Scornful, Scary, Scorned, Very Scary: Pre-Halloween Special Report.

26 Sep

Pathological Personalities are Frequently Successful in Providing a Convincingly Deceptive Impression

Pre-Halloween Special Report: Joan Ross and Bitter Bob Ross Make New Baltimore A Scary Place to Be

(And Then There’s soon-to-be-ex-supervisor, the failed Susan O’Rourke and Her Flying-Monkeys on the New Baltimore Town Board!)

Every Community Has Them…Or Something Like Them

WTF! Are They Still Loose?!? What has to happen before they're prosecuted?

WTF! Are They Still Loose?!?
What has to happen before they’re prosecuted?

We All Know that Every Community or Aggregate of Human Forms Has at Least One Lunatic Pair and New Baltimore Has Been Suffering under the Ross Pair for a Number of Years Now.

With the Elections Just Around the Corner, We Thought You Should Know About this Pair, and Be Wary

animated witch and flying monkey

Joan Ross and Susan O’Rourke Planning the New Baltimore Democrat Campaign Fix!
Electioneering at its worst! New Baltimore Conservancy Elitists, Local Suck-ups, Democrat Puppets Unite to Kill a Community!

Pudenda’s Poison Pen is probably already churning out hate letters-to-the editor and email-hate campaigns against candidates of any pursuasion. But beware of the malice and misinformation.  And editors be very wary: the last time Joan Ross’ poison pen letters were published landed her and the Ravena News Herald and Dick Bleezarde (now dead) in New York Supreme Court! Ross is news, very bad news.

They live at the end of a long driveway and emerge from their lair at high-speed to barrel down the narrow streets of the New Baltimore National Historic District as if pursued by Furies. But we know that’s not true because the two furies are in the vehicle.

Not Joan Ross. But a near-perfect likeness.

Not Joan Ross.
But a near-perfect likeness.

Robert “Robbie” Ross and his haridan partner Joan Ross infected the New Baltimore National Historic District about a decade ago and have been a malignancy in the community ever since. Two balls of raw hate and self-loathing pursuing their toxic activism-for-activism-sake only because they have nothing else to do, apparently. Out of one side of their drawn cadaverlike faces they dribble syrupy clichés while out of the other drips bitter venom. You may already have experienced the Ross deception; we know of quite a few who have already.

We had our first doubts about the Ross pair when they first moved into their lair back in about 2002 when Joan had already formed an opinion of the New Baltimore community and had coined the name “New Baltimorons” for her new neighbors. No one quite reached the Ross’ level. We can thank a merciful God for that, at least.

But their real malevolence peaked during the debate centering on the creation of a New Baltimore public water supply, and Joan and “Bitter Bob” came out in full gale force, maligning anything and everything in sight, doing what they, but especially Joan Ross, do best: spread rumor, gossip, misinformation (they’re poster beasts for the democrats in the area). They created an orgy of hatred that split an old, cohesive, traditional community into warring factions. Joan was in an orgasmic state seeing the turmoil she had authored. Bitter Bob obediently kept his mouth shut and licked stamps. Seems Bitter Bob is a cross between a pussy-whipped wimp and a downright cowardly dog.

For all of the appearance of sophistication there’s an underlying dark side that emerges every so often, especially when Joan Ross feels she’s been slighted. Here are some examples of how she treated some “friends” in the hamlet:

Referring to John Luckacovic, a former “friend” and partner in aggression, Joan Ross writes:

  • “F**k you, f**k you, you f**king asshole!” and she goes on to criticize that neighbor for “hurling obscenities, and “escalation of aggression.”
  • Leaving a voicemail message on a neighbor’s telephone answering machine, Joan Ross hurls: “You piece of shit!…I’m coming down to your house right now. I’m dealing with you. You piece of shit. ” And spews a number of irrational threats. This event would have gotten her arrested for misdemeanor harassment under New York Penal Law § 240.30, aggravated Harassment, and when the tape was submitted at a later deposition, Joan’s attorney had to have Joan invoke the 5th to save her foul-mouthed ass.
  • Best of all, though, is when Joan writes to a neighbor: “You have better manners, and he [referring to then “friend” John Luckacovic”] and he has a real problem with anger.” Joan then goes on to describe her own problem, “Buuuuuuut, you are falling into the Joan trap of ripping apart every aspect of a person with whom you have a gripe.” Now that, dear readers, says it ALL! Straight from the nag’s own pen, as it were. She knows how she is and actually writes it in an e-mail, while trashing her “friend.” (It bears mentioning that she probably caught hell from Bitter Bob for writing that bit because she writes later clarifying that Bitter Bob didn’t write the message (she was using Bitter Bob’s email at the time).

