New Baltimore: Coeymans’ Evil Twin…Part II

22 Mar

Each of Us, With Very Few Exceptions, Likes Integrity, Especially in our Elected and Public Officials. We Put Great Trust in them, and The Power and Authority that they Exercise on Our Behalf Should be Exclusively for the Good. But What Should We Think When they Are One Thing on the Surface and Another under the Skin?

When Discussing New Baltimore Candidates and Elected Officers, I have to Ask Myself:What Is It, Really?

When Discussing New Baltimore Candidates and Elected Officers, I have to Ask Myself:
What Is It, Really?

Can We Really Trust People Who Are “In Name Only”?

We’ve done a lot for the RCS community in bringing out the truth about the village of Ravena and the crooks in Village Hall, and we’ve set the town of Coeymans’ teeth on edge with the exposure of the corruption and hypocrisy that’s going on in the Doublewide on renegades’ Russel Avenue.

Just recently we’ve taken a shot from the hip at Coeymans’ evil twin down the road, New Baltimore. Exposed some nerves with the publication of that wake-up call and now the little club on Route 51 is a bit shaken.

But now we take a look at the real phoneys, the Democrats who are Democrats in Name Only a.k.a. DINOs, like Susan O’Rourke, and the Republicans who are Republicans in Name Only a.k.a. RINOs. It’s pitiful, but here’s the real story.

But who are those masqueraders who meet to get a cheap power rush at the expense of New Baltimore taxpayers? We’ve received some personal impressions from a local correspondent who knows the New Baltimafia from the inside out, it seems. Here are some of those impressions:

The Supervisor from Hell

New Baltimore Town Supervisor:Control! Control! CONTROL!

New Baltimore Town Supervisor O’Rourke:
Control! Control! CONTROL!

Supervisor Susan K. O’Rorke – She claims to be a Democrat and runs as a Democrat- but she’s actually a DINO – Susan O’Rorke is not actually registered as a Democrat, she is “NOP,” which is the election board designation for someone with no party registration.  Of course, she is nominated by the New Baltimore Democrat machine, and she gives money to the Dems (sorta buys her nomination), etc, but she doesn’t have the guts or the commitment to register as one of them, as a Democrat.

New Baltimore Town Board members

They're Republicans in Name Only![They're Owned by Dems]

They’re Republicans in Name Only!
[They’re Owned by Dems]

Christopher Norris – Runs as a Republican (but in fact is just a RINO), O’Rorke controls him totally, voted contrary to her on one single resolution only in more than 3 years. Shame on you, Christopher!

Lisa Benway– Runs as a Republican (another RINO) Only on the board for 15 months, has yet to vote contrary to Susan O’Rourke. Shame on you, Lisa!

Michael T. Meridith – Runs as a Republican.  Likes to get along with everybody, nice person actually, but will get his back up once in a while. Is that enough, though, to represent the people who put him in office? And does he have the cojones to be a real Republican, and represent real Republican values and morality? To oppose Susan O’Rourke’s peverse agenda of Democrat amorality and secularism? Well, Mike, do you?

Barbara Finke – Runs as a Republican.  The only person who challenges Susan O’Rourke, however is usually voted down by O’Rorke, Norris and Benway.  Has voted NO! on numerous proposals that Susan O’Rourke puts up, but a resolution that is 4-1 or 3-2 passes anyway. But BRAVO! anyway, Barb. Thanks for the gutsyness and the fortitude!

This is what happensWhen a real Republican meets a RINO!

This is what happens
When a real Republican
meets a RINO!

Other Officers

Janet Brooks – Town Clerk- Democrat. A chameleon, really. Changes colors with the temperature and mood. And she stays afloat. Don’t let the smile mislead you…there are teeth in there.

Denis JordanHighway Superintendent, supposed to be Republican but  is totally 110%  in Susan O’Rourke’s  pocket.  In return he hands her the votes of the highway department employees and their spouses. The usual Democrat line of promises: he tells them that Susan O’Rourke will take care of them via raises and benefits if they support her.  Actually, he’s throwing your taxpayer money away in so many ways, O’Rourke’s just one of them. Shame on you, Denis!

Diane Jordan Recently appointed Town Tax Collector, wouldn’t be there if she weren’t Denis Jordan’s wife and a very special butt-kisser to Susan O’Rourke. She’s also supported in more ways than one by O’Rourke; in fact O’Rourke hand-picked Jordan and nominated her to be appointed when the previous Tax Collector stepped down for health reasons.  Like her husband Denis, Diane is a “registered” Republican but is owned by the Democrats. O’Rourke owns her and her husband. No shame, Diane!

Town “Justices”

[Editor’s Note: We really must apologize for using the word “Justice” when referring to these guys but that’s the official title. Has nothing to do with their performance or their ethics, unfortunately.]

