Bruno, Deluca, Warner Squirming to Cover It Up

24 Apr

The Ravena Health and Fitness Center Has Become a Monkey on the Backs of Co-Conspirators and Crooks Ravena Mayor John Bruno, Center-Manager-Appointee Cathy Deluca, and Give-the-Library-an-Eviction-Notice Nancy Biscone-Warner

Mayor Bruno, Cathy Deluca, Nancy Warner, Marty Case are All Squirming to Find a Way out of the Pickle They're In.

Mayor Bruno, Cathy Deluca, Nancy Warner, Marty Case are All Squirming to Find a Way out of the Pickle They’re In.

Marlene McTigue and the Ravena News Herald owe this community some honesty. McTigue and the News Herald have to stop deceiving their subscribers with lies and cover-up stories. The Ravena Health and Fitness story is deceptive and misleading. It makes a feeble attempt to make something very bad look pretty good. It’s not and McTigue and the News Herald have to tell the truth, not cover up the lies!

So it goes with the Official Ravena-Coeymanazi Gazette, the Ravena News Herald and local News Herald editor, Marlene McTigue continues the unethical News Herald tradition of misinformation.(Yes. It’s the same Marlene McTigue who put her 5th-grade daughter, Maddie, up to plug the teachers union’s misinformation tactic that failed re: the 2013-14 RCS school budget—despite Matt Miller, Jerry Deluca, and a gaggle of teachers the 2% tax levy passed, defeating their proposed 3.5+%), is right there to misinform the public and to try to haul Bruno’s, Deluca’s and Warner’s arses out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into with this travesty of community expense, the Ravena Fitness Center!

We’ve reported previously on how Mayor John Bruno and Nancy Biscone-Warner, together with Marty Case and Cathy Deluca, met behind closed doors to hatch this latest idiotic abuse of public office and scam, the Ravena Fitness Center. Ran out and spent some $40,000 of taxpayer money on used fitness equipment and forged ahead with their little scam without a single public hearing, no public comment, and keeping taxpayers and local residents absolutely in the dark.

We recently reported that the Ravena fitness Center is forecast to cost Ravena taxpayers more than $150,000 in 2014. That while the tax base is dwindling, storefronts continue to be boarded up, residential properties have lost value, and everyone’s trying to avoid getting swallowed up by monster potholes! That’s the Mayor John Bruno legacy for Ravena’s upcoming centennial.

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The article appearing in the April 25, 2013, Ravena News Herald, “Ravena Health and Fitness Center gearing up to hit the ground running,” penned by Marlene McTigue, avoids all mention of the crookery that is going on, and paints an overly rosey picture of this public scam.

Recall, dear readers, that we frequently throw out the term Coeymanazis, Incest Club, and Teachers Clique. All of these are intimately related: The Coeymanazis are headed by the Deluca pair, Cathy and Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, who are very closely associated with the teachers clique (a failing bunch of hypocrites on the RCS CSD board of education), who are beholding to outed double-dipper teachers union rep “Matt-the-Mutt” Miller, who is the local lackey for the New York State United Teachers union (NYSUT) in the RCS district. And who do you think is very, very close friendly-like with Matt-the-Mut Miller? It’s  Mary Partridge-Brown of the elect lawyer n0-show-at-board-meetings Peter E. Brown gang.


Now let’s connect the dots on the Ravena village council with the dots on the Ravena Health and Fitness Center scam artists. Here we have Marlene McTigue of the Ravena News Herald painting a pretty picture of Mayor John Bruno’s heroic act of “repurposing” the RCS Community Library space, to create a useless waste of money, a fitness center. Just what Ravena needs. Right? And we then have Cathy Deluca, wife of loudmouth, now pretty much disgraced, Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, a much disliked thug on the Coeymans police, a.k.a. Bobo Cop, and keeper of DoDo Cop, Gregory Darlington. Cathy Deluca is typically making nice while she’s conniving to screw someone or the entire community; hubby BoBo Dirty-Hands Jerry is usually waddling around playing law enforcement or mouthing off some nonsense at a school board meeting.

