Throw the Jew Down the Well…

07 Jan

Update: We Scooped the Times Union AGAIN! After we published this article the Times Union published “Reply made in RCS tussle. School board member says claims in petition for removal are off-base.” (Kristen V. Brown) Read their follow-up article at RCS Tussle. Looks like the Times Union can’t even get something published on the Internet before we do! And the Times Union is still twisting the facts beyond recognition!

Borat Sings “Throw the Jew down the well so my country can be free…” Bigotry is Alive And Well in the USA and In Our Own Communities, and We Need A Brit To Tell Us!

You all have your own jews!

You all have your own jews!

Matt Miller, Activist-Atheist Teacher & NYSUT union rep at RCS, Submitted 107 pages of Total Nonsense to the NYSED Commissioner, Dr John B. King, Jr., and Makes Us All Look Ridiculous!

I’m not writing this blog to malign anyone or to defend anyone. I’m writing this blog because I’m so disgusted with what people like the Coeymanazis, the Unionazis, the corporations, and our crooks in government are doing to solidly good citizens. And I’m totally disgusted that those same solidly good citizens are letting themselves be victimized and submit to the abuse, misuse and lies. I’m further disgusted by the fact that when another solidly good citizen stands up and screams, “I’ve had enough of this shite!” that scoundrels like the Millers, Delucas, Biscones, BrunosDarlingtonsDolans, Ross’, Luckacovics, Coeymanazis, Unionazis, RCnaziS, and others come out and slander and libel him, and willfully misinform the public! In other words:



“Throw the Jew down the well!
So my country can be free.
You must grab him by his horns,
Then we have a big party.”

(Click throw the jew down the well for the entire lyrics!)

"Throw the Jew Down the Well!"

“Throw the Jew Down the Well!”

(I’m also asking myself who the next Jew will be to go down the well? Will it be you, your neighbor, me?)

Well, Unionazi Matt “the Mutt” Miller has found some other bigots to join him and Selkirk resident Tavia Rauch, and some cowardly unidentified Cow-eymanazi, calling itself A.B.,  to join in Miller’s campaign of libel and retaliation against the RCS school board!

We see at least three obvious  reasons for his cowardly campaign:

  1. Revenge for having been given the boot as energy manager and losing his $18,000 dollars a year extra plus travel expenses paid by YOU taxpayers in addition to his $80,000 plus teacher salary. Greed is alive and well in RCS!the boot
  2. A desperate attempt by recruiting all the Coeymanazis and local lunatic RCnaziS to oust a duely elected board member so that the teachers clique and the teachers union, New York State United Teachers, can have a majority on the board and control your tax dollars and the school budget.
  3. An ego trip to get brownie points with his union and to keep stirring dissent and scandal in the RCS community. That’s the kind of person your darling teacher and union rep Matt Miller is! If things are peaceful, Matt’s right there to stir things up and keep your blood pressure up there!
  4. Actually, but he hasn’t caught on yet, stupid mutt that he is, he’s giving the district more rope to hang him…no one’s happy with him, he’s turned into a lone wolf, and the district will be very happy when he goes…one way or another but simply that he goes!

    Miller, Now.

    Miller, Now.

So, Matthew J. Miller a.k.a Matt “the Mutt”, official Unionazi of the RCS school district, has mad an ass of himself twice with his failed petition with Selkirk resident Tavia Rauch, which has sputtered out, and his complaint filed with the New York State Education Commissioner, Dr John B. King, Jr.

So the Brit tells us to throw the Jew down the well and our local Twit wants us to throw his “Jew” down the well!

Unionazi Matt Miller

Unionazi Matt Miller

Has Mr Miller a different set of standards that apply to himself and his friends and another that apply to people not in Mr Miller’s clique? For example, where was Matthew J. Miller when:

  • the polling and voting irregularities were happening?
  • the athletics coaches were abusing the athletes?
  • the bus drivers were refusing to transport students home?
  • all the bullying was happening (Oops! We know one of the answers to this one, don’t we? Matt Miller was inciting the bullying naming children of board of education members who opposed the school budget!)
  • students were being attacked by other students in the high school?
  • parents complain about teachers and athletics coaches’ misconduct? (We know the answer to this one, too! Matt Miller, as NYSUT teachers union rep, must protect the interests of the teachers and other members of his union, not students or students parents!)
  • multiple instances of overpayment in the tens of thousands of dollars to RCS CSD employees were discovered by auditors, in addition to other discrepancies? Did Miller step up to make a statement about that? (No, of course not! He actually was a double-dipper until the board of education canned him!)
  • And where was Miller when the wrestling team had to forfeit a match because of the foul mouthed comments of the coach?

