Friends of RCS Party Continue Lies: Act Like Animals at Meet the Candidates Event

09 May

Fiends of RCS, A Group Dominated by “Dirty-Hands” Jerry Deluca and Jena Misuraca of the RCS Sports Association, Don’t Own Mirrors But Wouldn’t Recognize Themselves if they Did. 

A recent commenter writes: “It’s not the board of education that’s broken, it’s the community!” How true. How very true!

Yes! Of course you are!

Yes! Of course you are!

They Apparently Believe Their Own Lies and Want You to Do the Same!

We went to the Fiends of RCS Facebook page and came to the decision that whoever is running that propaganda mill can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Here are some quotes:

Fiends of RCS: Very proud of James Latter, Jason Hyslop and Pat Brown at “Meet the Candidates” night! Your next chance to hear them will be at the Budget Hearing next Tuesday 5/14 @ 6:30 pm in the HS auditorium. Thanks to all who attended!!

We’re sure you’re proud of Latter, Hyslop, and Brown. Do you have any choice? Latter has been on the board for several years and still doesn’t read what’s in front of him, he’s been read the riot act by parents for abuse of students and violation of the FERPA law (misusing personal information of students and parents), he can’t put together a complete sentence.  But YES! Fiends of RCS is proud of him. Go for it, dodos!

Proud of Jason Hyslop. Well, what can we say. Jason Hyslop is a nobody and if you’re proud of nobody, that is closer to reality than Friends of RCS have ever been. Better to be proud of nobody than proud of Jim Latter!

As for Patrick Brown: Here we have the king of phoneys. This guy is a lawyer who claims to be an advisor to the Cuomos (that alone should put the nail in his coffin), he represents unions (note “unions” not workers), he represents big business (like pharmaceutical companies). He’s never attended a BoE meeting, much less made a public statement on any issues before the board. But now he crawls out of some crack in the shithouse and wants our votes. We won’t waste any more time on this character here but if you want to know more, just go to our articles at Peter E. Brown, Candidate? The Ugly Truth Is…. and Patrick E. Brown Practice Details + Comments.

surrealistic picture of an apple reflecting in the mirror

Reality and How They See It

Jerry DeLuca: Tonight many people got to see the quality of candidates that Jim Latter, Jason Hyslop and Pat Brown are. They all clearly demonstrated thoughtfulness and respect for our school and community. We will all be very well served when these 3 serve together on the Board of Education.

Jerry, Oh, Jerry! You’re so full of shite your eyes are brown!

Gerald "Dirty-Hands Jerry" Ringleader of the Coeymanazi Circus. Queen of Cowards>

Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca
Ringleader of the Coeymanazi Circus.

Queen of Cowards

Yes, we’re sure you want the three stooges to “serve together on the board of education.”  That’s just what we need are another three cyborgs on the board of education who will recite their scripts and vote as programmed. Just what we need to return to the dark ages.

Moreover, Jerry Deluca, if Latter, Hyslop and Brown are running under the slogan “Return Respect and Integrity to the RCS Board of Education,” it sure wasn’t playing out at the May 8th Meet the Candidates event! How do you explain your own scandalous behavior, Dirty-Hands? And if you’re going to continue using that deceptive slogan, the first thing you really should do is get rid of Jerry Deluca as your spokesperson! Because from where we were standing that fat-ass blow-hard Jerry Deluca, as usual, led his Coeymanazi thugs in an assault on Vadney and Polyak. Another Coeymanazi coward, [as yet unidentified] attacked John Vadney’s wife with slurs and accusations about lawsuits. ALL LIES, OF COURSE. But Fiends of RCS and the Coeymanazis never had much use for the truth, so who cares.

In his comment, Deluca must either be on drugs he and his BoBo cops have confiscated from some poor bastard, or he’s simply so out of touch with reality that he lies and believes his own lies. Anyone who can write something like, “They all clearly demonstrated thoughtfulness and respect for our school and community” must not have been at the same Meet the Candidates event where business as usual was the rule: lies, attacks, disrespect and animal-like behavior.

