The Campaign Stupidity is Gearing Up: Ravena Mayor John T. Bruno and Latter-Brown-Hyslop at Odds

02 May

On the bright side, there seems to be no controversy regarding the 2013 – 2014 Ravena – Coeymans – Selkirk Central School District Budget, unlike last year.

good newsThe Vadney – Robbins – Krzykowski – Lukens – Sylvester team succeeded in defeating the Latter – Whalen – Engel – Reville – teachers union special interest faction and voted Dr Alan McCarney’s well – engineered 2 % tax levy budget through the misinformation and ignorance of the teachers group, who were pushing for a 3.5 %+ levy.

But back to business. The Latter – Whalen – Engel – Reville – teachers union clique have been putting out incorrect information about what’s in and what’s out of the 2013 – 14 RCS CSD budget. That’s because they didn’t get their 3.5 %+ and have to work with a 2 %  levy. In fact, the budget supported by the Vadney team retained many of the programs and services despite the ignorant lies and terror being spread by Latter – Whalen – Engel – Reville – teachers union.

Here are the facts, dear readers:

know the facts

Programs and Services Retained in the 2 % Tax – levy 2013 – 14 Budget
Proposed by Dr Alan R. McCarthy
and approved for public vote by the
Vadney – Robbins – Krzykoski – Lukens – Sylvester Team

 1.0 F.T.E. elementary school teacher (Reach program)
Additional funding for Security Systems and SRO(s)
Asbestos Project and Track

Maximum Funding of the Following Reserves:
Tax Certiorari $222,000
Unemployment Reserve $350,000
Retirement Reserve (ERS) $450,000
EBLAR Reserves $3,350,000
Funding for Field Trips
Salaries for Employees brought back from PEL Lists
Funding for 5 O’clock Bus Runs
Funding for the After School Education Program
Funding for the Summer Reading Program
Funding to allow the District to attain Compliance with PARC Regulations
Funding to allow the District to make needed repairs through Lease – Purchase SRO, Shared Services

Mowers, grass – catchers, 170 20te edge scrubber and other equipment
Track Resurfacing, Pool Repairs and a Capital Repair Fund will be on the ballot for Public Approval
Technology Budget $414,926,  $121,787
22 Computer Server Replacement $147,000
Transportation—Bus Proposition: $341,008
Small Capital Project: $260,000

 The property owners, business operators, parents, residents and taxpayers in this school district can thank the RCS BoE team under Mr John Vadney’s leadership and the professional know – how of Dr Alan R. McCartney for approving the lowest – possible tax levy, while keeping essential and additional programs and services.

The intentional disinformation by the Deluca – Latter conspirators was completely uninformed and deceitful, intended to overtax the district and pad the pockets of the vampire teachers and their union, New York State United Teachers, NYSUT!

Oh! Did we mention that the 2012 – 2013 budget approved by the teachers clique and loudly supported by the Deluca Coeymanazis and double – dipper Matt – the – Mutt Miller and their mob overtaxed this district to the tune of $1.6 MILLION; in other words, 5.9 % more than what was actually needed to cover the financial year! Continue to listen to Mr James Latter, the teachers clique, Matt Miller, the teachers union, and Jerry Deluca if you like but you’ll pay the price!

Are the Dirty Tricks, Libel, and Unethical Campaigning Starting Again?
Some Scoundrels Just Never Give it a Rest!

Mayor Bruno Gonna Gitcha!

Mayor Bruno Gonna Gitcha!

We have obtained a set of documents that point to some very bizarre behavior on the part of the mayor of the village of Ravena and the Latter – Brown – Hyslop group supported by the Coeymanazi – run Friends of RCS Facebook group.

One of the candidates running as a resident – parent candidate (the candidate was not Vadney or Sylvester) happened to be at the village offices on business, we are told, when village of Ravena mayor, John T. Bruno (in the presence of witnesses), hands the candidate a set of documents that included a more than 20 – year old letter written by a very disturbed local resident (who has since disappeared from the local radar), accusing the candidate and two now deceased town officials of some unsavory conduct. Attached to the documents was a copy of our blog article, “Bruno, Deluca, Warner Squirming to Cover it Up”.

Mayor John T. Bruno and James Latter, Patrick Brown, Jason Hyslop in a Dumbo Match

Mayor John T. Bruno
James Latter, Pat Brown, Jason Hyslop
in a Dumbo Match

But even more disturbing was the fact that mayor John T. Bruno attached a campaign card, “ELECT James Latter, Pat Brown, Jason Hyslop.”

Obviously, this raised a very relevant question: What is Ravena mayor John T. Bruno’s connection with the Latter – Brown – Hyslop campaign that would cause mayor Bruno to dig up a 20 – year old letter written by an apparent lunatic, and then attach the Latter – Brown – Hyslop campaign card to it, then hand it to an opponent candidate? It’s just weird. (You can read the documents by clicking here: friends of rcs bruno king redacted ) [Editor’s Note: the “Fori” mentioned in the letter is Bruno’s cousin. Surprised?]

Mayor Bruno opens another one!

Mayor Bruno opens another one!

