02 Apr

 Albany District Attorney P. David Soares Got Another Faceful of Rotten Egg Today When a Town of Bethlehem Judge Dismissed All Charges Against Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk Central School District Board of Ed President

Mr John M. Vadney


All Charges were Dismissed for Lack of Evidence as there was “No Truth to the Charges.” Not Only Does Mr John Vadney Deserve this Commuity’s Hearfelt Congratulations for Having Stood His Ground Like a True Hero and Holding Out Against the Forces of Evil in His Community, He Should Demand a Public Apology for the Harassment He Received at the Hands of  Arch-Corrupt Albany County District Attorney P.[udenda] David Soares, the Albany Times Union a.k.a. Albany Times Useless, the Local Rags (the Official Newspaper of the Coeymanazis, the Ravena News Herald) and News Channels 6, 10, and 13!

rat-poisonFurthermore, Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares Should Be Drummed of Public Office and Barred from Practicing Law in New York State or Anywhere Else for the Outrageous Travesty of Justice and the Shameful Waste of Public Money in His Relentless and Malicious Attempt at Prosecuting an Innocent Man. If Soares and his lackeys had a set of rat’s balls among them they would have been honest and ethical in view of the total lack of facts and the circumstances and refused to get involved. But NO! Faithful to their Albany Democrat Politics they had to join in the Coeymanazi retaliation. In other words, Albany DA obviously was involved in the Coeymanazi conspiracy!


Soares Sucks

fat bastard traceyThe case has been dragging on and on since May 2012, when Mr Joseph “Joe” Tracey, father of sociopath Josephine ‘Tracey-O’Connor, famed former RCS board of education clown and wannabe teacher, filed trumped up charges against Mr Vadney, alleging Mr Vadney called him names. The more than 200 pound lump of wuss-flesh was allegedly part of a conspiracy to embarass Mr Vadney and a feeble-minded attempt to force him to resign from his position as board president. The idiotic circus program was hatched by the Coeymanazis nesting in the Coeymans Police Department and in the RCS high-school where New York State United Teachers local rep, Matthew “Matt-the-Mutt” Miller, is the inside man for the teachers clique on the RCS board of education.

The so-called teachers clique made up of Alice Whalen, Howard “Bray” Engel, James “Jimmy” Latter, and Edward “Teddy” Reville, at the time of the fraudulent charges also included whacko-woman Josephine O’Connor and Tracey Traver, both of the teachers clique. The clique was actively supported by the likes of Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca and his bottle-blond partner, Cathy Deluca, and a ragtag bunch of psycho victims who were capable of just about anything, judging by the likes of Joe Tracey and his daughter Josephine Tracey-O’Connor.

It seems that after the 2012 budget vote was passed under suspicious circumstances under the guidance of Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca and his mob of Coeymanazis, and with the backing of the NYSUT nuggie Matt-the-Mutt Miller, the Coeymanazis and the teachers union’s  only way to deliver on their empty promises was to control the board of education.

Congratulations Mr Vadney & Supporters!

Congratulations Mr Vadney & Supporters!

But Mr Vadney’s group was voted in and took the majority, grabbing the prize and the board out of the teachers and Coeymanazi’s greedy kleptomaniac hands. Mr Vadney was confirmed as president of the board and Mr Michael Robbins was elected to be vice-president.

Readers will recall that we covered the events extensively on this blog and you can search the blog to read all of the real facts.

Readers will also recall how the teachers clique and the Coeymanazis made every attempt to oust Mr Rodney Krzykowski and to defame Mr Jeff Lukens. Neither conspiracy worked.

Judge Judy:WTF!?!

Judge Judy:
She can’t believe what goes on in RCS!

Mr Joe Tracey was allegedly put up to first harass and to threaten the board president’s family when Tracey, gutless coward that he is, appeared at the offices of the family business and verbally abused Mr Vadney’s sister. Of course, there were witnesses, but when Ms Vadney attempted to file a complaint with the Coeymans Police, Kerry Thompson refused to take the complaint. A female police officer who asked not to be identified later informed Ms Vadney that what Thompson had done was wrong and that she, the officer, would make sure it got into the file. (You’ll also recall how we broke the story about Coeymans police chief Gregory Darlington’s hiring of Thompson to be his personal assistant at mre than $31/h!) Coeymanazis take care of their own!

