Patrick E. Brown, Candidate? The Ugly Truth Is….

23 Apr

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE!School NewsRCS board of education passes the 2% tax levy, the absolute minimum levy to avoid losing services, programs, and support,  proposed by superintendent Dr Alan R. McCartney, versus the 3.5+% demanded by the teachers union and the Deluca gang! Another defeat for Matt “the Mutt” Miller! Vote was 5-4 passing the budget almost at the 11th hour. You know who were not happy campers.

Thank you! Mr Vadney, Dr McCartney!

Peter E. Brown, NO!
Mary Partridge-Brown NO!
Matt Miller MAYBE!
Is Running for a Seat on the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Board of Education

Who's Really Going to be On the Board of Education?!?

Who’s Really Going to be On the Board of Education?!?

Are You Confused Enough Yet to Cast Your Vote?

Brown will be NYSUT's, Deluca's, and Matt Miller's Sockpuppet!

Brown will be NYSUT’s, Deluca’s, and Matt Miller’s Sockpuppet!

We really had to have a good laugh when we saw the post on RCS Friends and More, the Facebook Coeymanazi announcement page dominated by the Friends of Cathy and Jerry Deluca. We read there that Peter E. Brown, Mary Partridge-Brown’s lawyer husband, is running for a seat on the RCS board of education. You know, the Mary Partridge-Brown who is so very close” to NYSUT union rep and former double-dipper teacher, Matt-the-Mutt Miller. Sure, you know her, at BoE meetings she’s always sitting with Matt Miller in the front row. (Did you ever ask where her husband is? The one who never attends a BoE meeting but is “running”.) Yes. Looks like NYSUT is trying to get back on the RCS BoE through the back door again.

I’d also like to remind readers that these are the same people who vehemently and vociferously opposed hiring Dr Alan R. McCartney, a professional superintendent, who is pulling this district out of the sinkhole teacher-favorite Elizabeth “Betsy” Smith left this district in, before she jumped ship and deserted the district. Who can forget Matt Miller’s vicious attacks?

 Here are More of the Ugly facts And Why
Peter E. Brown is Unfit to Run for
the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk
Board of Education:

Mary Partridge-Brown writes on the RCS Friends and More Facebook page:

My husband Patrick is running for the school board. Here’s an excerpt of his bio. My wife, Mary, and I have made our life in Coeymans since 1996. [Editor’s Note: He actually lives in Feura Bush, in the Town of New Scotland! He doesn’t live in Coeymans! LIAR!] We have three daughters, two of whom graduated from RCS in 2011. Our youngest daughter is now a freshman at the high school. Mary is an educator by training and experience and for several years has been an active volunteer in the District. [Editor’s Note: If Mary is “an educator by training and experience,” does that mean she’s a teacher, an aerobics instructor? If she’s such a hot-shot “educator” why is she “volunteering”? Oh, those nasty questions!]
I am an attorney and a small business owner [Editor’s Note: No, he’s just an attorney. Stop the lies, Peter. Your starting to sound like Peter of “Family Man.” There’s a big difference between being a lawyer and a “small business owner!” Gee, you know that, don’t you?]. I started my legal career in public service with the State’s highest court and later served as Assistant Counsel to Governor Mario M. Cuomo. [Editor’s Note: OK. Now we’re on to something BIG: Peter E. Brown advises Governor Mario Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo’s father. Caution: Constitution-burning simians on the loose!] In 2001, with my partner David Weintraub, I founded and now own a law firm in Albany. Our principle [Editor’s Note: I think the lawyer had a brain fart and means “principal.”]  function is to provide our clients with strategies to effectively deal with government. In all of my professional capacities I am required to be a problem solver and a consensus builder. I believe those skills and experiences will make me an effective school board member. [Editor’s Note: No. It means you’ll jump directly into bed with your wife’s friend Matt Miller and the teacher’s clique. Period. We’ll be set back at least a decade in the RCS district with you on the board.]
My father was a steamfitter and we moved around a lot when I was a kid. I spent three great years of my childhood living on Pulver Ave in Ravena, playing Little League at Mosher Park and attending Pieter B.  [Editor’s Note:  OK. More than 50 years ago he played in Ravena. Now that’s a real attention-getter if there is one!] None of my school experiences could ever compare with 5th grade at Pieter B. Coeymans with Mrs. Nuite who quite literally changed my life by instilling discipline in me, by challenging me, and giving me confidence to think for myself. The Mrs. Nuite’s of the world are precious, and like all special things, they do not just happen- they must be cultivated, supported and appreciated. [Editor’s Note: Mr Peter E. Brown’s nostalgia just gave him away. He’s married to an educator, has fondest memories of a teacher in his life, and calls that teacher “precious.” Do you think he has a partiality for teachers? He writes that “[teachers] must be cultivated, supported and appreciated.” Can you guess where this is going?]  That can only happen in a community where education is cherished. [Editor’s Note: I think we need to probe a little deeper into this whole excerpt from the Collected Works of Bullshit. Does Mr Brown think we came down with the last shower? We see through you, Peter!] I want to represent that community on the RCS School Board. [Editor’s Note: There’s only two communities that Peter E. Brown wants to serve: the community of Peter E. Brown and the community of Matt Miller and NYSUT. Let’s be clear about that!]

