New Baltimore. Now Intimidation of the Elderly: Take Down Those Signs!

23 Oct

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New Baltimore Democrats Have Stooped to An All-Time Low:

Desperate Democrats

Desperate Democrats

Intimidation of the Elderly: Take Down Those Signs!

O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks Go Too Far!

It gets pretty bad in the Town of New Baltimore when an elderly widow, wife of a staunch Republican, is intimidated into removing Republican campaign signs from her property. But that’s what’s happened in the Hamlet of New Baltimore, along Route 144. Mrs Helga Baldwin, widow of William “Bill” Baldwin, a staunch Republican with a tradition of community service on the Volunteer Fire Brigade, agreed to have the Dellisanti, Ruso, Russo, VanEtten, Vadney campaign signs on her property along Route 144. The neighbor who asked Mrs Baldwin if she’d mind displaying the signs received her enthusiastic approval and placed the signs along the roadside.

Election Sabotage and Espionage. The signs were highly visible without being a nuissance and stayed up for several days, over the weekend, until the neighbor was driving by on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, and noticed that all the signs had disappeared.

Later that day, when returning home, the neighbor stopped by Mrs Baldwin’s just a few doors down to ask if she knew where the signs had gone. She didn’t come to the door and so the neighbor telephoned her and in the course of the chat, asked her about the signs. She attempted to avoid anwering with a cryptic, “Oh! Really?” But on the direct question of whether she was asked to take them down, she answered, “Yes!” but would not say who asked her to take the signs down. Since she sounded like she was uncomfortable talking about it, the neighbor thought it best to drop the subject.

According to the neighbor, who has requested anonymity:

“We are very good friends and have been for years. Since Bill [her husband] died about 8 years ago, we have always been there for Helga. We frequently invite her over to the house or to lunch out when we know she’s down or lonely. She’s also comfortable enough with us to just come over to talk or have a bite. We involve her in family events. Her children, who live some distance away in Buffalo, or in New Jersey feel comfortable enough to call us to look in on her if she doesn’t answer the phone. So it was a real shocker to have her admit that someone had told her to take down the signs. I asked who it was but she sounded uncomfortable and didn’t want to say. So I dropped the subject.

“I think it’s absolutely scandalous, totally immoral for anyone involved with the O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks campaign to put pressure on an elderly resident to the extent of compelling her to remove their opponents’ campaign signs. Is that the way O’Rorke and her cronies are conducting their campaign. We’ve heard about them stealing, removing and running over signs but this intimidation of elderly residents takes the cake! It really goes over the top.

“If it weren’t for my concern for Mrs Baldwin, I would have found out who the dirty rotten scoundrel was who went so far as to have contacted Mrs Baldwin and then intimidated her to remove the signs. That’s just not right. It’s just not American. She escaped Nazi Germany to find nazis right here in New Baltimore!”

One thing is certain: It wasn’t anyone on the Dellisanti team who made Mrs Baldwin remove the campaign signs. So what do O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks expect to have achieved by this outrageous bit of stupidity and campaign suicide. Frightening one old lady into removing your opponents’ campaign signs certainly isn’t going to get you elected in this town.

So, New Baltimore, are you proud of your O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks candidates? Do you like the way they run their loser campaign? Does your mother or your grandmother have any campaign signs on their property? If they do you’d better get her some security because the New Baltimore Nazis are probably on their way over there to tell mom or grandma to “Take those signs down!

Well O’Rorke/Jordan/Angelis/Schrauf/Brooks this one certainly backfired, didn’t it?

Appearing Throughout Coeymans and New Baltimore! This is the only way to clean house, Voters! The Editor

Clean House, New Baltimore!
Boot the Nazis!!!
The Editor

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Please Support the Dellisanti/Ruso/VanEtten/Russo/Vadney Team and Send this Link to your e-mail contacts NOW!
Stop this kind of outrageous misconduct! Here’s the link:


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4 responses to “New Baltimore. Now Intimidation of the Elderly: Take Down Those Signs!

  1. g.richards

    October 24, 2013 at 6:22 pm

    I am astounded with the breadth and incisory accounts in your various comments. I,and am sure others, would like to see you get greater -even national – exposure. So I am going to forward you blog address to Dr. Phil. You should have a national spotlight shone on you.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 24, 2013 at 6:53 pm

      Why, Thank you, G. Richards. We appreciate your generous offer of support in getting the scoundrels we report on some national attention. The quicker the word gets out there, the sooner they’ll be shunned and banned from civilized society.

      Whens the last time you kicked your grandma, anyway?

      Once again, Thank you! It’s good to know even the pervs enjoy this blog.

      The Editor


  2. cookie

    October 23, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    This situation in New Baltimore is really low. We need to find out who is doing this and everybody needs to know. Even the nastiest of the nasty in other communities don’t do this. What kind of town is this anyway?

    So who took them down? Was it the elderly woman, or did the political brownshirts take them down? Did they call the Republicans so that they can come get them? Or did the Democrats just take them down again. I understand that you didn’t get names. Where are the signs, in someone’s garbage can?

    What happened to free speech? What kind of community is this where people will knock on your door about who’s political sign you have on your lawn? All of the postings you’ve had about Coeymanazi’s in the past seem bad enough, but there are some serious problems with New Baltimore.

    A bunch of thugs they have there, that is all they are. I hope they get what they deserve on election day. If the people in New Baltimore read this, they would vote against these animals.

    Thanks for the posting. I will pass it on to all my friends in New Baltimore. This is almost unbelievable.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 23, 2013 at 6:17 pm

      That’s exactly what we thought when we received the report. We verified it but we didn’t ask where the signs were. If the Dellisanti people haven’t gotten them back what I would do is call Ms Baldwin and ask her where the signs are. She’s a very sweet lady but apparently is also very easy to deceive. Our point is fair-play. You just don’t do underhanded things like that. I also understand that this whole thing has upset her considerably, thanks to the New Baltimore Nazis.

      John Wallner, a supporter of the New Baltimore Nazis, lives right nextdoor to Mrs Baldwin and has all of the New Baltimore Fascists’ signs along 144, just North of the Baldwin property. Janet Angelis, the sign-thief/vandal, is just across from her on Madison Avenue East, just down the road is Janet Brooks. The notorious lunatic Ross pair are just down the street. So the poor widow is surrounded by the beasts-of-the-night!

      We agree! Vote those bastards out of New Baltimore Town Hall and it won’t be too soon! We need a new broom to sweep this town clean and start all over again. Lisa Benway and that lunatic Chris Norris need to resign. Then we can get started and clean up the New Baltimore justice court and remove that incompetent sockpuppet, Joseph Farrell!

      But let’s keep on target. First things first. We get a bit emotional when they start picking on the weak and vulnerable.

      We hope New Baltimore voters are reading this; it’s their future and freedoms at stake here.

      The Editor

      P.s. You and your supporters need to employ the same tactics that the New Baltimore Nazis, particularly their hatchet-head, Joan Ross, use: e-mail everyone you know, in New Baltimore and outside of New Baltimore. Let them all know what’s going on here. Here’s the link to this blog: Send them the link and have them send it to their email contacts!



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