New BaltimoreTown Justice at Work

New Baltimore
Town Justice at Work

Joseph A. Farrell Jr. – All that we’ve ever said or written about the ignorance and ineptitude of the New York State system of town and village courts is packaged in Joseph A. Farrell, Jr. Totally vanilla, nothing about the man is dignified, he’s a puppet of the worst kind, carved out of wormy wood. All he’s really good for is to collect speeding tickets, which he has been doing for quite a while now. An alleged adulterer who has the balls to show up in the local church with his fluff only during campaign periods to pander for re-election. Now his Conchita is married to “el juéz” and it’s classic melodrama on Peyton Place, New Baltimore. Disgusting pile of fetid flesh; Walking hypocrisy! And a Democrat all the way! Can it get any better than this?

Is it really written in the New York State Code of Judicial Conduct and the Judicial Law that our judges and justices are held to a higher standard than the citizen at large? If that is so and if the judges are such sleezebags, what can we expect from the New Baltimore citizen at large? I certainly hope they have their shots because they could be deadly!

Lee Davis – Davis is a registered Working Families Party member, which is a more radical branch of the Democrat party. Davis has only just been elected, rather “appointed” since we’re talking about New Baltimore now, to be a town justice. All we can honestly expect from Davis is that he’s going to march in lock-step with the rest of the club members and won’t buck his riders.

So, there you have an insider’s evaluation of the people who run the show in New Baltimore. There’s more coming up but we are working on checking the facts. It’s much dirtier than it appears at the surface, we regret to say.

Finally, we’d like to extend our special thanks to Joan Ross and Bob Ross of New Baltimore for their efforts in keeping everyone informed and for distributing this blog to the community. Thanks to you both for your behind-the-scenes involvement. It’s town residents like you who make all of this possible. (One of your many admirers threw you in!)

This is for youJoan Ross

This is for you
Joan Ross
The Editor


4 responses to “New Baltimore: Coeymans’ Evil Twin…Part II

  1. Harry and Jean Andrew

    March 23, 2013 at 10:14 am

    Thank you for letting us know what is happing in the town of New Baltimore. THANKS, THANKS!!


    • RCS Confidential

      March 23, 2013 at 11:24 am

      Thanks very much, Harry and Jean!

      Our pleasure! Welcome and keep on reading and commenting! We need to mobilize and get rid of the dictators and tyrants and put responsibility, transparency, real values and morality back into our local governments!

      We need to start at the grassroots and work our way up until we can clean up the White House, too!



  2. cookie

    March 23, 2013 at 8:41 am

    How does this all start, how does it all end? You have pointed out here and in the past about Coeymans, RCS, Albany County and now New Baltimore. Yet the story sounds the same. A group of comfortable egomaniacs, who savor the power and the benefits are highly motivated to maintain them. Then there are the overwhelming bulk of the people who don’t care, who get up in the morning, do their daily lives, busy perhaps, and end the day where they started. Don’t care or have the time to see what is going on in their community. Complacency breeds corruption.

    And more, especially as seen in RCS, is that those few who choose to stand up are demonized, further supressing any desenting voice. Go after the critics of our entitled lives. Make them look bad, make sure anyone else thinking about being critical can see what would happen to them too.

    Greene County and particularly New Baltimore has become a cozy bunch of yuk-it-uppers who are so unserious about the jobs they are supposed to do. And there are many who think that because the Democrats lie down with Republicans, that that would bring unity to the town. Instead when there are no challenges, no open exchange of ideas, you get mush, nothing with flavor or substance. More choices for the voters, the better, but not so for this group. They want no challenge, all in the name of “Unity” Look at the recent village elections in Coxsackie, Cairo, Hunter, Catskill, etc. Every one of those village elections were unchallenged, every one! That’s not good for democracy. In Athens a couple of individuals didn’t like the lack of choice and created a independent party and challenged in the last election, but they lost, but at least they tried! These two should be thanked.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 23, 2013 at 8:51 am

      BRAVO! And BRAVO! again, Cookie! You’ve said it beautifully with local examples as back-up!

      It’s so true, though, Americans are brave only as long as the war is on the other side of the world. They’re hero’s as long as the battles and the soldiers fighting them ar on the other side of the world. They’re compassionate only as long as the hunger and suffering is on the other side of the world. Bring the battles, the crusaders, the hunger, the suffering closer to home and they turn their backs and deny the fact that they’re right there.

      We scream and cry about dictators half a world away and demand that they and their injustices be stopped. We spend billions upon billons to bring our flavor of freedom to the the oppressed, while right here at home we pat our dictators on the back and hand them another term in office. When they rob us or oppress us or stiffle our freedom of speech and dissent, we tuck our tails between our legs and run for cover!

      We have become a nation of soppy cowards with no values and no balls.

      Yes, Cookie! You said it all when you write: “Complacency breeds corruption!” How true!

      Well, as to your question of where it goes from here, some of us are fed up and others will follow. It takes only a couple of gutsy leaders and thinkers to mobilize the mobs. We’re ready and we’ve started the ball rolling. It’s gaining momentum.




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