Ravena Laws Unconstitutional! Violation of Protected First Amendment Rights AGAIN!

29 Aug

Our Advice: Wear a Wire. Protect yourself when you talk to the Ravenazis or the Coeymanazis, when you enter their dens, when they approach you. New York State is a “one-party state” which means that if you are a party to a conversation you can tape the conversation without having to tell anyone. They’re crazy-paranoid now that they know we know they can be taped. If they behave themselves—which is highly unlikely—they have nothing to fear; if they don’t behave—which is very likely—you’ve got evidence and they have a problem. Ask mayor John Bruno and Cathy Deluca…they know!

Get Wired!

Get Wired!

Part One of a Multipart Exposé

All About Ravena, the Coeymans Police Department, Un-American Activities, Rights Violations, and Criminality Right Under Your Noses!

The Village of Ravena is Probably One of the Most Corrupt and Criminal Organizations Existing in The United States!

Mayor John "Black Mamba" Bruno and His Hand-Picked Hatchet-Heads Nancy Warner, Martin Case, Rocco Persico, William Bailey, Annette Demitraszek Burn the Constitution Daily

Mayor John “Black Mamba” Bruno and His Hand-Picked Hatchet-Heads
Nancy Warner, Martin Case, Rocco Persico, William Bailey, Annette Demitraszek
Burn the Constitution Daily

Or the Village of Ravena is the Perfect Example of What Can Go Horribly Wrong in a Community and its Government!

Mayor John “Black Mamba”*  Bruno of the village of Ravena, New York, a small backwater ghetto suppressed by a gang of leftovers of the once flourishing Albany Democrat Machine is the godfather of a bunch of hooligan hatchet-heads who make up his royal court: village council members Nancy Warner, William “Bill” BaileyMartin “Marty” Case, and Rocco Persico, and hand-picked appointee village clerk, Annette Demitraszek. The Ravena village board members call themselves erroenously “trustees” but they can be trusted only to screw local residents and taxpayers, to discriminate against anyone who disagrees with them, to richly reward anyone as crooked as they are (example: the Ravena Health and Fitness Club a.k.a. Cathy Deluca’s playpen).

* As the legend goes, Bruno, once a shiff supervisor at the local cement plant, got his nickname back when he was sleeping on the job at the cement plant and due to his negligence, he burnt up one of the kilns. His coworkers have since called him the “Black Mamba.” At the cement plant he was also known for his unfair practices when it came to promoting his favorites over the qualified. Nothing has changed.

We are uncovering just how criminal and un-American Bruno and his hatchet-heads really are. We recently published an exposé on how Bruno, the village of Ravena village board, and local shyster Michael Biscone, one of the most unethical and sleezy lawyers in the area, attempted to suppress residents’ First Amendment rights of free speech and expression when they wanted to censor the right to speak at public meetings. If you missed that article you can read it at (Click the links!):  Business as Usual in Ravena: Violation of Constitutional Rights! (read our article also on how the Coeymans Police Department suppresses freedom of speech at Coeymans Police Suppress Freedom of Speech!).

Village of Ravena Makes Misleading Application to the Albany County Civil Service Department to Get Cathy Deluca Non-Competitive Civil Service Job Title as Fitness Center Director

We’ve also published a number of articles on this blog about how Ravena’s mummy mayor John Bruno and girlfriend “trustee” Nancy Warner teamed up with Cathy Deluca, the wife of Coeymans police investigator and local thug, Gerald “Dirty Hands Jerry” Deluca, to illegally spend $40,000 of taxpayer money to buy used fitness equipment, then to create the Ravena Health and Fitness Center (Rats-nest Heap and Fatness Clinic) behind everyone’s back. Then they tried to create a non-competitive civil service position for Cathy Deluca, who has no real qualifications and who’s getting $30,000 of taxpayer money out of the $105,000+ of taxpayer money allocated to fund the RHFC for 2013-2014. By the way, mayor Bruno, Nancy Warner and Cathy Deluca got caught red-handed in their lies to the Albany County Civil Service Department when a local resident obtained their application. Michael Cummings, another local democrat tool and director of the Albany County Civil Service Department had some explaining to do when we caught him with his pants down around his ankles after he approved the application that was incomplete! Ravena had to submit a number of justifications but didn’t and Cummings approved the application anyway! They probably thought they’d never get caught. But we caught them and the cat hit the fan in Albany. We’re still keeping tabs on that little sneaky operation and we’ll continue to report on the local and Albany County Civil Service corruption. Stay tuned!

Cathy Deluca Abuses Local Resident and Tells Him He’s Not Welcome and Gets the Village of Ravena Sued for Her Violation of the Resident’s Protected Constitutional Rights!

