Criminal Obstruction of Justice & Official Misconduct: Gregory Darlington, Coeymans PD

16 Aug

Most Citizens Are Unaware of Laws that Can Be Used in Self-Defense Against Rogue Public Servants and to Bring Public Servants to Justice.


Obstruction of Justice, Official Misconduct, Personal Injury, Violations of Protected Rights BRING THEM TO JUSTICE!!!

Obstruction of Justice, Official Misconduct, Personal Injury, Violations of Protected Rights

That Includes Police Chiefs and Police Officers, Government Elected Officials, Other Public Employees, Too!

New York Penal Law (hereinafter called NYP) § 195.00 Official misconduct. A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit…he knowingly refrains from performing a duty which is imposed upon him by law or is clearly inherent in the nature of his office. Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.

§195.05 Obstructing governmental administration in the second degree. A person is guilty of obstructing governmental administration when he intentionally obstructs, impairs or perverts the administration of law or other governmental function or prevents or attempts to prevent a public servant from performing an official function, by means of intimidation, physical force or interference. Official misconduct is a class A misdemeanor.

US Code – Chapter 73: Obstruction of justice. Obstruction of justice is a serious federal offense where someone tries to impede the interfere with the legal process. This can include actions that impede the criminal process during the investigation stage or during the trial. There are many different ways that someone can be charged with obstructing justice such as: Attempting to influence a judge, court employee or a jury member; threatening, assaulting, blackmailing, retaliating against or taking other actions against someone for participating in a criminal investigation or prosecution; Lying to law enforcement officials about important information such as Knowingly altering, concealing, or destroying evidence or potential evidence.

Ways to Commit Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of justice is a crime which can be charged in a number of scenarios. It can be committed by a judicial official, an elected official, attorneys and people obstructing the justice system. The following are ways that the crime of obstruction of justice can be committed:

  • Interfering with the work of prosecutors, government officials, other officials, police, investigators or other professionals doing work to promote or ensure justice can constitute obstruction of justice.
  • When a person who is questioned during an investigation lies to the police, this can result in obstruction of justice charges when the truth is discovered. The right to remain silent protects individuals who do not wish to cooperate with an investigation if it may incriminate them.
  • Altering or destroying physical evidence can bring about obstruction of justice charges. 
  • As a government official, a police chief or district attorney has an increased duty to uphold justice and enforce the laws, and his failure to do so can result in charges of obstruction of justice.
  • Perjury can bring about obstruction of justice charges whether it is committed by an official or anyone in an official investigation.

In new york obstruction of justice is a class “a” misdeamenor.  maximum punishment is up to a year in jail.

So, What Do You Think of When You Think of the Coeymans Police Department? Official Misconduct? Obstruction of Justice? Violation of Protected Constitutional Rights? Personal Injurty (Physical, Reputation, Loss of Income, Property Damage, Medical Expenses, etc.)?

Can You Describe Coeymans Police Department Misconduct?
Can You Describe How has Gregory Darlington Contributed to the Misconduct of Coeymans PD Personnel?
Do You Know How has Gregory Darlington Failed Law Enforcement in this Town?
How has Gregory Darlington and the Coeymans PD Failed YOU?

Abused by Clowns?

Abused by Clowns?

Have you been waiting for local, state, or federal officials to come to your aid? Frustrated?

Please examine the list below and think about the items. Can you provide us with your information by SPECIFIC case, event, incident, dates, times, names of persons directly involved (perp, victim, investigating law enforcement officers’ names), witnesses, any damage or injury you sustained as a result (e.g., physical, social (defamation, public shame, etc.), economic (medical costs, loss of income, additional expenses, etc.), any other details you feel might be important.

Criminal federal and state obstruction of justice charges, state criminal official misconduct charges, and civil violation of protected rights and personal injury (tort) claims against Darlington, the Coeymans PD, the town of Coeymans, the members of the town board of Coeymans, Gregory Darlington, and P. David Soares are supported by the items listed below and, include at least those listed below. Do you have any knowledge of any incident in which Darlington or any employee of the Coeymans Police Department has failed in his performance or by his failure, empowered or facilitated misconduct by employees of the Coeymans Police Department? Be specific and provide the particulars indicated in the previous paragraph.

We, as claimant, allege the following specific instances of Mr Gregory Darlington’s ongoing patterns of obstruction of justice in his capacity as chief of police in the town of Coeymans Police Department, including but not by limitation, the following allegations, which will be described in detail in a further Notice of Claim and lawsuit being prepared as we write. Do any of the following look familiar to you?

