You Are What You Eat…Buy Your Garbage at the Ravena Shop’n Save!

10 Apr

Buy Your Garbage at the Ravena Shop’n Save and Keep Your Shopping Dollars Local

Shop'n Save Stores Are Supplied by HannafordShop'Save Supermarkets are apparently the bottom-feeder option in one-horse towns.

Shop’n Save Stores Are Supplied by Hannaford
Shop’Save Supermarkets are apparently the bottom-feeder option in one-horse towns.

We’ve received an interesting request from a local resident that deserves some comment. It’s not a story of corruption—or is it?—and not about Coeymanazis or psycho-cops or corrupt government. It’s about a resident keeping his dollars locally and made to regret it by a local business owner.

It explains why so many businesses are going out of business or leaving the area. It explains, at least in part, why people would rather go to Glenmont or to Delmar to shop, keep fit, or to bank.

Here’s what the reader has to say:

Save Time And Money;Don't Shop at Shop'n SaveOr at least avoid the Ravena Shop'n Save

Save Time And Money;
Don’t Shop at Shop’n Save

Or at least do yourself a favor and avoid the
Ravena Shop’n Save

Dear Blog Editor:

I know this is not something really important or something you’d want to put on your blog, knowing you have bigger fish to fry, but I would like to let you know, and maybe you’ll find it interesting enough to put on your blog.Today is Sunday and I went out early to do pick up a couple of items to do a nice Sunday brunch.Now, I wanted to stay local and not make a world-tour of just getting a couple of items so I took the chance and went to the Ravena Shop’n Save (even though past experiences were not the best).I picked up eggs, orange juice, bacon, bread and a package of strawberries. I wanted some other items, including green peppers, but they were really garbage, soft and wrinkled, so I passed on items like that. But I did mention it to the produce person that they really shouldn’t be sold. He agreed (but didn’t do anything about it).

So I checked out and paid my $19.46 and headed home.We start to do the breakfast/brunch and open the strawberries. Many were rotten and several were actually moldy. If any of them could be used, they’d have to be cleaned up. It looked like only about 1/2 the package could be used.I was unhappy and decided to go back to Shop’n Save to give them a piece of my mind and get my money back, plus compensation for my time, fuel, and emotions.

Well, I got there and had to wait for someone to notice me at the “Customer Service” counter. An assistant manager, pleasant enough, came over and asked if she could help. I explained the problem and she asked if I had my receipt. I said No! But pointed out the cashier and reminded her that she, herself, had bagged the purchases. I remembered the exact items and the exact amount and told her the receipt is probably in the cashier’s waste bin. The Assistant Manager called across the store to the cashier that she “Needed to go through her garbage to find a receipt.” I told her that was disgusting and she replied that she couldn’t refund my money without the receipt or a store manager’s approval (Why was she an assistant manager?).

She fetched the garbage bag, went thru the contents and found the receipt! She then fills out a form, hands the book to me and asks me to provide a list of personal contact information. I found that bizarre and very complicated but I cooperated. She then asked me if I had a penny. By this time I tell her, “I’m really working too hard for this.” But I hand her a penny and she hands me four singles, turns to another customer and starts taking care of him. I’m standing there a bit stunned and ask her, “Is that all there is. Is that it?” She responds, “That’s your refund.” I return, “But what about my time, my gas, my trouble? Don’t you people care about that?” She replies, “Do you want to speak to a manager?” I answer, “Yes!”

Several minutes later some kid approaches the counter—I don’t even take notice because I’m waiting for a “manager,” someone who maybe looks like a manager—and the Assistant Manager announces this is the manager.Without introducing himself he looks at me and asks, “What’s the problem.” So I explain the problem and his problem with selling garbage (I explained to him the several items of produce I had earlier examined and found too far gone for human consumption.). I also mentioned that I expected a bit more consideration than $3.99 and I got not even an “I’m sorry.” I asked who exactly he was, what’s his name, he responded “Kyle Smith. My family owns this store.”

I then repeated that I expected some gesture that someone was concerned about my inconvenience and my unhappiness. Mr Smith simply responded with a strange look, “You want more?” I said “Yes. I do. I expect some customer care, customer service.” Mr Smith then invited me into one of the aisles so we had privacy. I told Mr Smith I didn’t need privacy that I wanted shoppers to hear my complaint.

