WTF! RC Teen Center Coin Drop in Glenmont!

30 Dec

Update: 1 Jan 13. Mr Michael Fisher has responded to this article. We have published his response in its entirety with no edits in the Comments section. Please read all the comments to this article.

We’re All Territorial and We Do Have To Consider Appearances and Impressions, Don’t We?

Ravena-Coeymans Teen Center Collecting in Glenmon?!?

Ravena-Coeymans Teen Center Collecting in Glenmont?!?

So what do you think you would say or your neighbors would say if, at the Four Corners junction on 9W in Ravena, the Bethlehem Center Sports Association were to set up shop, stop traffic, delay your trip home, while they’re collecting money from your RCS neighbors to fund their Bethlehem sports agenda? You’d probably say to yourself, “What in hell are they doing here? Get back to where you belong!” It’s only natural.

Bethlehem Center, NY (December 29, 2012) But that’s the situation we observed when approaching a long line of stopped cars and noting some fluorescent figures moving about in the intesection at Bethlehem Center at 9W and  Glenmont Road. We were doing errands and anxious to get home and thought to ourselves, “Oh, NO! Not an accident!” As the traffic inched towards the light we say that it wasn’t an accident but several people stopping cars and holding out containers. Now I thought, “Who are these people stopping traffic at a busy intersection, causing this back-up and delay?” Then a sloppily painted sign caught my eye and I felt really embarrassed: “Support the RC Teen Center!

Begging on Foreign Turf?Not the right kind of attention we need.

Begging on Foreign Turf?
Not the right kind of attention we need.

I was not embarrassed for what I had initially thought about the persons holding up traffic and holding out “cups.” That point was confirmed: it was a bunch of people collecting money. I was embarrassed because the fluorescent-vested speedbumps were apparently from Ravena-Coeymans, collecting money from people who obviously were out doing business, they were holding people up, stopping cars, asking for money, were making a pretty shabby appearance (and the sloppy sign didn’t help!). They were begging for money not in Ravena, Coeymans or even Selkirk but deep in the Town of Bethlehem! That’s why I was embarrassed.

pregnantHere we have Mr Michael Fisher, who is from Guilderland, coming to Ravena and renting the old Fire House on Main Street. There he establishes the so-called RC-Teen Center. Why? Because he’s concerned that teenagers in Ravena and Coeymans have no place to go and wants to provide a venue where they can stay out of trouble. Nice thought. Do our Ravena-Coeymans parents and schools need a third or even a fourth party to step in and take over control of our apparently out-of-control teens? (From what I hear, the Glenmont and Bethlehem communities have many, many more teens and they need a bit of controlling, too!) Question: Why does Mr Fisher feel the Ravena-Coeymans community needs his presence as if we were a marginalized inner-city ghetto? (More questions below…)

So who is this Mr Michael Fisher? No-one seems to know a lot about him except for what he publishes on the RC Teen Center website. But Mr Fisher is allegedly a business person and has taken certain risks on his own initiative to create the teen center, which is not free to all comers. Mr Fisher is charging an admission fee to get in. So you say, “Big deal! Why shouldn’t he? It’s his investment.” I agree!

But now we see the teen center advertising an  A.S.A.P. program, too. That’s a program along the lines of the After School Activities Program that has been under fire in the past couple of months. It seems that Mr Fisher is trying to corral the Ravena-Coeymans teen population and form a day-care internment center in the middle of Ravena.

Is This Our Teens' Image?

Is This Our Teens’ Image?

But the question that keeps cropping up in my mind is this: Who is Michael Fisher and why, if he’s from Guilderland, has he taken such a shine to Ravena-Coeymans teens? And why does he feel he has to be the Mother Theresa from Guilderland? What does Mr Fisher think we in the Ravena-Coeymans community are so lousy at? Like supervising the few teens we have left and we need a Mr Goody Two-Shoes from Guilderland to come in and take over for us?

That may sound really unwelcoming to some but that’s what happens when nobody knows nothin’ about sumpfin’ new in the neighborhood. There are a lot of questions, some in good faith, some that arise from the suspicion born of a lack of openness.

In a recent article we asked a number of questions regarding the RC Teen Activities Center and its connection with the Fairback & Fisk Inc. enterprise, you know the company that opened the “failed” fitness center at 172 Main Street, in the old Firehouse. The same bunch that sold $37,000 in used fitness equipment to the brilliant village of Ravena. Shady start, right?

Well, since then, the RC Teen Center staged its “Grand Opening” on December 14, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. And since then, few if any questions have been answered. And since then we find that Mr Fisher is advertising an A.S.A. P. program, too.

hand dropping coins

And since then, Mr Fisher’s RC Teen Center is putting RC Teen Center people at a busy intersection in Glenmont collecting coins in support of the RC Teen Center! Can’t Ravena-Coeymans support it’s own RC Teen Center? Why does Mr Fisher have to make a public spectacle in Glenmont? Was it really worth it? Where was the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans in all of this? Was there any discussion, communication? Is there any oversight of this operation bearing the implied endorsement of both Ravena and Coeymans and apparently taking over supervision of both communitíes’ teens?

 Before we find ourselves facing another scandal at the hands of our illustrious Times Useless and the Coeymanazis have another throat to cut (I can hear the howls and growls already coming out of their dark world), we need to get some clarification on this RC Teen Center and its staff and make it public (H-e-l-l-o-w Ravena News Herald, are you awake?).

bruning-questionsThere are quite a few burning questions we’d like to ask about the RC Teen Activity Center but they take up a lot of space here. So for your convenience we have listed them and they’re attached as a pdf document. You can view or download and save the questions by clicking this link: Just A Partial List of Questions About the RC Teen Activity Center. You really should have a look at these questions if you’re a parent of a teen using the RC Teen Activity Center.

If the RC Teen Activity Center, as it states in quotes made to local news media, intends to provide after school programs and homework help, I certainly hope that help is not provided by the illiterate who writes the copy for the RC Teen Activity Center website. The spelling and grammar is atrocious! And if the programs are as up-to-date at the Center as the information on the website, well, I wouldn’t set my watch to any of it. Very shabby! (Visit the site at Ravena Coeymans Teen Activity Center and judge for yourself.)

What’s also quite disturbing is that there is absolutely no information on the people running the place. The mission statement is not really a mission statement and says little or nothing about the plans for the future. Who are these people and what are their intentions? Sure, three have been a couple of short media reports but nothing of real substance, just the sort of stuff a paper would use to fill some space they couldn’t otherwise well to advertisers. And the factual information is pretty scanty. So now we’re asking.

