Respect, Integrity, Dignity: Not if You Saw Matt Miller and Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca at the BoE Meeting!

14 May

Matt Miller, RCS Teachers Association president and NYSUT Teachers Union Rep, and Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca of the Coeymans Police Department, Both Supporters of the Latter-Hyslop-Brown party, Didn’t Do Their Candidates Any Favors
(But, as usual, Matt Miller was an embarrassment to the District and to the teachers of the district.)

What Losers! Miller & Delucabig>

What Losers!
Miller & Deluca

Friends of RCS, RCS Teachers Association, and Coeymans Police Rep Embarrass Themselves and Their Orgs at BoE Meeting

(It’s all on the video, which should be available on the RCS BoE website in a day or two.)


May 15, 2013. Another Resident Reports: Miller was yelling at the speaker about the blogger!  He was sitting in the middle of auditorium and I was second row back…I told him if he wanted to speak to the speaker [who was at the podium] show some respect and sign up to make a public statement. I couldn’t hear what Deluca was yelling about.

Editor’s Note: Several reports confirm that Matt Miller is pretty agitated about the blog, especially the fact that his letter to the teachers was published on this blog. It seems that Miller wanted keep it all secret. Of course, fat ass loud-mouth Deluca has to make a scene wherever his massive hulk can fit. Both of these characters, Miller and Deluca, are an embarrassment to this community!

May 14, 2013. A Resident Reports: Tonight’s BOE meeting was a great example of what people need to know. During public comment Suni Swann was yelling out to the board. After meeting Matt Miller and Gerry Deluca had melt down and started yelling and Dr. Alan Mc Cartney had to ask them to take it outside. Fine example these Adults were setting. Respect and Dignity? Wow! Not shown tonight.



BOE meeting tonight was very well attended tonight. Soon as meeting ended out burst by Matt Miller and Gerry DeLuca were showing that respect was just a word to them. Suni Swann was very rude yelling at public hearing. Dr Alan McMartney had ask then to take it outside. WOW public out burst doesn’t belong in school meeting, I think our students behave better. What an example these adults set.

[Editor’s Note: Matt Miller is the RCS Teachers Association president and NYSUT representative, and Gerald Deluca is a Coeymans police department employee.]

Our exposé of James Latter will be published on this blog on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. Don’t miss it!

And They Want Your Vote?!? Are they NUTZ? The Editor

And They Want Your Vote?!?
Are they NUTZ?
The Editor


4 responses to “Respect, Integrity, Dignity: Not if You Saw Matt Miller and Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca at the BoE Meeting!

  1. Tina - Concerned Citizen for Town of Coeymans/Ravena/Selkirk Residents

    May 15, 2013 at 7:26 am

    I hope all the citizens who plan on voting on the 21st take this childish behavior into consideration before they vote…did you really expect normalcy w/DeLuca and Miller at the meeting????


    • RCS Confidential

      May 15, 2013 at 7:53 am

      Are you kidding? Matt Miller and Jerry Deluca act NORMAL? They can’t even spell the word. Respect, Integrity, and Dignity are an imposisble challenge for Miller and Deluca. The tragic part of all of their performances is that Miller makes ALL RCS teachers look like asses. We think it’s time that the RCS CSD puts Miller in his place and that place is on the street–Fire that bald-headed bastard. He’s being paid by this district for teaching a reduced load and he’s doing his union work on our tab. Then we have to listen to his stupidity at board meetings. Dr McCartney, do your job and clean up your teachers!

      Deluca is the SHAME of the COEYMANS POLICE DEPARTMENT. Shame on the Coeymans town board, Thomas Boehm, Dawn Rogers, Tom Dolan, Peter Masti! Shame on the Coeymans town supervisor, Stephen Flach! Shame on DoDo Cop Gregory Darlington! That DoDo Darlington, so-called Coeymans Police Chief (who will be collecting a pension soon on his $90,000+ salary and benefits…all out of taxpayer treasury for screwing up law enforcement for decades in Coeymans!) needs to lose his pension simply because he’s done so much damage to this community by rehiring Deluca to the Coeymans PD (Deluca was fired by Darlington’s predecessor who was a real police chief and had some common sense!).

      The Editor


  2. Simon

    May 15, 2013 at 6:24 am

    I’d be curious to know what their disagreement was about.



    • RCS Confidential

      May 15, 2013 at 6:55 am

      Thank you, Simon. Mea culpa! I should have included that.




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