Deluca, Vosburgh, Hughes: Irrelevant, Risky Questions

10 May

Seems that Dirty-Hands Jerry is Again Calling the Kettle Black When He Asks Candidates: “Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Crime?

Thou Shalt Not Throw Stones, Jerry.... Not When You Live in a Glass House

Thou Shalt Not Throw Stones, Jerry….
Not When You Live in a Glass House

We’d like to ask how that can be relevant to the how the schools are run by competent, caring elected officials?

Or was that a very poorly disguised attempt to intimidate? Are you going to misuse police resources to dig up dirt on someone?  You’d best be very, very careful, Jerry, because if we find out you’re doing that we’ll call you on it and then we’ll see if you’re pack of sheeple will save your ass. There are agencies that may be watching and waiting for just the right moment…and we won’t hesitate to cooperate in every way with our information, too.

I’d like to ask our readers to honestly ask themselves a single question: “Have you ever broken the law?”

Now be honest. Have you? The question is really academic and we already know the answer. Almost every single one of us has broken a law, almost on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times. The difference is: We haven’t been caught! And if we haven’t been caught, we’ve never been convicted. So let the one who has not sinned cast the first stone! Right, Jerry?

You're Not Above the Law, Gerald "Dirty-Hands Jerry" Deluca

You’re Not Above the Law, Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca

Adultery is a Class B Misdemeanor in the State of New York

loser handBy the way, Jerry, Adultery is still a Crime in New York State. What do you say to that, Jerry Deluca? And you and Cathy were actually “caught.” Right? Legend is that it was in the rescue squad facility or at the fitness club. Whatever, the location is unimportant. But you were an adulterer Jerry, Cathy. And you committed a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail!Mr Deluca, you may be so ignorant that you don’t know the difference between the civil code defamation, which includes slander and libel, but you are in law enforcement, Jerry, you must certainly be aware of NY Penal (no, Jerry, not penile) § 255.17:

§ 255.17 Adultery.
A  person  is guilty of adultery when he engages in sexual intercourse with another person at a time when he has a living spouse, or the other person has a living spouse.
Adultery is a class B misdemeanor.

So, Jerry, with your history and your reputation, don’t you think  it would be prudent and safe if you kept your fat cake hole shut, and you kept your oversized bilge-bottom out of sight, at least until the elections are over?

Question for Sarah Engel, Wife of Board Member Howard Engel:

Sarah which e-mail lists are you misusing? School organization lists, Girl Scout lists, other lists that you have or have obtained and for which you have no permission to use and are using for a purpose that was not disclosed or intended at the time the information was provided?

We know it’s you sending out the Friends of RCS selective mass emailings. We’re just curious where you got all those selective e-mails because you’re not sending them to all interested persons in the district. Is there some secret that the rest of us aren’t supposed to know about? It’s our district and they’re our candidates, too. Or don’t you and Friends of RCS think so? Do you and Friends of RCS think the district belongs to you alone?

So, Sarah, come clean. Tell us where you got the e-mails and put the matter to rest. Embarass us if you’d like but tell the truth. You can manage that, right. But then, you’re a teacher, married to a teacher who teaches at Averill Park but sits and makes decisions on the RCS district board of education, who supports SpLatter-Hisslop-and Browneye, all of the RCS BoE teachers clique a.k.a. the “Fiends of RCS” whose slogan is:

We want MORE, Tax Them MORE!” 


Eileen Vosburgh Sticks Up for FERPA Violations—Coddles James Latter

confidentialNow, as for Ms Eileen Vosburgh. It’s common knowledge that you and James Latter are in each other’s pockets. Wasn’t it you last year who went to bat for Latter when parents were clamoring for his resignation for violating student confidentiality, that is, Latter broke a law when he violated the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), HIPAA, and district policies, and distributed confidential information about a student to athletics staff. Yes, Ms Vosburgh, it’s true and common knowledge, and it’s public. At the very board of education meeting when a parent read off the accusations against Latter, you promptly took to the speakers podium to say on his behalf, “He’s a very nice person.”  Apparently you, Ms Vosburgh, don’t take the laws protecting students and parents very seriously either.

Scott Hughes, Former RCS BoE Prez, QUIT the BoE—Denise Hughes Forgets that Fact of Abandonment and Now Plays High, Mighty, and Self-Righteous. Hypocrite!

Denise Carl Hughes, you should have the good sense to shut up, too! Considering the fact that Mr John Vadney was put in the position of taking over leadership of the RCS board of education when your husband, Scott Hughes, QUIT and left the board. Why was that? Never mind, we’ll find out. Now tha’t’s community spirit à la Friends of RCS and the Becker PTA, right, Denise? When things aren’t going your way you just up and quit, abandon your civic commitments. That’s how much the Hughes cares about students, schools, the RCS district.

A bit of advice for Vosburgh and Hughes: First of all, a Notice of Claim is just that, a Notice. It makes the noticed agency aware of a problem that could incur its liability and gives the agency an opportunity to investigate and take corrective action. It inaugurates a process, not a legal proceeding.