The RC Teen Activities Center Staff. Bouncers?(Source: Ravena News Herald.  Photo by Melanie Lekocevic)

The RC Teen Activities Center Staff.
Bouncers? Qualifications?
(Source: Ravena News Herald. Photo by Melanie Lekocevic)

 Is the RC Teen Activities Center, as a community organization intended to benefit the 13-17 year old age group, registered with the Albany County Department of Children, Youth, and Families, Youth Bureau? If so, To do what? If not, WHY NOT?

Parents Might Know Where they Are but Do You Know What They're Doing?

Parents Might Know Where they Are but Do You Know What They’re Doing?

Rather than a fitness center, maybe the village of Ravena should have created a Youth Center, similar to what the Library once had in the activities room, the same space that mayor John T. Bruno took from the library to store his fitness equipment! Doesn’t it make sense that if an outsider could see that Ravena Coeymans teens needed a place to go that that bunch of geriatric fitness nutz on the Ravena village council and their Coeymanazi friends would have seen the same thing and created a teen center for the poor, deprived, bored, wayward teens of their community. Nah! They’re too busy robbing the community blind!

 So, good people, what I’m looking forward to seeing in one of our local rags is a factual, informative, complete and accurate article answering all of these questions and others about the RC Teen Activities Center. No trashing, no scandal, just plain, clear facts and answers to some very important and legitimate questions.

We demand that the Village of Ravena, in the person of mayor John Bruno,  and the Hamlet/Town of Coeymans, in the person of supervisor Stephen Flach, step forward and inform this community why the village and town never discovered this apparent pressing need, why the village and town do not have a qualifiedYouth Affairs Officer (and NO! I don’t mean some police officer!) and why we need a fitness center and not a youth center! We demand also to know how the village of Ravena and the town of Coeymans, obviously benefiting from the RC Teen Activities Center are supporting the efforts of the RC Teen Activities Center by perhaps granting public funds to its operation. After all, it’s the community’s responsibility to take care of its own, isn’t it? Perhaps the village of Ravena and the hamlet/town of Coeymans would also like to comment on why the RC Teen Activities Center had to do their coin-drop fundraising in the town of Bethlehem, at the four corners in Glenmont. We’d be very interested in hearing some of these answers, too.

But for the moment, the ball is in Mr Fisher’s court to answer the questions we have posed in this article. And he must answer them all and be up front or risk the usual scandal and ultimate failure some in this community are just drooling to see happen. Your choice, Mr Fisher.

We Need Some Questions Answered, NOW!
The Editor

Editor’s Note: There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding Mr Michael Fisher’s origins and we can’t seem to find anything on him in voter lists etc. If anyone has reliable information on where this man comes from, please let us know so we can make appropriate corrections. We really don’t understand why it should be so difficult to get a bearing on this Michael Fisher. We are waiting for word from the village of Ravena Offices where we have made an inquiry.

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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21 responses to “WTF! RC Teen Center Coin Drop in Glenmont!

  1. RavenaSuperHero

    December 9, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    172 main street .This property was previously listed for sale on Trulia. The listing may have been withdrawn, or the property may have sold but Trulia has not received a record of the sale and details of the transaction from available public records.



  2. RavenaSuperHero

    December 9, 2013 at 11:33 am

    I know that he allows one of his tenants to rip open trash bags from the dumpsters all through the complex and take out metal, cans, etc…. I know its against the law for people to open garbage bags cause they can get other peoples personal information. This is done daily every day. He has been made a ware of this and still allows them to do it. If he cared about the community he would put a stop to this or evict them. Their are also residents who will stand on their balcony or out front and smoke weed. You can smell it in your apts, the kids have to endure it in their house or when the go past them. If he cares about the kids he would put a stop to that also. He only cares about scamming the city. He wants to make everyone think hes a good guy, think that he does good for the community. Well, he doesn’t he only cares about himself and making money. When someone hides their identity, or tries to volunteer and tries to get their name know around town, its for personal gain, or they want people to think their a good guy when actually they are fooling you all.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 9, 2013 at 11:38 am

      Dear RSH:

      I have no problem with what “he’s” done or doing. In fact, I have spoken to him on a number of occasions and found him to be sincere and really interested in making a good difference.

      If you’re looking for someone to crucify, someone who is really evil, just check out the Ravena village offices, particularly the mayor’s office. Or dropy by the Ravena Health and Fitness Center and find Cathy Deluca. Worse still, go down to the Coeymans police department and ask to see Dirty-Hands Jerry or DoDo Cop Darlington. How did you ever miss the real evil in and around Ravena!

      First of all, he has no police power over tenants and cannot control what they do. Do you suggest that he call the Coeymanazi police every time someone opens a garbage bag to take out the cans? Do you think people do that for fun? They do it because they need the money!

      Secondly, you apparently know little about the eviction process and how the courts make it incredibly difficult to evict someone, even for good reasons. Eviction is not easy, it’s expensive, and it’s time-consuming. Landlords just don’t have the time to evict every undesirable tenant. Plus there’s the repairs after they trash the place knowing they’re on their way out.

      Thirdly, just show me someone in town who’s not trying to look good and not trying to make money. Can you just name one person?

      You may want to change your pseudonym (your fake name. like you’re accusing “him” of doing. You’re doing the same thing.) to Ravena Super Naïve, since you don’t seem to have much experience in the world of reality, or it’s very limited, indeed.

      The Editor


      • pundit

        December 9, 2013 at 12:05 pm

        There apparently are a lot of people in the Coeymans/Ravena/NB area who’s not trying to look good and not trying to make money…just look around and not only on the Main Streets!


    • Michael Fisher

      April 7, 2014 at 4:44 pm

      Ok, RavenaSuperHero…. I have just seen your post 04/07/2014

      If you have followed anything of the 172 Main Street, You would have known that it was rented, NOT PURCHASED, so there really wont be any record of sale.

      As for my job outside of the RCTYAC… I am not the Police, I am a Leasing Agent for Oakbrook Manor LLC. But since you threw me into this. So called “dumpster divers” is LEGAL in NYS. It is illegal for someone to go through your personal trash at your “RESIDENCE”. Although a community dumpster is LEGAL. And yes the person(s), not only one who goes through the dumpsters need the money. They are trying to live without being on Social Services and paying their own way. Not that I would resort to that for income, but if they are wiling to do it and not live off my tax dollars “MORE POWER TO THEM”. As for tenants smoking pot on the balcony… anytime I am notified that there is a “odor” I contact the Coeymans Police. FOIL the Oakbrook Manor address and you will see the multiple times I have called the police just for the reason you speak of. Management is notified by Police that they can not enter an apartment with out a warrant and an “odor” is not enough for a warrant. So i have tried and continue to report to Police, to put a stop to that.

