New Baltimore: Coeymans’ Evil Twin to the South

18 Mar

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Special thanks to fingers-superglued-to-the-keyboard Joan Ross of New Baltimore for her special efforts in distributing this blog to her friends in New Baltimore and the Town Hall. We can always rely on old Jealous Joan and Bitter-balless Bob to do our work for us.

What Can We Even Start To Say About A Town that Sports All of 14 Mediocre Businesses and 2 Dying Churches, No Schools, A Deadbeat Town Board, A Moron Town Court, A Couple Of Rabid Pseudo-Sophisticates, Plenty of Real Estate For Sale, One of the Highest Tax Rates in the State, No Services…Google Anywhere Else and You’ll Get Hundreds of Hits.
Google New Baltimore and Get…Nothin’?

I only hope we're reading this right!

I only hope we’re reading this right!

Why would that be, you might well ask?!?

Another question we might well ask is: Why is it that small towns like Coeymans and New Baltimore have attained legendary status as hotbeds of injustice, conspiracy, corruption, inefficiency, and downright nastiness?

Well, back to our subject: The entire town of New Baltimore is about as big as Ravena, NY, in terms of population, and it’s just as corrupt. For example, the Town of New Baltimore has an area of a total 43.1 sq mi and a population (2010) of about 3,370 souls, well, most of them have souls. Compare this with Coeymans, New York, covering a total area of 53.1 sq mi and a population of 7,418 (2010). Both towns are losing population as more people move out looking for a better life.

The Town of New Baltimore consists of several small populated areas, mostly clusters of homes, including Deans Mill, Grapeville, Hannacroix, Medway, New Baltimore Hamlet (on the Hudson River),  Otter Hook, Paradise Hill, Roberts Hill. West Coxsackie is also located in the Town of New Baltimore.

Town in General. The region was part of the Mahican homeland, and was settled around 1700 and was included in early Dutch and English patents. New Baltimore was formed as a town in 1811 from the Town of Coxsackie. In the 200 years not much has been happening if we judge by population growth: in 1900, the town population was 1,536; in 2010 it was 3300 people.

Town Government or the New Baltimore Circus: Puts new meaning into the old dog-and-pony act. Main witch-on-a-stick is supervisor Susan K. O’Rorke (we won’t even mention what people are doing with the “K“) is the main clown. Once a Republican stronghold in its heyday, in the past several decades it has experienced decline, while the town has been run down by the Democrat inner circle over the past several decades, making its own rules and shoehorning its candidates into key positions. Much of this was due to the poor leadership in the Republican party and the party’s tendency to play fair against unscrupulous local democrats. The Republican party is starting to get smart, however, and is learning to fight fire with fire. But I’ve already said too much about politics on an apolitical blog. Where the former supervisor David Louis (wife of Town of New Baltimore Dem = DINO chairman, Diane Louis)  was a bit of a wet mop, the present supervisor is a haridan and not well-respected even by her own board. Not a good administrator, power-crazy, and generally a control freak, ensuring nothing positive gets done.

Like Coeymans, New Baltimore Justice is Badly Broken!

Like Coeymans, New Baltimore Justice is Badly Broken!

Town Justice or All the Justice You Can Buy or Let’s Make a Deal. New Baltimore disbanded its town constabulary years ago and, until recently, was served by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department and the New York State Police, who did a fine job. With the inauguration of a very competent and ethical Greene County Sheriff, Sheriff Greg Seeley, the department collaborated with the Town of New Baltimore and some forward-thinking board members (now extinct) to install a satellite station at the New Baltimore town hall. Sheriff Seeley’s deputies have been doing a great job.

Unlike the situation in Coeymans, NY, with its corrupt police department and town court, the problem in New Baltimore is only (only?) the corrupt New Baltimore town court. It’s not so much corrupt, really, as just incompetent and ignorant. We’ve written quite a bit about town and village courts and, like the moronic village court of Ravena under Harold “Hal” Warner, and the idiotic Coeymans town court under in-justices Phillip Crandall and George Dardiani, the New Baltimore town court fits the bill with a poster-boy of ignorant town justices Joseph Farrell and his crony, Lee Davis, both tools of the Democrat machine in New Baltimore.