Yup! We have some real classy role models in the RCS schools and Miller’s right on top of keeping the worst of the worst, including himself, sitting pretty.

Matt Miller and NYSUT at Work

Matt Miller and NYSUT at Work

Is being a so-called “sovereign citizen” worse than

  • Matt Miller, when he declares himself to be an atheist in the presence of students?
  • Matt Miller, when he incites students to abuse other students?
  • Matt Miller, when he abuses his position and violates sound ethical principles that apply to polling places and voting?
  • Matt Miller, when he unethically collects untold thousands of taxpayer dollars, in addition to his teacher salary, during the same time he’s supposed to be teaching? (That’s called double-dipping! The rest is triple-dipping (see next bullet)!)
  • Matt Miller, when he accepts a full teachers salary while doing only part-time teaching, and taxpayers are paying for his time to do NYSUT union work?

Is the fact that a citizen-resident is appealing and aggrieving your tax assesments in the courts, exercising a right we all have (or should have), and doing something we can (or should be able to) do under the Constition. Is that worse than:

  • What’s going on in the village of Ravena and the scandalous abuse of public interests in the matter of the Ravena Fitness Center?
  • What’s going on in the village of Ravena and the scandalous abuse of the public good in the matter of the RCS Community Library relocation?

    triad of terror

    The Terror Triad

  • What’s been going on in the town of Coeymans police department and the Coeymanazis’ abuse of residents’civil rights?
  • What’s going on in the village and town courts with the unethical conduct of the village and town justices, constantly under investigation for ethics violations?
  • What’s going on with the Biscone and Teresi law practices in the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans? Conflicts of interest and billings as private attorneys doubling as village and town attorneys?
  • The favoritism and nepotism that has been going on for decades in the village of Ravena village government?
  • The bizarre financial mismanagement in the village of Ravena and the glaring silence that followed the audit scandals, when mayor John T. Bruno’s response was, “I didn’t know that!“? Good Lord! John T Bruno has been on the Ravena village board since 1976 and has been mayor for the past 20 years! And he “doesn’t know” what’s going on in village finances? Has he been braindead or in a coma for the past 20-30 years?!?
  • The fact that Sabic, a Saudi Arabian corporation is deeply entrenched in the RCS district and is on the RCS school board! Sabic! SABIC (Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation) (Arabic: الشركة السعودية للصناعات الأساسية ، سابك‎ ) is a manufacturing company, active in chemicals and intermediates, industrial polymers, fertilizers and metals. It is the largest public company in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi government still owns 70% of its shares. SABIC is the largest company in the Middle East. By the way, Saudi Arabia is Osama bin Laden’s country of origin and where his family still lives! But where money is concerned people seem to go blind unless it’s a “sovereign citizen”! (Editor’s Note, this fact is not important to Matt Miller or to NYSUT because James Latter is married to teacher Amanda Latter; in order for Miller to go after you, apparently  you have to be a non-teacher, a kid, or black!)
  • The fact that another RCS CSD board of education member, James Latter is a financial analyst at SABIC? That’s what I meant when I said Sabic is on the RCS board of education! Does that mean James Latter has terrorist connections, too, Mr Miller?
  • What about when one of Matt Millers co-Coeymanazis Donna Leput-Hommel made the statement on Facebook that residents should punish businesses with their checkbooks if they don’t support the Yes! vote in the last school budget elections. So, with the economic situation the way it is in this country, with the district hemorrhaging jobs, residents, and businesses, Matt Miller’s gang and the Coeymanazis want to punish the businesses that are left! Nice agenda! (P.s. Anybody punishing Sabic? Or is it just the American small businesses and residents that Donna Leput-Hommel and the Coeymanazis want to “punish”? ) And you’re worried sick about some self-declared “sovereign citizen” who’s fighting his tax bill?!? Asshats!

    The Real Terrorists

    The Real Terrorists
    at our board of education meetings

Matt Miller’s petition to the NYSED commissioner includes a large  number of Internet pages in which we get to read the word “terrorist.” Matt Miller is trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to use unverified, lunatic, propaganda sources to support his petition. This is nothing new, though. Miller and the Albany Times Union have been calling a peaceful, quite, unassuming citizen a “terrorist,” since day one.  (By the way, according to a National Safety Council report you are 8x more likely to be killed by a policeman than by a terrorist attack!)