      How did I scam the city??? The RCTYAC cost me money every week while it was open (NOT A MONEY MAKER BY FAR). I only care about myself??? If it was not for the lease ending where the RCTYAC was, it would still be open. I never tried to get my name known around town. Yes because of being the owner, people had confronted me, but you never seen me bragging about myself and all the wonderful things that the Teen Center did. Actually the business card for the teen center had the kids on it. Facebook had one pic of only me (when we first opened) so if anyone had questions they knew who to look for. All other articles on the internet were of the kids and all the good things that they were doing, planning on doing and the fun that they were having at any function of the RCTYAC.

      Kids to this day are still asking me “WHEN IS THE RCTYAC GOING TO RE-OPEN” Well for your information, I am working on finding a new HOME for the RCTYAC. In the mean time, WE not I are already planning events for this summer (Drive-in’s, pool parties and get togethers) The kids had just as much fun outside of the RCTYAC events as they did inside. The kids even started a new facebook group this past weekend named THE RC TEEN CENTER FAMILY GROUP, on Facebook. I am not sure why they made it secret, but I am sure the administrator will make it public soon… by the way NO I AM NOT THE ADMIN of that page.

      So really what personal financial gain did I have from the RCTYAC… Lets see… NOTHING! After the RCTYAC had closed with the money I was saving every week, I was able to buy a brand new car, get a new truck, move back into my home (which I rented to financially keep the RCTYAC going)… Yep looks like I had the RCTYAC to make money… GIVE ME A F^#&# BREAK!!!!

      Obviously you know where I work, so if you have anything you would like to say to me personally and not hide behind a name, come and see me.


      Michael C. Fisher


      • RCS Confidential

        April 7, 2014 at 7:40 pm

        Dear Mr Fisher:

        You are almost a year late in responding. Water under the bridge long ago. Whatever offense you have obviously taken to the April 7, 2014 post (We’re not quite sure which post you are referencing, since there is no 4/7/2014 post!) you are in ancient-history land.

        Quite frankly, you might be experiencing a psychotic break, because we have in the past year supported the Ravena-Coeymans Youth and Teen Activity Center HOOK_LINE_AND_SINKER, and have regularly exposed John Bruno, Nancy Warner, Martin Case, Rocco Persico, the Coeymans police department as thugs and worse for what they did to destroy the Teen Center and persecute the kids.

        We don’t know what you are ranting about and we are not sure that you do either.

        Thank you for your rather bizarre comment.

        The Editor


  3. Michael Fisher

    January 1, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    [Editor’s Note: I have decided to publish Mr Michael Fisher’s explanation in its entirety, with no edits (except for his residential house number) and no corrections. The style, content, and grammar are all part of Mr Fisher’s presentation and image, and we’d like not to detract from any of it. Thank you for your patience.]

    Ok enough is enough. I stated to everyone that I will not get involved in politics, although there is this one guy here with this blog who is trying to drag me into the politics. So I am here to say my peace, and you will not see me on here again. If someone should know of a place where blogs can be posted by both parties and not be editied for ones own benefit, please email me at and we can continue this in public forum elsewhere. The reason I am looking for a place on the web, is because the owner of this blog is editing and posting to his benefit. I personally believe that Laszlos post made it because he posts here and would know that his comment never made it to the blog. I am Michael C. Fisher, I reside at [redacted] Cottage Street, Ravena, NY 12143, in Albany County. I am a volunteer firefighter in Coeymans Fire Department, and yes I work full time as a Leasing Consultant for Oakbrook Manor LLC in Ravena. You see, the owner of this blog knows this because the ravenacitizen is someone that I know and has forwarded personally to the owner of this blog copies of my Deed to my home on Cottage Street, a copy of my power bill to my home on Cottage Street and a copy of my firefighter ID. Although no mention was made of that from the blogger, and his updates now state that I am from Guilderland, not Glenmont. You (the blogger) state that you are searching my name and I am in Guilderland. You sir need to update your equipment from teletype or Windows 3.0. I was raised in Guilderland and graduated in 1987. You include a special note on your blogs that “we make every effort to be truthful, blah, blah, blah. YOU ARE FAR FROM THE TRUTH AND DO HAVE THE FACTS!!! I noticed after reading multiple emails between you and ravenacitizen (yes I have copies of all) that you were first on here calling us morons, actually corrected to a bunch of morons in your blog. After one email from a person that I know, you changed the wording to people instead of morons. You can change it back to morons, with my permission, you are only making yourself look bad to everyone that reads this with the name calling of myself and the people that donated thier time to support the RC Teen Center. In your original post you states ” not another accident “… on rt 9W in Glenmont. You were delayed from shopping or going home or whatever. The trafffic situation was normal flowing, with a few that stopped and supported the RC Teen Center while traffic lights were green, that minimally held up traffic. The Bethlehem Police even stopped by and did not shut us down, simply made a suggestion of safety vests, although not required I went and bought them anyways (with my own money, not money from supporters). You say the sloppy signs were an embarrasment to you. Why, you live in New Baltimore… The Teen Center signs were created by cheap stencil from Walmarts on a board that was donated from someone who knows that we were doing a coin drop and donated the plywood for a good cause. By the way I love the artwork that you printed on the blog, and yes I will (with my own money) repaint the coin drop signs to this. Thanks for the idea.

    You have an editor note on this blog that there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding myself and origins. Simple stop in and ask. If you had questions regarding the Teen Center prior to opening, and it was made very public in the press for the original planning board meeting, why did you not stop into the public meeting and ask your questions then. Even before the final approval of the Village Planning Board, the signs were up and displayed to the public. So there was no secret that this was going on in the Village of Ravena. Actually you might have been to busy, following the life of certain Police Officers in this town, and certain names, that I now understand are very big in this town. You come on this blog that you own and post multiple name calling to town officials and Police Officers and now myself. You post on this blog as the owner and also in comments under a different name FqC, and make yourself look good and support yourself. I too talk to myself at times, although I dont post it as someone different. The FqC name and your editor name have the same icon, although, everyone else who posts on this have diffferent icons.

