How Do You Know It’s a Coeymanazi?

11 May

A Reader Posted On the Friends of RCS Facebook Page and Asked Very Fair Questions. Going Back to the Friends of RCS Facebook Page Not Only Were the Questions Not Answered, the Questions Had Been Deleted.

If the Friends of RCS Facebook Page is and Example of the Dialogue Their Candidates are Offering...

If the Friends of RCS Facebook Page is and Example of the Dialogue Their Candidates are Offering…

So We Visited the Friends of RCS Facebook Page to Verify the Report and Guess What?!?

We found a cutsie little quip on the Friends of RCS Facebook page,

We LOVE all of the dialogue and discussion that has been taking place over the past few weeks—

Question: But what kind of “dialogue and discussion” is it that the Friends of RCS so “LOVE“.  (Well, if you visit their page, it’s a dialogue between some unidentified “Friend” and a handful of commenters. Looks like what we’d call a “propaganda mill“.)

Answer: The Friends of RCS idea of “dialogue and discussion” does NOT include relevent questions. What it does include is ONLY what supports their perverse propaganda. So if it’s open and free discussion you’re looking for, you won’t find it on Friends of RCS. Here are the questions the reader sent us that were posted and then deleted by Friends of RCS:

Can anyone explain Pat Brown’s contradictory statements made at the Meet the Candidates Forum? Does he live in Coeymans or New Scotland (Feura Bush)? If he doesn’t support the budget and wouldn’t vote to approve the budget why are Vote YES signs around his campaign signs? Is it true he’s never attended an RCS BoE meeting? That he has never provided any inputs at BoE meetings?

Just curious about these questions and what Friends think.

Thanks very much!

The reader allegedly “liked” a couple of posts but the “likes” were left alone, but his/her questions and comments disappeared, were deleted. One comment was made in response to Jerry Deluca:

Jerry DeLuca: Read the bios, come ask questions. I am sure once you compare you will see which of the candidates will truly work for the best interest of the community, our school and our students. There are 3 candidates of the highest quality and integrity — you decide. May 21 is the day to vote. 

Comment Posted: Yes, I do agree that Vadney, Polyak and Sylvester are the best candidates for the district. Thanks for pointing that out, Jerry.

This is a clear indication of what we have been saying all along: The Friends of RCS is a closed, exlcusive club that does not like outsiders and does not tolerate free speech, legitimate, relevant questions, or dissent.

Friends Like Censorship ALL LIES So Do Their Candidates: Latter, Hyslop, Brown!

Friends of RCS Like Censorship
So Do Their Candidates:
Latter, Hyslop, Brown!

UPDATE (Coeymans May 12, 2013): Our reader now reports that not only were his/her questions and comment deleted, Friends of RCS have now blocked him/her from even posting a note or comment! Is that because of our report? People, this is CENSORSHIP at its worst and it’s nothing new in Ravena-Coeymans. !

So, what does that tell you about any candidates the Friends of RCS support? That any Candidates supported by the Friends of RCS are “Friends” only because they do not tolerate free speech, legitimate, relevant questions, or dissent. In other words, all the public statements that James Latter, Jason Hyslop, and Pat Brown make are purest bullshit! They won’t represent YOU, they’ll represent the clique run by Jerry Deluca and his so-called Friends of RCS gang.

At least two commenters responding to our article,  Deluca, Vosburgh, Hughes: Irrelevant, Risky Questions, seem to have hit the nail on the head when commenting on the video of the so-called Meet the Candidates forum “organized” by the A.W. Becker PTA (that is, Denise Carl Hughes and Jerry Deluca). They find the whole circus a “mockery”:

There was little benefit to me by watching the video. I wanted to know something about Mr. Hyslop, Mr. Brown or Mr. Polyak, each of whom I know very little. First, let us consider the questioners. Many of them had long ago decided who they were going to vote for. Then what was the purpose of their questions considering that they were not trying to find out about those that were running. Was it to ask questions that would put some of the candidates in a bad light or a good light?…This meet the candidates event was a mockery, there was nothing about meeting the candidates…Was this mockery planned by the PTO/PTA to come out this way, or did it get away from them. They really should apologize particularly to the new people. They did have some opportunity, but talking about lawsuits, who painted the concession stand, etc was a waste. [Cookie, May 10, 2013]