Then there’s the happening at the Ravena Health and Fitness Center when a local resident visited the place for a tour and was accosted and abused by Cathy Deluca, who then told him he had to leave, “You’re not welcome here.”  That was a brilliant example of a big mistake and total ignorance by Cathy Deluca and her keepers because it violated a number of constitutionally protected rights and got the village of Ravena and Deluca slaped with a $1,000,000 claim and now they’re facing a lawsuit. Nice going, Cathy.

Cathy Deluca and Accomplice Claude A. Wheeles, a Fitness Center Employee, Lie to Police…Get Criminal Complaint Filed Against them and Another Notice of Claim and Pending Lawsuite against the Village of Ravena!

But that wasn’t enought for Cathy Deluca, greedy tub that she is. Cathy Deluca then made a complaint with the Coeymans Police that the resident “harassed” her—a bare-faced lie—and then told the investigating officer, Jason Albert, that the resident had insulted a patron at the RHFC and that was the reason the resident was thrown out—another bare-faced lie. Based on Cathy Deluca’s lies and the support of one of her employees, Claude A. Wheeles, the Coeymans Police investigated and found nothing. How do we know all of what Deluca and Wheeles told the Coeymans Police was a pack of lies? The whole thing was recorded! Absolutely brilliant! Absolutely delicious! And we have copies of the recordings (both the events during the resident’s visit and Deluca’s performance and Officer Jason Alberts interview of the resident at the Coeymans Police station, where Officer Albert confirms Deluca’s lies.) What a surprise when the resident filed criminal charges against Deluca and Wheels for falsely reporting an incident and conspiracy to commit that crime, both misdemeanors. What a surprise when the village of Ravena’s attorney deposed the resident only to find out that (1) Deluca had lied, (2) that there was a recording of the actual incident, (2) that criminal complaint was filed against Deluca and Wheeles for their lies, (3) that a second Notice of Claim and lawsuit were pending against the village of Ravena, Cathy Deluca, and Claude Wheeles (including also the members of the village of Ravena board) based on Deluca’s and Wheeles’ criminal acts.

Citizen to Mayor John Bruno: Shut up! Or get out!

Ravena mayor John Bruno and hatchet-woman Nancy Warner sat in on the deposition/hearing at which the resident was questioned by the village’s attorney. Mayor Bruno was making wierd noises and being a general jerk and the resident allegedly told him to stop his stupidity or get out. After that, Bruno behaved himself.

Is Mayor Bruno Senile or Just Goofy? The Goofy Godfather

Is Mayor Bruno Senile or Just Goofy?
The Goofy Godfather

This just in: We have a copy of the actual transcript of the 50h hearing. Here’s what the complainant told mayor Bruno:

Complainant (to Bruno): Do you find this funny, Mr Mayor? If you do, please leave. I don’t want you snickering over there. You’ve been doing it several times already. This is not funny.

Attorney: I lost my train of thought.

Complainant (to attorney): I would like to object to Mr Bruno’s snickering and strange little noises that he’s emitting over there.

Attorney: That’s noted on the record.

Complainant: Thank you.

That’s how Ravena’s mayor John Bruno behaves in a legal proceeding, like a two-year old. Is he that senile already?

Ravena Village Clerk Annette Demitraszek Attempts to Avoid Producing Documents in Response to Demands under the New York State Freedom of Information Law and Gets Hit with a Notice of Claim and Possible Lawsuit.

You may have  believed that the village clerk is elected like the town clerk is. But she’s not. She’s appointed by mummy mayor John Bruno. She’s another tool of the un-American, criminal  regime on Mountain Road that calls itself the village of Ravena government. For several months Annette Demitraszek has been receiving demands for documents from residents trying to make sense of the craziness that goes on in the village offices and Demitraszek, apparently under mayor Bruno’s boney thumb and with Nancy Warner breathing down her back, plays the game and does her best to hide what she can and refuse to produce what she can. Well that worked fine for many years UNTIL NOW.

Demitraszek and her keepers had managed for a while to get the executive director of the Committee on Open Government, Robert Freeman, another democrat machine hack in Albany, to listen to their misinformation and then to use Freeman’s words to refuse to respond to F.O.I.L. demands. But when residents demand clarification or an explanation of the silly excuses…DEAD SILENCE. Now Demitraszek, mayor Bruno, the Ravena village board, have been served with a Notice of Claim charging them with obstruction and violation of the provisions of the New York State Freedom of Information Laws. That’s going to be another lawsuit.

The village of Ravena has plenty to hide but those days are gone; now the village of Ravena has to explain their criminality and their un-American activities.

Stay tuned for:

Part Two: Ravena’s Laws Are Unconstitutional—No Loitering? How the village of Ravena, the Coeymans Police Department, and a Jerky-Boy District Attorney, P. David Soares cooperate to violate your rights!