    I have stated that I refuse to get involved in the poitics of this town, and Laszlo has also advised me not to get involved. In his post he states that I should answer some questions. I can count on both hands the times that I have meet Laszlo prior to the Teen Center and at the Teen Center, and really do not know much about him, although THANK YOU Laszlo for commenting on this blog about me, and you are correct, If there are questions, people want answers. I am willing to answer them at the Teen Center, in person, not hiding behind a screen name on the internet. The blogger even has a link now of questions, although in an email to ravenacitizen, states that he has no questions for me in person… WHY??? Ravenacitizen has posted and emailed you stating that I will answer any questions that anyone has at the Teen Center. I am true to that, and anyone can come in (at no charge) and look around and ask all the questions they want. Ravenacitizen has no power to speak on my behalf, although he has asked questions and got his answers and has given you the answers. Yes he has a child that comes to the Teen Center, although just like any concerned parent, he asked questions, even though he knows me, he still asked about all the things that will go on at the Teen Center. And yes he ran a sex offender background check on me, on the computer at the Teen Center, and stated true findings, I am not one!!! Actually now there is a printed copy of this on the wall at the main entrance.

    Now about the Teen Center. You state that we will be offering help with homework. Where does it say that??? We will be offering a place seperated from the activities for kids to do homework on their own. You dont like my typing on the website, TOUGH!!! Its my freedom of speech also, just like this blog on here from you. I never stated that there is a problem with the kids in Ravena / Coeymans and the surrounding area. You did, and blame the parents, here on this blog. I am only offering a place for kids to go out of the cold in the winter, and cool in the hot summer and give them activities that will interest them. The kids of this community are the ones who state what they want to see here, and within being legal and safe for them I will offer it. The parents that come in and either stay with their kids or drop them off, are always asked if they have any suggestions or comments about how things operate in the Teen Center. I have not heard one complaint yet, I have even had parents come in by themselves without their kids, ask questions, see how things are run, and then they leave and come back with their kids. Sounds like good parenting to me, checking up on things before allowing kids to go somewhere.

    The coin drops that you see around town are to support kids that can not afford the minimal prices that I have set for entrance. Any person can do the math, that is business minded, and knows the cost of business operation in this very expensive New York State. As long as the Teen Center can support its bills, either by entrance fee’s, donations or by coin drops, I personally do not care to make a dime in this. I am doing this for the kids of the community, should they use it is their choice, not a quarantine of troubled youths. You are the one who stated “the poor, deprived, bored, wayward teens” of this community. I never stated that about anyone in this town. THE COIN DROPS MADE IT SO 12 KIDS OF OUR AND A NEARBY COMMUNITY WERE ABLE TO ENJOY A NEW YEARS PARTY JUST FOR THEM, no alcohol, tobacco, bullying or drugs, just plain out fun. They were not turned away from the Teen Center and allowed admittance with their friends and parents, thanks to the coin drop support. The coin drop in Glenmont was an idea from a parent who had seen the coin drop in Ravena and made the suggestion of Glenmont because of more trafffic. SO YES WE DID IT.

    You have a requested confidential email with your personal name on it from ravenacitizen, stating all the facts about how many places I looked at prior to 172 Main Street, and all the things that were done in preparation of the Teen Center. YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO POST THIS EMAIL WITHOUT ANY EDITING DONE TO IT.

    You on this blog and previous posts have been trying to tie myself in with the politics and big names of the community. On my life, I swear that I have no attachments to any of the names you have listed. Josie Bruno is also a firefighter in Coeymans with me, although we only see each other in passing at calls or maybe a meeting or two. Prior to placing the Teen Center in the building of 172 Main Street have we ever had conversations of anything with politics in this town. I just want to get that out of the way before someone finds out that we are in the same fire Dept, and had secret meetings for this.

    You state that you are not bashing the Teen Center??? What do you consider all the name calling and predicting the “soon to fail” Teen Center in Ravena. Even in this comment I am not calling you names, outside of telling you to update your equipment.

    So, yes, I do charge admission to the Teen Center, although it is not required to get in, have your or a child you know, stop by and see for themselves. If I am wrong than you can “bash” me all you like. I am filling for non-profit in new York State and for federal Tax Exemption status. Although the two sound hand in hand they are not as I have learned. Even with a not for profit business, I can still draw a salary of near $ 30,000 per year from it and maintain my not for profit status. I do not want or will take from the Teen Center. When we have completed the Not for Profit status, and my books are open to the public, as required you will see this.

    The coin drops have been a huge assistance in the bills of the Teen Center, almost making it that I do not need to charge anyone to come in. If the Teen Center should support the bills from peoples spare change in the area, than I am willing to stand out in the cold, with no compensation, along with others that dontated their time to assist me. The coin drops speak for themselves of the support of this and the surrounding community. RCS highshool teachers made it known that they were in support of the Teen Center and donated change, along with others of the school district and law enforcement officers of this and surrounding communities. The RC Teen Center is not only for the kids of this community, it is open to all that wish to come and use it and attracts kids from far away. So are we really going into foreign terrritory? Is it the name that bothers you? Maybe I should change the name and leave the RC (Ravena / Coeymans ) out of it, before my attorney completes the paperwork of the non-profit. Maybe Northeast Youth and Community Center. Then the name of Ravena and Coeymans is not attached.

    As for funding, who??? Simple…. myself. I have used money that I have saved from working fulltime and a partime job to create this. When I needed additional funds that went beyond my savings I sold my truck, and financially started the Teen Center. There is no funds from grants or loans on a federal or state level, and I have not applied for any. Those documents are public as to who is receiving funding from those levels and you will not as of today see my personal name or business name on any of them. Although I have been advised by multiple people that the Teen Center will qualify for State and Federal grants and SBL. Maybe I should use tax dollars to do this instead of freezing my A@# off. I can do that from a computer at my desk in my warm house at [redacted] Cottage Street in Ravena. But nope, still out there in the cold.

    Once again, I invite all to come and ask your questions to myself, in person and see what I am offering. I know by the community support and not this blogger that I am doing the correct thing. Should I change things here for educational purposes, the website will be updated with that persons credentials for all to see. Currently there is no educational activites to interfere with the RCS or other area schoold districts.

    I have said my peace and I will see you all at the Teen Center in support of it or not. Now I have to go to lowes to buy paint with my own money to make some nice new signs.


