Beware: Matt Miller’s and Tavia Rauch’s Change.Org Petition Seriously Flawed!

22 Dec
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Not Only Does Change.Org Automatically Create An Account for You When You Sign the Miller-Rauch Petition You Can Sign As Many Times As You Like Under Different Names!

Like Your Petition!

Tavia Rauch:
This Just Ain’t Gonna Work!
Like Your Petition!

Some People Think They’re Such Hot Shots But In Reality They’re Just Ignorant. This Applies to Matt Miller’s and Tavia Rauch’s Joint Conspiracy to Fake a Community Petition to  Oust a Sitting Board of Education Member.

Actually, after I visited the petition page and poked around a bit, and then decided to test whether it was secured against multiple signings, I was a bit miffed when I found that Change.Org was creating a user account for me without my authorization. There was no warning, I just got an account with a profile containing my name and address. Just by signing in. I’m wondering who would get to use that information and for what? Luckily I know how to access my profile(s) and mess with them. So, all you stupids that are hurrying off to join the DumbAss club, be warned.

But here’s the real scoop: I know something about these freebie polling and petition scams and that is: They’re Useless! The information they collect from people who sign is absolutely unreliable and can’t be trusted to represent the real numbers. In fact, one of our subscribers signed that petition three times using his/her real names and real e-mails. Even his/her dog signed using his real name and one of the subscriber’s e-mails. That makes for really reliable petition work, doesn’t it? The Miller Rauch team really does good work, don’t they? (I can personally confirm that it is possible to sign the petition multiple times using different names.)

Aptly Named

Aptly Named

Just after signing on, I received a welcome e-mail from the founder, Ben Rattray (that’s Ben (wasn’t that a rat’s name in some 70’s horror flick? Ben and Willard? ) Rat-tray? Nice! Says a lot and aptly describes the types signing the Miller-Rauch petition!) saying, “Anyone can start a petition. lets anyone, anywhere start a petition. It’s free and can be about anything you want to change.” Now if that doesn’t say it all, right from the founder’s mouth!

How embarassing it will be for Miller and Rauch when  Commissioner of Education, Dr John B. King, Jr., gets a petition signed by a Pembroke Corgi! Well, at least the WowBow! has more smarts than Miller and Rauch, combined!

The Petition on Change.Org is a Scam!

And Anyone Who Participates is Being Scammed! 

Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch Are Scamming Voters!

Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch Are Scamming Voters!

But that’s not all, friends. Not only are you getting snookered when you sign and not only can you sign as many times as you might like,  Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch either don’t know what they’re talking about…or they’re simply lying. Here’s some of the crap Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch are writing on the petition page:

“Rodney Krzykowski refuses to pay school or property taxes. It is estimated that the amount owed to the school district and to the town is over one hundred thousand dollars.” That’s not true! Mr Krzkowski has not refused to do anything of the sort! He’s appealing his assessment, just like you or I have every right to do. And who is estimating what Mr Krzykoski owes? I certainly hope it’s not one of the brainiacs who started this scam petition, Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch.

Tavia Rauch

Tavia Rauch

Miller and Rauch write in their so-called petition, “Mr. Krzykowski has proclaimed in several legal documents that he is a sovereign citizen.” Well, if Matt Miller or Tavia Rauch knew anything about American history or read the Constitution of the United States, they’d know that we are all “sovereign” citizens…at least until the Supreme Court and your elected officials manage to take away all of your sovereign rights and hand them to the corporations. In fact, the anti-slavery movement, the women’s suffrage movement, the civil rights movement all did what Rodney Kryzkowski is doing and what Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch are saying is wrong: using their thought process they would probably say slavery, refusing the right to vote to women, that civil rights movements were wrong and refused to submit to the deranged authorities who said that slaves, women, and blacks were not entitled to civil rights! Most of the leaders of antislavery, women’s suffrage, and civil rights movements were considered terrorists and would be today!  Is that what we’re paying teacher Matt Miller almost $90,000 a year to teach?

The Miller-Rauch Petition

The Miller-Rauch Petition

Those two demented zombies, Miller and Rauch, write also:

“This petition needs to be signed to ensure that those with the responsibility of protecting the legitimacy of a school board, hear your voice.”