So there is evidence that the Coeymans Police Department was involved in the conspiracy not only with Thompson’s refusal to take the complaint against Tracey but also the fact that Gerald “Dirty-Hands-Jerry” Deluca is a close friend of Josephine Tracey-O’Connor, the one who claimed that Mr Vadney called her “fat” (well, actually, she’s not what you would really call petite).  Witnesses to the entire scene testify that no such thing ever happened. It was a bare face lie.

So, dear readers, Truth and Justice won in the end, and that doesn’t happen often in this RCS community or in Albany County so we are all witnesses to a truly historic moment.


It’s Time to Change Back
To What We Once Had
The Editor

The case against Mr Vadney is DISMISSED and Joe Tracey gets 6 MONTHS PROBATION!

The Court has done the right thing in terms of Justice; now let’s see if the local media has the guts to do the right thing and publish the truth! 


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  1. Simon

    April 8, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    I have many differences of opinion with Mr. Vadney and gang; however I prefer to have a serious discussion about the issues and not goof around with the courts.



    • RCS Confidential

      April 8, 2013 at 3:10 pm

      Simon, it is your privilege and prerogative to differ in opinion and to dissent and to enter into civil and constructive discussion, hopefully to arrive at agreement on the issues or productive consensus. I agree that this entire travesty, this debacle of misusing the courts for a non-issue is totally ridiculous and scandalous. The issue should be laid to rest and citizens and residents should just get back to business.

      Whether to agree or disagree with Vadney on the issues, one thing you must give him is that he’s kept a cool and dignified posture vis-a-vis the very people who he must realize are behind the conspiracy. He has kept on focus and on topic at the meetings and has been doing a remarkable fine job despite the stress he must naturally be experiencing.

      What was and continues to be done by the office of the Albany County D.A. Soares, is a disgrace and it will be our mission to make that fact known in any way possible. Soares is a destructive pitiful amoral troll and deserves to be thrown out of office and disbarred for his past and current conduct.

      The courts are busy enough and are, in fact, overloaded with real cases; the DA is abusing his office by pursuing a non-issue beyond judicial determination.



  2. cookie

    April 3, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    It is good that the courts have seen that the charges were just baloney. It was all born out of hatred and vengence by those who at the same time claimed they were the victims. More and more I hear of better days at RCS. John Vadney and the other board members should be proud. It would be nice to see some of the malcontents see the light.


    • RCS Confidential

      April 3, 2013 at 10:40 pm

      Thank you, Cookie, for your insights.

      Hatred and vengeance are two wounds that humanity has never sought adequately to heal and we bear those wounds conspicuously even though they are not the wounds of honor or heroism. Hatred and vengeance are the daughters of rage against humanity; they are the rejection of Love and are a rejection of the image of God.

      Moreover, claiming to be a victim while victimizing others is cowardice and immoral. But when the conscience is so blunted that it is content with perverting values and morality it sees only its own fiction of morality and values; the sin is double: first in the wilfull acceptance of the evil, and secondly in rejecting the genuine Good.

      With the awakening of awareness at RCS, yes, better days are on the horizon but at what cost and at what expense. How much more effort has to be expended to wake this community up, until it finally assumes responsibility for itself?

      As in any process of conversion, there has to be an inner drive urging towards changing from darkness to light. The individual has to see the benefit of the light and the mind or intellect has to grasp the meaning of it; the will then has to move towards it and the soul, finally, has to accept it. This is a conversion process but how many are willing, able to participate. Only time will tell.



  3. Concerned Citizen for Town of Coeymans & Ravena Residents

    April 3, 2013 at 9:21 am

    I have one thing to say…CONGRATULATIONS MR. JOHN VADNEY…bout time the truth was told and the RIGHT person came out on top! And to Ms. Lori P. Myers…open your eyes and see the cheating/lies that Ravena/Coeymans is made up of…nothing good to say about Ravena/Coeymans and Thank God I can say I live in the S section of the RCS district becuz I’d be to embarrassed to tell anyone that I live in the R or C section of the district…AAAAND just gotta tell ya Lori…Truth hurts doesn’t it?????…LOOOOVVVVEEE IT….So Happy for John Vadney…he deserves it!!