So, in all fairness, we e – mailed Mr James Latter, attached the documents we received, and asked him what was going on. We gave Latter and his running mates Pat Brown and Jason Hyslop a deadline to respond so that we could publish his response, whatever that could possibly be.

As far as we are concerned, this matter is now between Latter, Brown and Hyslop, and Ravena mayor John T. Bruno. Let them battle it out and we’ll clean up the body parts later.

But the question we’d really like to ask James Latter, Pat Brown, and Jason Hyslop is this: You are running under the slogan, “Restore Respect and Integrity to the RCS Board of Education,” which is rather odd because if we voters are guided by that slogan we would immediately remove James Latter from the board, and absolutely avoid supporting Brown and Hyslop, given their relationships with the teachers clique and the Coeymanazis. But really, how does Ravena mayor John T. Bruno’s bizarre and stupid conduct in any way relate to restoring “respect and integrity” (both four – letter words to the Bruno administration) to anything? It seems that just the opposite is happening.

OOPS! Looks Like It Backfired, Latter, Brown, Hyslop!

OOPS! Looks Like It Backfired, Latter, Brown, Hyslop!
Better Get A New Slogan!
Thanks! Mayor Bruno!

Last year, at about this very time, we started this blog because the local campaigning for board of election members and the 2012 – 13 school budget was turning so incredibly ugly. We covered the polling place irregularities, we raised the questions of improper or misuse of students to promote the teachers’ and the teachers’ union interests, we attacked the lunatic 6.8 % tax – levy which at the time was pushed through by the teachers clique who had the majority on the board. Can you believe what was going on in this community last year at about this time? (If you’ve forgotten already, you can read about some of it at James Latter: Why Is He Still On the Board of Education? (May 21, 2012), What do the Signs Tell Us? (May 14, 2012), Sports Scandal Quiz: RCS Sports Association? (April 8, 2012), Teachers Unite in Greed…Matt Wrote the Contract… (April 18, 2012), Real Bullying at School is By the Teachers (April 19, 2012), Constructiveness, Collaboration, Cooperation, Consensus? (April 20, 2012), INCREDIBLE!!! (May 7, 2012),What Your Kids Were Doing in School at RCS Today… (May 3, 2012), Parents: Do You Know Where Your Children Are? (May 3, 2012), Topple the TeachersTower on the Board of Education (May 9, 2012), Can You Explain This, Jerry? (May 16, 2012) ).

Campaign Signs Out of Control

If The Coeymanazis are not Posting Illegal Signs, They’re Pulling their Opponents’ Signs
As Usual, the Town of Bethlehem Gets It Right…At Least on Paper

They're Outa Control!

They’re Outa Control!

Campaign signs are starting to obscure springtime again. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, skinny ones—they’re an eyesore and they’re all over the place. What can you do? It’s campaign time and the rabid campaigners have only one thing on their minds: flood the landscape with their egos! The love to see their names in print…we’ll most of the time.

As usual, the town of Coeymans trails everyone else in the region…except with bizarre behavior like renaming itself Reubenville for a month! (We’ll get back to that subject and the handling of the Arby’s coupons in an upcoming article.). But our neighbor to the north, Bethlehem, seems to have gotten it right…at least on paper. How? Well they’ve passed a sign law that reads:

Plain Language Rules for Temporary Signs
(covers all roads within the Town of Bethlehem)

1.         “Temporary’ signs” include political signs, signs advertising civic, religious, educational or non-profit events, and similar signs (this does not include for-profit business. signs).

2.         Temporary signs can only be placed on private non-commercial property by the owner, or with the owner’s permission (non-commercial includes residential property, schools, churches, civic and non-profit organizations).

3.         Temporary signs must be placed at least 5 feet from the edge of the roadway pavement, and should not obstruct sidewalks or otherwise cause a hazard.

4.         Temporary signs CANNOT simply be placed along the roadside where no one appears to live, this includes town, state, county and other streets, roads, or highways. They can only be placed on private non-commercial property with the owner’s permission.

5.         Temporary signs must be temporary, meaning they cannot be permanently affixed to the ground or a structure, and should not be displayed for more than three months a year; they must be less than six square feet· in size (per side) – for example 2 feet x 3 feet.

And enforcement is by removal of signs that violate the temporary sign law. Makes sense, right? Maybe that’s why the town of Coeymans hasn’t picked up on Bethlehem’s good example.

The problem is, as in the case of all laws, enforcement. Getting the lazy bastards in the town hall to move their arses and enforce the law. Perhaps if they get enough e – mails, telephone calls, and letters they might get off their asses and enforce the law.

Same applies to the town of Coeymans. We encourage the town supervisor, Stephen Flach, and his town board to enact a similar law regulating how many, how, and where temporary signs are placed, and defining the enforcement action in the event of violation.

But, if the “Trucks Entering” sign blocking the speed limit signs on Route 144 are anything to go by, the town of Coeymans doesn’t give a damned. Do you?