    • RCS Confidential

      January 1, 2013 at 3:24 pm

      Thank you, Mr Fisher! We are publishing your comment unedited and hope that it will be read by the majority of readers. There’s really no need to become so defensive; defensiveness is a sign of weakness. All you have to do is be honest and stick to the facts. (You do need some help, I see, with facts and avoiding getting too defensive, but that may come with time.) For example, you have no grounds upon which to state anything that the blogger knows. You have no way of knowing that! Moreover, you and your lackey friend or go-between RavenaCitizen may talk but you’re obviously not communicating. You are absolutely wrong and misinformed when you state, for example, “the owner of this blog knows this because the ravenacitizen is someone that I know and has forwarded personally to the owner of this blog copies of my Deed to my home on Cottage Street, a copy of my power bill to my home on Cottage Street and a copy of my firefighter ID.” I never received such documents and, if you read my comment reply to RavenaCitizen, and if what you say is true, that you have copies of my and others’ e-mails to RavenaCitizen, you would know that I refused to accept anything from RavenaCitizen and told him/her that whatever s/he had to say I considered hearsay and unacceptable. Furthermore, I stated that anything s/he sent would not be acceptable because s/he would have no right to send it. I received no such documents from your friend RavenaCitizen. Read the e-mails you say you have and read the comment below! It seems you are playing a silly game of misinformation, sir! (Maybe that’s why you’re so defensive?)

      I do also take umbrage at your comment regarding “this one guy,” and the remarks about our editing practices. You’re obviously ignorant about a lot of things, especially about this blog. Maybe if you read it more often you’d be a bit more enlightened.

      You see, we’re not as afraid of criticism and others’ opinions as most of the community is. We are confident of our positions, in other words.

      As I stated previously, contrary to your incorrect conclusions, we publish most comments as long as they’re on topic; accordingly, yours is being published in its entirety because it says so much (mostly about you), and we’ll let our readers make their own decisions regarding your response. I feel that’s quite fair and reasonable.

      All that notwithstanding, we do hope that your efforts achieve good results, and wish you well in the new year 2013. May all of your missives meet with such compassionate correspondents!

      Happy New Year!
      The Editor


  4. laszlopolyak

    December 31, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Truth is stranger than fiction as the old saying goes. I, too, went and talked to mike fisher three different times and at length. He is from Guilerland and currently lives in Ravena is a vol. Coeymans fire fighter and works for/with Oakbrook Manor, beyond that you will have to talk to him yourself. What RavenaCitzen wrote is true, about what mike was trying to do, and yes a church on 9W did explore a youth center etc.

    As I spoke with Mike I informed him I was a supporter of old the youth club when fisk started one in 1992 . Mike is not into politices or even as a watch dog he informed me he was told I was the blogger! I told him this town has a hard enough time dealing with me in the flesh for the last 20 years, they wouldn’t be able to handled me as a blogger my chip art and adverbs would be far more colorful. I grew up down state in NYC. I also printout a few copies and deliver them to seniors who don’t have an computer and sometimes I dont agree with the blogger too. We where in his car coming back from looking at apartments when his radio went off for a fire call. I also chatted with mike at the teen center when it wasn’t open and asked as I alway do the hard hitting questions I came away with mike is the average bloak just trying to do some good in a thid broken down community where two sides have been pissing on each other for a hundred years and he’s caught in the middle. Just by the way mike said he, the mayor, mr fisk, josie, nancy, got into it with each other over the equipment and fixtures right in front of him (mike) in the old fire house and mike doesn’t like politics at all. it was nice to learn nancy bicone-warner doesn’t care for the teen center or the mayor, so as I left mike I said I support it but, there are very good questions you need to answer perhaps on your web site. We will know in 6-9 months if your teen center works or fails.

    mike fully understands the best place for kids is at home doing homework and thing around the house but if he (mike) can keep the kids from doing criminial mischief things, he’s ahead of the games.

    The bigger issue is this community is not at all business friendly and why main st in coeymans and ravena are dying if not dead. both the town and village need to get together and work out a simplified plan (in a packet form) to welcome business without playing little games such as one minute you can do it this, then when your halfway thru getting it done, then your told NO! you have to do it that way !

    Best of of luck mike and please post the answers to the real questions and shut everyone up!


    • RCS Confidential

      December 31, 2012 at 4:10 pm

      No one is denying or affirming anything that RavenaCitizen is writing. No one is bashing the RC Teen Activity Center. No one is attacking Michael Fisher. In fact, if Michael Fisher reads between the lines in the article and the responses to the comments, he might, just might if he’s lucky, read what’s really there. Wisdom on how to cover your ass, Fisher! You’ve already got 3 out of 5 against you on the Ravena village board! You’ve seen how they do business! You’re a fool if you think you’re going to win against them UNLESS you make no new enemies, pick your battles, and network with everyone who can back you. This blog is not out to hurt anyone nor to quash anything good; quite the contrary, it has worked very hard with good results to turn this district around and to silence the Coeymanazis or at least put the fear of the Lord in their empty hearts.

      Every one of the questions we’ve published and provided a copy of is intended to create a leadership situation; servant-leadership is what I’m talking about. I don’t know how smart you are bookwise or streetwise but you need to shut up and listen to Wisdom! That’s the whole point, man.

      When I write and ask, “Have you done community outreach to the established organizations and institutions in the area?” I’m asking you to say YES! When I write and ask you, “Have you dialogued with the school board?” I want you to say YES! When I ask, “Have you made intentional and concerted efforts to reach out to parents and get input and feedback about what they feel they need for their children?” I want you to say YES! Read between the damned lines!

      If you think just because you’re Goody Two-shoes or Mother Theresa of the Teens, that you’re going to just sail into port, you’re going to be eaten alive! Ravena-Coeymans is a shark cave!

      Sometimes I wonder why I even bother!

      The Editor


  5. FqC

    December 31, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    RavenaCitizen has been sending me e-mails apparently attempting to act as a go-between between me and Michael Fisher, stating that Michael Fisher “does not want to get involved in local politics.” I am sharing my response below, because I want my personal response to go on the record.

    Michael Fisher has willingly and voluntarily become a part of local politics and he can’t simply escape that fact by simply saying that he wants to stay out of politics in this district. That’s idiotic, to be very honest. He’s not running a gas station or a hair salon, for Pete’s sake! He’s made a highly charged political statement and has made political statements galore throughout his promotion campaign of the Teen Center. He is injecting himself into a political relationship with the village, the town, the school district, the churches, the social institutions and organizations of the district, and is placing himself in a very tenuous and sensitive position in parent child relationships. How much more political can it possibly get?

