Sequel to “Land of Goofy”: Thanks Coeymans Town Board!

23 Feb

We Recently Posted an Article about the Stupidity of the Coeymans Town Board Approving a 15-year Exclusive Franchise Award to MidHudson Cable.

The real problem with village idiots is that they get elected to public office!

The real problem with village idiots is that they get elected to public office!

We were astonished that the town of Coeymans town board could do something so stupid and so damaging to the residents of Coeymans and we posted our insights on Ravena-Coeymans: The Land Of Goofy! Screwed Again by Coeymans Town Board! If you haven’t read it yet, click the link.

Of course, the town of Coeymans board members didn’t utter a peep in response. In fact, they should all have been tarred and feathered and run out of town.

Supervisor: Stephen FlachBoardmembers:Peter E. Mast,Thomas E. Dolan, Dawn Rogers,Thomas A. Boehm

Supervisor: Stephen Flach
Boardmembers:Peter E. Mast,Thomas E. Dolan, Dawn Rogers,Thomas A. Boehm

Maybe you should e-mail your town board and let them know what you think about their brilliant deals:

Stephen D. Flack
Supervisor, Town of Coeymans

Peter E. Masti
Current Term Expires December 31, 2015

Thomas E. Dolan
Current Term Expires December 31, 2015
(Dolan was hot for the deal. Why?)

Dawn Rogers
Current Term expires December 31, 2013

Thomas A. Boehm
Current Term expires December 31, 2013

But it doesn’t stop there. We, at least did some of the research and obtained some really scary numbers for you neighbors in the town of Coeymans to choke on.

With the cooperation of some interested readers, we found out that MidHudson Cablevision does offer an Internet connection service only for customers who don’t want to use MidHudson’s television offerings. But look at the cost:

  • MidHudson Cable television package includs cable TV and Internet: about $78.00/month
  • MidHudson’s stand-alone cable Internet (Internet only, no TV) connection ( repeat: no TV service): about $73.00/month

So, it looks like there’s no savings at all if you just want an Internet connection only, like most other providers like Time Warner provide at reduced cost. MidHudson Cablevision is going to gouge you no matter what you want, they do it because they can. The town boards of Coeymans (and New Baltimore) have seen to that.

But wait! Maybe the brilliant elected Coeymans town board negotiated special substantial discounts for Coeymans residents owing to the extraordinary 15-year contract. Or did the Coeymans town board negotiate to obtain frozen rates for 5 or 10 years so that residents would not have to face constant increases and added service charges. After all, that would be fair. MidHudson gets a 15-years exclusive concession for providing cable and Internet service, and residents get special rates or frozen rates. Do you think that’s what happened?  Let’s ask. You ask and I’ll ask.

But any report would be incomplete if we didn’t look at speed of service. But that’s kinda difficult if you don’t know how to do the number crunching, because the suppliers, especially Midhudson Cablevision, play the misinformation game here, too! Here are some examples (we’ve converted the megas and the kilos for you):

Time Warner offers the same service, 3 Mb for about $29.99. Midhudson Cablevision offers the same thing to us for $72.95!

Here’s an interesting comparison, too: the average cost for equivalent services costs:

  • in the USA: $47.00/month
  • in South Korea: $38.00/month

Ever wonder why that is? Ever wonder why we’re years behind Europe and Asia with our cell phones and Internet services? Ask your elected officials. Ask them why US Corporations are holding back and why the US government is suppressing cleaner faster services! Think it might have something to do with money and greed?

But the insanity of giving one supplier exclusive rights to the community for 15 years is beyond belief! Looks like no other supplier will ever consider coming to Coeymans or New Baltimore and that means we keep our primitive, second-rate services for a real long time. Now that the Coeymans board has handed the gift of a 15-year exclusive franchise to backwoods MidHudson  no real provider is going to make the investment to come into the area and compete with MidHudson, so we’re dead in the water, folks!

Here are some interesting sites you might want to visit to do your own reading:

We deserve better and we're not getting it! Ask them WHY?The Editor

We deserve better and we’re not getting it! Ask them WHY?
The Editor


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6 responses to “Sequel to “Land of Goofy”: Thanks Coeymans Town Board!

  1. TomS

    February 24, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    Here is an answer to your problem. Get rid of the politicians. Have them take their internet service with them, and replace them with satelite service direct.


    • RCS Confidential

      February 25, 2013 at 6:54 am

      Sounds like a plan, Tom. You’re right in principal. The Coeymans town board, like other town boards, New Baltimore, Coeymans’neighbor to the South, is just as stupid. They claim to be business friendly and, like Coeymanazi building inspector, Laverne “Larry” Conrad, claim to love business and to want to attract business, but do everything possible to make the area undesirable to business–except toxic industry, foreign companies, and junkyards. Rather than get the best deal for the people who elect them, they throw the entire community down the crapper and sell out. This sell-out problem is endemic throughout the region and somebody’s profiting by it, and I know it’s not us!

      We see it in every public aministration from the schools to the village and town government: Where are the competitive bids? Where are the competitive applications for employment? Where are the feasibility, financial, etc. studies or even minimum research to know what the devil they’re deciding on!

      No, business as usual is ignorance posing as principle. Last year we demanded that the schools put out requests for proposals for the refreshment concessions and you saw the mess Ms Betsy Smith made of that one. We demanded proof of legal operation from the RCS Sports Association and got the marathon runaround until they ditched the crooked old association and started a new crooked one (one that wasn’t going to make the mistakes of the previous one). We see it in the Bruno-Warner-Deluca memorial fitness center that is illegal and crooked. Almost everywhere and anywhere you look you see local residents, citizens, voters casting a blind eye to the thievery and corruption right under their noses. And then they think they’re going to the poorhouse with taxes, fees, and crooked deals like the MidHudson fiasco. And then we wonder that Washington is a rats’ nest?!?

      Thanks for your comment, Tom!

      The Editor


      • Simon

        February 25, 2013 at 4:25 pm

        All other points in the rambling response set aside…. where is the competitive bid process here? Are municipal cable TV service contracts exempt from competitive bidding requirements of government entities?

        Or perhaps noone else responded to the request for bids? Can this be FOILed?



      • RCS Confidential

        February 25, 2013 at 4:27 pm

        Thanks again, Simon. We’re already one step ahead of you 😉 FOILED the minutes and the contract already. Will post as soon as the town produces in response.

        Thanks for the thoughts!



  2. Simon

    February 24, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    The U.S. has been behind in broadband implementation (both in speed and cost) for years. The companies complain that so much of the U.S. is rural; I don’t subscribe to that idea under current technology (such as internet-over-power-lines).

    It gets even better than your numbers; TW’s lowest plan is actually $19.95 for 1Mbps. Still sufficient for web and email; don’t try to Netflix. 🙂

    I’m not a fan of cable exclusivity deals. They were a requirement 30 years ago; without those deals (and their associated service requirements) the companies did not have a fiscal incentive to put the wiring in the entire town. Now that most of the wiring exists, I don’t think such an exclusive extension is necessary.

    Bethlehem no longer has exclusive agreements. As a result, Verizon FIOS has entered the market, and cable and internet prices are plummeting.




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