Update on Claim Filed Against Village of Ravena and Cathy Deluca

06 Jun

Mayor John T. Bruno, the Village of Ravena Board and Michael Biscone Attempt to Control Freedom of Speech! Read the Entire Story at:
Business as Usual in Ravena: Violation of Constitutional Rights! 

The "Three Stooges of RCS" Are All in Hot Water Now!

The “Three Stooges of RCS” Are All in Hot Water Now!
Shown left to right are: Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca, Deluca’s partner Cathy Deluca, NYSUT union rep Matthew J. Miller a.k.a. “Matt the Mutt”

Quick Update

Availability of Public  Access to the
Notice of Claim and Supporting Documents

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Also two other pending actions:

Coeymans Police Patch

Matthew J. Miller

Matthew J. Miller

The first action is being brought  against Matthew J. Miller, teacher and NYSUT teachers union representative and Gerald “Dirty-Hands” Deluca, member of the Coeymans Police Department, for disorderly conduct on RCS school property at a RCS board of education meeting, where they had to be expelled by the RCS CSD superintendent, Dr Allen McCartney. Miller and Deluca loitered outside waiting to harass a local woman as she was leaving the school. The woman has attempted to filed a complaint with the Coeymans Police Department  and Officer P. McKenna has responded that the complaint is in process. We also see violations of the woman’s First Amendment expressive activity and free speech protected rights here. We’re monitoring its progress.

Now, with the Coeymans Police Department’s record of arresting rowdy kids at basketball games, do you think it would taken very long for police investigator and perp Jerry Deluca to pull out his badge of shame and arrest anyone else for disorderly conduct, loitering, harassment if the perps weren’t Deluca himself and his buddy, RCS high-school teacher and union rep, Matthew J. Miller? How long will RCS superintendent McCartney and NYSED continue to let Miller go rogue on residents and do nothing? Does everything have to turn into a federal investigation and lawsuit in the RCS district?

Gerald Deluca Dirty-Hands Jerry

Gerald Deluca
Dirty-Hands Jerry

One big problem that faces the Coeymans Police is that perp Gerald Deluca is so close to chief Gregory Darlington, and he’s also buddy-buddy with Matthew Miller, who is co-defendant with Deluca. How does the Coeymans PD expect to convince anyone that it can possibly be impartial and objective in this investigation? It’s total crapola! While details are still confidential, we have information from a reliable source that other state agencies are watching this case, especially because it occurred on school property.

The second action is being brought against the Ravena Shop’n Save for violating the First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment protected rights of two candidates for election to RCS CSD board of education seats. The management of the Ravena Shop’n Save violated the candidates’ rights by denying them their right of free political activity in a public place, a right under the free expression provisions of the First Amendment. It appears also that the candidates protected rights to due process were also violated by the Ravena Shop’n Save management. We’re keeping tabs on this development, too.

Violated First Amendment Rights of Campaigners

Violated First Amendment Rights of Campaigners

Now, Back To the Village of Ravena and Its “Health & Fitness Center”, and Cathy Deluca!

Please Click on the Links Below to Read or Download the Documents

So Are Local Politicians! But Some of Us Aren't Taking it Anymore!

So Are Local Politicians!
But Some of Us Aren’t Taking it Anymore!

First of all, we’d like to thank all readers who expressed an interest in reviewing the Notice of Claim and the supporting papers relating to the Notice of Claim filed against the Village of Ravena, the Ravena Health and Fitness Center, and Cathy Deluca.

We have the documents and have scanned them and are pleased to post them so that readers can access and either read online or download them. Thank you for your patience, while we processed the documents. We hope that the documents are informative and will serve as encouragement to all of our readers to stand up for your rights.

Updates on the progress of the Claim and any legal proceedings will be available  on this site. Please stay tuned and check back on regularly or request regular automatic notification when new articles are posted. Just click the <span


Our Platform for the Common Good:
Defend Your Protected Rights!
The Editor

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