Coeymans: Tom Boehm Tries to Save His Political Ass, Holds “Press Conference”

24 Oct

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This just in: Capital District news media have expressed an interest in the recent Notice of Claims served on the Village of Ravena and the Town of Coeymans. We have agreed to provide them with the documents, recordings, videos, etc. Things are moving fast!
The Albany County District Attorney, P. David Soares or his office spends an incredible amount of time on this blog! An upcoming article will discuss Albany County DA P. David Soares’ obsession with this blog and the question of what are the taxpayers of Albany County him to do? Read this blog?
Doesn’t he sleep? Well, fear, anxiety, bad conscience does keep him awake at night.
Are you wondering how Tom Boehm and Gregory Darlington are sleeping lately?

Normally a “Conference” Includes All of the Media Available to Cover an Important Breaking Story. There was no story but there was deception. Tom Boehm’s Press Conference* Drew Only His Moles at the Times Useless a.k.a. Albany Times Union and the Backwoods Albany Media; A Minute of Airtime. Not Quite a Press Conference Tommy and It Won’t Help the Dying Democrats in Coeymans, Either. But Nice Try, Tommy! Even Channel 13 News Couldn’t Put a Convincing Spin on the Amateurish Attempt to Garner Support by Destroying a Working Family!!!

*According to TV 13 News, Boehm and Darlington connived to call the press to come out to the so-called “conference.”

A Handful of Pot Plants and A Made-up Display of Guns Don't Make A Case for $1,000,000 Money-pit Police Department Get Smart Coeymans!

A Handful of Pot Plants and A Made-up Display of Guns
Don’t Make A Case for $1,000,000 Money-pit Police Department
Get Smart Coeymans!

 Well, if you have a weak stomach and wanted to up-chuck your breakfast, you could have been at the Coeymans Town Hall at 11:00 a.m., on Thursday, October 24, when Thomas “Tom” Boehm, Thomas “Tom” Dolan, and the Coeymans police thugs did a song-and-dance for invited press only—NO! Wait a minute, for the only press interested, the Albany Times Useless and TV 13. Of course the local “official” rag was there to do some propaganda work, the News Herald. All said and done, the Times Useless and TV 13 were presented with the accumulated drugs and weapons seized by the Coeymans police in recent “raids.” What they didn’t mention is that most of the crapola on display was seized on illegal search warrants and probably was what was left after the Coeymans police picked thru it to see what they could sniff, inject, smoke, or shoot.

So Why? Out of the blue, does Tom BOEHM (pronounced “Bum”), running on the Democrat ticket for election to the Coeymans town council, and Tom DOLAN, also a Dem on the Coeymans town council, who lost his bid for state senate in a crushing defeat last year, and now the Coeymans democrats are sucking in the upcoming town elections, want a “press conference” attended only by the failing democrats in Coeymans, Boehm and Dolan? And why the big [snigger] “press conference” about the “drug busts” in Coeymans, of all places. Coeymans when the TU and TV13 have Albany, Rensslaer, and Troy with their drug houses. The Answer, if you haven’t already guessed: Boehm is LOSING! The Coeymans police are scared shitless! Darlington can almost taste his pension (unless he’s charged soon). They’ve gotten so much negative attention in recent months the whole Coeymans police department has advance reservations for cells in Federal Prison! Rumor is that Coeymans police chief Darlington has already gotten a visit from the feds. Another rumor is that Darlington and Deluca are on their way out.loser game

Darlington is A Parasite Fraud!
What’s Worse is He’s a Liar and Liars are Worse than Pot Growers!

Kerry Thompson and his criminal kids have been outed but not by the Times Union or the Ravena Herald. Wonder why?

Tom Dolan’s kid’s drugs  and Dawn Rogers’ daughter, a three-time loser on DWI’s, recently helped out of ditch by town of Coeymans workers, but no report no charges made for Ms Rogers—the third strike would likely mean she’d go to jail to sober up.  How’d those crimes just evaporate you’d like to ask? Ask the Coeymans police department why the Times Useless or the News Herald didn’t pick up on them. Ask why there’s no report or charges. Isn’t that news? Coeymans town board members’ kids picked up on crimal charges.

