Latter-Hyslop-Brown: The VERY WRONG Choice!

15 May

It’s very important that you get the word out to all of your friends, family and neighbors before Mary 21, 2013. Do your part get out the vote and to clean up the RCS district and to put good, competent, and experienced women and men on the RCS board of Education!

If They Truly Want the Best For this School District They’d Withdraw From the Race and Save Face!

The Evil Trio A Campaign Based on Dirty Deceit Backed by Liars and Thugs

The Evil Trio

A Campaign Based on Dirty Deceit
Backed by Liars and Thugs

In their published “pamphlet” Fiends of RCS writes:

CANDIDATE’S BRIEF BIOSFiends of RCS got it right when they write Candidate’s bios. You see what Fiends of RCS wrote was the singular, ONE candidate’s bios. That must have been a Freudian slip because if it were a bio for each of three candidates it would have to be candidates’ bios. So it seems that even Fiends of RCS considers the evil trio Latter-Hyslop-Brown to be ONE candidate. Seems right, though, ONE sign, ONE brain, ONE voice. Problem is, this Latter – Hyslop – Brown mutant would have THREE votes. That’s not right! Fiends of RCS is really desperate if this is the best candidate selection they can offer. Pretty slim pickin’s. But one thing is very certain: If Fiends of RCS can’t spell, how can they say that their “candidate” can do anything for education in this district. Trash them all: Latter – Hyslop – Brown!


NO WAY, Turkies!

Latter-Hyslop-Brown and Their
Supporters are Deceiving You to Get Your Votes!

We’d also like to note for our readers that the teachers clique made up of James Latter (husband of Ms Latter, a teacher at the Middle School), Alice Whalen (retired RCS teacher), Howard Engel (Sarah Engel’s husband), Edward “Comatose” Reville (Engel’s brother  in  law), ALL opposed the 2 % budget! The 2 % budget was proposed by Dr Alan McCartney, RCS CSD superintendent, the man that Latter, Whalen, Engel, Reville  and Matt Miller unanimously trashed and opposed. The 2 % budget was approved by the VADNEY, SYLVESTER, Lukens, Krzykowski, Robbins resident  business majority on the board. Now the teachers clique candidates Latter  Hyslop  Brown are now urging residents to vote for the very budget they OPPOSED and are taking credit for it! That’s a slap right in this community’s face because Latter  Hyslop  Brown are running under a slogan “Bring back Respect and Integrity to the RCS Board of Education.” What a joke! Multiple counts of misconduct (Latter), lies and fraud (Brown), ignorance (Hyslop), public disorderly conduct, outbursts and childish behavior by their supporters (Matt Miller and Jerry Deluca), and dissemination of misinformation and outright lies by their supporters (Friends of RCS and the RCS Teachers Association through Matt Miller) hardly speak for their “Respect” and “Integrity”!
In fact, it just proves what we have been saying all along: they’re liars, frauds, hypocrites and thugs!

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But Their Bios Are the Real Science Fiction!

[Editor’s Note: To save space, we have extracted the offensive statements from the actual published bios that are easily available in their entirety on line.]

 James Latter—Running for re-election…he is is deeply committed to seeing this community and school thrive.  His wife teaches at the Middle School…earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Syracuse University…has works for Sabic in Selkirk for the past nine years… many great team-building skills in this capacity…he will continue to be a great asset and voice for the students of RCS if re-elected.

 Yes, unfortunately the shameless fool is running for re-election. Some people have no dignity! What we find offensive is that Fiends of RCS paint this guy as if he were Mother Theresa. If he really wants to see this community and school thrive he’d relocate to East Overshoe and become a septic tank, he’s certainly already full enough of shite to qualify. Yes, he’s married to a teacher but please don’t let that reflect negatively on the teacher but that in itself tells you where his loyalties will lie (as always with the teachers clique, the teachers union, Matt Miller, Jerry Deluca, the whole corrupt bunch). Yes, he does work for the Saudi Arabian corporation Sabic but he has no team-building skills! Where did Fiends pull that one out of? Don’t they think we attend BoE meetings and watch the videos?!? He’s a speed bump! At least a speed bump has a purpose; he’s useless! Unless of course it’s breaking rules and laws. That’s something Latter’s perfected.

Best Description of James Latter

Best Description of James Latter

As for Latter’s being “a great asset and voice for the students of RCS if re-elected.” that’s the biggest lie ever! If you are willing to swallow that bullshit, you really need to read our exposés of Latter’s concern for parents and students at: James Latter: Why He’s A Very Bad Choice. Our exposé on BoE candidate James Latter reveals the real James Latter. Please read it.


 Jason Hyslop—realized that he would have to get more involved in order to afford his two children the same level of education he received as a student or better…feels that the average parent or community member is not well-represented on the board…hopes that his election will help to this end…works at Sabic in Selkirk… possess[es] skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, diplomacy and an analytical approach to every problem…commitment and knowledge of this district will be a valuable resource on this board if elected.