The good news is that recently people in the community are starting to wake up and think. They’re starting to question the lies and misinformation; they’re starting to fight back. Since last year, Matt Miller has lost a lot of credibility in his own circles. First he was fired from his double-dipping “energy manager” position for which he was soaking the district for $18,000 in addition to his teacher salary of about $80,000. He tried to badmouth Dr Alan R. McCartney and prevent his being hired to be RCS CSD superintendent. That failed. He tried to get a board member RK removed from the school board. That failed. His most recent shameful defeat was his failure and Jerry Deluca’s failure to force the school board to accept a more than 3.5% increase in the tax levy; they lost that battle, too, when the board passed Dr McCartney’s 2.0% budget. There’s nothing positive about those people and the only thing you can depend on them to do is to take care of themselves. Just like Cathy Deluca is doing: padding her nest with taxpayer money, $30,000 of  it. We see right through them. Can’t you?

Are ya still with me? We have already identified Marlene McTigue as being in league with the teachers and the teachers union rep, Matt-the-Mutt Miller, and having put her 5th-grade daughter up to plug the teachers outlandish demand for a tax levy increase. But the plot thickens even more if you’re following this, because the teacher on the Ravena village council and social studies teacher at the high school, Marty Case, chimes in obliviously, obviously trying to cover up the sting of public outrage:

“We’re going to be getting a new fitness center and a new library, healthy bodies, healthy minds, it will be a great thing for our community.” (Marty Case, village councilman)

What we need are some “healthy minds” on the village council, the town board. Never mind the “healthy bodies.” The idiot seems to have forgotten that the entire behind-closed-doors conspiracy could just land Mr Case jobless and censured by the NYSED for his involvement in allegedly illegal activity. He also failed to mention the fact that the library’s rent was raised some $600 a month by the village of Ravena because the library couldn’t occupy the new location because Rocco Persico’s (Ravena village council member) cousin, Donny Persico, was delayed in getting a bank loan to finish the remodeling of the location. By the way, that $600 a month increase comes out of the library’s budget, RCS and New Baltimore property  taxpayer monies. Nope. That wasn’t mentioned in the McTigue article either.

Are you still with me? Be patient. Now, Nancy Warner is a Biscone, a cousin to shyster Michael Biscone of Ravena village attorney infamy. Nancy Warner has also been village of Ravena treasurer for about 25-30 years but can’t seem to keep the books straight (Remember the state audit last year and its scathing assessment of Ravena accounting, rather lack of it) nor keep Mayor John Bruno aware of his financial responsibilities under the law (Remember his unforgettable statement, “I didn’t know…”).  Then there’s Cathy Deluca, who managed one failed fitness center in Ravena, and now has been hand-picked to manage the next failed fitness center in Ravena: the Ravena Health and Fitness Center.

 One thing I have to hand to McTigue, she got the wording perfectly when she writes:

“Newly appointed Fitness Center Director Cathy Deluca said ‘We’re ready to hit the ground running…'”

Couldn’t have chosen the words more perfectly, “newly appointed fitness center director Cathy Deluca.” Yes, Cathy, you’d damned well better “hit the ground running,” especially when the investigations start up. And we’ll make sure they do start up (we’re filing a complaint with the Secretary of State and the Office of the State Attorney General demanding an investigation of the village of Ravena’s creation of the Health and Fitness Center. We’d like you to support that effort but more on that later).

Reality is Reality. Truth is Truth.

Reality is Reality.
Truth is Truth.

A Hippo in Tights is Still a Hippo!

Cathy Deluca is quoted as having “more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.” I’m really sorry, Cathy, but seriously. When’s the last time you or Jerry looked in a mirror that could get all of you in on one shot? Reality is reality. Truth is truth. We don’t buy your “20 years of experience in the fitness industry” crap. Like let’s have some serious disclosure here. Let’s have a list of the places where you’ve gotten all those 20 years of experience (not wiping down equipment or cruising the showers, now, real management experience).

