Pictures Tell the Real Story: Brown-Hyslop-Latter are So Stupid!

07 May

 Are they Just Arrogant or Really Stupid?

That’s the question that keeps popping up as I drive through the district, keeping tabs on the Coeymanazis and the false Friends of RCS. Today, I drove around and took some pictures to share with our readers. These pictures speak volumes, truths that can’t be denied. They tell a story that Brown-Hyslop-Latter—I’m referring to them as if they are one single thingie, which is what they really are—would more likely want to keep under wraps but in their stupidity it’s out there for us all to see.

Truth Flanked by Lies! Truth is: Latter-Hyslop-Brown are ONE ITEM. Lie is: Latter Opposed the 2% levy and wanted the 3.5% levy!

Truth Flanked by Lies!
Truth is: Latter-Hyslop-Brown are ONE ITEM.
Lie is: Latter Opposed the 2% levy and wanted the 3.5% levy!
(This sign is on Rt 144, just before the port entrance.)

[If you are reading this article we urge you to view the April 23, 2013, BoE meeting video (view it at April 23, 2013, BoE). It’s a MUST SEE/MUST HEAR.]

This shot is precious because it illustrates the whole story behind the Latter-Hyslop-Brown troika (troika was a communist Russian term used to describe the 3-man death courts in Stalin’s Russia!). Here’s what this grouping of signs tells us:

First of all, James Latter voted against the budget and the lowest possible tax levy of 2%; Latter joined his teacher and teacher’s union friends who wanted to tax you more and impose a 3.5% levy. The bare-faced lie in this grouping of signs is the fact that now Latter and his friends are trying to take the credit for the budget and posing Vote YES signs along with their campaign signs, making the false impression that they supported the budget. They did not!

In fact Mr James Latter speaks out very aggressively during the April 23, 2013 budget meeting by saying:

“Please don’t be mistaken that the Superintendent [Dr McCartney] is the one pushing the 2% budget. Don’t hang the 2% on him [Dr McCartney].” (James Latter, April 23 BoE)

Perhaps Mr Latter can explain his turnaround on this issue. First he speaks very negatively about the 2% but now he, Latter, and Hyslop and Brown are literally surrounding their campaign signs with Vote YES! on the 2% budget. What’s the real story, Mr Latter? We’d also like to ask how your behavior and attitude when addressing the board was in any way “respectful” (Remember? “Respect and Integrity”? or did you come up with the campaign slogan after April 23rd?).

It was RCS Board of Education president John Vadney and his team of business owners and parents who kept this district on track and approved Dr Alan R. McCartney’s proposed budget that kept the levy low! Yes, readers, James Latter, Alice Whalen, Howard Engel, Edward Reville were locked in with union rep Matt Miller and the teachers union, NYSUT, and ready to impose a 3.5% or more on local taxpayers. Vadney, Robbins, Sylvester, Krzykowski, and Lukens stopped them in their tracks! (It’s all on tape, just go to RCS BoE Meetings).

If you’re interested in our article exposing the lies and fear tactics used by the teachers clique (Latter, Whalen, Engel, Reville, [ with Matt-the-Mutt Miller and the teachers union instigating, Cathy and Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca conniving]) on the board of education, visit our article The Campaign Stupidity is Gearing Up.

That bunch of phoneys were handing the community a pack of lies, telling people programs and services would be cut when in reality they knew they were being kept in the budget!

Here’s an example: At the April 16, 2013, BoE meeting (view it at April 16 BoE) James Latter (starting at minute 9:00) questions Dr Alan McCartney about the budget (Latter can’t seem to compose a complete sentence so we don’t know exactly what his question was). But Dr Alan McCartney promptly embarrasses Latter by telling him he has a memo in front of him (which Latter acknowledges) that contains the answers to all of Latter’s questions. Why didn’t Latter read the memo?

We recommend you vote YES! on the budget but not because James Latter and the teachers clique had anything to do with keeping the levy low. They didn’t but the phoneys are now trying to take credit for it. It was John Vadney, Judy Sylvester, Mike Robbins, Rodney Krzykowski, and Jeff Lukens who protected the community’s interests, and Dr Alan R. McCartney who made it all come together and work!

Don’t forget it was the teachers, Matt Miller, and the Delucas who fought like hell to keep Dr McCartney out of this district. They knew he’d be no-nonsense and take no bullshit. He’s proved that many times already. And McCartney’s keeping his promise to pull this district out of the dumps.

Lest you all forget, it was the teachers clique and ex-teacher Elizabeth Smith (she jumped ship on short notice) who stuck it to the community with a 6.8% tax levy last year and actually overtaxed the community to the tune of $1.6 million. (Again, check out our article The Campaign Stupidity is Gearing Up, for the details.)

But the Latter-Hyslop-Brown Signs Tell an Even Uglier Story.