 This is an unfortunate example of “stench by association.” Hyslop has made a really bad choice of running mates and party! But the kid, and that’s what he is—mentally and in terms of life experience—, a kid did it to himself, willingly and voluntarily, so there’s no safe harbor for him to hide in. He seems nice enough but his choice of partners and supporters really make him look stupid and untrustworthy. Sorry, kid! You’ll have to eat roadkill on this one!

We’re a bit confused when Hyslop says: he wants ” to afford his two children the same level of education he received as a student or better.” According to Hyslop’s statements at the “meet the candidates” event, Hyslop is a high-school graduate and has 1 year of community college.  That’s not a very high level of education by today’s standards, indeed. In fact, Hyslop doesn’t have to get involved or do a damned thing to give his kids that “level” of education. Conclusion: We don’t need you to attain substandard levels, Mr Hyslop (we’re only just clawing our way out of the pit we were in, thanks to the years under the teachers clique and Betsy Smith’s year of nothing). So what else can you do, Kiddo? (First of all, I’d recommend you get someone else to write your script!)

C'mon, Jason, din-dins!

C’mon, Jason, din-dins!

Hyslop is very, very correct when he openly confesses that “the average parent or community member is not well-represented on the board,” not with four out of nine members (see the boxed text above)  having very close connections with teachers! Hell no! Hyslop’s not only correct he’s scarey correct. And if you put him and Latter and Brown on the board, you’ll have given away the whole show to the special interest groups. They’ll tax-levy you right into a homeless shelter!

Yes, Hyslop, we’re sure that your election will represent an “end” an end to democracy on the RCS board of education; an end to taxpayers’, parents’ and residents’ voices in the education of our children; an end to diversity and dialogue on the RCS board of education. That’s not an “end” any of us want to see!

Mr Hyslop does “work at Sabic in Selkirk,” the same Saudi Arabian company where our little munchkin Latter works. But Hyslop claims he  “possess[es] skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, diplomacy and an analytical approach to every problem.” But that’s all nice and fuzzy cozy coming from Hyslop and his mentors at Fiends of RCS (Miller and Deluca, Denise Hughes (her husband Scott Hughes and his croney Jeff Sorensen jumped ship and resigned from the RCS BoE when they lost their majority). As for his “commitment and knowledge of this district,” we’re not convinced. Hyslop is an unknown. Hyslop has been misled into running and is being set up. If Hyslop had any sense and any dignity he would have chose to run on his own instead of attaching himself at the hip to two tainted characters, James Latter and Patrick Brown.

Mr Hyslop, if that’s the extent of your leadership.” “teamwork.” “diplomacy,” and “analytical approach” and if that’s the extent of your “knowledge of this district,” we’re very disappointed. In fact, Mr Hyslop, you fall far short of this community’s reasonable expectations in terms of integrity, common sense, truthfulness, and experienceSorry but NO THANKS, Kiddo!

Uggghhh! What's that smell? Latter-Hyslop-Brown a.k.a. Splatter-HisSlop-Browneye

What’s that smell?

Pat “Paddy” Brown—returned to the RCS District…in 1996…his wife, Mary [Partridge – Brown], are active in the community with the school and various volunteer organizations in the area…is an attorney and…partner of [at?] a law firm in Albany…serves on the Town of Coeymans Zoning Board of…believes we must give our teachers and administrators the resources to succeed and hold them accountable.

Maybe Pat brown did return to the RCS district but he’s never been here, that is, one of us. Seems that his wife, Mary Partridge-Brown, and her close “friendship” with Matt Miller dragged old Paddy into this mess. Problem is old Paddy is all over the place and has so many conflicts that it’s hardly likely that he’ll have any time for the RCS CSD board of education. But then, of course, his wife Mary Partidge-Brown and her close “friend” Matt Miller (and Miller’s close “friend,” Jerry Deluca), will be available to keep old Paddy up-to-snuff and tell him how he’s gotta vote. Right Mary, Matt, Jerry, Paddy.

What’s even scarier is the statement that old Paddy “believes we must give our teachers and administrators the resources to succeed.” I guess that means you can kiss your house and property good-bye, because with shyster Paddy on the board and with his friends whispering in his ear (Matt Miller, Jerry Deluca, the teachers union, and he is close to the Cuomos, unions, big business, etc.) who needs enemies.

Old Paddy has a problem with the truth and has openly and publicly misled or even lied to the community when he made public statements at the A.W. Becker PTA “meet the candidates” event.

Old Paddy Brown's a Loser

Old Paddy Brown’s a Loser

You can read the whole story about Patrick “old Paddy” Brown at: Peter E. Brown, Candidate? The Ugly Truth Is…. and
Patrick E. Brown Practice Details + Comments


Don’t Join the Losers’ Club
The Editor


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2 responses to “Latter-Hyslop-Brown: The VERY WRONG Choice!

  1. Tina

    May 15, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    THIS IS THE TEAM THAT GETS MY VOTE ON MAY 21st…Missed John’s visit to my home (was out when he came to talk) and I happen to see John putting up signs last week and informed him that him and the Green/Gold Team have my vote 1,000,000%!! He couldn’t Thank me enough…just like a Well Respected Professional should be!! WOOOHOOO…GO GREEN & GOLD TEAM!!



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