The Clowns are In Town!Actually in Town Hall.

The Clowns are In Town!
Actually in Town Hall.

Town Politics the International Unemployed Clowns Association Meets Regularly in the New Baltimore Town Hall. The clowns’  new name: the New Baltimore Town Board [of Clowns]. Again, lousy with Dems, the board is generally dysfunctional and lorded over by the witch-on-a-stick mentioned above, town super-biatch Susan O’Rourke. Over the years most residents, as in Coeymans, have become so disgusted with the games the town has been playing for years that the majority avoid the meetings, making them a convenient playground for the Democrat club and its members. That’s really too bad and people need to get involved and take back their town.

Church. Broken and Split.

Church. Broken and Split.

Town Churches. 1 and one-half and dying. The town claims to have two churches: one in the boonies and one of the new-fangled feel good congregations. The single church in the hamlet/national historic district lasted more than 175 years before a woman pastor was assigned who, contrary to every rule in the book, immediately started making changes and spending money. It wasn’t long before she drove out most of the generations-old congregation and depleted the handsome financial portfolio. Recently you had to drive by to see a “Save Your Church” sign out front. You had to snigger a bit because it wasn’t our church any more. So, like the town hall, the old church has suffered under the ravaging control of a woman pastor with a feminist agenda, whose wild spending makes Michelle Obama look like a black austerity measure.

That brings us to the subject of schools. New Baltimore can’t afford its own schools so it buses the students either to Coxsackie or to the scandal-ridden Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk schools. It’s scandalous what’s being done to taxpayers in New Baltimore. As if it weren’t enough being raped with some of the highest taxes in the state just to live in 18th century conditions, a large part of the town has to pay RCS central school district school tax to a district that has one of the highest per student costs in the state ($21,000 per student) and one of the lowest regional graduation rates (in the mid-70%), compared with almost any regional school.

[Editor’s note: While the RCS school district has in the past been made the whipping boy of the local rag media, this blog has done much to draw public attention to the culprits, largely the teachers union, New York State United Teachers or NYSUT, and a group of Coeymanazis in the Ravena-Coeymans area. The attention has largely silenced the evil-doers and has allowed the non-teacher faction on the RCS CSD school board to clean things up and get some real work done. Under the leadership of Dr Alan McCartney the district started to turn around but in recent weeks, McCarntney’s luster has begun to fade. Is he just tired or have the Coeymanazi forces gotten to him? He’s either losing steam or pulling back.]


A lethal combination of high costs and low graduation rates!

A lethal combination of high costs and low graduation rates!

Town Services. The Town services run into the negative. Yes, the roads are paved, somewhat. But the New Baltimore Thruway Department is a bunch of woodchucks brandishing shovels and following a truck with some asphalt. All they seem to be able to do is throw a shovel or two in a pothole, watch it steam for a spell, while leaning on their shovels, and when the excitement over the steaming asphalt abates, they move on to fill another pothole and watch it, etc. This goes on until a corpse would get bored watching! Well, the problem is that they’re all on salaries paid by New Baltimore residents and they’re wasting time, money, equipment, and supplies–and don’t seem to give a damn. Once it rains and a couple of cars roll over the “patches” the pothole’s back and the ritual repeats, and repeats, and repeats…

bad-waterWe have a public sewer system but no drinking water. One of the previous administrations about five years ago spent a bundle on a project to bring municipal water to the Hamlet, where most of the wells were contaminated by the old septic tanks. Well, the battle that was waged by a handful of amoral lunatics who were, in fact, newcomers to the town, and who had nothing better to do, ran the town into its own cesspool of hate and fratricide in opposition to the water project. The Ross-Luckacovic coalition and its band of what Joan Ross affectionately called Newbaltimorons, nearly destroyed the community and the repercussions can still be felt in the hamlet. John Luckacovic, one of the hate mongers, moved to Columbia county with his partner, Eleanor Oldham. Bob “Robby” Ross and Joan Ross still reside in the hamlet where they still spew their venom. Idle hands do the devil’s work, it seems.