  1. Failure to diligently  investigate or to supervise, or interfering with the progress of an on – going investigation of a complaint taken by the town of Coeymans Police Department;
  2. Delaying or otherwise interfering with the timely processing of a good faith complaint, interfering with the inauguration or prosecution of the investigation of such complaint, or otherwise obstructing the reasonable investigative processes involved in the disposition of a complaint made with the Coeymans Police Department;
  3. By indifference, ignorance, or negligence failing to ensure the proper handling, recording, tracking, access to, and security of evidence taken or provided for the purpose of law enforcement, criminal investigation, or other law enforcement activity;
  4. Failing or refusing to respond to a citizen’s or complainant’s diligent inquiry regarding the status or progress of a complaint or investigation;
  5. Obstructing or impairing a citizen’s or complainant’s rights under the law;
  6. Indifference or injury to citizen’s or complainant’s confidence in his or her constitutionally guaranteed protected and guaranteed rights under the United States Constitution and the laws of the United States and the State of New York, to wit: freedom of expression and assembly, equal protection under the law, protection from unlawful search and seizure, discrimination based on sex, age, gender, orientation, faith tradition; profiling by person, vehicle, etc.
  7. Failure to enforce discipline in the case of on- or off – duty misconduct of members of the Coeymans Police Department upon good faith, substantiated, and factual citizen complaint;
  8. Indifference or injury to a citizen’s or complainant’s confidence in the impartiality of the law, and law enforcement, in equal protection under the law;
  9. Creation of the impression by word, conduct, silence, commission, omission of a double – standard system of favoritism or nepotism or simonism or other such pernicious practice based on personal, social, professional, political or economic relationships or associations;
  10. The conditioning of support of the public service resources of the Coeymans Police Department or resources accessible or at the disposal of the Coeymans Police Department upon favor or other conditional consideration or benefit to the staff, organization, image, operations of the Coeymans Police Department;
  11. Indifference to or refusal to respond to citizen’s or complainant’s telephone, e – mail, letter or written communications and inquiries relating to the business and operations of the Coeymans Police Department;
  12. Indifference to or refusal to respond or to comply with the affirmative obligations imposed upon the Coeymans Police Department under the provisions of New York State Public Officers Law Article 6 §§84 – 90, also known as the New York State Freedom of Information Law or the F.O.I.L.;
  13. Refusal to collaborate or to cooperate with other intra – municipal public service personnel, public servants, public employees, agencies, offices or officials to facilitate timely and productive response to citizen or complainant complaints, inquiries, concerns;
  14. Indifference to or refusal to create, implement, update, or observe quality, disciplinary, complaint processing, administrative procedures and policies required or already in place in the Coeymans Police Department or in the town of Coeymans government system to ensure an acceptable and efficacious performance of the Coeymans Police Department as a unit of the government of the town of Coeymans and the intra – departmental operations of the Coeymans Police Department;
  15. Have you been or felt you have been intimidated or subjected to retaliation by Coeymans law enforcement, complained, and have been frustrated by their indifference or non-response? Did you feel abused?
  16. Indifference to or refusal to create or to enhance a positive image of law enforcement in the town of Coeymans.

This list is considered ongoing and may be augmented at any time without notice upon receipt of information not already contained or included in the above list.

Read another document that describes specifically what Gregory Darlington is expected to be doing in his official civil service job description. Do you feel he’s doing his job? Do you know of specific instances to show that he is not competent or qualified ever to have been or to continue to be the chief administrative officer  of the town of Coeymans Police Department? Click here to read/download that document: Where has the Coeymans Police Chief Failed

Send us any information you have to support your contentions to and we’ll include it in our Notice of Claim against the Coeymans Police Department, Town of Coeymans, the members of the town board of the Town of Coeymans, the Coeymans Town Attorney, the Coeymans Police Department, Gregory Darlington, P. David Soares and provide you with fill – in boilerplate forms for your personal Notice of Claim against the Town of Coeymans, the town board of the Town of Coeymans, the Coeymans Town Attorney, the Coeymans Police Department, Gregory Darlington, P. David Soares on charges of federal and state criminal obstruction of justice, state criminal official misconduct charges, and civil charges violation of protected rights, and personal injury (tort).

If you don’t have your own computer or don’t know how to send an e – mail, visit the RCS Community Library on Main Street in Ravena or any community library and ask one of the library employees to help you. Use your community library; it’s good for you and it’s good for the library!

Time for Real Justice Bring Them to Justice The Editor

Time for Real Justice
Bring Them to Justice
The Editor
Ego sum qui sum…


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2 responses to “Criminal Obstruction of Justice & Official Misconduct: Gregory Darlington, Coeymans PD

  1. pat brady

    April 11, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    I am very interested in the progress of your case. Read the facts of my case to see what I am up against


    • RCS Confidential

      April 11, 2014 at 8:51 pm

      Thanks very much, Pat, for sharing your case papers with us. We’ll read them with great interest.

      We’ll let you know as soon as we file our papers and we’ll probably put up a separate litigation blog for our readers to follow. Should be an interesting set of lawsuits against the Village of Ravena and the Town of Coeymans.

      Thanks again!

      P.s. Would you mind re-posting your comment to the Coeymans is disgusting article. That way it will get more visibility.

      The Editor



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