And how about the deals made with the Albany DA P. David Soares, another useless democrat,  to get local druggies, friends of the Coeymans cops, off the hook. No jail time just rehab; that’s so they’re in really good shape to jump right back into business in lower Coeymans Hamlet.  Deluca, Prokrym, Johnson, Darlington know where the dealers are in Coeymans, they know who’s doing the selling, they know when they bring in the weekend shipment of prostitutes. So why doesn’t the Times Useless and the News Herald do those stories? Why doesn’t TV 13 and News Channel 6 or WTEN News or the Times Useless ask to be shown the notorious Coeymans Hamlet drug ghetto, talk to some of the dealers, etc.? Wonder why?

The Darlinton Media Snow Job Tom BOEHM, Tom DOLAN, DARLINGTON taking Coeymans down with them.Only 3 Albany News Media Show UpObviously Big News

The Darlington Media Snow Job
Tom BOEHM, Tom DOLAN, DARLINGTON taking Coeymans down on their knees with them, pleasuring the media.
News Media Can’t Even Put A Postive Spin on It!Obviously Big News…NOT!

It Was Nothing Less Than a Piece of Political Sabotage to Distract Attention from Tom Boehm’s Failing Campaign, and Darlington’s darling Michelle Maddage’s Totally Unqualified Inexperienced and Ridiculous Bid for Town Clerk. It Was also a Poorly Organized Attempt to Assasinate Supervisor Flach, Who Makes a Good Case for Eliminating the Coeymans Police Department.  A Handful of Pot Plants and A Made-up Gun Display Can’t Justify $1,000,000 being Spent on a Small-town Police Department! This isn’t the Bronx, Mr Darlington!

Why did the Coeymans police desperately try to get the security for Carver’s port/marina in Coeymans?  We have our theories: You know all those ships and boats coming up from the City? Do you ever wonder what they’re bringing up? And who’s making sure the deliveries are made? Has anyone thought to ask Mr Darlington, Mr Deluca, Mr Johnson? We’re asking now.

So, Tom Boehm, your press conference was a complete flop, a failure. Just like your compaign to get back on the Coeymans town board to do another 4 years of nothing, except to harass the ladies in the Clerk’s office, who are just about the only ones with any integrity and honesty in the whole doublewide.

you cant fix stupid vote out 2

Coeymans Supervisor Stephen Flach, a good and honest man, who truly wants to do the best for Coeymans but, like so many well-intentioned public servants in Coeymans town hall, has been tripped up at every step by the likes of the democrats-in-name-only, the DINOs, like Tom BOEHM and Tom DOLAN, and the silent ones, Peter MASTI and Dawn ROGERS (not the drunk, that’s her daughter). But then, maybe if the BOEHMS and the DOLANS were not around, the FLACHS, MASTIS, and ROGERS would actually be able to get something done. Think about that, won’t you?

And once BOEHM and DOLAN are gone or outnumbered, what chance do you think that money-pit, the Coeymans police department would have? A snowflake in hell would have a better chance. And while you’re thinking about how much money you’d be saving if the money-pit Coeymans police department were eliminated, think about what you could do with the more than $million$ in taxpayer dollars  now being spent on the Delucas and the Darlingtons, who drive around in top-of-the-line vehicles paid for by Coeymans taxpayers, who are saving their lunch money to buy gas!

What could Coeymans accomplish with the more than $1,000,000 (that’s every year and increasing!) being spent on a useless, money-pit, self-serving, corrupt Coeymans police department? Street lights, upgraded sewer systems, rejuventated slum area, recreation?

One last thought: BOEHM and DOLAN have the local media in Coeymans town hall to show off Coeymans’ drug problem. Now that’s a great bit of news for property values in Coeymans, isn’t it? Come to Coeymans and experience our drug problem, live with the drug dealers and junkies!  What a great message from Mr BOEHM and Mr DOLAN! And to think that Tom BOEHM works for the Albany County Chamber of Commerce! No wonder Albany’s such a dumpt!