    Michael Fisher is involved now in local politics. I will pubish a comment on that and ask rcs.confidential to reproduce my comment as part of a larger article. Michael Fisher appears to be holding court at the Teen Center and What? I and everyone else is supposed to come and pay tribute, asking him to answer our questions? Who the devel does he think he is, anyway.

    Some very good suggestions were made on the Smalbany blog and in some of the comments. As I believe I’ve read, the questions are out there, ball’s in Fisher’s court. He can play ball or play chicken. His choice.

    Why does he need a spokesperson anyway. If he’s so darned open, he’s now a public figure, why doesn’t he just respond. He can leave a comment on the blog…there’s not doubt in my mind that he’ll be published, answering the questions, one-by-one. That will probalby shut the blogger up. Don’t you think? Or if there are other questions, he can simply answer them and the whole community can happily read them on the blog. What’s the big deal?

    As far as you are concerned, you don’t need to do anything as far as I’m personally concerned. In fact, you should probably just mind your own business and continue to play RavenaCitizen because, until you are named Fisher’s proxy or can show some other reasonable and acceptable authority for assuming you have any right to represent Fisher in any way whatsoever, you have absolutely no standing whatsoever and anything you produce, unless you are an empowered public official such as a village or town clerk, whatever you produce is worthless in terms of documentation, unless, of course, you have it certified.

    If Mr Fisher has a primary residence in Ravena and votes, he would be on the voter’s registry. As I said, I have consulted a copy of the voters list and there are maybe three Fishers registered and none of them on Cottage Street. So either Mr Fisher does not have a primary residence in Ravena or he is not registered to vote in the Town of Coeymans. I’m citing official records now, not hearsay. If you know better, I’m OK with that but, I say again, I’m not really personally interested, to be totally honest.

    In short, while I do appreciate your civility and interest, I really would rather you not contact me directly with this stuff. If you want me to read it send it to rcs.confidential with the request that it be published or formulate your comments as a comment on the Smalbany blog. I’ll read it there and, if appropriate, I’ll comment further.

    As for me, I agree 110% with the blog article, and I have no interest or intent of going to the Teen Center to ask Mr Fisher anything. I have no personal questions for him at all so what’s the sense?

    Actually, I’m going to post this as a comment. It doesn’t disclose anything that you have actually written but it does express my personal opinion rather succinctly. And I feel I’d like my personal statement out there for the record.




    December 31, 2012 at 2:07 pm

    I have just seen that you have edited my post, you state that is was too long and had to be edited, although I noticed you cut out a very small part that Laslo (whom is on this site) is in support of the teen center. I dont believe this statement was going to over extend the text script. Maybe you could have deleted my apology instead…..


    • RCS Confidential

      December 31, 2012 at 3:10 pm

      As you are well aware, I gave you ample time to respond as to whether you wanted to cut your comment back. I e-mailed you and very cordially invited you to edit it yourself and even offered to provide you with the original text if you didn’t have it already. I think that was sufficiently generous.

      I also expressed to you in that e-mail that I thought your comments were relevant and that I would publish them but not with all the irrelevant material. You had the chance to self-edit. In the absence of your response and to ensure that your comments got published within a reasonable time so that they would not become stale, I did the editing.

      The editing was reasonable, appropriate, and specific. If Laszlo (note the spelling) was edited out it was because I did not consider Laszlo’s approval or disapproval or support of the RC Teen Activity Center of sufficient relevance or weight to have made any difference in the gist of the comment. Nor did I find it necessary to address that part, as you know well. Laszlo is entitled to his personal opinion; obviously, I do not have to agree or disagree with it on third party hearsay report. If Laszlo wants to make that statement in a comment, he’s certainly free to do so. He’s never been inhibited to date.

      Any editing that was done was done in the exercise of my editorial discretion.

      Thanks, though, for noticing.

      The Editor


  7. TBob

    December 31, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    “Mr Fisher is running, at the present time at least, a private, for-profit business until documented otherwise” says it all.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 31, 2012 at 12:38 pm

      That’s the only way we can see it at present. Now I ask our readers, since when do private, for profit businesses get approved to do coindrop fundraising on public roads, stopping traffic, etc.? Maybe this can set a precedent for homeless or unemployed people to do the same to get some ready cash. Just think, every day another coindrop roadblock! Sheer heaven!

      The Editor


  8. Bob

    December 30, 2012 at 11:48 pm

    I too saw the coin collecting in Glenmont and wondered what it was for. The normal Fireman Boot was not being used but I did not see what the collection was for.
    I wonder who has to approve the collecting of Money on State and County Highways? Looks like it might be a way to increase ‘sales’!
    Your point about out if town collecting is a good one, regardless of whether they had the right to collect or not. I am assuming that the company had insurance for the health and safety of those collecting. I am also assuming the various police agencies must have approved of the operation.

    Again, as you stated, this is apparently a for-profit business and they were collecting monies on State/County property!

    It is just so hard to believe!
    Thanks for bringing it up.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 31, 2012 at 7:45 am

      Thanks, Bob, for your comment. I personally don’t think it’s right for a for-profit business to be out collecting donations, and I don’t care what line of business the collection is intended to support. And I obviously object to the fact that they went outside of the beneficiary area to do the collecting. Exhaust the local resources before you resort to invading other areas.

      Noting some of the comments made by parents in local media reports, I find this entire enterprise to be just another opportunity for irresponsible parents to dump their kids so that they can do their own thing. This is not a solution to teen misconduct. And it’s not a solution to poor academic performance, which in my professional opinion is the result not only of a substandard but very expensive school system and poor parenting.

      Having read the Teen Center website, it’s rather like a bunch of adults hungover into their adolescence trying too hard to relive it! And I’m very concerned about the programs, especially the after school programs and so-called homework help, given the illiterate compositions on the website. I think there’s also a problem of lack of dialogue between the Teen Center and local organizations and institutions; the competition may turn out to be deadly.

      The Editor



    December 30, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    I am not really sure what your issue is with the teen center in Ravena… maybe you just really have issues with the Village of Ravena, I am not exactly sure. I have written on this board before when you stated the “soon to be closed RC Teen Center” and your reply to me was you were not bashing the teen center. Now you post this.

    1st: The sloppily painted signs are there to let people know who, what and why. Should someone have stopped and supported the teen center they received a card telling them all this and where they can go to get more information or see the programs. I have personally donated and I would be upset to find out that my money went to expensive signs and lettering, when it could have went to youths of the area.