Mr Smith had not even looked in the bag yet but when I mentioned rotten fruit he actually asked, “Strawberries?

Eat them yourself, Smith! We don't want them!

Eat them yourself, Smith! We don’t want them!

I asked, “How did you know that?” He responded, “They’re usually the first to go. [That’s why] They’re on sale.” So, I said, “You know you’re selling us garbage, so you put it on sale to get rid of it and get your money. We take it home and have to cut half of it off and throw it away. That means that we’re paying more than the regular price, considering what has to get thrown out. We might as well go to Hannaford in Delmar or PriceChopper in Glenmont, we’d save money by paying full price. We’d save gas by not having to make two trips. That’s robbery!”

With a dull look on his face, he responded, “You want more?” By that time I had had enough and could have kicked myself in the ass for having allowed myself to be victimized again by Shop’n Save in Ravena. Just thought I’d let you know.

Thank you!

Well, yes, Ravena-Coeymans is a one-horse town.

The Smith family who run the Shop’n Save know that and the treatment their customers receive shows that fact. Actually, they cater more to the social welfare crowd who don’t really care because they survive on high-calorie junk food and don’t really give a damn for fresh veggies or fruits.

I personally took a short ride to Shop’n Save myself just to see what was going on. Yes, the soft mushy green peppers, about 8 of them, were lonely and rotten in the baskets, several other items looked like they had seen better, much better days (perhaps even in another Hannaford store before the got to Shop’n Save), and the strawberries were still out and still fragrantly past their prime, and you could see the mold on the bottom of the clear plastic package. The were indeed on sale for $3.99. Cheap for garbage.

Hannaford's Official Logo Actually Features Fresh-Looking Produce!

Hannaford’s Official Logo Actually Features Fresh-Looking Produce!

Most of the people who must shop at the Ravena Shop’n Save don’t have a choice of going to Delmar or Glenmont so they make their taxpayer-supported purchases there; why should they care, it’s not their money, it’s ours.

The problem I have with this entire scenario is that Kyle Smith and the Smith’s are actually taking taxpayer money for garbage, and profiting by that low-life scheme. It’s the whole story of the “captive audience.”

The Smith’s apparently don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about their customer service, which is nada, zero, zilch. Welfare customers don’t complain and the Ravena Shop’n Save apparently doesn’t get many more discerning customers to care about customer care.

This might seem like small potatoes to many readers but there are some very disturbing things going on here.  First of all, Ravena-Coeymans is a one-horse town. That’s all there is and no one cares, least of all the Smith family and “manager” Kyle Smith, who apparently has no management training and definitely no customer service training. They have their Oakbrook Manor clientele and in their small-town minds, that keeps them going.

Second, anyone who can will go outside of the area to do their major shopping. And one of the major expenses of any middle-class or even working class household is groceries and household items. Could run into the tens of thousands of dollars a week for even a small community like Ravena-Coeymans, and those dollars are going to Delmar, Albany, Glenmont, Colonie. Say bye-bye! Because under conditions like that, more businesses are going to fail and you’ll have more empty business property in Ravena-Coeymans.

Thirdly, running a business like the Smith family  apparently does is literally theft of taxpayer dollars. Or, even if we were to say that welfare shoppers don’t buy fruit or veggies, it’s still dishonest because they are knowingly selling sub-standard produce by deceptively marking it down, knowing that a good portion is unedible and must be thrown away. They’re selling us garbage to recoup their profits! How’s that make you feel?

Fourthly, it’s the attitude that really hurts the area. The very fact that shoppers and consumers in this Ravena-Coeymans area are treated like turds has far-reaching effects on everyone. The stupid attitude shown by Kyle Smith says it all. What he told our reader amounts to: “I don’t give a rat’s ass about your time, gas, or feelings. How dare you want more. You got your money back. Now get your sorry ass out of here.” How do you think the reader’s attitude would have changed dramatically if Smith simply said, “Gee, I’m really sorry you had this experience. Let me make it up to you. Would a $10.00 gift certificate help?” I believe Yes! It would have helped. The reader would have felt better and probably would have come back, spent his/her $10 and more. The reader would have left feeling like a valued customer instead of a door mat.