It’s a good thing a representative of the New York State Education Department was present to see and hear it all. We also are informed the event was being taped.

Jena Misuraca:  I am so glad I attended tonight. Great job to Jerry and Denise Carl Hughes. There were great questions and it definitely was made CLEAR who deserves our votes. I will not be able to make the next one. It is the same night as middle school parent meeting and the middle school art show. Keep at them everyone.

Jena, you really need to get a life! And, Yes, indeed! Great job Jerry! If anyone can show this community “who deserves our votes” it’s you and Jena Misuraca, another master of deception (but more on Misuraca’s deception and the notorious raffle scam in another article coming soon. For starters read Cart before the Horse: RCS Sports Association Operating a Shell Game [Again]?). The message sent by Jerry Deluca and his lackeys is: Whoever Deluca supports, avoid like the plague! For the good of the schools, for the good of the community, for the good of your souls!

As we all know, plague is spread by rat fleas. The fleas ride on the back of the rat and spread their disease. You need to avoid the rat and the fleas to keep healthy.

As we all know, plague is spread by rat fleas. The fleas ride on the back of the rat and spread their disease.
You need to avoid the rat and the fleas to keep healthy.

To avoid catching the Deluca-plague you need to avoid his fleas like James Latter, Jason Hyslop, and Pat Brown.

A Flea Meet the Real Friends of RCS Candidates

A Flea
Meet the Real Fiends of RCS Candidates

Fiends of RCS:  Also, thanks to all who have asked for signs on their property!! The requests are just flooding in! Please be patient–we have people trying to get the best visibility spots covered. If we don’t get to you, consider recycling some old plywood, 2X4’s, and extra house paint and making your own!! Every little bit helps!

“The requests are just flooding in!” Really? “Flooding in!” Well that’s certainly news. Requests for What? Requests to remove your deceptive signs? (See our article on the message the Latter-Hyslop-Brown signs are sending at Pictures Tell the Real Story: Brown-Hyslop-Latter are So Stupid!) The reality is: This, too, is a lie. Do people really call in to request a campaign sign as a lawn ornament? Or does “flooding in” just mean the 25 or so people who showed up at your Fiends of RCS Meet the Fiends of RCS Candidates event? I travel these roads every day and I’ve not seen any floods recently. But I have seen quite a bit of deceptive campaigning. And one thing is certain, people don’t vote based on the number of signs they see, they vote on the issues. Fiends of RCS, you’re missing the point badly! (Comes from having the Delucas and the Misuracas as your spokespersons!)

Readers can view the entire Meet the Candidates event at Candidates.

On that note, we can’t help but slam “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca for his idiotic comments about this blog (starting at 25:43 minutes on the video). Old “Dirty-Hands Jerry thinks this blog is “vile and slanderous” and “libelous and slanderous.” Old “Dirty-Hands” apparently doesn’t know the difference and, as we all know, Jerry Deluca is a bit dyslexic (see our article at Dirty-Hands Deluca Needs to Get Remedial Reading Help). Deluca seems to have missed our mission statement: “Written in the spirit of Truth, good facts-based journalism and freedom of expression!” We stand by that statement. Everything and anything our readers read on this blog is factual, true, documented. We also provide links to our sources and documents that support our statements. While the language on this blog is sometimes “colorful” it’s always true and factual.

While it is true that Mr Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca is mentioned quite frequently on this blog, it’s only because he is what he is; nothing more and nothing less. His wife, too, Cathy Deluca, is mentioned quite frequently because she is what she is; nothing more nothing less. The group behind Deluca and their mob on the RCS school board, and the persons who act as sockpuppets to spread the misinformation in this district and to malign anyone who crosses their paths are the ones who do the real slandering and libeling. That’s clear to us all. These are the sheeple of the RCS district, they are the ones living in their herding instinct, and Deluca is their evil shepherd.