    2nd: I have searched the history of this site and I have never seen a complaint about the local fire departments (our tax dollars funded), cheerleaders from the school (again our tax dollars funded) have articles on them. If I am correct the fire departments provide a service to the community, just like the teen center is. Hell, in an Albany county fire and EMS jurisdiction, the fire and EMS hold boot drives at intersections, door to door fundraising, and yes soft bill you for emergency service. The local fire departments have signs throughout Ravena and Coeymans for car washs, lighted dot signs for pancake breakfasts, dinners, bake sales and so on. Although there is nothing about them on this site??? Why…

    3rd: Mr Fisher is not from Glenmont, he resides in Ravena. Yes the town where he started the teen center for the kids of the community and the surrounding areas to go.

    Like I already stated I have asked before my teen daughter went into the teen center, and I am satisfied with what I seen and heard, not only from staff but other parents whose children were present.

    You’re correct, Mr. Fisher has taken risks on his own initiative to create the teen center. You are correct, the teen center is not free to all that come in. The coin drops that you see around town is designed to cover the children of the community and surrounding areas, so those that can not afford to get in, can get in without worrying about not having enough money. The Village of Ravena Plannning Board is the one who wants this, and asked Mr Fisher to be able to provide a way that those who can not afford the minimal costs to still be able to use the facility. Paying a babysitter so the adults can go out and do shopping or a movie or what ever would cost them 4 times that amount.

    As for the A.S.A.P. it is a minimal $ 12.00 per week. Again I believe there is a four letter organization nationwide that has the same program for about $75.00 per week (dont get me wrong, yes there is a lot more to do in the buildings for $ 75.00 per week), although they to have sponsorship from the government and receive donations from the communities they are in and near. So as for “BEGGING FOR MONEY” out of the area, no… Teens from that community come here and he was invited up there.

    You state that Michael Fisher is from Glenmont, and wondering why hw has taken interest in the Ravena-Coeymans teens. Well sir, you are wrong, just like your post. Michael Fisher is in Ravena, is a volunteer fire fighter in Coeymans Fire Dept and works here in Ravena. He does not feel that he has to be the Mother Theresa from Glemnont or Mr Goody Two-Shoes from Glenmont, nice thought though. Again he is not from Glenmont!!! My personal impression from “talking to him” is he is offering a place for the youth of our community to go to, have fun and stay out of trouble.

    Why should Michael Fisher have to get involved in your political B.S. here.

    You want to know the connection between Mr. Fisher and the Fairback & Fisk Inc, enterprise, the “failed” fitness center at 172 Main Street. The answer I got was there is no association between Mr. Fisher and the Fisk’s. Mr. Fisher in his quest of finding a place to open this teen center, was advised by a building inspector from our area, after looking at multiple places to contact Josie Bruno, the real estate agent for the address of 172 Main Street. Josie is the one who got Mr. Fisher in touch with the Fisk’s about renting the place for the teen center. Mr Fisher has checked into places from Perrinni (not sure of the spelling) and Flach’s properties and others in the area. All these places were willing to rent to him for the teen center, although due to locations, bathrooms, parking, square footage, those locations did not work out. It was the building inspector(s) of different communities, that tried to assist in the fire code compliance, that led Mr. Fisher to the current address.

    The last coin drop that Mr. Fisher did on Glenmont was because he was told that he should go up there. There are people from that area that have donated TV’s and entertainment items in support of the teen center, and feel that it is a good thing for ours and the surrounding communities. There is even a picture on the RC TEEN CENTER facebook page of the Bethlehem Police questioning what and why, and they were still there after that, so someone up there is supporting it.

    The teen center is currently in the process of the NOT-FOR-PROFIT registration, and using Baynes law firm for the corporation filing. The investors are himself and a few people that believe in what he doing for our community and the surrounding areas. From being in the teen center I know that he is registered with New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. I have asked to see if there is insurance on the place and what the insurance is covering. There is a valid insurance certificate for the events of the RC TEEN CENTER. Mr. Fisher states that he could not even get into the place with Josie Bruno or the Fisks without insurance, and started the policy after they agreed upon a price of the lease, prior to Mr. Fisher even getting in the building. He does have a business plan in place and had to make that available to the Village of Ravena Planning Board during the Site Plan Review.

    There is no connection between the teen center and the Village of Ravena, I know again, because I asked… Before I allowed my daughter into the teen center I ran the sex registry against Michael Fisher, there is none against him. This was my first thought before even considering letting my daughter go there. I have also asked about the competition of the teen center and the library. HMMMMM, Josie Bruno (on the library board) is the one who rented the place to Mr. Fisher. Josie is in support of the teen center and stated that it is needed in the community.

    I know that there are local churches in support of this, although there is no financial attachments. As for your other questions I have not asked, like conflicts with the school activities.

    I know this does not help Mr. Fishers case against you, but even the Mayor feels this town needs this service for our youth.

    This is the second time I have spoken to Michael Fisher about this website, and his answer, is “I do not want to get into the politics of this community. Everyone is fighting with everyone about so many different topics, I just want to stay out of it and provide a good service for the community” Mr. Fisher has advised me about the churches in the area and told me that there is one on 9W who does a lot in the community, that has questioned Mr. Fisher about the teen center, told him that he himself (a person from the church) tried to start something like this and was shot down a few years ago, and agreed that this community needs this.

    Now, I am sorry if I have offended anyone in this blog. I mean no insults or harm to you the publisher, the Village of Ravena, Josie Bruno, the church on 9W.

    By your posts here, I feel that you are a very intelligent person (not sure male or female) and have a lot to do with politics. My opinion (not that it matters much) is that the teen center is a good thing and I support it.

    Ok, I am done and sorry for probably boring a lot of you, I normally dont speak and this is the reason why, I can get very long winded as you see. To all have a good day and a Happy New Year.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 31, 2012 at 9:58 am

      Thank you very much, RavenaCitizen, for your comment. I apologize but I simply had to trim it down so that it would fit. It’s still very lengthy but I felt it was important that your most important and relevant statements be published. You always have the opportunity to comment further.

      First of all, again, there’s no “bashing” and I do wish you’d drop that word. What there is, though, is a number of questions that need to be answered. Your argument seems to be that I or anyone else should go directly to the Teen Center and ask Mr Fisher directly. You also seem to be arguing that posting the questions publicly and demanding answers is not appropriate. I disagree intensely. First of all, in a community with several hundred parents of teens, it would be incredibly unfair to Mr Fisher for each person to approach him privately to get answers, not to mention the amount of time it would take to answer them. The local media has not asked some of the more important questions, so your remarks about the item in the News Herald is irrelevant. If the questions are answered in a public forum such as a local newspaper reporting on an interview in which the specific questions are posed and answered by Mr Fischer, or the answers are provided on a public access medium such as this blog, or Mr Fisher and the village of Ravena and the hamlet/town of Coeymans hold a public meeting presenting the RC Teen Activity Center and providing the public with an opportunity to ask questions publicly (ones that are not answered in the presentation part of the meeting, of course) the air would be cleared. Right?