If they really had the best interests of Coeymans in mind, wouldn’t Mr BOEHM and Mr DOLAN be showing off economic development and progress in Coeymans and leave the drug enforcement to the Sheriff and the feds, who are much better at getting legal search warrants than the Coeymans cops are?

Is that all that BOEHM and DOLAN can get the Times Useless, TV 13 and Channel 6 to show up for? A handful of pot and a couple of guns (thanks to Cuomo’s violation of the Second Amendment and his unconstitutional SAFE Act). Mr BOEHM and MR DOLAN want to paint Coeymans as the drug capital of the Northeast, apparently. In the meantime, kids are being beaten up and traumatized in the RCS CSD schools. Isn’t the Times Useless, TV 13 and Channel 6 interested in that news? Apparently, the News Herald isn’t either.

No, thank you! Mr Thomas BOEHM, Mr Thomas DOLAN, Mr Gregory DARLINGTON. Your silly smoke-and-mirrors show is a dud. You failed. You lose!

We smell a coupleof skunks, don't you? The Editor

We smell a couple of skunks, don’t you?
The Editor

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9 responses to “Coeymans: Tom Boehm Tries to Save His Political Ass, Holds “Press Conference”

  1. RCS Confidential

    October 25, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Our opinion is that Tom Boehm used the opportunity to trash a good local family that they railroaded with an illegal search warrant to try to pick up his campaign that is failing. But to do that at the expense of a local family and then to make the bunch of corrupt hoodlums in the Coeymans police department (with that idiot Kerry Thompson, the whore!), grinning stupidly at the end of the table was downright nauseating! There’s no decency in Boehm or Dolan, much less in Darlington or Deluca. The call the media to come and look at a handful of pot plants and ancient guns as if it were the bust of the millenium. But to call the media and act like a bunch of exhibitionists who just ran over a cat and are holding it up, proud of their roadkill, is typical of the mentality. Conference, what conference, all we saw there was a bunch of local Coeymans fools electioneering!

    Maybe Boehm should get his lardy ass out on the street and campaign like a real man, instead of hawking his cronies’, Darlington’s mob, abuses of civil rights and the law while Coeymans taxpayers foot the bill for more than one million dollars a year!


  2. Nicholas Diacetis Jr.

    October 25, 2013 at 11:46 am

    They say your personality has been formed by the age of 8. I grew up with some of these people mentioned above, sat at their families dinner table, dated their sister, read from their fathers unabridged dictionary , went to boy scouts with them, partied in their barns with them and or their siblings…. Back in the day when Frank McCabe (Ravena Police), John LaQuire (Albany County Sheriff), Don Tanner (New Baltimore police) were in law enforcement, and we would get caught with pot (someone we were hanging with always had some on them), they would just take it away from us and stomp it into the dirt, our only loss was the money we spent on it. We didn’t try to out run the cops or pull weapons on them because we respected them, it was only pot and there was no reason to ruin anyone’s lives over it, and because of this.. look at the lives we have lived… Look at the job titles we have, because we were not arrested and treated as criminals…. This week a national poll was released stating that 58% of Americans are in favor of the legalization of pot. The Federal Government no longer has the DEA involved with pot sales, traffic, and or the growing of pot, NY state has even decriminalized it. So why is it my friends are now using pot as a rationalization to justify the buying of SWAT vehicles, adding to their police force, buying more expensive arms and tactical equipment? Why not be honest with the public and share your past and how you and or your family members smoked it and it hasn’t harmed their lives in any way, shape, or form! Why not push to profit from pot? Tax the hell out of it just like NY does with tobacco,make it legal to grow for your own consumption as long as you pay $100 tax stamp per year for that ability…. I myself believe alcohol impacts our lives as a whole in a much more negative way then pot, but that’s just my take on it and I wanted to share.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 25, 2013 at 12:04 pm

      Nick: Thank you! for a truly superb comment. We’re at a loss for words (That’s a first!). You have so eloquently and succinctly and accurately made our case, we really have nothing to add. That is one hell of a comment, Nick! Thank you!