The bulk of the petition recites tax claims and tax codes. Tell us, Matt Miller, since when have you started working for the IRS, the Department of Taxation and Finance, or the local tax collector? Have you earned a CPA no one yet knows about. Fact is, you, Matt Miller,  have absolutely no standing whatsoever to argue tax questions or issues in your complaint. None, Mr Miller. You’re totally out of order! Not that that is news to anyone. But you seem to insist on pointing out your stupidity and ignorance to the world. Why is that, Mr Miller? (SearchAdult Children of Dysfunctional Families” for the answer.)

The term “terrorism” has become highly emotionally  charged.  Government and government agencies take advantage of that fact when they want to manipulate public opinion; so do Matt Miller and NYSUT! Furthermore, its indiscriminate and careless use misinforms the public and creates an unnecessary state of anxiety, rouses suspicion and incites hate mongers. That’s exactly what Matt Miller, Unionazi, and his mob want to do when they play up the fictional association between “sovereign citizen” and “terrorist”! Totally misleading, totally misinforming, and totally w-r-o-n-g!

By definition, a terrorist is not peaceful, does not act on his own behalf, does not support the community in which he lives. A terrorist incites and attempts to change entire groups and countries to political change and revolution. A terrorist incites his followers and others to violence to bring about change and to spread his ideologies. A terrorist uses any means possible to manipulate public opinion in favor of his group or movement.

Don’t these methods sound an awful lot like the methods being used by Matt Miller and the Coeymanazis? Well, most common definitions of terrorism refer only to:

  •  violent acts or inciting violent acts
  • acts that are intended to create anxiety or fear (“terror”)
  • acts that are perpetrated for a religious, political or, ideological goal
  • acts that deliberately target or disregard the physical or psychological sense of  safety or security, well-being of  civilians.

Sounds an awful lot like what Matt Miller and the Coeymanazis are doing. But it doesn’t sound much like what Mr Rodney Krzykowski is doing. So, given the above points, who are the terrorists?

In November 2004, a United Nations Secretary General report described terrorism as any act “intended to cause … serious … harm to civilians … with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or … an organization to do or abstain from doing any act.” The serious harm does not have to be physical injury or death; it can be psychological or economic, it can be intended to cause anxiety or distrust in a community, it can be intended to intimidate citizens or residents, or for wrongful reasons to compel a government or organization to act or not to act.

Moreover, since 1994, the United Nations General Assembly has repeatedly condemned terrorist acts using the following political description of terrorism (paraphrased):  “Malicious acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of fear and anxiety in the general public, a group of persons, or particular ersons for political purpose are under any circumstances unjustifiable, no matter what the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other nature that may be invoked to justify them.”

Terrorist or terrorism as a word can be summed up in the saying, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.Imagine, Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, Mahatma Ghandi, Jesus Christ could all be called terrorists by Matt Miller’s definition.

Matt Miller doesn’t seem to have much use for the democratic process, especially the process of democratic voting by residents. His latest shenanigans and attempts to deprive voters of their rights by attempting to libel a sitting board member out of office is not the only time Miller thought the majority of local voters were dumbasses and didn’t know what they were doing. Miller and his RCnaziS and Coeymanazi friends seem to think that if it isn’t their way or their mob’s way, it’s the wrong way. (Editor’s Note: We’ve already written about Matt Miller’s comments on FaceBook criticizing the democratic voting process when the candidates he and his NYSUT teachers union lost the board of elections in 2011!)

And wasn’t it Matt Miller who was quoted by the Times Union, “Matthew Miller, president of the RCS Teachers Association, said the hiring of McCartney would bring ridicule to the district.” The only thing that brings ridicule to this district is asshat teachers like Matt Miller. In fact, hiring Dr Alan R. McCartney looks like the best thing to have happened to this RCS school district in decades! Really, how many of you readers would now agree with Miller’s statement?

Racist-Dog-Granny-CartoonAnd wasn’t it Matt Miller who was involved in the retaliatory, racist, and scandalous conspiracy to harrass and remove principal Hakim Jones, an African American, and to get the job for Miller’s wife, Karen Miller? Only after Jones filed a complaint and grievance was that plan foiled! Nice role model, Miller. I wonder, how does a racist, atheist, union rep stack up against a so-called “sovereign citizen” who minds his own business and volunteers his time to improve the school district?

