An Editorial: Where’s the Pioneer Spirit in Ravena-Coeymans?

01 Sep

Intermission: An Editorial Opinion Article

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!

pionee spiritYou Can’t Be Indifferent Once You Read This Blog. You Either Love It Or Hate It. And We Know Exactly Who Hates It.

The two features that characterizes the Blogger and the freedom-loving Americans who contribute to this blog either by writing, commenting, or sending in leads for stories are good old American pioneer spirit and courage. Yes. A pioneer spirit that dares to push the frontiers, to test the mettle, to challenge the powers and the elements. And courage. That virtue that draws the line between cowards and sheeple and those of us who are not afraid to call a crook a crook or to confront a corrupt cop or politician, or to challenge an illegal law. We don’t suck anyone dry. We don’t kick you when you’re down. We don’t pick on kids and old women. We call a spade a spade and shout “Screw P.C.” We tell it like it is!

We are the real Americans in word, deed and spirit.

Do You Have Any?

Do You Have Any?

And what about the rest of you. You eat away your denial and depression. You approach 400 pounds and then cry you have no benefits to cover your heart disease and your diabetes–yours and your fat kids’. Or you isolate yourselves in closed groups or gated communities emphasizing the fact that you’re detached and isolated from the real world. You go to the polls knowing little or nothing about the people you elect and you don’t ask or demand to know. Or you do know them and you’re voting not because they’re good but because they share your own corrupt and misguided ideas about life and society—most of them greed-driven. You go to church on Sunday and promise love of neighbor, and leave church with a strategy on how to screw the living life-blood out of your neighbors on Monday. You close your eyes to the evil around you and so become complicit in it and an accessory to the very crimes and abuse you complain of.

you witness violation of civil rights and scuttling of democracy in your front yard without a whimper

You scream civil rights and democracy but you witness violations of civil rights and scuttling of democracy in your front yard without a whimper, and then beat the war drums when it comes to some distant land you can’t even locate on a map if you had to do so. Democracy begins at home, you know; here it’s long dead so we try to reinvent it elsewhere…and fail.

Americans Have Become The Pussies And The Bullies  Of The International Community

Everyone knows there’s a Constitution and a Bill of Rights but hasn’t a clue what they mean. Sure, all you gun-toting, law-abiding hunters and “sportsmen” scream bloody murder when it comes to your Second Amendment “rights” (that’s the “right to bear arms” one, you know) and are Gung ho!  when it comes to shooting a helpless wild animal or at a painted target; but you’d likely shit your guts out if confronted by a 250 pound 6 foot hairy Syrian with a slingshot, though. Americans have become the pussies and the bullies  of the international community (fact: bullies are really pussies) thanks to the abuse they get at home by their lying, cheating so-called elected officials and law enforcement (fact: bullies were/are victims of abuse). By the way, how many of you overweight armchair heroes out there were ever in uniform, cops included, and we don’t mean a Hot Shops uniform, or a Halloween police costume (Yeah! You! Gregory Darlington and “Dirty-Hands” Jerry Deluca.) And we don’t mean those of you who play the macho Latino superhero…you know, the National Guard desk jockeys who, underneath the macho walk and talk, are pink little pussies.

How Many of You are Pink Pussies?

How Many of You are Pink Pussies?

How many of you actually walk the walk and talk the talk of real liberty, spirit, and American community? Not many from where we’re standing. And you know it’s true. So, what are you going to do about it? Probably get really pissed off at this blog because it’s telling it like it is. AGAIN, STILL. Or are you going to wake up, smell the coffee, and do something about it? Are you going to admit that your Coeymans police department is inefficient, corrupt, even criminal and demand…DEMAND PUBLICLY, that is, that the Coeymans town board take the rudder and do some disciplining and firing. Demand that the Ravena village board and the Coeymans town board remember who elected them and why. Demand hat the town board stop playing cookie-jar to the Coeymans police and stop feeding the money pit they’ve created. How about some transparency—and a new police chief who doesn’t threaten the town clerk’s employees when they obey the laws of New YorkState because doing so might expose Gregory Darlington and Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and others in the department for the thugs and criminals that they are.