Miller and Rauch have missed some very important facts along the way to their total depravity: YOU, the voters, have the responsibility for protecting the legitimacy of the school board. No one else. Mr Krzykowski is on the board of education specifically because the majority of voters put him there. The voters legitimized Mr Krzykowski! Get real, Miller, Rauch! Miller and Rauch, the DumbAss Duo of RCS appear to be more anti-American than Sadam Hussein was!

What’s more, is that Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch are such dumbasses, they really have no clue that they are actually contradicting themselves by simply putting up a petition. In fact, they’re allowing people to vote twice! Yes, dear readers, vote twice. I do realize that that’s not all that uncommon in the RCS school district and it has happened before, as we all know. But Miller and Rauch don’t seem to have caught on that it’s not supposed to be that way.

In fact, according to the official voter registration rolls there are 4449 registered voters in this district. Some of those voters are property owners and pay school taxes, some are not. The board of education manages the school budget on behalf of the taxpayers, the property owners, and the non-property owners benefit from their prudent decisions. But Miller and Rauch are trying to step all over voters’ rights. Here are some very valid questions we should be asking about their petition:

  • How many of these voters votes do Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch want to throw out in their little conspiracy?
  • How many of the individuals signing the Change.Org petition are voters who are voting twice against Mr Krzykowski by signing the petition? (Of course, that wouldn’t bother Miller or Rauch, given their histories.)
  • How many of the signers are really residents of the district?
  • How many of the people signing the petition are real people?
  • How many of the people are signing the petition multiple times? (I did three times and my dog did once! But I do intend to request that my signatures and my dog’s paw print be removed from the list.)
  • What right does Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch have to step on the voters of this district?
  • Who is checking and verifying who is signing the petition and how many times?
  • Because the petition is online, it excludes a large number of people in the district (some don’t have computers, some don’t know how to use them, etc.)
  • A large number of people don’t even know about the petition or how to find it.
  • Petitions are generally unreliable for testing the mood of a community and the information collected is hard to verify. That’s why they’re not used in academic or scientific work, surveys and polls are.

One of our subscribers has actually posted a comment identifying a person who signed the petition but is not even from this RCS district!

People, is this the kind of idiocy we want going on in this district? It’s fuel for the Times Useless to make us look like a bunch of backwoods lunatics AGAIN!

You see, what Miller and Rauch–and I seriously hope that Dr John B. King Jr., our NYSED Commissioner,  caught this, too–is that in the elections that put Mr Krzykowski on the board of education, a majority wanted him there and a minority wanted someone else there. The majority won and the minority lost. But now, Miller and Rauch are giving the losers a second chance by saying, “Sign our petition and you can have a second vote.” Pretty stupid, right?

So, not only are Miller and Rauch trying to overrule the majority, they’re trying to give the losers club a second vote…so if a large number of the people who voted for Mr Krzykowski’s opponent in the election now sign the petition, it looks like a lot of people support Miller and Rauch. But that’s not so, as I hope is clear to you now. That’s another reason why the Miller-Rauch petition is and should be declared nonsense.

Just a bit of humor, though: Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch also have a bit of difficulty with the language. They write: “A statue can be defined as legislative authority that governs a state, city or town.” Really, Matt and Tavia, is that what a statue is? Seriously, you two bobo’s look stupider and stupider as time wears on! ‘Nuf said.

A Couple of Gratuitous, Opinions by Way of Comment:

RCS Suckers Club

RCS Suckers Club

Here are some of the suckers who have already signed (you can see a short list of people who have signed on the Change.Org site (We’ll FOIL the actual final submission from the NYSED and publish all the names in due course.):

  • Donald Gillen RAVENA, NY NEW YORK
  • Diana Perrine RAVENA, NY NEW YORK
  • Anne Babcock RAVENA, NY NEW YORK
  • Robert Williams RAVENA, NY NEW YORK
  • Kathleen Shortell SELKIRK, NY NEW YORK
  • Londa VanDerzee RAVENA, NY NEW YORK
  • Tony Ricciardi RAVENA, NY NEW YORK
  • Jerry Perrine RAVENA, NY NEW YORK
  • Richard Orsi SELKIRK, NY NEW YORK
  • Meredith Gerdeman GLENMONT, NY NEW YORK

Finally, just to illustrate the stupidity of the gang, I’d like to share several examples of what so-called Supporters of the petition wrote and just briefly comment on what they write:

cluckElyse Kunz COEYMANS, NY I don’t think the community was fully aware of this man’s positions on government and taxation when he was elected. Someone who refuses to pay taxes should not have the authority to levy taxes on the rest of us or to determine how that money is spent.