But that’s what Ravena-Coeymans is: A third-world community with third-world attitudes, and third-world services.

This explains a lot about Ravena-Coeymans: You are what you eat…or what Kyle Smith and the Ravena Shop’n Save want to sell you to eat.

Yes! Reader, this is important and it affects not only you, personally, but as you can see, affects the entire region in many ways. Thank you very much for sending in your story.

And YES! We’d Like to Hear from the Smith Family, the “Owners” of the Ravena Shop’n Save and from Hannaford Headquarters. Just Leave a Public Comment!

third world food searchIs This the Next Step?
We’re Third World Already
The Editor


14 responses to “You Are What You Eat…Buy Your Garbage at the Ravena Shop’n Save!

  1. I pity the fool

    April 10, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    dude this whole things a bunch of crap and this person is far from being honest. this webiste is a bunch of shit too holier than thou want something for nothing people. ravena shop n save bends over backwards for people this customer wanted something more than a refund or strawberries he or she wanted gas money and just to be a beotch. ive shopped there since they have opened and i have never ever and i repeat NEVER EVER HAD A PROBLEM THERE. the workers are all great workers the customer service does a great job they are friendly. only a select few bitch. and as for your oakbrook manor comment go fuck yourself jabroni i live here and i ainta scumbag i bust my ass for all i have what do you do website editor? sit on your fat ass and talk shita bout everyone show your real identity weasle boy!


    • RCS Confidential

      April 10, 2013 at 4:10 pm

      You are exactly the kind of customer I think the Ravena Shop’n Save is there to scam. Your comment speaks for itself, if your run-ons, deplorable grammar, trailer-type language is anything to judge by. It’s no wonder you have no problem at the Ravena Shop’n Save you’re illiterate and are exactly the type we’re referring to when we refer to welfare state.

      I would disagree with your statement about the Ravena Shop’n Save bending over backwards. In fact, I think it would be more accurate to say that the Ravena Shop’n Save, the Smith family, and from what I hear about Kyle Smith, expect their customers to bend over, so that they can do them one.

      Our recommendations to you would be: continue shopping at the Ravena Shop’n Save, it’s your kind of place. Then learn some English grammar, get your GED and get a job. Then you’ll be able to get to Hannaford, Trader Joe’s, or some other decent vendor so you can see how good the rest of the world is living. Then get a life, or a boyfriend. You really need one.

      Thank you for your comment.

      The Editor

      P.s. You mention real identity. We note that you used a fake name. Back to you, “Weasel Gal.”


      • I pity the fool

        April 10, 2013 at 9:07 pm

        thank you for responding you pretty much proved to me you are what i suspect you to be. you are a stand on your soap box wannabe holier than thou piece of garbage. ive seen garbage with better class than you. you act as if you know me calling me a gal when im not, im a man. i am a man with integrity. you try acting like you know what goes on in that store when you obviously dont. yous it on your ass all day typing garbage about this one and that one and this business and that business. but guess what no one really listens to shitbags like you. im only paying attention because you are ripping on good people and i dont take kindly to that. ill give you my real name and number and info when you put your real name and info out there instead of that gay rcs confidential bullshit. shows how far your education went mr. rcs. im an rcs graduate class of 1998 thats the only clue ill be giving you in other words piss off. keep running your mouth about people and places karma is a bitch dude and your karma is about ready to turn ugly i curse you and everything you stand for this lying smut website is going to go down


      • RCS Confidential

        April 10, 2013 at 9:18 pm

        We are publishing this lunatic’s incoherent babbling as an example of some of the types that send in comments. If this character who calls him/herself “I pity the fool” (we have its e-mail address which goes something like “”) is an example of the type that shops at or works at Ravena Shop’n Save, I think the New York State Police and Albany County Sheriff should be on alert because this is a real CRAAAZEEEEE. If s/he thinks s/he’s helping or supporting anyone s/he needs to get some serious help.

        We hope our sane readers enjoy this character’s incoherent babble and appreciate that this person is living proof of what we had to say about Ravena Shop’n Save.