Ravena News Herald/Times Useless Reporter Looking for a Story

Ravena News Herald/Times Useless Reporter Looking for a Story

Maybe somehow, if we all got together and demanded some accountability and some respect for laws in our village and town halls and in our police department we could, just maybe, become a real community instead of a backwater source of scandal for rags like the Times Useless. Maybe if the local “official newspaper,” the Ravena News Herald would print some real local news instead of love-fest reports and news from Schenectady, Rensselaer, and beyond. Maybe if the News Herald were not such a bunch of prostitutes they might even investigate some of the facts we publish and publish them, too. Wouldn’t that be a welcome change? Truth, reality, and real facts in the Times Union and News Herald. Maybe we should say NO! to our village and town hall becoming a family business instead demand a center for excellence in small-town government.

Have a Look a the Real World Outside of Your Constricted, Selfish, Individualistic, Materialistic Pin Heads

This Community Has Become a Bunch of Pinheads

This Community Has Become a Bunch of Pinheads

Do you even know how many of our local official’s sons, daughters, cousins, buddies are actually working in their friends’ and relatives’ departments in the village of Ravena or the town of Coeymans? How many are being given jobs at taxpayer expense and you don’t even know that the village or town is getting them civil service status unlawfully or by lying outright (Right? Mayor Bruno, Nancy Warner, Cathy Deluca). Do you know what that means to you? You will soon because we’re going to be publishing the incestuous connections, the favoritism, the croneyism that’s been festering right under your noses and has been insidiously making this Ravena-Coeymans area a ghost town, a cesspool of corruption, an asylum of denial and fear, just the place where people want their kids to grow up. Right? Maybe those of you who are members of the special clubs like Friends of RCS (Wadda joke!), Save the Arts at RCS, RCS Sports Association, RCS Friends and More should take a step out of the holy of holies of your special little groups and have a look a the real world outside of your constricted, selfish, individualistic, materialistic pin heads! Look around you! Breath the LaFarge air deep into your collapsed lungs! Take a ride down the pothole pocked streets or a swim in them during a heavy rain! Try to find the creeks and waterways your Coeymans code enforcement officer, Laverne “Larry” Conrad, and your local shyster, Michael J. Biscone, have buried and have evaded the attention of the NYS Department of Environmental Corruption! Your tax dollars at work, you know!

Take a closer look at the composition of your Ravena Coeymans Selkirk Central School District Board of Education. Did you really intend it to be a nest of self-interested, greedy bastards—most all BoE members are teachers or married to a teacher—who now have control of more than $40,000,000 (yes that’s millions) of tax dollars and how they pad their pockets by appointments of family members and friends? All this while the bullying and student-on-student attacks continue, per student costs are nearly the highest in the state,  and graduation rates remain the lowest in the state! Do you even know how many teachers or relatives of teachers are on your board of education. Or that the very man they cursed and defiled, interim superintendent Allen R. McCartney has no balls and now is a friend of the very people who vociferously demanded he not be hired? By the way, keep a very close eye on the board of education, they’re gradually crowding you, the public, out of the inner circle of information, making decisions behind closed doors without your knowledge and inputs. In other words, the RCS BoE is starting to operate on the corrupt model of the village of Ravena. We’re starting to believe the Ravena syndrome is an infection; the corruption started when the RCS BoE moved into the Ravena offices building, you know! Your tax dollars going into their pockets. How do you feel about that?

Your Coeymans police chief, Gregory Darlington, a mere employee of the town, has threatened the Coeymans town clerk’s office with consequences if the clerk’s office continues to process residents’ F.O.I.L. requests for information about what’s going on in the Coeymans P.D

BoBo & DoDo Off-duty

BoBo & DoDo Off-duty

New York State has laws that say the public has a right to information. One of those laws is the Freedom of Information Law or F.O.I.L. What do you think of the allegation that your Coeymans police chief, a mere employee of the town, has threatened the Coeymans town clerk’s office with consequences if the clerk’s office continues to process residents’ F.O.I.L. requests for information about what’s going on in the Coeymans P.D. The Coeymans police chief, Gregory Darlington, has violated his oath to support, protect, defend the United States Constitution and the laws of the United States and of the State of New York and now he’s threatening the office of the town of Coeymans clerk, a town official ELECTED by the people and who has also taken an oath to support, protect and to defend the Constitution of the United States, if her employees obey the law. Here we have a dumbass fat man threatening a highly experienced, competent, professional woman and her female staff members who are doing their jobs extremely well and in excellent service of the residents of this town. How far are we going to let this garden gnome Darlington and his jelly-belly bimbo-chaser, Deluca, push this community into becoming a police state.

flag bkgnd police state

“Indifferent to truth, willing to use police-state tactics and vulgar libels against inconvenient witnesses, hopeless on health care, and flippant and fast and loose with national security. ― Christopher Hitchens