We’ve demanded the petition that Matt Miller sent to Dr John B. King, Jr., New York State Commissioner of Education. The petition was filed by Miller and an unidentified party, A.B., and the New York State United Teachers union, the union that Miller represents in the RCS district. The fizzled out idiots’ petition signed by a handful of local loonies and a number of people outside the district, including multiple signatures, and even a dog signed it, is yet another example of the kind of crap this moron Matt Miller is cramming down peoples’ throats.

The Miller petition to Dr King is 107 pages long and consists of 83 numbered statements or allegations. It’s Miller’s idea but was drawn up by the NYSUT teachers union lawyers. Now, do you think the NYSUT teachers union is pursuing this for YOUR benefit? If you do, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you!

ignoranceThe petition is totally nonsense! And, guess what: Miller and his co-conspirators includes about 92 pages of “exhibits,” mostly printouts of tax receipts and a number of Internet downloads that are obviously included to convince some half-wit that there’s a terrorist loose and serving on the RCS school board! All the Miller complaint to Dr King says is: “I agreed with my tax bill and I paid my taxes. Mr K. didn’t agree with his tax bill and so went to court.” The name-calling in the petitions and the rest of the lunatic documents are simply distractions from the fact that there is no case or legal basis for Miller wasting time and money on all of this. Miller is being paid by this district to teach and he’s just being a union nuisance. Is this why you’re paying him more almost $90,000 a year? Is this why he’s given a reduced teaching load at the RCS high school? He’s the terrorist by definition and we’re paying him! What does that make us?????

cryng libertyYes, I read the whole thing, I’m sorry to say. All I can say is this: Lady Liberty, after tossing her cookies, is still weeping bitterly. Lady Liberty is weeping because people like Miller and his Coeymanazis, and the NYSUT teachers union, have thrown the United States Constitution on a garbage pile and have set it aflame! Miller and his Coeymanazis and the NYSUT teachers union are misusing and abusing the grievance and complaint process for wrongful purposes, for purposes for which it was not intended. What’s worse is the fact that we have a person, Matt Miller, who is playing both sides of the fence from a trusted position, and has consistently abused that trust. That, people, is common knowledge in this district. We also have a union doing the same thing. Unions were once the champions of the working class; now they’re self-centered, lobbying, power brokers with multi-million dollar budgets, who trample the working class! And NYSUT is one of the worst because it represents the interests of a group that considers itself to be superior, to be an elite class; to hell with working parents and the underclasses, in other words. Yes, Lady Liberty is crying her eyes out right now, watching her children suffer abuse and lies at the hands of the elite!

From where I’m watching, dear readers, it’s not the so-called “sovereign citizen” who is the terrorist in this community, in this school district, its Matt Miller, his Coeymanazi supporters, and the NYSUT teachers union! That bunch of terrorists have to GO! not the “sovereign citizen!” 

You can watch the Borat “Throw the Jew Down the Well” clip here. We’d like to note, however, that the irony is that Borat is a Jew and he’s actually poking fun at all the bigots of the world who are singing the same tune but for their own “jews”. Just look at the audience’s faces in the beginning and at the end. The change is diabolical! Now, think about who your “Jew” is!

Update: Some readers have asked to see the documents filed by Matthew J. Miller and the RCS CSD answer. You can view them at the links below:


Ali G. Say:
“Dat Matt da Mutt Gotta Go, Baby!”
Bling, Bling! The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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7 responses to “Throw the Jew Down the Well…

  1. Simon

    January 8, 2013 at 10:59 am

    You’re still not going to post the document and let us all make our own minds up?



    • RCS Confidential

      January 8, 2013 at 1:57 pm

      Anyone desperately interested in reading the nonsense can, of course, FOIL it him or herself. But I have no problem posting the entire document. I just didn’t feel there was any sense doing that because of its length (107 pages).

      If you go the the blog article, at the end you will now find a link to all of the documents produced in response to Mr [redacted] FOIL to the RCS CSD information officer.

      Thanks for asking!

      The Editor


  2. laszlo polyak

    January 7, 2013 at 11:25 pm

    How true, I learned on the campaign trail when 5 folks question my flyer and in one case I pulled out my CSEA dues card to show I worked at NYSED. I was also told how “I was going to be run out of town”, I replied ,”to where?”, back to 69th & Central Park West, South Hampton, Greenwich Ct. or West Palm Beach Fla.? Editor, My family been around for almost 400 years. So what! The “Ruling Class” is over rated; it’s only as good as it treats the little guy. It is the little guy who will put you in to bankruptcy if you dont respect them and treat him right!