      The information out there is that Mr Fisher is from Glenmont. A review of the RCS voter registration list does not show Mr Fisher to be a resident or voter in the RCS district. If he resides in Ravena, he apparently does not register to vote. I can’t find anything on a Mike or Michael Fisher in Ravena. So, the reliable reference sources I use to locate individuals do not show Mr Fisher to be a resident in the town of Coeymans. If you have a better official source, could you please share it with us?

      One important point I’d like to make relative to your questioning why this blog has not published a complaint about cheerleaders, EMS, or volunteer fire departments’ coindrop or other fundraising is this: they are strictly volunteer organizations. Mr Fisher is running, at the present time at least, a private, for-profit business until documented otherwise. Whether he has investors, sponsors, benefactors, etc. is irrelevant and immaterial. The fact that he was in Glenmont stopping traffic is the issue.

      You state that Mr Fisher and his group “were sent” and “were told to go to Glenmont.” I find that both hard to believe and ridiculous. That he was “invited” to go to Glenmont to do the coindrop on Saturday is also incredible and ridiculous. Do you have facts, names, etc. And you also state the ” Bethlehem Police questioning what and why” but don’t provide further details. If Mr Fisher and his group were “sent” or “invited” to go to Glenmont to fundraise, and assuming they had the proper permits and authorizations, wouldn’t the Bethlehem police department, in whose jurisdiction the coindrop was being conducted, have already known about all details about the coindrop? A lot in your report simply doesn’t add up. Sorry.

      The fact that I mention Josie Bruno in a positive light in her relationship with the RCS Community Library does not mean it can be transferred in any way whatsoever to her relationship or her support of the RCS Community Library. Josie Biscone-Bruno has been very intimately involved with the multiple sales and resales of former village of Ravena real estate for several decades now. We have published scathing details about the questionable ethics and incestuous connections involved with those real estate transactions, and none of that was at all positive or favorable to Josie Biscone-Bruno. It’s certainly not surprising that she was involved in some fashion or form with the lease transaction between the Fisk company and Michael Fisher. I would have been extremely surprised if she hadn’t been. And the fact that she supports the location of the Teen Center in the Fisk property at 172 Main Street in Ravena shouldn’t surprise anyone at all! That’s what she does for a living and if she doesn’t support putting people in properties (owned by her friends) she’d be stupid to be in the business! Has nothing to do with he being a trustee at the RCS Community Library!

      Much of your story relating to Michael Fisher’s search for premises in which to locate the Teen Center doesn’t add up. First of all, if he resides in Ravena, he’d certainly know about available properties. He’s also allegedly involved as some sort of consultant at the Oakbrook Manor in Ravena, so he’d have some further ideas about what’s going on in terms of Ravena properties. And, on top of all that, he’s allegedly on the Coeymans volunteer fire squad, which, if true, would give me reason to believe he knows quite a bit about Ravena and Coeymans properties. So why, as you state, was he searching in “other communities” and communicating with “building inspectors” etc. Seems it would have been simple for a Ravena resident and a Coeymans firefighter to have made short work of the search. Again, something doesn’t add up in your information.

      I don’t buy the story about the Church. There’s got to be more to it than what you present. Most all churches have youth groups so I can’t understand why a church of any denomination would have a problem with establishing a youth center. Might have been the location? Difficult to get to? Out of the way? But still, if it has a congregation, it most likely has a youth group. Our, my question was, specifically, what was Fisher’s pre-Teen Center inquiry like and what has his dialogue been with the local churches? So far I’ve heard nothing. The same applies to any inquire regarding conflicts with school activities and programs. Don’t the schools offer athletic programs and clubs? Don’t the schools offer after school activity and remedial programs? I believe that they do and I believe that they are funded by tax dollars and in some instances by parent inputs. And I would hope that they are staffed by very well qualified people. But Mr Fisher would know that, of course, if in his planning he communicated with the RCS board of education in some fashion. But again, we have no information on that. Do you?

      No need to apologize. We are grateful that you commented. It just seems that your source of information may not be all that reliable or accurate, or you’re not asking the right questions, or you are hearing what you want to hear. I hope our position is clearer to you now.

      Happy New Year!
      The Editor


  10. doesitmatter

    December 30, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Anyone who’s been in RCS knows Mr.Fisher is a good teacher who cares about all the chirldren at school. So what there’s a teen center so what they are collecting and asking money. Yes it is annoying for them to do it on 9w. But would you rather have the children getting into trouble causing hell? You must not be from the RCS area if you’re trying to do a post about who Mr.Fisher is. He is one of the select few teachers who treats every child equally.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 30, 2012 at 10:39 pm

      I won’t call you ignorant right away, just very confused. Mr Michael Fisher, the owner of the RC Teen Activities Center in Ravena, is not a “teacher” anywhere. He is allegedly some sort of consultant at the Oakbrook ghetto in Ravena and has also been called a volunteer firefighter and several other things. He is not at teacher. You obviously do not know what you are talking about.

      No, I would not rather have the “children getting into trouble and causing hell;” I’d rather have the parents taking charge of their offspring and managing their activities and their behavior. Isn’t that what parenting is? When I read that Mr Fisher’s goal is to give the teens something to do after school, I cringe! What they should be doing is homework, chores, perhaps cleaing their rooms, etc. What they should be doing is bonding with at least one parent. What they should be doing is sharing an evening meal in a home environment! As for weekends, sure they need to let off some steam and a teen center is a great idea. But I’m still not convinced the RC Teen Activities Center is really up to the task, and it seems that very little by way of outreach and collaboration has been done. If you have facts to share that are relevant, which I seriously doubt, please share them. But before you do, please do your own homework and know what you’re talking about. Your comment indicates you have no idea what you’re talking about, and what you do say appears to be clichéd and taken from the propaganda. In other words, it’s not original and just parroting.

      If you are embarrassed, and you should be, perhaps next time before commenting you’ll at least know what you’re talking about.

      Again, you’re way out in left field. The Michael Fisher who owns the so-called RC Teen Activities Center has no teacher qualifications and we are asking what qualifications he in fact does have.

      The Editor



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