And then there’s the village of Ravena with its lunatic mummy mayor John Bruno and his band of dithering winged monkeys (Remember the Wizard of Oz?) — Warner, Bailey, Case, Persico, Demitraszek, Deluca — sucking the life out of what was once a vibrant model village community. Ravena has become  a withering, wincing, whining, shadow of a stain on the map of AlbanyCounty. Why? Because the vampires in the Ravena village hall and the Coeymanazis have one thing in mind: squeeze everything and anything of value out of this community and leave the rest to the maggots. Mayor John Bruno and his hatchet woman, Nancy Warner, and the three stooges, William “Bill” Bailey, Martin “Marty” Case, and Rocco Persico, have violated just about every ethical principle, human and constitutional right imaginable. They’ve done this under the gavel of a viscious, lunatic, mendacious, clown of a mayor, John Bruno, supported by the greedy, vile, sweaty, bloated local shyster of the Biscone tribe, Michael J. Biscone, who has attempted just about every evil trick in the book, including attempting to censor freedom of speech at village meetings. (Yes! Reported in the Ravena News Herald in 2009 and more recently on this blog.)

Mr R. Houghtaling, the former very competent Coeymans town supervisor and a very smart man, told Ravena mayor John Bruno to get lost and read him the riot act on the First Amendment and Bruno and jerky-boy, Michael “Fix–a  Felony–for–a-Price” Biscone tucked their impotent tails between their scrawny legs and turn-tailed backed off.

Anything Good Will Contrast So Sharply with What’s Been Going on It Will Show Them Up for the Villains That They Are

Now the John Bruno–Nancy Warner gang are trying to destroy anything good happening in the village of Ravena and the hamlet of Coeymans because anything good will contrast so sharply with what’s been going on it will show them up for the villains that they are.

Of course, the Coeymans police department and Do-Do cop Gregory “Diddling” Darlington jumps on the bandwagon of rights violations, most recent atrocity has been reported here on this blog about the Ravena gazebo and Ravena’s unconstitutional loitering law. They’re trying to get to the adults, again, by using the kids.

How is it that this RCS area has gotten into the despicable and vile habit of pushing their agendas through on the backs of the children of this community. Every nasty scheme and political shenanigan has been either “for the kids,” “about the kids,” or in the case of the Bruno–Warren–Coeymans Police campaign, “against the kids.”

Are Bruno, Warner, and the cops trying to intimidate or retaliate against the kids, the Teen Center?

In fact, we have witness reports about mayor John Bruno, Ravena board member Nancy Biscone-Warner, and the Coeymans police driving by the gazebo multiple times in a single night when the kids are at the Teen Center. Is this passive aggression directed at the kids, the Teen Center? Are Bruno, Warner, and the Coeymans cops trying to intimidate or retaliate against the kids, the Teen Center? Don’t the Coeymans cops have anyone to harass now that the kids are off the streets, enjoying a beautiful place under a caring competent adult’s supervision, staying out of trouble. Are the Coeymans cops getting bored? Are Bruno and Warner afraid something good is happening in town and they don’t have control over it or are not making some sort of profit from it or getting a take? You can figure this out on your own; all you have to do is wake up and see reality around you.

Elections are coming up soon and you have to ask yourselves some very realistic questions:

    • Do you enjoy living under the thumb of a corrupt Albany Democrat machine and its lackeys in Ravena and Coeymans?
    • Are you O.K. with the abuse of the civil service system by the Albany County Civil Service Department under Mr Michael Cummings and the slick way they tried to slip Cathy Deluca in as Fitness Center Director on a non-competitive civil service job title?
    • Do you want to have your village and town governments turned into family businesses like what’s happened in Ravena and what’s happening in the town of Coeymans now?
    • Do you like being left out of the public information links?
    • Do you want to know what’s going on in your community?
    • Do you want the vermin from the village of Ravena insiders club, the very ones who have implemented mayor John Bruno’s ghost town plan and the Biscone plan to own Ravena outright, to get their hooks and claws into the government of the town of Coeymans?
    • Do you really need someone like Martin Case or William Bailey to extend mayor John Bruno’s agenda of scorch-and-burn, then buy cheaply, to the town of Coeymans?
    • Do we really want a Coeymans police department that is sucking the public treasury dry, botching up drug raids (raiding the wrong apartments etc.), that is obstructing justice, that is abusing public office, outright threatening our honest elected officials, intimidating and retaliating, changing this community into a mini-police state because then they can do the bidding of the Brunos and Biscones in the area. Then they can keep everyone quiet–well, not everyone–and in a police state of terror
  • Do your want to give the RCS board of education, now dominated by special-interest crooks and cronies, unsupervised, unmonitored free rein with millions of taxpayer dollars?
  • Since the last so – called election, the RCS board of education is now more of a membership – only club than an elected body; it’s now more of a special-interests lobby (and their interests are not yours!) than a public service group; Unless you demand accountability and transparency you’re not going to get it from them willingly! In fact, there’s a very scary connection between the BoE and the village of Ravena, did you know that? (We’ll be publishing some interesting facts on that connection of corruption soon, too!)
  • Are you happy with the way the village of Ravena (like the Ravena Health and Fitness Center scam) and the town of Coeymans (the new police cruisers, the hiring irregularities, the lack of supervision) are spending your money? How many patrol cars does the Coeymans Police Department need, anyway? Maybe a safe driving course would be better for some of them. Maybe making most of them unemployed would be best for all of us.
  • How much more of the village of Ravena has to disappear or lapse into the hands of the Biscones, the Persicos, the Brunos, the Delucas, the Conrads, the Perrines before residents stand up and put a stop to the mismanagement and abuse?
  • Are you willing to make the town of Coeymans a big Ravena by putting someone like Martin Case in the Supervisor’s office?

Dear readers, royalty and special privileged classes were rejected with the blood of colonial Americans who revolted against tyranny. They gave us a Constitution and later a Bill of Rights. For generations since those courageous steps, men and women of noble heart and love of liberty have shed their blood in defense of the liberties and freedoms granted by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In recent years, men and women of evil intentions and traitorous hearts have eroded those rights and liberties for their own gain, and they’ve done it by stealth, deception, lies, and cheating.

There is a saying that all politics start in the home. If that’s true, we really had better take a very close look at what’s going on right at our dinner table or in our living rooms before it’s really too late, and we have to live in the police state they’ve created for us and which we have allowed them to create.

The Editor

P.s. A few political quotes I’ve selected for you to think about:

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” — Edward R. Murrow

“You’re not to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.” — Malcolm X, By Any Means Necessary

“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.” — Winston Churchill

The major problem—one of the major problems, for there are several—one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them. To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. — Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

“All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.”— John Steinbeck

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.” — Ronald Reagan

“If you are bored and disgusted by politics and don’t bother to vote, you are in effect voting for the entrenched Establishments of the two major parties, who please rest assured are not dumb, and who are keenly aware that it is in their interests to keep you disgusted and bored and cynical and to give you every possible reason to stay at home doing one-hitters and watching MTV on primary day. By all means stay home if you want, but don’t bullshit yourself that you’re not voting. In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some Diehard’s vote.” — David Foster Wallace, Up, Simba!

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” — C.S. Lewis

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

“People are always shouting they want to create a better future. It’s not true. The future is an apathetic void of no interest to anyone. The past is full of life, eager to irritate us, provoke and insult us, tempt us to destroy or repaint it. The only reason people want to be masters of the future is to change the past.” — Milan Kundera “Indifferent to truth, willing to use police-state tactics and vulgar libels against inconvenient witnesses, hopeless on health care, and flippant and fast and loose with national security.” ― Christopher Hitchens

“The fact is that the modern implementation of the prison planet has far surpassed even Orwell’s 1984 and the only difference between our society and those fictionalized by Huxley, Orwell and others, is that the advertising techniques used to package the propaganda are a little more sophisticated on the surface.
Yet just a quick glance behind the curtain reveals that the age old tactics of manipulation of fear and manufactured consensus are still being used to force humanity into accepting the terms of its own imprisonment and in turn policing others within the prison without bars.” ― Paul Joseph Watson

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


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2 responses to “An Editorial: Where’s the Pioneer Spirit in Ravena-Coeymans?

  1. non ya

    September 15, 2013 at 9:57 am

    Honestly what was everyone thinking when people voted to keep the CPD?? What they were going to change?? But don’t let the State Police do CPD’s job. Every thing was beetter when state was in charge. And RCS and their staff has been crooked for years. A bunch of people writting an article about it why not do something about?


    • RCS Confidential

      September 15, 2013 at 3:47 pm

      Yes, Non Ya, you’re preaching to the choir. Any ideas on how to get local residents’ attention other than this blog and suing the municipalities would be much, much appreciated.

      The Editor



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