        Please, carry some protection if you shope at Ravena Shop’n Save…creatures like this one may be lurking in the produce section, feeding on rotten moldy strawberries (it affects their heads).


        The Editor


  2. carlos

    April 9, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    I think its CRAZY to ask for more than what you paid for. We are talking about Strawberries. Whoopdila !!! Lady, get a life. You got more items than just strawberries. What compensation would you require for you to be happy ? Seriously ??? You want someone to pay for your gas to get cheap food and not want it when you prolly ate 3rd of it.
    I work for a hotel, and my picky guests come nowhere close to this buffoon asking for more than her charged amount. LUDICROUS.


    • RCS Confidential

      April 10, 2013 at 6:41 am

      You are an embarassment even to a flop joint! You are an embarassment to any service profession. You are an embarassment to your community. But you are an example of why businesses fail. You are an example of why communities fail. You are an example of why relationships fail.

      Your lack of concern for service, and that’s the bottom line, Sir, service. If you and your kind didn’t have everything handed to them and didn’t feel that they should get everything as a right and not as a privledge you might be singing a different toon. If people like you had to appreciate the fact that you have a job, a business, and didn’t have the opportunity to be irresponsible you’d sing a different toon. If the welfare state were not there to catch your sorry ass when you get fired for your dumbass attitude, you’d sing a different toon! You are an example of the kind of product that comes out of a society that has no concept of service, the ME society. It’s all about YOU! Well, I hate to burst your stupid bubble, but it’s not.

      Let me remind you, you BUFFOON, that your “picky guests” keep your ass out of a homeless shelter!

      The Editor


  3. R.

    April 9, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    How about treating the customer service staff like human beings and not like second class citizens? Or demand that they go “fetch” that receipt out of the garbage can. You didn’t find it so “disgusting” when you demanded that I retrieve the receipt from her garbage can!


    • RCS Confidential

      April 9, 2013 at 8:09 pm

      I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about. My reading of the e-mail is that “fetch” is used simply to mean “get.” It wasn’t the customer who felt that the receipt had to be “fetched” but the assistant manager who wanted it for whatever her purposes were. She, not the customer, needed the receipt. I see nowhere in the report that would indicate that anyone, except for the customer, was treated like a “second class citizen.” In retail, I think most persons with any business savvy would agree, that the customer, the bread and butter of business, should be treated like gold; that was not the case in the incident we report. Furthermore, in retail, you don’t have expectations, it’s the customer’s expectations that have to be met. Where to you get off thinking that a third-world garbage vendor’s employees have any expectations when it comes to a well-founded customer complaint. Your entire frame of mind is perverse!

      And yes, when a customer service rep, an assistant manager allegedly shouts across several cashiers that she needs to go through a cashier’s garbage, YES! I, too, find that a bit unsavory, yes, indeed, even disgusting. We’re not talking big money here, we’re talking $4 !!!!

      So, you apparently have a self-esteem problem and need to do some ego-enhancement work. You seem to be missing the entire point and are identifying with a bottom-feeder situation.

      In our opinion, the customer had every right to expect better treatment. In our opinion, the customer was a bit naïve expecting professionalism from any business in the Ravena-Coeymans area. In our opinion, the Ravena Shop’n Save is a ghetto trap and doesn’t deserve customers who expect more from the businesses where they are leaving their cash. In our opinion, the Ravena Shop’n Save and the Smith family deserve the whipping they got.

      They and their employees would never tow the mark at a real PriceChopper, Aldis, Trader Joe’s, or any vendor that really values their customers.

      Thanks for your comment. You must be from Ravena-Coeymans!



  4. Simon

    April 8, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    A few months ago at Price Chopper, I noticed they had their brand pancake mix on sale. Without looking, I bought the last 3 boxes on the shelf.

    Of course, once I got home my wife (I don’t notice these details!) saw that all 3 boxes were 6+ months past their expiration.

    I brought them back to the store.

    The customer service rep not only let me take a larger sized name-brand box at the same sale price as their store brand, but also gave me a PC gift card on top for my troubles.

    As much as PC isn’t the same economical deal it used to be, I really appreciate when a company stands behind their products and sales.



    • RCS Confidential

      April 8, 2013 at 3:13 pm

      Absolutely on target, Simon. We all want to feel valued as human beings and as customers. PC has a reputation for customer care and should be proud of it.