    • RCS Confidential

      April 3, 2013 at 11:41 am

      Lori Myers is a stereotype of the RCS minority. She exemplifies the denial that continues to ravage the communities in the RCS district. That denial makes her blind to the reality of the situations we have in this area, and if she can’t see the reality she has to accept a fiction. Lori Myers also is an example of the victim syndrom or the Stockholm syndrome. In those syndromes the victim feels that if s/he sides with his/her oppressors they will not harm her, or if she sides with them she will show them that she is grateful for their not harming her and, in their turn, they’ll continue to be nice to her. Along that very line of thought, by making her support public, she appears to assure herself that the evildoers will be her friend and will avoid messing with her. It’s a sick way to look at things but that’s how many of our neighbors tend to think.

      The alternative to Lori Meyer’s pathological worldview is to admit the facts: An innocent person was dragged through the mud, stood up for his rights, and was finally cleared. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work?

      I’d ask Lori Meyers if what happened to Mr Vadney happened to her, how would she have handled it? What would her desired outcome have been if she were in Vadney’s shoes? Do you have an answer to those two questions for us, Lori Meyers?

      Meyers also gives some very toxic advice: That if you don’t like it here, move out to someplace where you’ll be happy! Well, Ms Meyers, open you bloodshot eyes: That’s exactly what’s happening here. People are moving away because they think they’ll be happier elsewhere. Read the articles on this blog and learn the effects of that fact!

      So, Lori Meyers is a stereotype of everything that needs to be fixed in this community. Lori Meyers should start with Lori Meyers.

      The Editor


  4. laszlo polyak

    April 2, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    When you point your finger at someone or something 3 of your own fingers come back at you!!!!! As you are 3 times the cause of the problem in the first place that’s why our mothers said to us never point your fingers: it’s rude and only points out you are the fool.

    I would like to report more good news our school district’s (RCS) graduation rate is going up a few points under McCartney’s [and the board of eduction] leadership to mid 80’s from high 70’s. Also to remind everyone: Remember when teachers/parents were standing and screaming at Becker not to hire Dr. McCartney.


    • RCS Confidential

      April 3, 2013 at 7:05 am

      Yes, Laszlo, those old sayings certainly have their basis in truth. As editor of this blog I have always to bear in mind whether I’m pointing a finger or pointing out facts. It’s a tough call to make but we do hope that we are successful in getting it right at least most of the time 😉

      Grad rates are nice but we also have to look at the product we are putting out. Grad rates can be fudged in a number of ways but the proof is in the final product. Do those grads have character, morals, do they understand ethics, have they acquired useful knowledge? What are their goals and can they achieve them or, when confronted with today’s world will they become thugs, enraged at humanity, greedy, self-serving and self-centered, useless to everyone, even themselves. Numbers are fine but it’s the person that makes the real statement.

      McCartney is doing well because he’s a professional and has been around the block. He knows the ropes and the system. Unlike our previous superintendents he doesn’t come from an in-group or an inner circle. That may be why he’s showing some good effects in his first several months. But that does throw some shadow on your previous statement about grad rates and raises some questions. It does not seem plausible that grad rates will respond to one man’s efforts in just a couple of months. It doesn’t work that way. Something else might be going on and we have to look below the surface. Is someone fudging something somewhere? This district is no stranger to lies and misinformation, cheating and treachery.

      You make a good point, though, when you call upon readers to remember their behavior just a couple of months ago. I’d like them also to remember who the ringleaders were who incited them to their animal-like, primitive behavior that made asses of them all. And now, seeing the positive changes that are on the horizon, do they feel any prouder of their behavior or more grateful to the Matt Millers and the Delucas of their small town world?

      The Editor


  5. Lori p. Myers

    April 2, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    Are you not a Vadney that is writing all this negative crap about Ravena and Coeymans, why the hell don’t you get a life and move to a place that makes you happy.


    • RCS Confidential

      April 2, 2013 at 7:28 pm

      It’s dull ass people like you who compel me to forego any notion of decorum and to respond to you in language you might possibly comprehend:

      You are seriously stupid! Aren’t you ashamed of your ignorant sour-grapes attitude. It’s people like you, BIATCH, that make this area what it is…fodder for the Times Useless, a cesspool of Arby’s whores. You people would sell your mothers for a Reuben! How dare you point a finger, especially one you just pulled from your arse! Maybe if YOU’D move your two tons out of the area, the air and environment might be a bit more salubrious (I’ll translate that for you: healthy!).

      The Editor


  6. Donna Pasquini

    April 2, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    amen it’s about time the truth is told.



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