Does it get any better? Endorsed by a public louse!

Does it get any better?
Endorsed by a public louse!

Jim Youmans writes: He has my vote. [Editor’s Note: Youman’s endorsement would sooner get him tarred and feathered than voted in!]

We Have Some Remarks about Mr Peter E. Brown, Esq.:

(Mary Partridge Brown keep quiet. We want hubby to respond. He’s the so-called strawman candidate.)

Peter E. Brown

Peter E. Brown

  • Mr Peter E. Brown lives in Feura Bush, town of New Scotland. How close in his heart and soul really, is Mr Peter E. Brown to Ravena, Coeymans, New Baltimore, even Selkirk?
  • Even if we turn a blind eye to his initial lies and b.s., Mr Peter E. Brown is quite a busy man with his law practice and the rest of his activities. How will he possibly find time to give adequate attention to his duties and responsibilities to the residents of the RCS CSD if he is elected to be a member of the board of education? We don’t think he’ll have the time nor do we think we’ll be getting a fair deal if he’s elected.
  • Mr Peter E. Brown resides in the Town of New Scotland, in the hamlet of Feura Bush. He is only part of the RCS CSD and votes in the town of Coeymans by some fluke of districting. Now, I ask all of you readers, do you think Mr Peter E. Brown, living in Feura Bush, in the Town of New Scotland, really cares what happens in Ravena, Coeymans, New Baltimore, or even Selkirk. Be real, now. His interests lie with his social equals in Albany and Feura Bush and we know damned well that we in Ravena, Coeymans, Selkirk aren’t his “social” types. Just look at his record for attending BoE meetings: ZERO! Has he personally ever appeared to make a statement about what’s going on in this RCS school district? NEVER! What makes you think that all of a sudden he’s passionately interested in what’s going on here?
  • In the Facebook plug, his name isn’t even mentioned. What’s his name, Mary Partridge-Brown? His wife, Mary Partridge Brown just refers to him as “my husband.” Or isn’t that important. You’re asking people to vote for your husband, Mary P-B, but he doesn’t have a name. Oh, we get it. His name is not important because YOUR name appears on the post. Do we have it right? He’s campaigning but YOU’RE the one who’s running, right? He’s just going to warm a chair seat at BoE meetings, like Edward Reville, and do what Mary says…and the Delucas, and Matt Miller. Why don’t you just endorse an Arby’s Reuben sandwich? At least you can eat it!
  • My question is how many times have you seen this character at a BoE meeting? How many times have you heard him get up and speak pro or con about an issue troubling this community? How many times have you read a letter to the editor from this guy? And now he pops out of a crack in the wall and writes up an installment for Love-Fest Journal begging for your votes! Isn’t that typical politics around here, though. You never hear anything about them until they are kissing ass for a vote!
  • And why is his wife putting out his bio if he’s so gung-ho about the community? Yes, that’s the kind of guy I want representing me…let’s his wife do his talking for him. Now that’s real interest in the community. What’s his recent record in the community NOW, not 30 years ago?
  • And Mary Partridge-Brown describes…excuse me…her husband describes her in the excerpt that Mary herself publishes on Facebook…as an “educator.” Why doesn’t he just come out and say, “She’s a freakin’ teacher!” or “She volunteers or works in the high-school library” or, more honestly, “She sits on Matt Miller’s lap during RCS board of education meetings.” Let’s ask where Mary Partridge-Brown works as an educator and drop all the smoke screen and lies!
  • But the facts are: Mary Partridge-Brown helps out at the high-school library (“educator”???), donates time and does book drives. According to our sources she is not gainfully employed. But reliable sources inform us that she is very close to Matt Miller (Anyone who attends the RCS BoE meetings or watches them would know that. But Mr Peter E. Brown doesn’t attend BoE meetings).
  • What this means is that Mr Peter E. Brown is the candidate but Mary Partridge-Brown is calling the shots and Matt the Mutt Miller of double-dipping renown, NYSUT teachers union rep will be doing the voting on the board. If you trust this toxic mix, why don’t you just drink some Draino and do yourself a favor.
  • And of course, the “louse-in-a-man-suit former Coeymans town supervisor Jim Youmans, may the hair on his back fall out in clumps, publicly writes, and several lusers “like” his comment (probably the Partridge-Brown tribe), “He has my vote!” So what’s that supposed to mean? Simply that Jerry Deluca doesn’t have to abuse and misuse confidential information to find out how Jim Younis votes?

Patrick E. Brown
DOB: October 8, 1956 (M)
Zabel Hill Road
Feura Bush 12067
Residence: Town of New Scotland
Town Voting District: Coeymans
Political Affiliation: Democrat

Mary Partridge-Brown
DOB: September 25, 1957 (F)
Zabel Hill Road
Feura Bush 12067
Residence: Town of New Scotland
Town Voting District: Coeymans
Political Affiliation: Democrat

[Source: Albany County Board of Elections Voter Lists]


Here’s Patrick E. Brown’s self-description on his law firm’s Internet site (the comments are our own):

Patrick E. Brown spent over a decade providing legal and public policy counsel to the judges of the state’s highest court and Governor Cuomo.