That has to be stupidity on a par with Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch! You don’t think voters were aware of his positions? You CLUCK! Why not? Who are you to say? “The authority to levy taxes?” You are a cluck! I certainly hope you have not been bringing children into the world! What a tragedy if your ignorance is hereditary!

chickenEilleen Vosburgh NEW BALTIMORE, NY  It’s about responsibility. It’s about paying it forward. It’s about our future. Why would anyone expect that they do not have to pay their school and property taxes but expect to represent good citizens that do pay their taxes? It’s hypocritical.

You’re in the Cluck’s Club, too! Ever hear of the 1%? Ever hear of GE? Ever hear of churches? No, I suppose you wouldn’t have. You know what’s hypocritical, really? Clucks like you! Betcha you signed the petition, didn’t you? Thought so!

Eleanor Oldham-Luckacovic CANAAN, NY   I own property in the RCS district and am concerned that such blatant disregard of the tax law by a member of the board reflects badly on the school and therefore on the whole area. It is apalling.

What’s apalling, Eleanor is your hypocrisy and your indifference to your snobbery and to the damage you caused with your co-vipers Bitter  Bob and Spiteful Joan. Your total lack of any sense of neighborliness, community or decency made quite the impact on New Baltimore for the entire time you and your hunched hubby polluted our otherwise pristine community. Luckily the air cleared and humanity gained some well-earned respite when you and hunched hubby jumped ship to join the other pseudo-sophisticates in Canaan. Good ridance! You and your fraud husband have quite the nerve discussing anything akin to ethics or morality. How ever did you finagle your homeowners to cover your court costs? You two were the worst reflections imaginable on the whole community! Even your partners in crime, Bitter Bob and Spiteful Joan, had little nice to say of either of you. Remember the e-mails?

turkey buzzard

Robert and Joan Ross NEW BALTIMORE, NY  If he lived in New Baltimore, he would have lost his house for non payment of property taxes. It is farcical that a scofflaw should be on a school board.

Yes, indeed, we know all about you two. Aren’t you the two who used and abused local New Baltimore residents in your agendas some time ago. A campaign of lies, abuse and slander, wasn’t it. And your community spirit brought you, Joan Ross, to dub the locals “Newbaltimorons,” out of your respect for local people and community. Yup! And now you are both known as Bitter Bob and Spiteful Joan because you’re so community spirited. Nothing but negative. You’ve found the right group on Birds of a feather….You have quite the nerve calling anyone else a “scofflaw!”

Carol Melewski NEW BALTIMORE, NY  A person who refuses recognize the government’s right to collect taxes should not be permitted to serve on the board of a school district. Schools require taxes to function, and having a board member who flaunts the requirement that citizens pay taxes undermines the authority of that board. It is especially ironic that he serves as the head of the finance committee; making determinations regarding the use of taxpayers’ dollars, to which he contributes nothing.

It never ceases to amaze me that people who were at one minute at each other’s throat and slandering and disparaging each other tend to find each other when there’s blood in the water. Again, Luckacovic, Ross, Malewski all seem to gravitate towards each other. Just don’t meet in a dark alley…there’ll be a terrible mess. So, you’ve found another agenda to mutilate. But your statement makes no sense. It’s not logical. Not that that ever mattered to you and your ilk. Well, knock yourselves out, you have nothing to lose, that’s for sure. You’ve lost it all already.

And of course we have the ever present, always something to say King and Queen of Thuggery and HypocrisyJerry “Dirty-Hands” Deluca and his female poster madam of Coeymanazism, Cathy Deluca. They never miss a chance to grandstand.

