Latter-Hyslop-Brown’s Miss Piggies: “We’ll never shop here again!”

19 May
Honor,Integrity, Experience, Vision,  RCS Champions Only the BEST for RCS

Honor,Integrity, Experience, Vision,
RCS Champions
Vadney #1
Polyak #3
Sylvester #5

Only the BEST for RCS

The Editor’s Choice

Two Section 8 Cows Complain to Shop’n Save management about two candidates passing out flyers in the public area, outside the store: “If you allow them to pass out flyers, we’ll never shop here again!Silly-ass cows! Where else would you shop?
No place else would have you Fiends of RCS, Twinkie-sucking vampires.
That’s how Coeymanazi democracy works.
That kind of Latter-Hyslop-Brown behavior
would never happen with Vadney, Sylvester or Polyak!

(On a different note: What’s up with Jerry Deluca refusing to serve an opponent’s wife and children refreshments after the ballroom dancing exhibition a the elementary school? What’s up Jer’. Are you taking it out on family members, AGAIN? Yup! Yer a real community builder. Yes! You are! Hypocrite!)

Civil Rights Violation By Ravena Shop’n Save May Lead to Lawsuits

Cut and paste, and send this link
to friends, family, the FBI:

Miss Piggies: "We'll never shop here again!" Go OINK! yourselves, Biatches! This is from the Editor

Miss Latter-Hyslop-Brown Piggies: “We’ll never shop here again!”
Go OINK! yourselves, Biatches!
This is from the Editor

Our advice to the SpLatter-PigSlop-Browneye Miss Piggies is to take your food-stamp-stuffed pig’s-ear purses and stuff them deeply where the sun don’t shine no mo’.

shopnsave_logoShop’n Save’s action taken asking the candidates to stop passing out flyers and preventing their lawful activity is an outright violation of their civil rights, a violation of their freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States…

loser handActually, Shop’n Save’s action taken and preventing them from passing out campaign flyers and preventing their lawful activity is an outright violation of the campaigners’ civil rights, a violation of their freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. It may also be interpreted as a violation of their right of peaceful  assembly and obstruction of democratic process. This may very well become a nice fat lawsuit and even a civil rights issue! Shows you how indifference to citizen’s rights and the vile, nasty, uncivil behavior of a few Nazi cows can get the Shop’n Save people and their parent Hannaford  into a heap of trouble! It’s not so much the two cows and their stupidity but the stupidity of the Shop’n Save management that is going to cause the problem, because the people passing out the flyers were not in the store but outside in a public area. Bad news for Shop’n Save!

Shop'n Save

Our advice to Shop’n Save and Hannaford: You’d better be quick with a public apology or you can count on our promoting civil and criminal charges against you and your management.


Friends of RCS BoE candidate Patrick E. Brown is a lawyer but is silent about the civil rights violations being perpetrated by his backers!

 What does Friends of RCS candidate lawyer Pat Brown have to say about their civil rights violations?

What does Friends of RCS candidate lawyer Pat Brown have to say about their civil rights violations?

And so we have Friends of RCS with their shyster lawyer candidate, Patrick E. Brown of Brown and Weinraub, an Albany law firm, violating their opponents’ civil rights! How does that grab you, Friends? What’s Brown got to say about this latest Coeymanazi embarrassment?

We’ve already reported on Friends of RCS suppressing free speech and expression by banning or censoring posts and comments on their Friends of RCS Facebook site, and the comments made that Freinds of RCS “will not tolerate negative comments about their candidates.”  And we’ve also heard about their lie that the “love the discussion and dialogue,” too. So we’d be really foolish given circumstances like these to expect any different from their candidates, James Latter, Jason Hyslop, and Patrick Brown!

Think of all the taxpayers, civic-minded shoppers, Americans you’ve probably pissed off!

As for the servants-of-section-eight management of Shop’n Slave, you got no guts, no cojones, you prostitute principles for food stamps! Locals like you, Shop’n Slave Smiths are worse than the Coeymanazis! Now that this is out, think of all the taxpayers, civic-minded shoppers you’ve probably pissed off!