But that’s not the end of the water fantasies that seem to occupy the empty spaces between Democrat ears in New Baltimore. While Joan Ross and Bitter Bob and their loose-canon ally, John Luckacovic, managed to nearly destroy the community with their misinformation, lies, and backstabbing, the Democrats in the Town hall had wet-dreams about a huge recreational water park in the town, new NYS thruway construction, etc. etc. But hamlet residents would be allowed (thanks to the Rosses and Luckacovic team) to go dry. But, again, fantasies and idiot’s dreams are doomed to dry up…just like the New Baltimore Reformed Church’s patrimony, portfolio, and congregation, and just as the Town of New Baltimore is doing as we write. Drying up.

Refresh Yourself With New Baltimore WaterSmall Government at Work for You

Refresh Yourself With New Baltimore Water
Small Government at Work for You

The anti-water campaign was a travesty of free speech but a banquet of misinformation and backstabbing. Unconfirmed reports say that John Lucakcovic is close to the Coeymans gang, most notably Gerald “Dirty Hands Jerry” Deluca and his Coeymanazis. If that’s true, Joan and Bob Ross wouldn’t be able to resist getting involved.  We may never know the truth because they don’t have the cojones to do their mischief in daylight and work by ambush and darkness: typical of the rodents they are.

Overall, the town is dying thanks to high taxes, no real businesses, and general apathy. This paves the road for vultures from downstate to take advantage of cheap property values and an indifference to local culture to come in and destroy almost 300 years of history. The people moving in and displacing the locals who can no longer afford the area are nasty, asocial, and controlling. What’s worse, they find it easy to cajole the local politicos and have their way.

Carpetbaggers are in town!

Carpetbaggers are in town!

Here’s an example: In the National Historic District, through some corrupt finagling, a downstater bought up several homesteads on the river, demolished the historic buildings, and erected what can be best described as a chicken coop on steroids, an absolute eyesore. But, somehow they got the permit to put it up and desecrate the historic district. Small town greed and big town money at work, it seems.

To the man (and woman) all of the damage that has been done to New Baltimore has been done by outsiders coming in, whether you consider town hall, the murderous water campaign in the hamlet (Ross and Luckacovic), the indifference to the local historical culture and architecture, etc. The ME First! people have come and walked all over the local people. What’s next, oil derricks in the hamlet, Ms O’Rourke? I wouldn’t put it past her, really.

We can, of course, thank the carrion-eaters in the area, like Tracey Burton, real estate monger, of the real estate office Victoria Real Estate, who is the ambulance chaser of local properties. Burton has the morals of Stalin and is about as loyal as Benedict Arnold. But she’s somehow gotten her foot in the New Baltimore door (one shudder’s to think how she did that…orally or anally or…). She’s one to be wary of (from personal experience) she’ll make it yours and you’ll have to make it shine while she collects her ill-gotten commission and leaves you to figure out what went wrong. (Sellers be very wary. She’ll get you dragged into court for her stories and then wish you, “Good luck!“).  She’s typical, though.

Town Businesses. 14 Nothing worth noting.  Most business tends to skip over New Baltimore to settle in business-friendly Coxsackie, the next town south of New Baltimore, and one that’s showing considerable promise.


brokenAs we develop our research and our collaborators canvas, sort and send in new information, we hope to provide residents, taxpayers, and investigating authorities with little-known facts about what is going on in New Baltimore.

We expect that the information and the facts as they are checked and verified will provide the same material for investigation as our first year of operation has done in the case of the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans.

Because we have made such headway in garnering the trust and confidence of our friends and neighbors in Coeymans, and the word has gone out to surrounding communities, our work has been made significantly easier in the case of New Baltimore, because New Baltimore residents have been watching our successes in Coeymans.

Wrong Way! Stop Breaking New Baltimore!

Wrong Way! Stop Breaking New Baltimore!
The Editor

New Baltimore Democrats: You need to consider the alternatives. You have a bunch of losers in the New Baltimore town hall and you need to get some winners in there. Winners like the people who made New Baltimore a thriving, welcoming, friendly community; not an exclusive club and the town hall their clubhouse! Even the churches are suffering in the present climate of hypocrisy!