When asked about this blog at the Meet the Candidates event, Deluca singled out Mr Vadney and Mr Polyak and accused them of “contributing” to this blog. Both Vadney and Polyak slapped Deluca down and put him in his place. Polyak: The blog is “free speech.” Vadney: “You’re the detective. You find out who’s writing it.” Bravo Mr Polyak, Mr Vadney, for smearing more egg on Deluca’s fat face.

You need to see through the lies. Avoid Latter, Hyslop, and Brown. They’re puppets and will think with one mind, the Coeymanazis’ and the teachers union’s, NYSUT’s, and will vote with one voice, the Coeymanazis’ and the teachers unions’.  YOU WILL LOSE!

Now Repeat After Me The Editor

Now Repeat After Me
The Editor


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5 responses to “Friends of RCS Party Continue Lies: Act Like Animals at Meet the Candidates Event

  1. John Thomas

    May 9, 2013 at 6:07 pm

    I get a chuckle from the horse$hit you throw out on this site. You are either 12 years old or some 50 somethong loser that is living in his parent’s basement. If more than 7 people actually read the stuff you “write”…I would imagine you would be sued for slander. But like a tree that falls in the forest with no one around — your words are not bring heard. Don’t worry — I am sure your brother…a candidate for the RCS school board will buy you a coloring book or Legos to keep you busy after the election.


    • RCS Confidential

      May 9, 2013 at 7:50 pm

      Thank you, John, for your comment. Yes, you must be one of those demented dorks in denial who cluster around the mirror calling the banana an apple. Yes, indeed, retards like you are what broke this community and you and those like you are fodder for your keepers.

      Look, jerky-boy, those 7 readers all of a sudden turned into more than 123,000! More than 10,000 readers a month! That’s more readers than you have brain cells!

      Anyway, when you get out of rehab this reply will be waiting for you.



      • John Thomas

        May 9, 2013 at 11:19 pm

        You can say I call a banana an apple…but I also call this blog writer a nut! Have a good evening, Mr. Vadney! You’re deranged diatribes would make Ted Kozinsky jealous! I especially like your little animations. By the way, do you have the copyrights to use those images? I heard you don’t…so now this is a SCANDEL! dun-dun- duhhhhhh!


      • RCS Confidential

        May 9, 2013 at 11:31 pm

        Now, Mr Thomas, what does all of this say about YOU? You keep coming back and reading the blog and then you leave comments. You have names for everyone but yourself. What is it now that you call someone who feels compelled to read a nut’s “deranged diatribes” and then feels he has to leave a comment. And the comment is illiterate and ignorant, has nothing to do with facts, doesn’t address any issues. What’s more is you admit you are titilated by the “animations” which you confess you like but then concern yourself with copyrights.

        And you can’t even spell, you damned fool! The word is “scandal” not “SCANDEL.” And ditto “dun-dun-duhhhh!”

        Mr Thomas, if that’s your real name, extraordinary situations call for extraordinary action: Unless you can stick to commenting civilly and on topic, and avoid you stupidly childish nonsense, your comments will be immediately trashed on receipt. They will not be read and they will not be published. How’s that.
        Now who’s the deranged one, Mr John Thomas?

        The Editor


  2. Simon

    May 9, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    Personally, I didn’t like the format. But I’m glad that the event is now streamable via the RCS web site, and everyone can make up their own decisions.

    Despite what everyone may think (based on my comments), I really don’t know how I’ll vote. At this point in time, I’d have to say (if you wanted to draw lines), I won’t be voting just one side of the coin. I heard items from some I liked to hear coming from a BoE candidate; others I didn’t. But they weren’t all part of the same “slate”.

    It was particularly amusing to hear all 6 candidates say what they thought the function of the BoE members were.




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