Gerald DeLuca RAVENA, NY  The future of our community and the education of our children need to be guided by people who abide by and believe in the laws of this state and nation.

Cathleen DeLuca RAVENA, a school board member signs an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and the State of New York, but as a “sovereign citizen” Mr. Krzykowski does not recognize either. Therefore his oath is invalid.

Yes, they come in pairs!

Yes, they come in pairs!

There are no words to describe the nausea induced by anything Dirty-Hands Jerry or that hypocrite Cluck Cathy Deluca could projectile from their putrid carrion stained beaks. Both ignorant but both with so much scatology to eructate from their caprophagic innards. Their nonsensical statements definitively label the entire initiative as totally lacking in any credibility whatsoever.

So, dear readers and neighbors, that’s what we found out for you about the Matt Miller and Tavia Rauch petition on Change.Org that is supported by the New York State United Teachers union, the union Matt Miller represents in this district, and who will do anything to give the majority on the RCS Central School District board of education, and once the teachers clique is in control, so is the teachers union. God Help US!

In Other Words, Citizens, Residents, Neighbors, Parents, Taxpayers, the Miller-Rauch Petition is a Scam. Beware!

Even Babies Will Hate You!The Editor

Even Babies Will Hate You!
The Editor

P.s. I just had to share this. It’s too precious to keep private. Tavia Rauch just sent my dog the following message:

Dear WowBow!,

Thanks for signing my petition, “Dr. John B. King Jr., Commissioner of Education: Remove Rodney Krzykowski from the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School Board.”
Can you help this petition win by asking your friends to sign too? It’s easy to share with your friends on Facebook – just click here to share the petition on Facebook.
There’s also a sample email below that you can forward to your friends.

Thanks again — together we’re making change happen,

Tavia Rauch
Note to forward to your friends:

I just signed the petition “Dr. John B. King Jr., Commissioner of Education: Remove Rodney Krzykowski from the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School Board” on
It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:


 My Dog's Reaction

My Dog’s Reaction

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12 responses to “Beware: Matt Miller’s and Tavia Rauch’s Change.Org Petition Seriously Flawed!

  1. Simon

    December 27, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Don’t blame the site… it’s just the vehicle. Your bulleted issues with petitions are valid with ANY kind of petition… not just online ones. We just live in an era where it’s easier to type than autograph. But people can sign physical petitions more than once, sign without reading/understanding, not reside in the affected area, etc.



  2. laszlo polyak

    December 27, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    I wanted share this it from a completely different perspective:
    Catherine says: Online petitions cannot be verified (ergo the dog’s signature and probably a few folks in the graveyard’s signatures as well) and therefore are completely useless, just like the authors of said petition. The only thing these petitions/lists are good for is getting your name, address, demographic and personal interest information to be sold to the highest bidders. Inundate them with SNAIL MAIL and your own thoughts on the subject. I know, it’s a lot of work to come up with an original thought and compose a handwritten letter. As Judge Judith Sheinlin often says, “We’re raising an entire generation of illiterates!”

    Laszlo Polyak: Yes, we need snail mail!


  3. HWV

    December 24, 2012 at 7:49 am

    I know most of the people signing the petition. Some of them are just following the herd, others are just imply used to tearing down anything that they have not built simply because someone else built it (Joan and Bob Ross, John and Eleanor Luckacovic, Gerald and Cathy Deluca, etc.) Others just wanna be in what they perceive to be the in-group. Yes I am personally acquainted with quite a few of the so-called supporters and I do understand their self-loathing. They have so many issues that they can’t possibly look inward for their demons so they look outward. If many of those people were to look inward, they’d be horrified at what they see. The majority exist in a mire of self-loathing, their relationships with what should be life partners have deteriorated, they want, want, want and it’s never enough. Some want to outlive God and to achieve that purpose they’ll try to kill the God in their neighbor. Once the God in their neighbor has been eliminated the neighbor simply becomes thingified and doesn’t matter as a person. That’s exactly what the self-righteous mob is doing on Change-org. They’ve taken a slogan, a drum beat and used it to literally assasinate another human being and without any real justification. They call themselves good community and American while they’re doing this. But that’s exactly where their perversion starts and their own humanity ends.