We Find The Facts For You The Editor

We Find The Facts For You
The Editor


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6 responses to “The Campaign Stupidity is Gearing Up: Ravena Mayor John T. Bruno and Latter-Brown-Hyslop at Odds

  1. aunt clara

    May 5, 2013 at 12:09 am

    A few interesting things about the redacted letter stamped 9/14/1993. After reading it, I said “September? — Snow?” That’s still summer weather. The letter was written by MaryAnne King, rear tenant to Fori,
    King lost her job at NYS for accessing several records and handing over social security numbers too and for making false reports a few times lf I remember correctly, forcing King to move back across the river.

    There is a more bizarre story of Mayor Bruno and Ms. Fori and King that involves theating Mr. Polyak. About cutting down trees. Back in 1993 Mr. Polyak had two trees cut down in the back of his yard after Ms. Fori disclaimed ownership to the trees more than once and in writting. Mr Polyak asked Ms. Fori for recmmendation for tree cutters as he was new to the area. He just moved into the corner building in July 1993. Ms. Fori gave Mr. Polyak the name of a person. The trees were cut down then Ms. Fori sued Mr. Polyak claiming they were her trees. the court in 1995 denied her claim because Mr. Polyak proved the trees were his via survey, this is a matter of court record under Judge Keegan filed in the village office, in the village minutes personally handed to John Biscone, village attorney.

    Since that time, the Mayor has over the years four times taken the pictures and claimed Laszlo Polyak personally climbed up and cut the trees himself. And the latest time was in 2009 when he showed the pictures to News Herald editor Laurie Lynn. the news editor went to Mr. Polyak to do a story. He showed her the real court papers and documents of two other individuals cutting the trees down, a letter from MaryAnne King claiming that he had Muscular Distrophy and he showed to Laurie his crippled arm there are just some things that are self explanitory, stating I wonder what my neighbors will think of next — that I’m a brain surgeon.

    Embarassed Laurie Liynn left came to the village office and as the former village employee can confirm you can find all these records either in building department files or the mayor’s desk. I really feel bad for the Hoose family and the McCabe family. But for those of you who don’t know Laszlo he has relatives that are bi-racial, so I know this letter can’t be about Laszlo because his bi-racial nephews helped remove some of the tree pieces back in the early 90’s. Feel free to ask Ms. Fori to read the court records. as will the Biscone Law firm, as Mayor Bruno, or Albany County Court Clerk. Bruno and Warner told people that laszlo didnt work for NYS until Laszlo provided his pay ckeck stubbs. What do the village folks have to hide? other than their the real bullies


    • RCS Confidential

      May 6, 2013 at 7:06 am

      Dear “Clara”, thank you for your comment, at least the first sentence.

      I don’t understand where the rest of the comment comes from nor its direct or indirect relevance to the article…or anything at all at issue, though it may contain some anecdotal information of interest, it seems more like gossip or worse, a diatribe of vendetta.

      Whatever the truth or intent of the comment, we are posting it in its entirety because of it’s novelty value, not because of its content.

      In future please avoid such irrelevant garbage and address the issues in the post.

      Thank you,

      The Editor


      • aunt clara

        May 6, 2013 at 9:14 pm

        The relevance to the article is a little history to the redacted document, in the future, I will keep it short, sweet and to the point.


      • RCS Confidential

        May 6, 2013 at 9:25 pm

        To the point is good. You don’t necessarily have to be short or sweet 😉

        the Editor


  2. Tina - Concerned Citizen for Town of Coeymans/Ravena/Selkirk Residents

    May 2, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    Okay…so n e way…I just got off the phone w/Stephen Flachs secretary in reference to the “Trucks Entering” Sign at the top of the hill on Rte. 144 and it obstructing the first 30MPH sign and she has informed me that she knew nothing about this sign obstructing the view of the 1st 30MPH sign as you’re entering Coeymans…I asked her very nicely to inform Stephen Flach of the sign and as a citizen/driver/residence that they need to either remove it or adjust it so that the 1st 30MPH sign be visible to all drivers…because it is unbelievably unfair to drivers who are unaware of the area and I explained that Coeymans has alot of people that come from out of town for court and get off the Thruway and drive straight down 144 to get to court…She stated to me that she will definitely mention the sign to Stephen Flach….so let’s see, since it’s been brought to the attention of the Town Supervisor, if the sign is either going to be adjusted or removed!!!!! 2 many of us RCS citizens know how the Coeyman’s PD and courts are and if they can make a buck by screwing a citizen (even if it’s entrapment that that sign is where it is) they will do it in a heartbeat and not think anything of it!! Let’s see all…if a phone call to the Town Supervisore will/can make a difference!! Wish Us RCS Residents luck w/this issue!! Thanx!!


    • RCS Confidential

      May 2, 2013 at 4:34 pm

      Thank you very much, Tina. I regret to say that Stephen Flach’s secretary is either stupid or a blatant liar. I personally e-mailed Flach and his board with a notice that the sign was in an illegal position. The blog has been up for a week and it’s downright impossible for the town of Coeymans not to know of the article.

      Moreover, why would they have to be called or notified of an article on the subject? They drive by the signs several times on a daily basis. ARE THOSE LYING MORONS DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND?


      Thanks again, Tina! It’s been over a week now that the article and emails have gone out. Let’s see what happens by the weekend.


      The Editor



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