10 responses to “New Baltimore: Coeymans’ Evil Twin to the South

  1. Simon

    March 19, 2013 at 9:13 am

    Where’s Coeymans? Isn’t it Reubenville?



    • RCS Confidential

      March 19, 2013 at 9:21 am

      Please, Simon, don’t get me started! We’ve already established that Coeymans has no dignity but the renaming for a month after a sandwich is clear proof of how seriously the town board of Coeymans takes their mandates and their attitude towards governing the town of Coeymans…excuse me, Reubenville. To think that the town board of Coeymans would degrade their office, the town of Coeymans, and clownify the people of this community is clearly a message shouting: We don’t belong in adult clothes! We don’t belong in office!

      This sort of idiocy, childlike, retarded behavior by so-called public servants is a disgrace (and YES! I did use the “retarded” word because there’s no more accurate way of describing their cognitive backwardness!).

      If any of that bunch of pre-adolescent kleptomaniacs in the Coeymans doublewide they call a town Hall are re-elected, the whole town should be expedited down the Hudson in a garbage barge!

      The Editor


      • Simon

        March 19, 2013 at 10:12 am

        I take it that means you don’t want your free Arby’s sandwich coupon? Can you send it to me? That’s some roast beef goodness!



      • RCS Confidential

        March 19, 2013 at 10:33 am

        No, thanks! I just couldn’t bring myself to stoop that low. But the town of Coeymans is good at rolling over and looking stupid.



      • cookie

        March 19, 2013 at 1:13 pm

        I have been wondering….. If New Baltimore were a sandwich, which would it be? BLTown; New Whopperton, Filet-O-Fishburgh. Maybe the people of New Baltimore can get a free sandwich that they have to drive 20 miles to get too. And the Town can take half of the sandwich like they did with the land owners and the 50% set-aside.


      • RCS Confidential

        March 19, 2013 at 1:52 pm

        Cookie, you have to keep it under 5 letters for the New Baltimore town board; they haven’t gotten to 6-letter words yet. It was hard enough getting them past their enthusiasm for 4-letter words! But I must admit, you’re probably on to something there. If they can screw the local New Baltimore residents and somehow cater to their out-of-town benefactors, they’ll certainly give it a try! What I don’t get is the fact that that den of Democrat devils in the New Baltimore town hall are so attractive to the very people who stand to loose the most at their hands. Well, most of them are adled or senile and not long for this world, poor demented souls that they are, but by the time they move on to greener pastures, they’ll have destroyed this community, just like what’s happening in Ravena-Coeymans.

        But that’s a great point you make about the 20-mile drive to get their fix of fats and sodium. Maybe the town of Coeymans will load all of the lardassed on the back of a dump truck and make a couple trips. Now that ought to make page 13 in the Times Useless, and I’m reasonably certain one of those local digital rags like News 10, 6, or 13 would have cameras charged and ready for the arrival of the doublewides for their fat-fixes!

        New Baltimore must be GREEN with ENVY! Or maybe next month it will be New Reubenville.

        Thanks Cookie! Always a pleasure!


  2. cookie

    March 18, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Unfortunately, there are more problems in New Baltimore than there should be for a small town. If a business goes under, oh well. If a new business wants to relocate there, they have to spend months or years filing out forms, going before the planning board, etc. But not so for a Giant Water Park. The IDA takes over land, makes it non-taxable. Signs an option for the land for a 500 room hotel with the water park about 5 years ago. Then when the deal flops (that’s the rumor) the IDA suggests it didn’t cost any taxpayer money, yet the land has been tax exempt and the people of New Baltimore get to make up for that. A senior housing project that would have paid property taxes was wanting to build on 9W near the thruway exit, but they red-taped it to death. A low-income project, again on tax-exempt land wants to come to town, they roll out the red carpet. Oh, and the low-income project is waiting for a government grant to build. Unfortunately not many people really care about their community, at least not in Coeymans and New Baltimore.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 18, 2013 at 9:13 pm

      Thanks, Cookie, I’m so glad you offered those examples of the incompetent and inept government we have experienced in New Baltimore for the past decade or so. It’s nothing less than self-destructive, although the perps in this comedy, no tragedy of stupidity and misguided minds don’t bear the consequences. They get each other elected, put in their ten or so years and move on with a taxpayer-supported pension or a note in thier résumés so they can move on to the next morbid community and administer the death blow to that community. I sometimes think of it as a gaggle of vampires movign from one body to the next sucking the life-blood from it.