    As I read some of the comments, none of them were original! It wasn’t anything noble or anything that really made any sense. No one is talking about a man’s generosity or his goodness as a person or his wisdom as a decision-maker. Almost to a comment the writers are chanting a slogan and I doubt very much if it’s one that is coming from within themselves.

    When reading the comments I am impressed by the fact that the writers almost to a [wo]man have a tunnel vision with only one figure at the end of the tunnel: the victim chosen for their target practice. No one yet has given any real thought to alternatives, to any explanations, any examples that are similar to the target’s. There are many instances in this very community that can be raised to show that Mr K is not the biggest demon amongst you. Many others have been pointed out but you welcome them to your breasts as you would a babe. Why is that, people? There are many, many instances of conspicuous systemic inequity and unfairness in this community. Why do you ignore them? Why? Let me suggest to you why: Because to point them out you’d have to come out alone (if only just at first), without the anonymity or the remoteness of an Internet online petition. You’d have to step out without your bodyguards and be, well, you’d have to be courageous. You wouldn’t be able to hide among the others like you in the mob. That’s exactly how mobs work. No one has a personal identity; everyone becomes a mob molecule, simply a component of a bigger mass of evil. And to think that many of you think you are made in the image of the Divine. That must be a very nasty divinity, indeed!

    And so, with all your holiday stresses and contradictions, you’ll all probably attend church on Christmas Day, and sing joyful hymns to a God that is probably weeping at your behavior; you’ll listen to readings from Holy Scripture about salvation, redemption, love, hope, and the rest of the list and you’ll go out to find a victim to tar and feather. You’ll sit down to a sumptuous feast, give thanks to some God none of you would recognize and who would rather not recognize you were you to meet on the street, open tons of useless things, and then return to your worldly stupor. You’ll grin idiotically to those you think like you and you probably loathe, and point jabbing fingers and type furious words about those you think you should loathe or about whom you think might loathe you, but wil never know with any certainty, because you never approached that person or acknowledged him or her as a person. It’s so much easier to find a boogyman and to thingify, isn’t it?

    Yes, this must be one of those places where God weeps!

    And so it goes into a New Year 2013. The good citizen adult marches to the socially acceptable drumbeat while the child within cowers in terror at what is going on outside. Reminds one of what one reads about any totalitarian state, doesn’t it? Let’s just call it all “terrorism at home.”

    Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Better New Year!



  4. laszlo polyak

    December 23, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    It could have been Madison with Adams over talking,and breathing down his neck a wail Jefferson was showing Sally the finer points of his sovereign “ness”, that horn dog, we all know Livingston was too drunk to write (most of the discussion were in back rooms of taverns and/or pubs). Franklin, like a real dad was worried about his son, the royal governor of PA; so I will give you that it could have been Madison but Jefferson was like a modern day Clinton and that sells the News Herald and I’m sticking to Jefferson besides he was a teacher and democrat like me bloody liberal.

    My family on my mom’s side is fast coming up to our 400th yr early 1620’s escaping slaughter for being French protestants in Catholic France and we are all Catholic today. Go figure. That and ten dollars buy me coffee (the Deyo family also was escaping the same fate… small world). My dad was forced to come here from Hungary after the “Hungarian revolution” was lost or be killed by the KGB. When he became an American he said you Americans really don’t understand how lucky you all are to have the freedom to put your own foot in your own mouth!!!! And still live to see the next day!

    After reading the reasons people left behind and wrote to remove Mr K, they where proving his point. And why is Mr K. taking his case though the courts, best of luck. A lot of people vote who don’t own property are dictating to property owners what they can do and how much property owners must pay.

    Another fact 97.4% of the current school boards discussions are approved 9-0 with no controversy I do my homework and I also have a teaching degree too. Mr Miller you need to walk across the hall and sit down with a history teacher and do your homework and by the way board members are not paid or are employees of the RCS-CSD Article 9 doesn’t apply to them. And you are the NYSUT rep? And a teacher?!?