Part Three: The Coeymans Police Department—Scoff-laws in Uniform. How Indifference and Bias Denies You Your Constitutional Rights. (This is a must-read for Coeymans police chief Gregory “DoDo-Cop” Darlington, Gerald “Dirty Hands Jerry” BoBo-Cop-Deluca, and Officers Jason “what investigation” Albert, Ryan “Psychocop” Johnson, Kerry “it’s hearsay” Thompson)

Part Four: Suing the Town of Coeymans Coeymans Police Department for Obstruction of Justice and Misuse of Public Office. How Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington is going to lose his job and his crooked cops may find themselves doing jail time. So you want to make misdemeanors and felonies disappear, Mr Tom Dolan (Ask Tommy about his son’s escapades and where the charges went) and Dawn Rogers (Ask Dawn about her daughter’s friend the bottle and where the alleged DUI charges went). You might want to ask about how evidence is safeguarded in the Coeymans Police Department or their recipe for hitting parents through their kids. Or you might want to ask how to frame a resident or how to screw up a drug raid for a thimble full of marijuana while the real druggies are in the Ravena offices or the Coeymans PD evidence room (just speculating on this one). Of course, the Coeymans Police would rather hassle a bunch of kids congregating on a public gazebo than go after real criminals like Scott Lenden and his helpers (theft, possession of stolen goods, criminal tresspass). But then Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca was investigator on that case and didn’t move his fat arse on it for six months until the victims called in the Albany County Sheriff’s team. Or how about arresting a kid for possessing his own prescription drugs and having him jailed for 45 days…on the information provided by a known, convicted druggie? An what about the recent botched up drug raids? Any comment, chief Darlington or admin assistant Kerry Thompson? And what happend to the investigations of Cathy Deluca and Claude Wheeles on falsely reporting an incident—one that never happened but Deluca and Wheeles collaborated and lied about it—maybe Officer Jason Albert, chief Gregory Darlington, or maybe Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca can provide some answers. How does evidence leak out, Mr Deluca, Mr Darlington, Officer Albert?

Part Five: Going after the Ravena Coeymans Selkirk Central School District Board of Education, a Turncoat Superintendent of Schools, and the Teachers Union Lackeys Voted to the RCS Board of Education. How’d that all happen? We’ve got some information and facts that are going to knock your socks off and have some people soiling their undies. The real facts behind what cooking on the BoE and what a suicidal, ignorant school district has done to itself by handing over $40 million to crooks!

Anyone who questions what we write can just ask his or her questions at a public village or town meeting. Mayor John Bruno and the Ravena village trustees Nancy Warner, Bill Bailey, Marty Case, Rocco Persico,or Supervisor Stephen Flach and the town board members Tom Dolan, Dawn Rogers, Peter Masti,  Tom Boehm, or Coeymans Police Department chief Gregory Darlington will be more than pleased to put up a smoke screen and tell you the lies you’d like to hear. Try it. Let us know how you make out.

You Asked For It! We're Going to Give It To You! The Editor

You Asked For It!
We’re Going to Give It To You!
You’ll Be Crying, Too!

The Editor

“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!

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One response to “Ravena Laws Unconstitutional! Violation of Protected First Amendment Rights AGAIN!

  1. RCS Confidential

    August 29, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    One of our readers was smart enough to pick up on our little play on words: “shiff” vs. “shift”. Yes, nice catch, reader. Here’s what he writes:
    We wrote in the blog: “As the legend goes, Bruno, once a shiff supervisor…

    Our reader writes:

    A pun or a typo? Shiff…
    Shiff\, v. i.
    1. To divide; to distribute. [Obs.]
    Some this, some that, as that him liketh shift. –Chaucer.
    2. To make a change or changes; to change position; to move; to veer; to substitute one thing for another; — used in the varioussenses of the transitive verb.
    The sixth age shifts into the lean and slippered pantaloon. –Shakespear.
    Here the Baillie shifted and fidgeted about in his seat. –Sir W. Scott.
    3. To resort to expedients for accomplishing a purpose; to contrive;to manage.
    Men in distress will look to themselves, and leave their companions toschift as well as they can. –L’Estrange.
    4. To practice indirect or evasive methods.
    All those schoolmen, though they were exceeding witty, yet betterteach all their followers to shift, than to resolve by their distinctions.–Sir W. Raleigh.
    5. (Naut.) To slip to one side of a ship, so as to destroy theequilibrum; — said of ballast or cargo; as, the cargo shifted.

    Actually, reader, all of the above can be used when describing Ravena’s mummy mayor John Bruno and his shiff-ty gang of thugs. He’s, they’re all of the above.

    Thanks for picking up on the pun 😉

    The Editor



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