      But, then, we are comparing first world with third world, aren’t we? We’re talking PC everywhere but Coeymans and Shop’n Save in Ravena. Literally worlds apart.

      Thanks again for a very fine response.



  5. Concerned Citizen for Town of Coeymans & Ravena Residents

    April 8, 2013 at 8:21 am

    The entire atmosphere of Ravena is just poor!! I’ve had so many bad experiences w/Shop N Save in Ravena over the years and they are definitely VERY HESITANT on making good on any product they sell…I stopped venturing to Shop N Save because of the absolute rudeness from employees and I’ve realized it’s worth it traveling the few extra miles to Glenmont to shop even if it’s for only a few products…Price Chopper and Walmart are absolutely great and I’ve never had an attitude or negative issue w/the employees of either store…now S n S…a totally different story…I wish they’d get rid of S n S and put a PC into the space…but, I’m sure, even Neil Golub knows the ramifications of starting any sort of business in Ravena/Coeymans…FAILURE! Although…there is enough Welfare Recipients in the R/C area to keep S n S going and unfortunately it’s our hard earned money thats allowing those welfare recipients 2 keep this Failure of a supermarket in business!!
    Just very glad to say that I don’t live in the troubled/problem area of R or C and can say I’m a Selkirk resident!


    • RCS Confidential

      April 8, 2013 at 8:43 am

      Thanks, Concerned, for your comment. Regrettably, a great many of working people and real taxpayers are starting to feel the same way as you are, and leaving Ravena-Coeymans. Just look at the place. Those who stay can’t afford to leave.

      But as long as there’s a buck to steal and corruption in Albany to protect the crooks, the vampires will drain the area dry of any decent folk, and then the real estate barons like Flach and Biscone, with the help of their lackeys like Flach and Conrad, Dolan and Boehme, and the support of the Coeymanazi Gestapo police department and the milk-toast ignorant town justices, will make a killing on the give-away real estate.

      There is an obvious, conspicuous plan in the doing in Ravena-Coeymans. Just watch. But beware, the infection can spread so insidiously to Selkirk. It’s already infected New Baltimore!



  6. Laszlo Polyak

    April 7, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    These are the kinds of stories or letter to the editors that you won’t see in the News Herald. However, You do have other avenues. You can contact Hannaford themselves (and they do take things seriously). I remember a year and a half ago a little girl 6 or 7 holding her ground with the customer service over four Hannaford soda return cans for a 20 cent return (the return machine wasnt reading the bar code) the Ravena Shop and Save refused to give her the 20 cents on a product they obviously sell. The mother of the child contacted Hannaford since it was their soda brand and they more than happily gave her the 20 cents plus a case of soda free.

    You also have the ability to complain to the NYS Attorney General Consumer Protection and/or the Albany County/NYS Health Departments. Normally stores not only give you your money back, but offer you the product free for your inconvenience. Sour milk justed opened as I understand is the most common return within the exp date. These are the stories we who live in Southern Albany and northern Green County need to be made aware of. I want to thank the contributer for enlightening us. Hopefully the owners will change their policies.


    • RCS Confidential

      April 7, 2013 at 5:41 pm

      Yes, of course there are other avenues to seek recourse. But the point I think the disgruntled reader and I am trying to make is that the solution is much simple: Dump the Ravena-Coeymans self-destructive attitude and just be customer friendly.

      Why is it that anywhere else the store manager is more than ready to do his/her best to heal wounds and keep a happy customer? In Ravena-Coeymans it’s like, “You want better? Get outa here!” These people just can’t accept that they get caught screwing us whenever they can. When they get caught, they get all arrogant. I say BOYCOTT the BASTIDS! They need us, we don’t need them. Maybe when Kyle Smith’s daddy starts feeling the crunch he’ll teach sonny slob how to be nice to the people who are paying them.

      Why should the consumer have to go to the ends of the earth to get treated fairly? It should be a no-brainer!

      Nuf said. It’s obvious what needs to be done. Now it’s public, it’s out there. Now let Shop’n Save, Hannaford, Kyle Smith, and the Smith family robbers make it right.

      The Editor



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