      The water park was one of the biggest jokes yet. Most of us were enjoying some gallows humor when we joked that we can’t get water to drink in New Baltimore but we can get it for a water park. Interesting way for the Democrats in New Baltimore to hallucinate and waste tax-payer money. Pie in the sky, we called it. But they were all mud pies, thank you New Baltimore Democrats. Low income housing. Whaddaya think we all live in now. With the taxes and the taxes, and the out-of-towners sapping us dry, we’re all low-income! Housing? Most are selling out and moving out! Planning and Zoning Board specializes in subdivisions while they tout their cronies Community Assisted Agriculture and Farmer’s Markets! “It’s our heritage,” they blather (none of them are actually from here), as they sell out to the corps and the downstaters! Yeah! Low-income housing! House the prison inmate families and welfare recipients while they’re foreclosing on the working man’s home and forcing the heritage farming family from their heirloom farms. Yeah! Brink in the waterpark while you’re battering the local landowner or business person. Give the developer the tax breaks while you’re putting a lien on the senior’s home. That’s New Baltimore and we see it happen almost every day!

      It’s not hard for anyone to read their agenda and want to vomit in disgust! New Baltimore has the ambition but not the guts or the brains to do what the kleptocracy (= government by crooks) in Ravena and Coeymans have done. Look at Oakbrook manner and the tricks they pulled there and the connections between the property transfers…Oakbrook Manor, the delis, the Shop’n Save, the connecting walkways, the Faith Plaza! Does anyone think that’s all coïncidence? Look at the names on the documents! Perrine, Biscone, Bruno, Rotello, Neri, etc. etc. New Baltimore has as kind of penis envy and can’t do anyting but botch up anything they touch. The see the professional crooks in Ravena and Coeymans and they just sit there in their stupididity and screw up everything their confused little minds attempt to conjure up!

      As much as I despise the crooks in Ravena and Coeymans like the Brunos, Biscones, etc. I have less respect for those disorganized wretched amateurs in New Baltimore! If there is a political AIDS it has to be Democrat! Anyone who doesn’t understand the comparison please say so and I’ll be happy to spell it out for you…it starts with butt-boinking, a favorite Democrat recreational activity in New Baltimore Democrat circles. (Did I really say “circles?”).

      I apologize for my verbose rant but I do get riled when properly stimulated.

      Thanks again!

      The Editor


  3. TomS

    March 18, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    I hate to say this, but where is New Baltimore? I’ll bet it is the same place that Hannacroix, NY is? For Years I tried to get Kelton Vosberg the Town Supervisor to map it out for me. He couldn’t do it. Why you ask? It is not there. It is only a Postal address.


    • RCS Confidential

      March 18, 2013 at 7:05 pm

      Well, Tom, Mr Vosberg, town supervisor, needs a geography lesson. The Hamlet and National Historic District of New Baltimore is where it’s been for more than 200 years: 2 1/2 miles south of Coeymans on Rt 144, right on the Hudson River. The Town of New Baltimore starts immediately outside of Ravena/Coeymans on US Rt 92 and State Rt 144 southbound. In fact, if you get off the NY State Thruway exit 21B, you’ll be in the Town of New Baltimore, travel about 2 miles North on 9w and you’ll come to Albright’s Garage at the corner of 9W and 144, turn right onto 144 and go about 2 miles and BINGO! you’re in the Hamlet of New Baltimore and the Nat’l Historic District. If you took the left just before Albright’s Garage and went up Rt 51 towards the town hall/town court, you’d be in Hannacroix. It’s a mess, I agree, but so much is in this neck of the woods;)

      I’ll bet a lot of people are asking themselves, “Where is New Baltimore?”

      In the Blog article I mention that there are several districts or communities in New Baltimore. One of them is Hannacroix; in other words, Hannacroix is part of the Town of New Baltimore, just as Roberts Hill, West Coxsackie, Grapeville, etc. are.

      Hope that helps.

      The Editor



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