We are calling on all residents of Ravena to see through the smoke screen and demand accountability and transparency. It’s your money they’re spending and they’re spending it without your consent. You need to call them out at the next village meeting and ask questions like:

  • When did you put this out for public comment?
  • When did you hold a public meeting to hear our opinions?
  • When did you ask us if you could spend the $40,000 on used equipment?
  • When did you ask us for inputs on the forecast more than $150,000 in the proposed budget for the Ravena Health and Fitness Center?
  • Where is the business plan for the center?
  • Who is paying for all of the banners and website promotional material already out there?
  • Who authorized the “appointment” of Cathy Deluca to be the “director” of the illegal fitness center, and who decided to pay her $30,000 a year of your money?
  • What are Deluca’s credentials to manage the center and who reviewed and approved them? We want to see her 20 years experience on paper, documentable!
  • What studies were done to determine whether a fitness center will survive in this area, or even is wanted (apart from Bruno’s “vision”, Deluca’s and Warner’s sweet-talking, we have NOTHING in the way of planning or ensuring the best interests of the public’s monies)?
  • In short, if the questions above are not clearly, honestly, convincingly answered: Whose heads will roll first?

    You Need to Ask: What's Going On?!?>/big>

    You Need to Ask: What’s Going On?!?

Residents, taxpayers! Haven’t you had your fill of a certain bunch of insiders doing what they please in their own interests. Haven’t they almost destroyed this community and this area with their lousy attitudes, their self-appointed privileges, their privileged cliques, their thievery? We need to ask questions and get answers. If we don’t do it now, maybe the government will step in and do it for us? Is that what you’d want?

The rumor is now that in order to save face, Bruno, Deluca, Warner and the rest of the conspirators are considering non-profit status, hoping to recoup some of the money they’ve wasted. Before anything goes non-profit, the questions have to be cleared up that are here and now.  Before anyone takes home $30,000 of taxpayer money, we want to know a hell of a lot or someone’s going to jail!

You Be the Judge Is this an Abuse of Public Trust?

You Be the Judge
Is this an Abuse of Public Trust?

The Editor

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4 responses to “Bruno, Deluca, Warner Squirming to Cover It Up

  1. Tina - Concerned Citizen for Town of Coeymans/Ravena/Selkirk Residents

    April 25, 2013 at 8:39 am

    I would like to know who to write to (names & addresses please) to report all this abuse of taxpayer monies by the townboard/schoolboard scum…Ravena has such a FAILING economy and ‘unfortunately’ I have to be part of the area since I live in Selkirk and I’m unfortunately still in the Town of Coeymans jurisdiction…Myself and my fiance have been looking to buy a new home and when we realized how the RCS District (not so much the ‘S’ part of the district) but the R & C sections have deteriorated over the last 5-10 yrs. and Thanks to this site (no thanks to the liars, cheaters, scum and lowlives that run the RCS District Area) decided that we will be looking out of the RCS District knowing that, if we purchase a home in the RCS District, the resale value will plummet drastically and immediately after the ownership papers are signed. The way RCS District Area is falling down/apart (and even the Police Dept. is crooked because they have such a wussy police chief who will press charges on innocent victims even after knowing that his officers blatantly lie to make an arrest…this is why I’m all for throwing out the Crookedmans PD and having the Albany County Sheriff’s take over)…I’d move to downtown Albany being that that’s what you feel like just riding thru Ravena/Coeymans area!!


    • RCS Confidential

      April 25, 2013 at 8:58 am

      Thank you for your comment, Tina.

      We’ll be posting form letters, and complaint forms on this blog over the next couple of days. That will make it easier for concerned citizens to file their complaints.

      Please spread the word to like-minded residents who would like to see the village and town cleaned up and, if they don’t have computer access, please share the letters and forms with them when we publish them.

      In the meantime, you may want to get automatic updates of articles and comments by clicking the FOLLOW ME button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. That will ensure that you don’t miss anything.

      Thanks again for your comments and keep reading!

      The Editor


      • Tina - Concerned Citizen for Town of Coeymans/Ravena/Selkirk Residents

        April 25, 2013 at 9:27 am

        I will be sharing the letters with every neighbor around me who, also, can’t stand the crookedness, lies and cheating that goes on in the RCS District/Town…get them letters on the site and the letters (lots of them) will be sent to the appropriate person(s). Thank You for all you write about and keep the information coming…


      • RCS Confidential

        April 25, 2013 at 11:21 am

        Thank you! Tina for reading the blog and appreciating what we have to say. Thank you for your interest in the community and your willingness to comment and to respond. It’s readers like you that make the research and the work all worthwhile!

        Thank you so very much!

        The Editor



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