Let’s Talk Performance, Experience, Service: Vadney, Sylvester, Polyak

18 May

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Let’s Talk Performance and Service to the Community.
Let’s Look at the Hard Facts.

The Resident-Businesspersons Group on the Present RCS Board of Education Has Delivered under the Presidency of John M. Vadney and with the Collaboration of Judy Sylvester, Mike Robbins, Rodney Krzykowski, and Jeff Lukens:

A 2% Tax Levy and a 1.17% REDUCTION in Spending

John M. Vadney, in addition to having been selected as RCS Board of Education President several times, and during his 6 Years of Service to this Community on the RCS BoE,  has delivered on his promises on:

  • Weighted grades
  • Increasing graduation rates for the past 3 years in a row
  • Elementary class sizes stayed consistent and extra support staff provided when needed
  • REACH Young Scholars Programs retained
  • Automatic pool cover installed to reduce energy costs
  • Insulation has been installed in the elementary schools resulting in EnergyStar Awards to the District
  • Hot water provided for middle school showers
  • Used oil burner provided for the bus garage
  • Introduction of propane buses
  • Septic system repairs done at a savings of $100,000
  • Savings on Bus Garage roof repairs from $300,000 to $130,000
  • APPR Grant #394,000 for 3 years
  • Restored 5 p.m. bus run

JUDY SYLVESTER, during her first year on the RCS board of education, has spearheaded or collaborated on the following projects:

  • APPR Grant of $394,000 for 3 years
  • Restoration of the middle school homework club
  • Alternative Education Program at the RCS high school
  • Restoring of the GED program to the RCS district
  • Has advocated fiscal restraint (for example, pushing for the 2% tax levy, savings, and retention of programs.

LASZLO POLYAK. Everybody knows Laszlo! He attends every RCS BoE meeting and he’s got the guts to put all the cards on the table and get the answers. He’s a familiar face in town and we can’t think of anyone who’s more interested in hearing what you have to say. He’s come out on village issues, on town issues, but most  importantly on education issues, and is a champion against bullying our kids. He has a degree in business, teacher certification for business, has worked for the NYS Unified Court System for a judge, has been an NYSED official, knows everyone in the Education Department. One thing’s for certain, if you get Laszlo’s ear, you have the ear of the board!

voter stripe

RCS Champions

It’s That Easy !       

Want More?

We Got More Answers!

Q: What will be maintained in the 2013-14 school -year budget?

A: Contrary to what you may have heard, the 2013-14 school-year budget approved by the RCS BoE under the presidency of John M. Vadney and with the collaboration of the resident and business team on the RCS BoE, continues to support:

  • All existing core academic course, including ADVANCED PLACEMENT and UNIVERSITY in the HIGH SCHOOL offerings.
  • Class sizes within existing standards set by board policy.
  • REACH and Young Scholars elementary enrichment programs.
  • Middle school Accelerated Math and Science programs.
  • Career and Tech, New Visions and Tech Valley program opportunities.
  • Universal pre-K.
  • Student Field Trips at all levels.
  • Existing extracurricular and athletic offerings.
  • Pool & track maintenance and operations and aquatics programming.
  • And more!

Q: What has been added in the 2013-14 school-year budget?

A: In addition to the current programs and operations that are supported by the budget based on the 2% tax levy approved by the resident-business majority on the RCS board of education (which was incidentally opposed by Mr James Latter!), you will find:

  • A shared assistant principal at the Middle and High Schools.
  • Restoration of the pre-K mid-day bus run.
  • Financial aid to cover AP test fees for students-in-need.
  • Reinstatement of the summer reading program.
  • Resurfacing of the track and tennis courts.
  • Asbestos abatement in the high school.
  • School security upgrades.
  • 5-year lease purchases of technology and maintenance equipment.
  • The maximum funding allowed by the state for retirement, unemployment, employee benefit accrued liability, debt service, and tax certiorari services.
  • And more to come!

Now. Let’s Compare this to the “Accomplishments” of Mr James Latter and his Supporters, and Mr Jason Hyslop, and Mr Patrick E. Brown. (This is going to be too easy!)

James Latter: How long has he been taking up space on the RCS board of education? How many years? What has he actually done? Well, to be very honest, he’s lucky he hasn’t landed in jail! Rather than go through all of his scandals, which are about all he’s done during his time on the board, just review his statements on why he thinks he should be re-elected. All he doesn’t tell us is not what he’s done (What’s to tell?) and what his vision is in concrete terms, all he tells us is, well, vague campaign promises. But Latter has given us:

  • Bad press and overtaxation (Latter opposed the 2% tax levy and sided with his teachers clique on the BoE for at least a 3.58% increase!).
  • A reputation for dysfunction and disrespect, scandal. His record for violations of confidentiality, shady connections with local so-called non-profit organizations, his abuse of students and parents. It’s been in the News Herald. Latter has a special set of double standards, too.
  • Otherwise, Latter has been a speed bump on the RCS CSD board of education whenever it comes to anything good for taxpayers and the community. His record speaks for itself. And it ain’t something I’d want on my résumé.

