Definite Rejects: Town of Coeymans

03 Nov

In the Town of Coeymans

Just Little Lies...But Lots of Them! Case, Boehm, Rogers, Maddage

Just Little Lies…But Lots of Them!
Case, Boehm, Rogers, Maddage

martin case_2x3

Martin “Marty” Case

no_smallMartin Case running for Coeymans Town Supervisor
In General, we feel that Martin Case will do to Coeymans what he and the mayor John Bruno have done to Ravena: They’ve made Ravena a ghost town, a slum and a dictatorship. We can just imagine Marty Case reaching over to kiss mayor Bruno’s hairy butt from Coeymans town hall. God forbid! Marty Case has closed his eyes to civil rights abuses in Ravena, has allowed the town to misuse taxpayer money to fund an illegal health and fitness center, has supported favoritism of every kind, including appointing Cathy Deluca to be the director of the illegal fitness center without giving other more qualified people a chance to apply. Marty Case is a full-time social studies teacher but has done nothing for youth in Ravena. In fact, Case has not spoken out against Nancy Warner’s and John Bruno’s harassing of the local kids and has done nothing to support the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activities Center. Case touts his many jobs in Ravena but doesn’t explain his plan to get Ravena out of the ugly condition it’s in. Instead, he claims he can work for Coeymans. Case is unrealistic, insincere, and a phoney. If you want Coeymans to turn into a big Ravena over night, he’s your man. If you want to get the crooks and the favoritism out of local government, VOTE NO! on Marty Case. (One question that we do have is this: Is Marty Case going to quit his teacher’s job to do the Coeymans supervisor’s job? Both are full-time positions, you know. Or which one is going to get short-changed? The kids or the town? Marty hasn’t answered that question yet, has he?)
And while we’re talking about deceit, Case is running on the promise to improve relations between Ravena and Coeymans. He’s had plenty of time to do that while on the Ravena village council but there he only backed mummy mayor John “Black Mamba” Bruno and hatchet-woman Nancy Warner in badmouthing the Town of Coeymans. How’s he propose to improve relations as supervisor? By handing the town over to his godfather Ravena mayor John Bruno?
Case “supporters” , a couple of dozen or so, mostly from the village of Ravena, most all from the same family and right from the families of village employees, and all typewritten, no signatures, sent out an illiterate letter begging for votes. Read the deceptive, phoney pack of lies at Case Begs for Votes.

Marty Case is a Phoney!

no_smallThomas “Tom” Boehm running for Coeymans town council

VOTE NO! Thomas "Tom" Boehm

Thomas “Tom” Boehm

Tom Boehm is another blow-hard. He’s done nothing for Coeymans that can be called positive. He works for the Albany Chamber of Commerce but has not used that connection to do anything for Coeymans at all. Boehm is a nasty backstabber, as anyone in Coeymans town hall can tell you. He’s in tight with Coeymans dodo cop Darlington and his nest of thugs. Boehm is a saboteur, an obstacle creator, a wedge in the gears of good, clean, honest government in Coeymans. Boehm hooked up with Darlington recently to put on a dog and pony act to deceive the public into thinking that Coeymans is a drug hell and that recent drug busts are a credit to the Coeymans police department. It was all a smoke and mirrors act and the press gobbled it up because it was yet another scandal, another stain on Coeymans. We don’t need our elected officials to make fools of this community; we need people in elected office who will point out the good points of a community of hard working and honest citizens. We don’t need another elected official who is a liar and a member of the croney-club. We don’t need another politician in local government who does favors in return for favors (which is what he’s doing with Darlington). We won’t go on and on about Tom Boehm because we have already reported on Boehm the Bum on this blog several times. Just search “Boehm” for relevant articles. We certainly don’t need another blow-hard do-nothing in local government. Get rid of Boehm the Bum and get someone who will do something positive for the town of Coeymans! You have a choice, you know.

Tom Boehm is a Blowhard Phoney!

no_smallDawn Rogers running for Coeymans town council

VOTE NO! Dawn Rogers

Dawn Rogers

Dawn Rogers may be a lack-luster non-achiever on the Coeymans town board. But we think we know why. We think Tom Boehm has bullied her like he likes to bully the other women in Coeymans town hall. We think that Tom Boehm and Tom Dolan have pushed her and Peter Masti into a corner and have intimidated them to the point that they appear to be chair-warmers and nothing else. Don’t get us wrong, we can’t point out anything that Dawn Rogers has done that would credit her with anything worth mentioning but if voters get rid of Boehm and eventually Dolan, Rogers, if re-elected may be able to take a deep breath and actually do something. Given the opportunity, we’d replace her in a New-York-minute but if there’s no other alternative to Rogers, she’d be the lesser of evils to keep on the board. She’ll continue to be useless if Boehm stays but if Boehm stays the whole game is lost, anyway. Boehm is poison to public officials like Rogers and Masti. We say if Boehm goes, keep Rogers and let her prove herself. If there’s a candidate with some guts to replace Rogers, once Boehm is gone, we’d replace her.

Dawn Rogers is a … What is she, anyway?

no_smallMichelle Maddage running for Coeymans town clerk

VOTE NO! Michelle Maddage

Michelle Maddage

Michelle Maddage is the biggest joke on the ballott! The poor nitwit hasn’t a clue what her so-called friends, like Gregory Darlington, have done to her. If she’s that stupid, we certainly don’t need her anywhere near public office! But the biggest joke is this: Maddage has nothing to offer, no experience, no education, no record of public service, no résumé of management experience. The simple fact that she has allowed herself to be manipulated into becoming a public mockery is enough to disqualify her immediately. The main point, however, is that she is running against a very popular, very professional, very loved incumbent Town Clerk! Diane Millious has more than 24 years of experience in the clerk’s office. Yes, voters, that’s how much experience Diane Millious has! In fact, before she even ran for town clerk, she had already 10 years of experience as deputy town clerk. Maddage has allowed herself to become a twit; she’s too friendly with too many of the Coeymanazis to do the rest of us any good anyway. The fact that she has allowed herself to be made into a pathetic clown, not knowing her limitations, is clear proof she’s not the stuff we need in any public office, unless she continues to be an administrative assistant or a secretary.

Michelle Maddage is a Clown (thanks to her “friends”)!

Well, there you have it. Our reasons for recommending that town of Coeymans and  voters VOTE NO! on the above candidates. If our readers want to know more about many of these candidates, we have published quite a few articles about them in the past, and you can easily search this blog for those articles.

We are not telling our readers how to vote but only to be sure to vote and when voting, to know something about the people you are voting for. We publish stuff they don’t want you to know and you won’t find in their newspaper profiles. That’s for certain.

It is our policy to ask our readers to please comment on our articles. We also want to hear from the candidates themselves with any information or clarification that might make our comments less severe, or which will shed some light on some of the points we have made. All comments are welcome and, if on topic and civil, will be published.

VOTE YES for Dellisanti, Ruso, vanEtten, Russo, and Vadney

VOTE NO! for  Case, Boehm, Rogers, Maddage
The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!

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