      The Editor


  3. Michael Gillespie

    October 25, 2013 at 9:53 am

    I was a long time resident of the RCS area until the mid 90’s….Well, seems like nothing has changed since the old McCabe days…Just the names. I used to live there and the corruption was rampant then. Seems like it may even be worse. And to think that the two knuckleheads that nobody could stand in school, became the law enforcement of record today…Really it is pitiful, and sad. I truly hope that Apple is not part of this, but his rcord is not spotless either…And as far as the Flachs go, well, I have had history with that family as well…Hiding behind reliogion to scam their way to the top…..Wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them either!


    • RCS Confidential

      October 25, 2013 at 10:10 am

      Thank you, Michael, for your comment.

      We’re very sorry to hear that the local corruption was bad back then and your estimate is that it’s only gotten worse. Hopefully, with the new visibility they’re getting, things will start to change soon. That’s our mission on this blog.

      As you can imagine, this blog has become immensely popular not only locally but pretty much internationally, everywhere, where there is a former resident of the area or, at times, where a reader searches for one of the topics. The return visits and new visits are very satisfying as you can see from our unique reader count which has topped 160,000 readers.

      Of course, that readership includes a large number of very skittish local politicos and their protegés but now they’re running scared, very scared because now the area has a tell-it-all place to open the doors and let the skeletons crowd out.

      We also get innumerable emails and comments, many of which stay on topic and get published, the rest, the majority we’re sorry to admit, are too vile to publish or simply too nutz or off-topic; they don’t get published.

      Then there’s the very small minority that actually pique our interest. Your’s happens to be one of them. You mention the two “knuckleheads that nobody could stand at school became the law enforcement of record today<" and we'd like to know their names, as we're certain our readers would, too. Can you name names either in a comment with details or contact us a rcs.confidential?

      We're also interested in your take on Apple's not so pretty past. Perhaps you could share some of that as well as what you might know of Scott Giroux as police chief and maybe his relationship with Apple while at the Albany County Sheriff's Department.

      Thanks again for your comment and very interesting leads!

      The Editor


  4. g.richards

    October 24, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    I really meant to check this article when I responded


    • RCS Confidential

      October 24, 2013 at 8:19 pm

      So, what’s your point, your comment? Is this your comment?



  5. MCB

    October 24, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    Hello 🙂

    I heard about the press conference on Channel 6 this morning. It was a quick blurb and yes, I thought “figures” that is what my community will be known for now – seizing guns and drugs in a recent raid. If this was a move on behalf of the politicians present to get some free publicity and drum up some votes it was a bad decision. You are absolutely right, they should be talking about economic development and progress in Coeymans but they couldn’t think of any huh?. There is the Port of Coeymans, which I don’t know that much about, but seems to be progress as far as new business in our community. It is certainly better than a vacant brick yard. I have heard that some were concerned with the noise and traffic it would bring but we can’t chase business away. As long as they can be community friendly then it’s great to see. But really I must ask you. I can’t believe that the above mentioned people of the police department would be involved in what you say they are at the port. Isn’t that a bit big for their britches? I just chuckled when I read it.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 24, 2013 at 7:00 pm

      Welcome, MCB, and great comment.

      You’re absolutely right when you mention that it was a silly attempt to get some political capital a few days before a local election. That’s how desperate they are.

      And yes, fear and anxiety for the Coeymans Police and their supporters always works better than an upbeat story of success and community spirit. Times Union doesn’t sell papers with good news; they sell more papers with scandal and Boehm, Dolan and Darlington are scandal afoot.

      Too bad they’re getting their jollies by destroying a simple working family who may have done something stupid but are certainly not criminals. It’s like setting the foxes to watch the chickens; criminals in law enforcement uniforms. Let’s see where the illegal search warrant goes, though. It’s an uphil battle when you’re fighting liars and liars abound when you’re talking Boehm, Dolan, Darlington.

      Actually, they are masters of deception and corruption. Don’t brush off the notion that they might be involved in drug activities. It wouldn’t be the first time a bunch of dum-dum-do-dos tried to go big-time. Greed blinds the stupid.

      Thanks again for a great comment!

      The Editor



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