Anyone in this RCS district who has ever made a complaint about teachers, athletics coaches, bus transportation, etc. knows that this RCS district has a very poor response rate, and generally ignores parents’ complaints. It seems that that poor record has so frustrated parents that the only way to get the RCS district administrators, principals, etc. to take a complaint seriously and actually respond and investigate a problem is to file a Notice of Claim with a dollar-sign attached. It’s not the parents’ fault that it has to be done that way, it’s the bad habits of the RCS district. Ms Hughes and Ms Vosburgh are very much out-of-touch with reality (or maybe it’s because their members of the exclusive club in the RCS district) if they are not aware of this fact. But the fact that both Hughes and Vosburgh don’t know the difference between a Notice of Claim and a lawsuit, and exhibit that ignorance publicly, is deplorable. Shame on you both!

It would behoove you both in future to engage your brains before you operate your mouths. It could very well save you some embarassment and keep you from looking like dumb biatches in public.

We do realize that your purpose was only to smear and you would have come closer to your goal if you had an ounce of intelligence. But both of you together hardly make half a chicken’s brain! (And neither of you are exactly ‘chickens’, clucks maybe, but not ‘chickens.’)

animation dancing turkey

army-solidier-camouflageAnd will someone PUHLEEZ collect some bottles or start an illegal raffle to buy H Andres Jimenez Uribe some civilian clothes and get him some English lessons?!? Did we hear him tell Denise Hughes to “Disengage conversation” or some such idiotic militarism. Get a life, Uribe! And then, later, “Did you kick me? Did you kick me?” Big macho National Guard clerk-desk-jockey feels threatened by a local woman who simply bumped into him when he stopped short. You sound like Josephine Tracey-O’Connor, Uribe, when she paraded around with her “He called me fat!” fantasy. Careful, Uribe, there were witnesses and we did have a bit of a chuckle at you expense. Yup! That’s another Friend of RCS, H Andres Jimenez Uribe.

Patrick Brown, Candidate, Contradicts Himself (Again!)

We’re not stupid, Mr Brown, so don’t treat us as if we’re not paying attention! Stop double-talking us!

What, really, is Brown’s position regarding the budget? When asked about the RCS 2013-14 school budget and whether he would support it, Brown answered ‘No. I would not vote for it.’ But Paddy, why then are your campaign signs flanked by “Vote YES!” signs? Are you telling us you do one thing thing but then we should do another? Is that how you’re going to behave if elected? Which is it, Patrick Brown? Is it a YES! I support the budget? Or a NO! I don’t support the budget! Or is this all lawyer-speak and you don’t really care?

Where do you really live, Patrick Brown? Also, Paddy, the 2013 Albany County official Board of Elections registered voters list shows you as residing at an address on Zabel Hill Road in Feura Bush. But at the Meet the Candidates event you explicitly stated that you live in the Town of Coeymans. But Feura Bush is in the town of New Scotland! Only one can be true, Paddy, either you live on Zabel Hill Road in Feura Bush and you lied about living in the Town of Coeymans or you don’t live on Zabel Hill Road in Feura Bush and you live somewhere in the Town of Coeymans, in which case you have provided fraudulent voter registration information. Which is it, Patrick Brown? Are you a liar or a fraud? (Voters need to ask this question, too!)

These will have to be the last comments on the May 8th Meet the Candidate circus. We have to move on to bigger, more pressing issues in this broken community. (Gotta chase a chubby, right Jerry?)

The Editor

The Editor


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6 responses to “Deluca, Vosburgh, Hughes: Irrelevant, Risky Questions


    May 13, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    There are only three real candidates that deserve serious consideration: Mr. Vadney, Ms. Sylvester and Mr.Polyhak. These three individuals have and continue to exhibit in their daily activities ethics and professionalism; they have through their ACTIONS as Board Members (Mr. Vadney & Ms. Sylvester) and in their daily activities (Vadney, Sylvester, Polyak) both related and unrelated to the the BOE identified issues, evaluated options, etc. that would benefit those affected, and they strive to support and implement action that is in the best interest of students and community members! I am continually shocked at the blatent exhibitionn of biases, manipulation and downright lies and ignorance displayed in public by the teacher union, other BOE members and their followers….How can our fellow community members not see the consistent harassment and threats made against (Vadney & Polyyak), the individual candidates and their families?
    Mrs Hughes I would hope that EVERY PARENT would file a complaint when the district and district employees DONOT PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN FROM HARM! It must be difficult for you Ms. Hughes to understand since it appears your perspective is limited and biased, how it feels when your child is attacked, abused, and harassed because of the actions of those same teachers who are supposed to be there to protect them from harm. Yes the State of New York has in place processes for parents when those administrators ignore the law because of their self-serving interests and are indifferent to the safety and well-being of their students, and the community. HURRAH FOR PARENTS WHO FIGHT FOR THEIR CHILDREN’S RIGHTS and SAFETY!!!!