    • RCS Confidential

      December 24, 2012 at 7:05 am

      Thank you, Laszlo! Most of the people leaving reasons for signing the petition are just making the necessary statement publically to say the right thing and stay in the crowd they’re in. It actually looks like a big love fest: Jim recruits Sally to sign, Sally Recruits Cathy, Joan recruits Bitter Bob, etc. It’s a big scheme. And it’s ugly.

      The Editor


  5. laszlo polyak

    December 23, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    Does anyone know who wrote the definition of “sovereign citizen” …Thomas Jefferson it starts like this “we hold these truths self evident…their are over 340 million “sovereign citizens”….all these “sovereign citizens” created a government of the people “sovereign citizen,” by the people “sovereign citizens” for the people “sovereign citizens” I wish “sovereign citizens” would read and remember their history and do their homework before signing any petition! Just read the Preamble to the Constitution and understand that what is meant there is that all human persons [please note the philosophical nucance of that phrase!] are sovereign! That a dog can sign means that some folk are lookin’ pretty stupid.

    Petitioning Dr. John B. King Jr., Commissioner of Education Dr. John B. King Jr., Commissioner of Education: Remove Rodney Krzykowski from the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School Board
    Petition by
    Tavia Rauch
    Selkirk, NY

    There is a petition filed with the New York State Education Department to remove Mr. Krzykowski from the RCS Board of Education. The petition alleges that Rodney Krzykowski refuses to pay school or property taxes. It is estimated that the amount owed to the school district and to the town is over one hundred thousand dollars. Mr. Krzykowski has proclaimed in several legal documents that he is a sovereign citizen. A “sovereign citizen” often claims that they are not answerable to legal statutes and that taxation is illegitimate. A statue can be defined as legislative authority that governs a state, city or town.
    If Mr. Krzykowski does not recognize governmental agencies or taxation then he should not be allowed to be a member of an organization that is responsible for the oversight of a community’s taxes. Rodney Krzykowski currently sits on the school board’s finance committee.
    It is time to stand behind the petition filed with the state Education Department. This petition needs to be signed to ensure that those with the responsibility of protecting the legitimacy of a school board, hear your voice.

    Dr. John B. King Jr., Commissioner of Education, New York State Department of Education
    Remove Rodney Krzykowski from the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School Board
    [Your name]
    I was going to reprint everyones names however I dont need to Recent signatures


    • RCS Confidential

      December 23, 2012 at 8:50 pm

      Thank you, Laszlo I’ll take a stab at answering your question. My first instinct is to say James Madison. And Yes! I do understand the nuance of equality and the implied sovereignty. The Constitution is a remarkable doctrine in virtue of its resilience and adapatability. Pity that most of the people living under its umbrella are so ignorant of its provisions and its flexibility and interpretability. The very freedoms it assures in its first ten Amendments has also apparently provided to freedom to be and to remain ignorant, biased, prejudiced and bigoted. Most of our Change.Org neighbors have taken generous advantage of that particular freedom.

      Thank you, as always, for your comment and insights.

      The Editor


  6. HWV

    December 23, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Where are you finding these lunatics? The names on that site look like the credits on a B-horror flick, a collection of the lunatic fringe of New Baltimore, Coeymans, Ravena, Selkirk, Feura Bush, and a couple from outside the district. These are people calling themselves Americans? Free speech, freedom of determination, liberty and justice for all? Have they never taken an American history course? I can’t believe the ignorance of these people. This hearkens back to the days when the United Colonies were prosecuting Anabaptist preachers. When Catholics were banned from Massachusetts! It’s not for the hoi polloi, the unwashed masses to decide what one thinks! It’s not for the masses and the unwashed ignorant to decide for anyone else! Decide for yourselves and shut the hell up! You’re all too self-righteous, too holier than thou! A bunch of church-going Christians, no doubt! Just Church-going Christians judging the hell out of anyone who crosses your paths. Listen and listen good: You’re all in the same boat, people, but you people all are like sheep, gathering together and hope that the wolves don’t pick you to single out and ravage. All the while you don’t recognize the wolves tending you! You’re all extremely angry, extremely anxious, extremely suppressed, and you’re just looking for someone to tear apart, to lynch! You’re two breaths away from becoming a very self-righteous, very church-going beastial lynch mob! You all probably call the McCarthy witch hunts in the 50’s the good ol’days! You dried up bitter mummies! And you’re dancing to the tune of your lynch mob inciters, the wolves amongst you! You can’t reach the ones who are really kicking the shite out of you so you grab the nearest neighbor and make him or her the scapegoat. You’re all phoney Delucas, Biscones, Millers and Rauchs! You make me sick!

