Resident’s Report: The RC Youth Activities and Teen Center

03 Jun

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We’d like first of all to turn our attention to the RCS Teen Center, a project started about 6 months ago by local Ravena resident Michael Fisher.

Back in about January, when we first heard about the opening of a teen center in Ravena, our first reaction was pure scepticism, and rightly so. What with the goings on in Ravena-Coeymans and its history what else could we possibly think but yet another Coeymanazi scheme to fleece the community, benefit the friends and relatives of those in town and village hall, and yet another failure.

Well, dear readers, we are pleased to admit we were terribly wrong!

We stated our skepticism and the reasons why we urged caution. We also corresponded with the founder, Mr Michael Fisher, whom we found to be genuine and sincere. We shut up and gave him a chance to survive and to succeed without our harranguing and interfering. We felt that if he failed we would be right but if he succeeded we would be there to thank him. He has succeeded so far!

Well, dear readers, we are pleased to admit we were terribly wrong! And we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Fisher for his guts, perserverence, and incredible sacrifice and generosity in making this important and valuable gift to our teens.

This turnaround is not simply based on surface observations but on reliable sources, teens and their parents. Not the parents who are dumping their teens on the Teen Center to have personal time for themselves but parents who really parent. It’s from those reliable and credible sources that we’ve heard such good things about the RCS Teen Center and Mr Fisher’s fine work.

We’d like to Commend Mr Michael Fisher, his Team of Volunteers, and the RCS Teen Center

And it’s not all fun and games, entertainment and dancing. It’s about guidance and good discipline because Mr Fisher encourages responsible behavior and is not one to deal lightly with misconduct. According to reliable reports he not only imposes discipline such as banning from the Center because of misconduct at the center but does not tolerate misconduct outside of the center, either. One anecdote shared with us is how a teen acted out and did some damage. The parent stepped up and paid for the damage. Mr Fisher banned the teen for a time but when the teen misbehaved vis-a-vis the parent, Fisher tacked another couple of weeks onto the penalty. Way to go, Mike!

So, we’d like to commend Mr Michael Fisher, his team of volunteers, and the RCS Teen Center for a terrific job and send a special Thank you! to a man and community-spirited citizen who has invested heavily from his personal savings to make an important gift to our teens and to our Community!

RC Teen Youth And Activity Center

172 Main Street
Ravena, New York 12143
518-756-TEEN ( 8336 )


Thank you Mr Michael Fisher and RCS Teen Center!

rc teen center


2 responses to “Resident’s Report: The RC Youth Activities and Teen Center

  1. Tina

    June 3, 2013 at 11:52 am

    I say ‘KUDO’S” to Mr. Michael Fisher for all the work he has done w/the RC Teen Center and giving our youth a safe and fun place to go on the weekends! My son goes to the Teen Center 3-4 times a month and has a Great time everytime he goes (and gets upset at me (mom) for not letting him stay until closing) but I want to say Thank You Mr. Fisher from myself and my son who Loves hanging out w/his friends at the RC Teen Center….THANK YOU!!


    • RCS Confidential

      June 3, 2013 at 12:11 pm

      Yes, Tina. I am very happy to report Michael Fisher’s success as the success of our community youth and teens. There are very, very few people in the RCS community who have done more for the youth and teens of RCS than Mr Fisher has done. It takes great courage and faith to take so much of one’s own money, time, and energy to create an institution like the Teen Center. Let’s all support him with time and treasure and pray for his continuing success!

      The Editor



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