    • RCS Confidential

      May 13, 2013 at 4:45 pm

      Thank you for your comment. The history of the Hughes-Deluca conspiracy goes back to when Scott Hughes (Denise Carl Hughes’ husband) was board president and when he lost his majority (teacher’s clique) he and another board member Thorensen (?) both jumped ship. It was about then that the underhanded dirty tricks started with the teachers clique and Deluca, with the collaboration of the PTO cliques–that’s actually what they are, and it became very obvious when Denise Hughes and Eileen Vosburgh started haranguing about non-existent lawsuits. You raise some good questions, one of which might be: “Ms Hughes, what would you have done had your childe been attacked and injured by ambushing bullies on school property, and if you had evidence that an RCS teacher was inciting the misconduct?” Same question could be asked of Eileen Vosburgh, not that either would have the guts to respond honestly.

      It’s all a big incest club with the Delucas, the Millers, the Hughes, the Vosburghs, the Engels, the Uribes, and a handful of other immoral reptiles, who are so vile, they can’t expect people to be upfront with them but can expect those around them to throw them in at the first opportunity. It’s happening as we speak. They’re pitiful but they deserve what’s in store for them.

      You’re absolutely right when you point out that there are only three candidates that really deserve this community’s support, and that support is based on their performance, not their empty promises: Vadney, Sylvester, and Polyak.

      The Editor


  2. cookie

    May 10, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    There was little benefit to me by watching the video. I wanted to know something about Mr. Hyslop, Mr. Brown or Mr. Polyak, each of whom I know very little. First, let us consider the questioners. Many of them had long ago decided who they were going to vote for. Then what was the purpose of their questions considering that they were not trying to find out about those that were running. Was it to ask questions that would put some of the candidates in a bad light or a good light? Since a number of them are clearly advocating for some of the candidates, did they go over them before hand with their favored ones? Then let’s look at a number of the questions and of whom they were asked. Again, designed to put some people on the defensive.

    This meet the candidates event was a mockery, there was nothing about meeting the candidates. If it were there would have been those present that were honestly trying to discover something, to see who might be on their board. It appeared as though the questioners were pre-selected, and allowing each person to ask many questions prevented anyone else from standing up.

    Was this mockery planned by the PTO/PTA to come out this way, or did it get away from them. They really should apologize particularly to the new people. They did have some opportunity, but talking about lawsuits, who painted the concession stand, etc was a waste.


  3. Simon

    May 10, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    I really didn’t think the questions were relevant; none of the candidates were embroiled in those controversial issues.

    The bully question was relevant, but not asked in a reasonable way (and in some fact caused the PTA to lose credibility in the event).



  4. laszlo polyak

    May 10, 2013 at 2:56 am

    The FBI loves when The Police abuse their power and your civil rights !!!! They also love when elected officials abuse theirs or neglect to rein in their abusive police officers and prevent them from abusing their power and bulling kids. Jerry you also forgot that brand-new anti-bullying law to protect the kids from being bullied you should have asked all of us what we think about it as it relates to your questions.

    Did you bully any of the six candidates and on school grounds? On camera or harass anyone in the presence of a NYS SED official taking notes too? Well Jerry? Jerry, when have I ever disrespected you? You already knew that I handed the police dept. and local officials copies of the blog routinely, too. So why the question?

    The mayor handed me a copy of an article of the blog stamped into the village records along with a the business card of Latter Hyslop and Brown stapled to it too! Dang, I guess I’ll have to request Dr. McCarney, Mr Flach, the Police Chief, NYS AG office their opinion how many times you you allegedly violated the Dignity Act after reviewing the tapes?

    Say, Hi! to Special Agent Holly for me, please. Oh, may I have your vote for the school board? You see, the “friends of RCS didn’t invite ME to the picnic; it was closed to me. It must be because I’m crippled but have an open mind, it’s called a brain. I’m an auditor I count beans, yup pencil neck geek, manage money, a nobody! I just respect the property owners and their money. I also know how to get private money donated too. Sorry my job was never as exciting as yours running around in police cars with lights and sirens giving people parking tickets. Jerry can you tell me by my entering the race, allegedly did I muck up the mayors and yours behind the scene done deal to jack up the schools rent of the second floor of village hall by the Village of Ravena after the election and budget approval to cover the lose of rent by the library move and new gym? Hmmmm sorry the tax payers won’t get twice screwed via their taxes. I’m pretty good at explaining to the taxpayers how the shell game is played so they don’t get screwed paying to much for pencils.

    Jerry, it’s about our kids not you; educating them it’s oK to be liberal, it’s ok to conservative as long as you are civil and express your view points. But bullies will be shown the door; they are not allowed on school grounds new law. Jerry who’s side are you really on? Not the tax payer’s that’s for sure! Jerry with real power comes real responsibly to teach our kids by example. Can you lead by example? You can start by please reading the Dignity Act then taking classes. SED has classes for free it seems Mr. Vadney has taking many of those classes for free! nobody else did Guess what I dont agree with Mr. Vadney on some things its called independence of opened-minded innovative ideas. Are my questions too much for you to investigate? well it very late…


    • RCS Confidential

      May 10, 2013 at 7:20 am

      Excellent comment, Laszlo. Not much we can add except to say that Mr Deluca needs a brown shirt and a swastika. He seems to be overstepping his authority but not his ignorance with his neo-Gestapo tactics.

      The Editor



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