Latter-Hyslop-Brown Campaign Sign outside 21 Church St in Coeymans (Town Justice George Dardiani Property)

Latter-Hyslop-Brown Campaign Sign outside 21 Church St. in Coeymans
(Town Justice George Dardiani Property)


Latter-Hyslop-Brown Campaign Sign outside 41 Main St, Ravena

Latter-Hyslop-Brown Campaign Sign outside
41 Main St, Ravena

These signs tell it like it really is: Latter-Hyslop-Brown are trying to deceive the voting public into thinking that they are a set, that you need to vote for all three. That’s a very dirty tactic to get some voters to vote this clique in, giving them three seats on the board. If that happens, the teachers will have a majority! Kiss your property and home value good-bye!

The sign also tells us that James Latter, Jason Hyslop and Patrick Brown are attached at the hip. They are indeed one item when it comes to voting on the issues. They’re broadcasting this fact by putting all three names on the same sign! Vote for any of these scoundrels and you’re cooked. The teachers clique is a local death squad from the teachers union, NYSUT. Anything that benefits the teachers or their union will be a done deal. You might as well have a one-member BoE because they’ll all vote together. We’ve see it in the past.

Exclusive Club: Friends of RCS Support Latter-Hyslop-Brown

Exclusive Club: Friends of RCS
Support Latter-Hyslop-Brown

Latter-Hyslop-Brown have the support of a local private club (if it really exists) calling itself the Friends of RCS. The Friends of RCS clique sent out selective e-mails to their “friends” to come to a rally in Hendrik Hudson park on Saturday, April 27. Latter, Hyslop and Brown were there but none of the other candidates. Mary Partidge-Brown sent the emails only to select families. Mary Partridge-Brown is the  woman who is usually sitting on Matt Miller’s (the NYSUT union rep) lap at board of education meetings; she’s also the wife of candidate Patrict Brown. There’s also a very close connection with Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca and his mob. If that’s the way they treat the community before the elections, what can you expect if they get in? Be afraid, be very afraid!

Best Description of James Latter

Best Description of James Latter

Now here’s the biggest joke: Latter-Hyslop-Brown are running on the slogan: “Restore Respect and Integrity to the RCS Board of Education.” “Respect and Integrity” sounds awfully odd coming from the likes of James Latter with his history on the board marked with accusations of misconduct by parents (for example a violation of the FERPA law on student and parent confidentiality), his outbursts and stupid remarks at board meetings, and the list could go on (just search Latter on this blog). He should have been canned long ago but he has the balls to run again. The man has no dignity!

Jason Hyslop.  This guy works for the Saudi-Arabian company Sabic (as does James Latter). You know, Saudi-Arabia, human rights violations, Osama bin Laden, the bin Laden family. Yup, the Saudis are in Feura Bush and have a representative on the RCS CSD board of education, James Latter, and another one is seeking election, Jason Hyslop. [Editor’s Note: Please do not misunderstand. We are not saying that Sabic is a terrorist cell nor are we saying the because Latter and Hyslop work for the Saudis, that they are involved with anything ugly. But we always look at who you hang out with.]

Now, from what we’ve heard about Hyslop he’s really sorta blah. He does some volunteering at one of the schools. Not a bad guy. The problem is he’s keeping the wrong company and that marks him as an undesirable. We have some concerns about his intelligence level, too. How smart can he be if he’s associated with James Latter and Patrick Brown? About as dumb as dirt, we’d say. At least he could have distanced himself from the Coeymanazis and the teacher’s clique by keeping his name on separate signs. But NO! He’s made a clear statement of who he’s with and what he represents. That’s finished him as far as we’re concerned. He’s just a puppet.

Patrick Brown. We’ve dedicated two whole pages to this hypocrite. You can read what we have to say about him at Peter E. Brown, Candidate? The Ugly Truth Is…. We don’t trust this character as far as we could throw him. First of all, he’s an attorney and lawyers aren’t really known for “respect” or “integrity” nor for their “loyalty”—unless its to the highest bidder—nor for their “honesty.” He represents big business and unions. He’s been an advisor to the Cuomos, you know, the mafiosi in the Governor’s mansion, the ones who are stealing your constitutional rights, giving the state of New York away to big business. Yup! Thanks to shysters like Patrick Brown. Do you really think this shyster is going to give a shyster shite about what you think? Do you really think this shyster shite has any idea of who you are or what your problems are? Hell NO! Do you want this character on the RCS CSD board of education? HELL NO!

On the other hand…

We have John Vadney, current president of the RCS BoE, who has served this community well for several terms. Honest, hardworking, respectful, stands up for what’s right. A leader, working man, dedicated parent, and full of community spirit. You’d know this if you ever saw him in action on the board. John Vadney doesn’t need us to point out his competence, his interest in this community, and his leadership skills. You experience them at every board of education meeting. He’s even received awards and recognition for his service from the State Association of School Boards—his record speaks for itself. We need John Vadney and people like him.