Jason Hyslop. Before the campaign Hyslop was an unknown in the community. No real vision, just campaign promises. No program. No concrete statements. No experience at all. Marginal education (finished 1 year at a 2-year college). No professional training. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Too bad, kiddo! Maybe the Teen Center will let you be a volunteer. Do us all a favor and vote NO! on this guy.

Patrick E. Brown. Before the campaign Brown chose to be an unknown in the community. All this guy’s got going for him is a head of shoulder-length gray locks. So if you want hair, you vote for Brown. He may yet grow out of his hippy phase but not on RCS BoE time. He’s made a number of contradictory statements or outright lies. As a shyster lawyer specializing in unions, big business and, get this, advisor to the Cuomos (he doesn’t broadcast that in his campaign but he plays it up big on his law firm’s website). Yeah! Advisor to the Cuomos! The same Cuomos who have worked so hard to reduce spending on education, who have rushed through legislation to curtail citizen’s constitutional rights, who have driven business out the New York and left us to pick up the slack. Is that the kind of guy you want on your BoE making decisions for you and your kids? Hell NO! Vote NO! on Brown.

Patrick E. Brown’s wife, first announced his candidacy on Facebook, but didn’t even mention his name! Mary Partridge-Brown, the one who’s always leaning very cozy close to Matt Miller at our BoE meetings, the double-dipping terminated “energy manager” who was pocketing $18,000 a year of your dough while collecting his teacher salary of $80,000+ AND doing a reduced teaching load so he could do his union work on your dime. The same Matt Miller who was allegedly inciting kids to bully at the high school during last year’s brutal budget battles. The same Matt Miller who was evicted from the May 14 BoE meeting together with his buddy Jerry Deluca for his misconduct and outbursts.

What are his accomplishments? Well according to Patrick E. Brown, he admits he has no experience on a board of education. In fact, as far as we know, he’s never attended one of ours! He has no BoE-related experience or accomplishments. But he does have a wife who is close to Matt Miller, Jerry Deluca, and the teachers clique on the board. Heard enough? In other words, like Jason Hyslop, he offers NADA, ZILCH, ZERO to persuade us to consider him, much less to elect him.

Friends of RCS are not running a single woman candidate.
Doesn’t that tell you something about them?
All of their candidates are men!

Do ya think Friends of RCS are sexist?
No friends of women?

James Latter, Jason Hyslop, and Patrick Brown are all supported by the Friends of RCS, a group on Facebook that have some very disturbing practices and notions about free speech and discussion. All you have to do is read the most recent articles on this blog to get the complete information. We’ve already published it for you and we won’t repeat it here.

So, Readers, Friends, Neighbors. That’s it in a nutshell. If you want performance and experience you’ll vote for John M. Vadney (#1), Laszlo Polyak (#3) and Judy Sylvester (#5) who you know will deliver on their record of experience and performance.

The Green+Gold RCS Champions: Green for Growth, Gold for Value!

Latter-Hyslop-BrownThree Heads, One Snake

Three Heads, One Snake

If you want violations of policy and law, disrespect for students, parents, and fellow board members you’ll waste your precious vote on James Latter.

If you want to buy a cat-in-a-sack, take a real gamble, ensure that you have no voice on the BoE, get no experience and no performance (by their own admissions) you’ll waste your votes on Jason Hyslop or Patrick Brown.

Just remember to hissssss! when you slither out of the polling place so that they know you’re one of them. Hissssss!

But we have great faith in YOU! We know you’ll do what’s best for this RCS district and for this community…

Honor,Integrity, Experience, Vision,  RCS Champions Only the BEST for RCS

Honor,Integrity, Experience, Vision,
RCS Champions
Vadney #1
Polyak #3
Sylvester #5

Only the BEST for RCS

The Editor’s Choice


2 responses to “Let’s Talk Performance, Experience, Service: Vadney, Sylvester, Polyak

  1. Simon

    May 20, 2013 at 7:48 am

    Informative post; however I would put to you that it won’t change any minds. Those that are voting 1/3/5 who read this already know it all. Those voting 2/4/6 won’t give you any credibility and only read the posts to get bullet items to use against you.

    This election has already been decided. Minds are made up. Those that haven’t had their mind made up aren’t likely voters.

    It’s important though to get both sides out there though.



    • RCS Confidential

      May 21, 2013 at 8:45 am

      You’re probably right, Simon. All I can say is, “Into Your hands we commend our district and community.”

      The Editor



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