    The duPonts they work alongside their workers, when the factory blew up they went with their workers, too. My family has a statue in front of city hall, streets,villages,towns, parks and county named after them; and people today visit the mansions in the Southend ; SO WHAT? You still must talk to each human and treat him or her as you wanted to be treated. Because in the end you have to face your maker!

    Yes, I’ve seen my relatives make and partiapate in desions, making 100,000 jobs loss, turning a wonderful small city into a ghost-town overnight years ago . If you can’t afford to lose 20 million then dont play! Look at La farge: they sold off most of the North American mines from Canada to Georgia, except the Ravena plant here. It seems they moved the plant manager, cut jobs. It won’t surpiz\se me if I hear they just closed the Ravena plant. Because no-one wanted to by it, it’s 50 yrs olds and would cost $700 million to rebuild. If that happens our taxes will go up 5 fold and we become a ghost-town.

    Then who does the Democrat Machine rule over, or roll over if everyone is gone!!! because they lost sight of who really is important …the little guy, case in point: Detroit is a ghost town now. The little guy will just keep moving.

    Its dangerous (to yourself the elected leaders) to walk around Hubis and Naked. Beating to the drum…look I’m the Emperor, kneel and kiss ass, whoses ass? If no-one’s here! I can board up my building. It’s a tax write off a win-win for me! Can you? Or the little guy who’s lived here all their life?


  3. laszlo polyak

    January 7, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    I re-read …. there are some things to be cleared up after the state audit, there wasn’t “glaring silence”, the Village board members got together and planed to kick the governor and comptroller in the ass and teeth after the T.U. article! So behind closed doors they planned the fitness center without any public input or public comments. That was in total violation of NYS process or NYS Comptroller rules of accountability.

    Now you begin to see how much crap Josie took over the 20 or so years. She would be allegedly cursed at by mayor John T. Bruno when she would tell him ‘you can’t do that or this. You need to hold a public hearing before you can change what you want or how you want to spend the tax payers money.” The mayor would be cursing colorfully, I would sometimes hear it as I walked in to get records from time to time. He would only stop when he heard my voice or someone else’s out in the clerks office. Josie would excuse herself for the mayor’s colorful comments. One time it was after the camera went off he allegedly cursed and stormed at me; it was so bad the News Herald editor at the time thought the mayor might assault me in front of the rest of the board members.

    Another time the Mayor was allegedly cursing at Tom Rotello so bad that he call him a “fat bastard” as they walked down into the Village Court when it was still in session; the incident turned the heads of a trooper and the sitting judge she was….well… And you think he’s brain dead ?????


    • RCS Confidential

      January 7, 2013 at 10:11 pm

      Laszlo, it’s no secret that this is not the way a democratic municipality operates. You don’t have “mayors for life” in a real democratic system, and you don’t staff the entire village hall with relatives and relatives of friends. C’mon, you’ve been in the village for more than 20 years and you’ve seen the royal classes and how they interact with the serfs. Right? What can you expect when just down the road at the county seat one man ruled the capital city for more than 40 years! That was the solidification of the Democrat party machine in Albany County that has even survived Erastus Corning III! It’s not the Democrat party that’s the problem, it’s the political machine. The political machine is a huge thing that steamrolls any opposition and rubber stamps all supporters. There’s nothing democratic about it…but then there’s nothing democratic about anything in the country today! It’s an oligarchy and a hegemony, the rule of the few and the powerful. Most of the citizen’s rights have been taken away by either our elected legislators or the courts, what’s left is being stolen by our local officials. And law enforcement is a joke! Justice is all but extinct. But as the politicians like to crow, “We are a country of laws [not justice]!” or “We have the rule of law [but not justice]!” Get it? All that’s left is the myth of democracy and rights. Rights have become privileges and privileges have become the entitlements, the rights of the in-crowd, the A-listers. So, quite frankly, it doesn’t surprise me that we have a raving lunatic running Ravena; just imagine the lunatics who are running the nation! But as the Chinese say: “All politics start in the family.” And unless we get a grip on the deterioration of the American family, we can kiss life as we knew it goodby!