Bad move Shop’n Slave. Bad public image effects. Bad publicity still coming your way!

Civil Rights Violations. And Lawsuits Looming! Big Settlement or Big Judgment? Nice going, Shop’n Save!

You Stink, Shop'n Save!You sold out our democracy for pork bellies! The Editor

You Stink, Shop’n Save!
You sold out our democratic process for pork bellies!
The Editor

Honor,Integrity, Experience, Vision,  RCS Champions Only the BEST for RCS

Honor,Integrity, Experience, Vision,
RCS Champions
Vadney #1
Polyak #3
Sylvester #5

Only the BEST for RCS

The Editor’s Choice


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6 responses to “Latter-Hyslop-Brown’s Miss Piggies: “We’ll never shop here again!”

  1. laszlo polyak

    May 20, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    Respect each other!! Shame on you! Be nice!! If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it! Respect, mind you manners were the first thing we ALL learned from your moms as we put your first step on the bus on the first day of school at age 5 on our long journey of learning as we walk through life.

    Out campaigning I’m asked what happen at the last BoE meeting I tell them I had left to go the middle school art show with a NYS SED person to showing them (SED) the great things that are happening at RCS They handed me a copy of Mr. Miller’s May 4 letter to RCSTA-Pac members (wonderful SED has a copy) as I read it as we walked over to the middle school I had no comment other than it was plagued with mis-statements and wrong facts. Everybody knows the court cleared Mr. Vadney because there was no evidence the charges dismissed; printed in the newspapers he was cleared days before Mr. Millers letter went out.

    We enjoyed the students art work and sat down to hear our children playing in the band afterwards We spoke to Mr. Wamsleys as always complemented how he does a great job with our kids. Suggested how do we get all the band instruments out from attics and basements into the hands of our students.

    Then at the concert a few days later again I reinforced 99% of our community are proud of our schools. In the wake of useless old news unsigned Times Union editorial bashing our communities again.

    All, I can say is if you don’t have a solution or a good idea on how to make our community better then please don’t bash it, (as our Dad’s taught us “ don’t poop in your own back yard…”), because I’m hearing from everybody they are frustrated with the bashing and negative

    If I ‘m elected to the BoE… I’m going to remind and demand it from everybody and towards everybody! It’s ok to be conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, farmer, blue collar, white collar, artist, sports jock etc it not ok to be stupid and more stupid! Our kids and some adults want to learn how beautiful and wonderful our world is from so many different perspectives of respect!


  2. Simon

    May 20, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Childish behavior about threatening the store’s management aside (that’s just silly), it’s the store’s right to limit who is on their property at any time. It’s private property. However, they need to realize that they then have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

    If the store gets bullied into kicking the flyer-givers out – well, the kicking out of the people is legal regardless as to the reason. However you’re perfectly valid in calling them out, and posting stories and such. That’s just part of accepting the consequences of your actions.



    • RCS Confidential

      May 21, 2013 at 8:52 am

      Thank you, once again, Simon. In the store is one thing, outside is another. Private property that is for public use cannot discriminate. Private property for defined limited use that allows discretionary alternate uses is another. Clear bias and discrimination such as allowing some community-service groups, even religious groups (Salvation Army) to collect money, distribute items, even sell merchandise, while restricting democratic process, most egregiously members of a volunteer community/school service organ seeking election.

      Confronted with such demands as the cows’ the manager could have used his brain (assuming there was one occupying the deadspace between his/her ears) and suggested that everyone with good faith cause has the opportunity to do the same. He could have asked, “What would you say if they were your side?” or “How would you want me to decide if you were they?”

      But you’re quite right. One is free to act in the manner one chooses, and then face the consequences.

      Peace! And thanks for your comments.

      The Editor


      • Simon

        May 21, 2013 at 10:09 am

        Most people when faced with confrontation like that will yield. It’s not surprising that the manager gave in… it was the easy way out.



      • RCS Confidential

        May 21, 2013 at 3:16 pm

        I agree, Simon. Having principles and ethics and representing them in the face of confrontation and possible confict is difficult and takes a pair. I think most are castrated a birth.


        The Editor



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