What this means is that he has experience in suppressing your rights and burning the Constitution. He has actually provided legal information and advice to the Cuomos. You know the rest of the story.

He has spent the last 12 years providing legal and strategic advice to companies of all sizes, unions, hospitals and other non-profit organizations, and associations.

So we know where his loyalties will be. Certainly not in a struggling community like Coeymans, Ravena, New Baltimore…unless we’ve got some companies, unions, hospitals and the like who need his “legal and strategic advice.” Judging by the economy and by the unions’ activities, Peter E. Brown’s legal advice isn’t doing them or us much good. Maybe Peter should go into selling used cars; I’m sure he’d do very well as a used car salesman. He’s just not cutting it here, though.

His expertise in the areas of ethics, election law, health care, economic development, gaming, and Indian law has proved invaluable to our clients since he began as a founding partner here in 2001.



This is the part that really gets me where it hurts. “ethics, election law…economic development.” Brown claims to be on the Coeymans zoning board of appeals. If he’s so damned interested in this community, where’s all this legal and strategic advice he’s handing out. I don’t see anything happening in Coeymans. If he’s such a specialist in “ethics” why are we having such problems in the RCS CSD with unethical practices à la Matt Miller and the teachers clique? If he’s so damned specialized in election law, how in hell did we get into the scandalous mess of the last budget and BoE elections? Doesn’t anyone notice that his wife Mary Partridge-Brown is in our faces all over the place, is a real girl-friend with Cathy Deluca, and we’ve already mentioned the conspicuous relationship with Matt Miller. Ethics? Election law? Are you crazy, Peter E. Brown? You must be even to show your face around here!

During his decade of public service, Mr. Brown was Chief Law Assistant to the New York State Court of Appeals, First Assistant Counsel to Governor Cuomo and Director of Industry and Community Relations at the Department of Economic Development.

We got your number with the court of appeals and the connection with abuse of power and undue influence probability in terms of attorney discipline (the Court of Appeals handles attorney discipline). We’ve also commented on your Cuomo-connection, and it ain’t pretty. And whatever you’ve been telling the Director of Industry and Community Relations and the Department of Economic Development isn’t working. So, really, I’m not quite ready to put my money on your horse, buddy. (Maybe you should open a used book shop, I understand Mary, you know, your wife, has a ton of them.)

He was also the state’s chief negotiator with Indian Tribes and Nations.

Now, I can go with this “Indian Tribes and Nations” because I think Indians are really cool. But the only problem is: The only Indians we have in this area are the RCS Indians, and even that moniker comes under fire for political correctness. Nah! That’s not going to work in RCS. You’ll have to find some other Indians, Petey-boy.

Mr. Brown is a member of the Town of Coeymans Zoning Board of Appeals.

Surprise! No comment.

dont-believe-the-liesSo that’s our findings on Mr Peter E. Brown, husband of Mary Partridge-Brown, who has some questionable connections with Matt Miller and the New York State United Teachers union, and the very questionable relationship with the teachers clique. I’m  not even going to mention the close relationships with Cathy and “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca.  Peter E. Brown is definitely one to keep out of the BoE and, if possible, out of the district. But he doesn’t seem to have spent very much time involved in the district or in the BoE in the past, and that should speak volumes about his motivation and purposes in seeking election to be a member of the RCS CSD board of education. We need to be very, very careful here.

As usual, if you find that you have any facts that contradict our information, we would be very grateful if you’d let us know so we can do the proper investigations and, if necessary, make the appropriate corrections.

Read More about Peter E. Brown and his Law Practice

We Hope You Do, Too! The Editor

We Hope You Do, Too!
The Editor


“Qui tacet consentire videtur ubi loqui debuit ac potuit.”
“Silence is admission when when the accused ought to have spoken and was able to.”

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!


2 responses to “Patrick E. Brown, Candidate? The Ugly Truth Is….

  1. Joe Ennis

    April 23, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    You are ass the stuff you say about the brown family is not true you need to get your facts straight


    • RCS Confidential

      April 23, 2013 at 6:58 pm

      Welcome, Joe, and thank you for reading the blog. I’m not quite certain what you are writing; it’s somewhat illiterate. But if you feel that some of the facts are “not true” and that we need to get the “facts straight”, it would be very helpful if you were to tell us which facts happen to be upsetting you, and why. We’ll be very happy to learn which ones you feel are incorrect and, if you can make a good showing why they are incorrect, as is our policy, we will be very pleased to correct them and, if the occasion merits, to apologize to our readers for any error.

      It is totally irresponsible and inappropriate simply to write an illiterate comment making an accusation and leaving it at that.

      Thank you once again. We look forward to hearing back from you with your “facts.”

      The Editor



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