      The Editor


  4. laszlo polyak

    January 7, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Does Tavia Rauch and Matt Miller know they will be “cross examined”, if Dr. King picks this up ? How would the NYSUT union look afterwards or what would come out about Matt Miller or Tavia Rauch?

    Lets say Dr. King says, “OK”. Mr “K” would still have his day in court and a full hearing. This is where Tavia Rauch and Matt Miller would have to “PROVE” the relevance and materiality of their allegations. And both would be on the stand as Mr. “K” asks his questions to discredit them; in other words, they would have to submit to “cross examination” by Mr K. This is why Dr. King most likely would not get involved. Calling “Mr K”, a terrorist with no proof could make NYSUT and themselves look very stupid [and subject them to a very nasty defamation lawsuit].

    The FBI are out there they already know all they need to know about Mr “K”, if any of this crap was true the FBI would already have Mr.”K” in leg irons and Mr. “K” would be facing terrorism charges. heck The FBI already know everything about me, Matt Miller, the Blog and so on. The FBI has access to everything and everyone. The FBI are hard working and professional, and aware!

    Mr. “K” would get his day a very Public Hearing if Dr. King grants Tavia Rauch and MR Miller their wish. That’s when the world Via CNN to O’Reilly Factor not only make the rest of our community look STUPID! but our property values would be so worthless because no-one would want to move here; we couldn’t give our homes away !! Is there a new low? This why I believe Dr. King is going to do nothing. Dr. King will simply state that the voters of RCS CSD will solve this at a future school board election.


    • RCS Confidential

      January 7, 2013 at 4:53 pm

      Thank you, Laszlo, for your comment. I think you’re right for several reasons.

      First of all, anyone can see right through Miller’s and Rauch’s hypocrisy and their stupidity. The online petition says it all: people signing multiple times, people using different names to sign, even a dog signing and getting away with it! Then there’s the problem of the out-of-district signatures. Bottom line is that the petition is worthless and Miller and Rauch knew or should have known this from the start. I’ll bet they did but just wanted to stir up the bottom feeders, which they did. But the upside is that they identified all the bottom-feeders for us. Happy day! Both the authors of the petition and the ones signing it proved what we were saying all along: they’re morons!

      You’re right on the money when you suggest that Dr King probably won’t want to dirty his hands with this Miller dung. There’s just nothing there that a busy commissioner and counsel would have the time or resources to follow. Again, Miller and Rauch look stupid both to the NYSED and to the community.

      I couldn’t even start to imagine or to speculate on the dirt that would come out if this got to hearing stage. First of all, Miller has a lot of baggage that would get unpacked and that would be really embarassing for him, his darling NYSUT, the RCS CSD, and the NYSED. Then there’s that dizzy broad Tavia Rauch, whoever she is (not that we really give a rat’s arse). And the third stooge in this motley moronic set of three stooges, the mystery petitioner A.B., who now wants to remain unidentified, would have to come out into the open. Or, in the alternative, s/he’d have to withdraw from the petition, and that would leave old Matt “the Mutt” with egg on his face. He’s practically drowning in egg as it is, given the fact that the RCS district is counting his days, he has no friends left, and he’s still making a ridiculous nuisance of himself. I think the district and its residents are tiring fast of his antics and they’re warming the tar and gathering the feathers. Matt’s time is running out.

      Matt Miller doesn’t give a silent fart about this community. He’s done nothing positive and has consistently caused dissent and problems. He’s still doing that. He’s been pretty loosey-goosey with the district’s money, has padded his pockets with double-dipping, has engaged in unethical conduct, he as violated the community’s trust, he’s making a farce of the complaint and grievance process, and he’s making the district look ridiculous. Matt Miller’s reached his all-time low! But the upside is that communities survive even with low-life like Miller and property values are so low, and will hit bottom so hard, the only way they can go is UP. Be hopeful, Laszlo!

      In all fairness, we can’t blame the property values entirely on Matt Miller and the Coeymanazis, although they have had some negative effects, such as on the grad rates, and the quality of education in this district. I really have a good snigger when I hear those idiots who used to get up and say, “We moved here because of the schools and the quality of education.” Damned fools! They certainly didn’t do their homework; if they had, they’d have known about the 70% graduation rates and the fact of the district’s having the highest cost per student rate in the state (more than $21,000 per student!). But then, maybe that’s the quality of education they wanted and maybe they wanted high property tax rates. Who knows what goes on in those peoples’ conical little heads. Can’t tell by looking at those dead beady eyes, can ya?




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