    Not "Bitter-Bob" Ross But a pretty good likeness.

    Not” Bitter-Bob” Ross
    But a pretty good likeness.

Bitter Bob is no saint, either. In fact, he usually stands by like a coward and let’s Joan do their dirty work. But here are some examples of Bitter Bob at work:

When locals were raging about heavy metal pollution emitted by LaFarge, Bob Ross, who came to New Baltimore with a number of physical defects, including a neurological “twitch”, all of a sudden was attributing his ailments to Guess whom? You got it right, the LaFarge pollution! The News Herald actually published his (most likely penned by Jekyl-Hyde Joan) letter to the editor.

Joan Ross and Robbie, her pet, are not beneath enlisting the colaboration of out-of-country low-lives to do some of their dirty work. In the past they’ve enlisted the lunatic, Richard Benham, now dead, of “anywhere he could lie about”. And then there’s the American-expatriate-now-Canadian, Scott Horne, who has befriended the Rosses and operates on command out of Canada. When the Rosses feel the legal heat or it gets too hot locally, they recruit some low-life to put up a webpage to give the impression of consensus. (Sounds a bit like Cathy Deluca and Fiends of RCS, doesn’t it?) It’s all a lunatic smokescreen.

The Ross pair are constantly courting the local State Police or the Greene County Sheriff. It seems they are fatally attracted to litigation and criminal summons.
One peculiar and very nutty idiosyncrasy is their attraction to everything misdemeanor. We mentioned the close call Joan Ross had with misdemeanor harassment above, but consider Bitter Bob’s nasty habit of harassing pedestrians with his jeep. Seems Bitter Bob likes to race up to local residents on the narrow streets of the National Historic District, especially when the unfortunate resident might be walking the dog and is confined between hedges and guardrails, with nowhere to go, and beep his horn, shouting in his jeep. Bitter Bob was cited in a New York State Police incident report and ticketed to appear in court for that misbehavior and had to appear with his lawyer several times in Catskill court to answer the charges. The Greene County assistant district attorney prosecuting the case at the time, Ann Marie Rabin, after several appearances, let him off with an A.C.O.D. (adjournment in contemplation of dismissal) which meant that Bitter Bob had to keep his nose clean for several months or be prosecuted. Must have cost him a pretty penny dragging his lawyer down to Catskill for every appearance. This second incident—which allegedly occurred this past September 20, almost exactly the same place and almost the exact same criminal misconduct— was reported to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, a deputy took the report, and the incident is getting the attention of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department and is allegedly being investigated.

We’re curious how the Greene County Sheriff’s Department is going to perform in this little skit. Will they have some balls and go after the Ross pair as they play hide-and-seek and catch-me-if-you can? Or will our law enforcement investment fall flat on their arses with lame excuses. We’re watching this one very closely. Remember everyone, it’s grassroots performances and politics, and our votes that will determine whether Sheriff Greg Sealy and Greene County DA Terry Wilhelm have a future. Are they willing to risk it?

But it appears old dogs don’t change. Bitter Bob was recently (September 20, 2013) the subject of another police incident report when he again used his jeep as a threat and harassed a neighbor with it. As if that wouldn’t be enough—but we know from past history that it’s never enough for psychos like Joan and Bitter Bob Ross—they had to stop and taunt the resident. Ross community spirit and sophistication at its very best. But maybe it’s that they’re just getting old and senile. Or is it the LaFarge pollution taking a particularly heavy toll on their brains? Who knows…or cares?

In the Hamlet of New Baltimore the standing joke is how Joan Ross is addicted to cut-and-paste email campaigns. Seems she has a contact list to whom she emails just about anything she can spice up and edit. Hate-mongering knows no limits, it seems.

The saying always proves true, though, “If you lie with dogs, you wake up with fleas.” That’s true in New Baltimore and in Ravena-Coeymans, where the Ross pair have their cliques of like-minded individuals, most of them in the New Baltimore town hall or the New Baltimore Conservancy. All desperately trying to appear sophisticated and legitimate, even credible but their venom has burned deep scars in their faces. The face tells the truer story of what’s going on inside; it ain’t pretty.

So, dear readers, if you think you’ve got the monopoly on nasty neighbors, you may find some comfort in this: They’re all over; we all have them. The good news is that they’re no secret.

The Editor

The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


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