    I also noted on the site that real winners like Diane Louis, the vicious Democrat of New Baltimore who pretty much ruined New Baltimore with her political warfare, and Bitter Bob and Spiteful Joan Ross, the evil duo who managed to get a peaceful community to cut each other’s throats during the public water debates in New Baltimore a couple of years ago, while tearing David Louis, Diane Louis’ husband apart with their lies! Yeah, those are the ones who coined the term “New Baltimorons” to describe the neighbors they had no problem using and then abusing. Or the pseudo-sophisticates John and Eleanor “Tullie” [Oldham] Luckacovic, real winners on your team! Just the ones you need to start a slander and libel war-they have the experience and the résumé–, just the ones with no morals and fewer local friends! Nice! Get the Rosses, the Luckacovics, the Delucas, the Lewis on your side, any blood-sucking zombie, and you’ve got a great cause and reall credibility! Really G-R-O-S-S!

    I can’t believe the grammar and the spelling in those comments/reasons for signing! And they all sound like they are reading from the same lousy lemming script! The chatter of the mindless…


  7. laszlo polyak

    December 23, 2012 at 7:54 am

    I went to the petition site, at this is why elected official don’t count or read e-mails as you can see this voter on the petition is not from our district and she wants to dictate to us whats best for us Kathleen is GOD! we all must bow down to her will! she sign it how many times? 5 or 8 times? what joke when you pull the dumb -asses out onto the carpet !

    Kathleen Gill VOORHEESVILLE, NY 3 days ago Liked 0
    This man is anti-american. He doesn’t pay his taxes, disrespects the laws of his country and state and yet thinks he can mandate what happens with the school dollars in his district. He and his cronies are oppositional and have made a mockery of the school board.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 23, 2012 at 7:58 am

      Great work, Laszlo! Thanks so very much for emphasizing my point! The petition is USELESS and INVALID!

      You Go! Laz, Go man!

      Thanks again!

      The Editor


  8. laszlo polyak

    December 22, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Everyone knows you have to sign a real hard-copy petition with your name address and/or phone number for verification, well almost everyone; apparently, the ones who don’t know this work in the RCS CSD lol. Please print the fake names. I need a good laugh and can use them in a write-in campaign. The FBI takes voter fraud very, very, very seriously. I hope they are not accessing personal and private school records in violation of HEPA laws.

    Is bow-wow voting in the Village of Ravena elections, too? Looks like your dog could be the next mayor someday. That would give a whole new meaning to “pissing on everyone” but with better style. Our elected officials weigh e-mails by the pound. However, a congressmen and senator panic when they read just two letters about the same issue.
    I’m 8 generation deep in unions. My last being CSEA, My dad would tell me there is only one thing worse than the Teamsters, and that union is “WE the People”, when they are pissed -off they will rip your arm off and beat you with the bloody end! Unions at the end of the day have sublime perfect work or products such as painting, ironwork. carpenters, and you can see their work in awe, but in teaching what is their “prefect” work? Kids can’t read, write, or socially present themselves a statement made 20 years ago.

    Now we begin to see “we the people” addressing the teachers unions across the nation from Wisconsin to Michigan. Wait until the senior citizens in New York see their tax dollars going to NYSUT and not for food to feed themselves or educating their grandchildren. They are going to rip the arms off our elected officials and beat them to a pulpand where do you think NYSUT’s place will be in all this? If they’re smart they would re-think who represents them in lobby’s and in school districts. These are the things to come.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 22, 2012 at 8:51 pm

      Thank you! Laszlo, for your thoughts. Yes, it’s hard to justify teachers, teachers’ salaries, teachers unions, NYSUT wnen you look at their product and what teachers like Matthew J. Miller and teachers unions like NYSUT are doing to society and our children. It’s disgustingly mindboggling!




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