’ve been living under in New Baltimore under O’Rorke, the female version of Ravena’s mayor John “Black Mamba” Bruno, and Angelis is the New Baltimore version of Bruno’s hatchet-woman, witch-on-a-stick, youth-hating Nancy Biscone-Warner! No! Thank you!

no_smallHilary Schrauf (endorsed by the Our Town Party) running on same sign/ticket, literally, as Angelis for town council
Hilary Schrauf is running on the same lack of principles as O’Rorke and Angelis. In fact, Schrauf is running literally on the same campaign sign as Janet Angelis, that’s how close they are in so many ways (tsk, tsk). Schrauf has been cashing in as paid coordinator of the New Baltimore Farmers Market. Yep! Schrauf’s for community if she gets paid for it. Shrauf is actually quite unknown, probably because she’s a member of the private insider club and won’t have much to do with the majority of residents of New Baltimore, unless it’s to hit them up for their votes (and then she probably overdoses on hand sanitizer!). The bottom line is this: Schrauf is an insider with O’Rorke and Angelis and the rest of the private club in New Baltimore town hall. That bunch has their own agenda, being elitists, and it doesn’t include the rest of us. If you want to hand over the town of New Baltimore to a bunch who want nothing to do with the rest of us, Schrauf is your pick.

no_smallDiane Jordan (endorsed by the “Responsible to the People Party”) running for New Baltimore tax collector
Well, in our discussion of poor nitwits manipulated by their handlers to be clowns, Diane Jordan is the Michelle Maddage of New Baltimore. She has no education, no qualifications, and is disloyal. She couldn’t get the Republican endorsement to run for the office of tax collector so she changed parties, and registered democrat to run with her insider friends in New Baltimore town hall. Her husband, by the way, is Denis Jordan, of the New Baltimore Highway Department, the same Denis Jordan for whom Susan O’Rorke illegally spent more than $100,000 on a new truck, a new toy for Denis, and now they want to give Diane Jordan a new playpen, the office of New Baltimore tax collector. Well, friends and neighbors, there’s a bit too much favoritism going on in New Baltimore town hall for my taste, and Diane Jordan is not the kind of person I want cashing my tax checks.
Jordan’s Republican/Conservative/Independence opponent, Sally Russo, is everything that Diane Jordan is not: Sally Russo, a member of the Dellisanti team, is educated, experienced, has a degree in accounting and is married to a CPA. Sally is the kind of person we need to be handling anything money. Sally Russo is not an insider, either, and is a first-generation, fresh-baked American citizen. Yes! Sally loves this country so much she renounced her British citizenship to become and American. It doesn’t get much better than that!

no_smallJanet Brooks (not enrolled or registered in any political party, endorsed by the “Our Town Party” but running on the democrat line) running for New Baltimore town clerk
This is a disappointing case, indeed. If you asked us four years ago, Brooks wouldn’t be included in this discussion of VOTE NO! candidates. But recent developments in the town of New Baltimore and a number of incidents that have come to our attention in recent months have made us re-think the Brooks question and we have to say that we have very serious concerns about Janet Brooks’ fitness to continue as New Baltimore town clerk. Brooks has become tainted by being too friendly with the O’Rorke crowd at the expense of the rest of us. She has lost much of the independence and non-partisanship that a town clerk needs to have in order to serve the community without judgment. We have been harboring doubts about Brooks’ sincerity and authenticity, her genuineness. Recent allegations of questionable morality have also blackened her record. Even more recently, there are allegations that she was involved in the intimidation of a New Baltimore senior to remove the Dellisanti team’s signs from the elderly widow’s property. We have received the report, which at this time is still unconfirmed, that “a woman from the church (the New Baltimore Reformed Church) took down the signs.” The report also indicates that the “woman from the church” took down the signs even before asking the property owner. The New Baltimore Reformed church has been breeding more sinners than saints these past couple of years, and now the allegations only serve to buttress that local opinion. But this is not about church, it’s about hypocrisy, about those who attend church and make the appearance of being good Christians, the love-thy-neighbor types, who then become villains outside. Hypocrisy is one of the gremlins we need to remove from our local government because hypocrisy is deceit, dishonesty. While we regret to have to Vote NO! to Janet Brooks, we are left with no other choice if we are to remain true to our principles and to our desire to clean up local government, re-establish democracy, and return New Baltimore to the people.

Well, there you have it. Our reasons for recommending that  New Baltimore voters VOTE NO! on the above candidates. If our readers want to know more about many of these candidates, we have published quite a few articles about them in the past, and you can easily search this blog for those articles.

We are not telling our readers how to vote but only to be sure to vote and when voting, to know something about the people you are voting for. We publish stuff they don’t want you to know and you won’t find in their newspaper profiles. That’s for certain.

It is our policy to ask our readers to please comment on our articles. We also want to hear from the candidates themselves with any information or clarification that might make our comments less severe, or which will shed some light on some of the points we have made. All comments are welcome and, if on topic and civil, will be published.

VOTE YES for Dellisanti, Ruso, vanEtten, Russo, and Vadney

VOTE YES! for Dellisanti, Ruso, vanEtten, Russo, and Vadney
The Editor

Boycott the Daily Mail, the Greene County News and the Ravena News-Herald. Cancel Your Subscriptions in Protest!
Demand Truth and Fair Plain in Our Local Newspapers!
Demand a Pulbic Apology from John B. Johnson, owner of the Johnson Newspaper Corp., and Mark Vinciguerra, publisher of the Catskill-Hudson Newspapers, and Melanie Lekecevic, editor of the Ravena News Herald. Fire Melanie Mosier for refusing to cover the New Baltimore Republican, Conservative, Independence candiates!

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!

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