Patrick E. Brown Practice Details + Comments

24 Apr

Peter E. Brown
Brown and Weinraub PLLC

Resides in Feura Bush, NY
Town of New Scotland

Practice Areas
& Comments

We thought it would be interesting to take the areas of law  in which board of education candidate Peter E. Brown allegedly—or so he says in his personal information page on the Brown & Weinraub PLLC—practices. It’s a bit far-fetched in terms of scope—no one on earth can be a specialist in so many areas of law. so we think it’s lawyer hype to get clients— but you be the judge. We are presenting this page to comment on Brown’s conspicuous non-involvement and remoteness from RCS issues and concerns. He’s just never been around RCS and we don’t believe that he really cares about this community. At least his past doesn’t give us any reason to believe him or his supporters.

They Tell the Lies We Interpret the Truth for You

They Tell the Lies
We Interpret the Truth for You

Administrative Law

So this means he’s going to be on the board, a member of the teachers clique, a UNION lackey, and provide inputs on parents complaints and grievances, making sure they’re disposed of…and I mean DISPOSED OF quickly…to save the district money and to save the criminal’s ass, especially if he or she is a union member. Thanks, but no thanks, Patrick Brown!

Affordable Housing

Now that’s a real joke in Coeymans! Brown is on the Coeymans zoning board of appeal. And is one of those morons trying to turn the town of Coeymans into one huge industrial zone complete with waste, rubbish, truck traffic, and emissions! And also one of the unscrupulous scoundrels who are making Ravena and Coeymans a haven for downstate Section 8 recipients (note Oakbrook!). Thanks so very much Patrick Brown, but no thanks! If this guy’s so involved in the community what’s he done so far for it, besides get on a zoning board of appeals to butter his bread and promote his practice?

Appellate Practice

Puts in in cahoots with Louis Neri, Joe Rotello, and Michael Biscone, that’s why you never get anywhere when you get screwed by a lawyer; they’re all in bed with each other.

Business Corporation Law

His clients probably include the very outfits we don’t want in the scenic Hudson Valley, in our towns, in your backyards! Let’s ask him about his clients. Who exactly are they and are any of them interested in coming to RCS?

Commercial Litigation

Maybe he’ll sue what’s left of local business and further reduce the tax base, while upping the tax rate and levy on the remaining property owners, ensuring that those who can, will leave, too.

Construction Law

Another suspicious angle of Brown’s practice. Is that why, during his activity on one of the town of Coeymans boards, the place is turning into a ghost town, tax base is disappearing, more buildings are
coming down (with or without the help of a wrecker) than are going up? Thanks, but no thanks, Patrick Brown.

Election Law

Where was he when the election irregularities were happening in the last Budget/BoE elections? That should be an indicator of his commitment to the community…But…Oh yeah! He’s running for office, now. I get it. Your past history of community activity, interest and involvement speaks for itself, lawyer Brown. All we have to say to you, you PHONEY, is: Thanks but no thanks, Patrick Brown!

Government Relations

Isn’t this what “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca claims in his online bios? They all have relations in government but we have a BoBo Cop and now a “connected” lawyer wants your vote. Just how are you going to make those “government relations” work for us in the RCS district? As I recall, “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca made that same promise some years ago–it was published in the News Herald–that his connections could be made to work for the community. That was a load of skat, too.

Health Care Advocacy & Counsel


Health Care Consulting


Labor Law

This means UNION. Patrick E. Brown and his firm have the unions as their clients. He understands UNIONS like NYSUT (which went almost bankrupt on the spending to construct the NYSUT palace in Latham). Patrick Brown will cozy up real nice with Matt Miller and the Delucas. After all, Mary Partridge-Brown, Brown’s wife is a member of their clique, and practically lap dances Matt Miller at BoE meetings (check out the front row).

Public Finance

Where was Brown on the 2013-14 RCS CSD budget? Has he appeared at a single BoE meeting to make a comment, provide information? NO! Where were you Patrick Brown?

Real Estate Law

This should be a source of real scandal in future. An attorney on the RCS Board of Education, the Coeymanazis in Ravena and Coeymans driving everyone away and real estate prices and property values plunging: the ideal place to be able to say, “I know the community! I was on the board of education and know the people to know. I can get that done for you!” Sounds like a Michael Biscone line, doesn’t it? Wait a minute! I feel a connection coming on….Brown, Biscone, Ravena, Coeymans. OMIGOD!

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