And another comment:

I really didn’t think the questions were relevant; none of the candidates were embroiled in those controversial issues. [Simon, May 10, 2013]

We tend to agree. It all seemed like a lynching and a witch burning from where we were observing. A couple, but by far the minority, of questions did address real issues, like the bullying problem, but the rest? Pure attempts to smear or to misinform. (Read our commentary on the May 8, 2013, A.W. Becker PTA Meet the Candidates event at  Deluca, Vosburgh, Hughes: Irrelevant, Risky Questions.)

The bottom line is: We’re going to blow our own horn, now. This blog posts all comments regardless of their origin, even those that are downright insulting. We do have a policy of posting public warnings to individuals who are plain uncivil or abusive, asking them to clean up their act and stay on-topic or their comments will be trashed. That’s fair. We sincerely love discussion and dialogue that’s open, fair, and civil.

 Birds of a feather flock together!

Latter-Hyslop-Brown? or is it Denise Carl Hughes-Eileen Vosburgh-Jerry Deluca

or is it
Denise Carl Hughes-Eileen Vosburgh-Jerry Deluca?

We truly believe that the leaders of Friends of RCS and their Facebook editor represent something very bad for this community,  and they don’t even try to conceal it! What can we possibly think of the candidates they claim to support after the censorship on the Facebook site and the circus that was announced to be a Meet the Candidates event?

for sale home

There may be something behind all of this: Cheap real estate. Let’s ask Prudential Real Estate’s Josephine “Josie” Dority-Biscone, Marty Case or Joe Neri, Michael Biscone, Jerry Deluca, Laverne “Larry” Conrad about this soon. Far-fetched? Maybe. But where there’s smoke there’s fire.

ANSWER to Our Title Question: It’s either an Asskisser (a.k.a. intimidated resident) or a Coeymanazi wherever you see a Latter-Hyslop-Brown sign. Ride through Ravena and all you’ll probably see are For Sale signs in front of homes, empty storefronts, and Latter-Hyslop-Brown signs. Or you could go to an A.W. Becker PTA Meeting.

Don't Let This Happen to You!!! Reject James Latter, Jason Hyslop, and Pat Brown on May 21!!! The Editor

Don’t Let This Happen to You!!!
Say NO! to James Latter, Jason Hyslop, and Pat Brown on
May 21!!!

The Editor

Editor’s Note: Late Correction: We have seen a few Polyak, Sylvester, Vadney signs in Ravena. Bravo! We commend those few courageous souls!


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2 responses to “How Do You Know It’s a Coeymanazi?

  1. Simon

    May 13, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge that the RCS group on facebook has the right to edit/delete posts on their page, just like you do here. Both are biased presentations and thus act accordingly.



    • RCS Confidential

      May 13, 2013 at 4:54 pm

      Yes, I do agree that they own the Facebook site and can do what they like. No problem at all with that.
      But I must also add, and you know the fact of this statement, that unless you become a nuisance and do not conduct yourself like a responsible adult, that is the only reason you don’t get approved and published on this blog. The differnce between us and them is that not only to they print their own lies, they ban the truth on their blog, and go even further to block commenter who may disagree civilly and factually. The hypocrites then claim that they “Love dialogue and discussion.”

      I do take umbrage at your suggestion that this blog is biased. No, I don’t want you to waste my time or other reader’s time with an explanation because such an explanation can only be biased itself. The fact is that this blog takes great pains to serve up facts and you might be very surprised at the time and effort that goes into ensuring that we know what we are talking about.

      If, by biased you mean that we point out a great deal of the evil in this community, you may be correct. There are enough people and groups in this community who blow their own horns, for better or for worse, and they have no problem creating fictions when necessary. We on this blog tend to avoid distracting readers from the facts and tend not to try to make shit shine; there’s enough denial to go around and then some. This blog from the very beginning was intended to uncover the ugly facts, get the skeletons out of the closets, and to encourage people to stop being afraid and to stand up for themselves. If that’s biased, Guilty as Charged! (And Loving it!)

      Thanks again for your comment.

      The Editor



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