Here’s an example: At the April 23, 2013, BoE budget meeting (view it at April 23 BoE Budget) the teachers clique goes on and on about not liking the 2% tax levy. Howard Engel goes on about substantial reductions” in programs, etc. None of it is true and not a word of it would indicate that Engel, Latter, Whalen or Reville, the teachers clique had reviewed anything about the budget.

Enter John Vadney, well prepared as usual, who promptly reads off the programs, services and provisions which were kept in the 2013-14 2% tax levy budget. Almost to the word rebutting the teachers clique, rebuking them for their misinformation, and putting the parents and public at ease with the truth. Bravo John Vadney!

John Vadney represents the value of preparation and preparedness, honesty and integrity, respect and dignity, but most of all he represents competent leadership on the RCS CSD Board of Education. Teamed with Dr Alan McCartney, Judy Sylvester, Mike Robbins, Jeff Lukens, Rodney Krzykowski, and add Laszlo Polyak to the mix, and the sky’s the limit!

We have Judy Sylvester, an honest resident member of the board. She’s down-to-earth, smart and a good listener. Judy is quiet because she’s listening and processing, not running at the mouth. When she finally does say something, it’s good for us all. Judy Sylvester brings a woman’s perspective to the board. (You must have noticed that the Friends of RCS are running only men; do think they’re telling something about their attitudes towards women?). We need to keep what’s good on the board and dump the rest. That’s why we need Judy Sylvester.

And of course, there’s the “happy Hungarian”, our very own Laszlo Polyak. Laszlo Polyak probably attends more board of education meetings than the teacher’s clique. He knows what’s going on in the community. He has very good contacts in government, too. But most importantly, Laszlo is a very caring, intelligent, sensitive, and fair man. Laszlo, in one word is: good. and he’ll be good for you, for me, for the community but most of all, if you’ve every heard him speak (and he speaks at every board of education meeting), he is truly concerned for the welfare of the students. Period!

Laszlo Polyak is an outspoken defender of security in our schools and quality education for the students, he is courageous, focused, and he knows this community better than anyone we can name. That’s what we need more of on the RCS BoE. Replace the jackasses with someone effective, Laslo Polyak.

Look around you. You won’t see Vadney-Sylvester-Polyak but you will see their signs, the Vadney signs, the Sylvester signs and the Polyak signs. They’re independent, individuals who take a stand based on facts not politics. They don’t need the herd to tell them what to vote. They listen to parents, residents and taxpayers, and to their consciences, not to special interests and teachers union reps. Vadney, Sylvester and Polyak work for the community, not for NYSUT!

One final comment: The teachers clique (Ms Whalen, Mr Engel) on the RCS BoE seem to want to expand the Spanish language programs. We say: “Teach ENGLISH!” We don’t need to have several Spanish language programs while students can’t put a complete sentence together (like Mr Latter) in English. Let’s just get our priorities straight! 

The Voice of Reason The Editor

The Voice of Reason
The Editor


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5 responses to “Pictures Tell the Real Story: Brown-Hyslop-Latter are So Stupid!

  1. Simon

    May 8, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    The Latter opinions are compatible. I believe the point he made when arguing against the 2% at the board meeting was that “he’d prefer the 3.x%, but would campaign to pass the 2% in the public”. So, I believe the opinion (as is with most of the teachers) is that while they may have preferred the 4% levy increase, they’d still rather have 2% than a contingent budget.

    I don’t like the hiring of Dr. McCartney; however he is the superintendent and deserves our support now that he has the job. That’s how he can be argued against prior to hiring, and argued for post-hiring.

    Just remember – – This Board of Education is not broken. The community is broken. Keep that in mind when voting.



  2. cookie

    May 8, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw Mr. Latter’s sign next to a “VOTE YES” sign. Also, if I recall correctly, he was against hiring Dr. McCartney, but then he speaks up for him. So for those who don’t like the budget, they have a friend in Mr. Latter, but for those that do like the budget, they have a friend in Mr. Latter. Those that don’t like Mr. McCartney, Mr. Latter is with you, but those that do like him, Mr. Latter is with you too. I would like to hear where the other two on the signs stand on the budget, would they have voted yes or no.

    Abraham Lincoln was reported as saying “if I was two-faced I wouldn’t be wearing this one”. If he were around today, he would say “if I was two-faced, I’d be James Latter”


    • RCS Confidential

      May 8, 2013 at 5:15 pm

      Thanks, Cookie! Great comment…wish I had written it 😉

      Yes, the quote is superb. And you’re so right: James Latter is anatomically incorrect, he has two faces and speaks from both sides. He is, in other words, a freak.




    May 8, 2013 at 10:54 am

    Thank you …. I hope our community pays attention to what you are writing!! I attend meetings and the teachers clique/union may espouse that dignity, respect etc. but I doubt very much that they know the definitions of those words. I think egotistical and self centered are much better words to describe this group. They don’t care if its wrong or right as long as THEY WIN AND HAVE THE UPPER HAND. it is easy to confirm their lack of sincerity by just reviewing the last ten years! GETOUT AND VOTE AGAINST THESE DEMONS!



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