Resignation or Termination: Matt Miller’s Choice

18 Dec


The Buzz Is That There is a Letter Out and Circulating that Demands that the Commissioner of the NYS Education Department Accept Matthew J. Miller’s Voluntary Resignation or, in the alternative, Proceed with a Termination Process.

Is Matt Miller Almost Out the Door>

Is Matt Miller Almost Out the Door?

We have received a final copy of the letter that is allegedly intended to go first to the New York State Education Department Commissioner, with copies to the RCS CSD interim superintendent of schools, to the RCS CSD board of education, and to the New York State Attorney General, with a request for investigation.

To read a copy of the letter to the NYSED Commissioner, click on this link: NYSED Commissioner Letter re Matthew J Miller_redacted We will adapt the letter so that it can be personalized and sent by anyone in the district who would like to join in the effort to remove Matthew J. Miller from this district. We will publish the template letter on this blog over the next couple of days.

It seems that a considerable volume of incriminating evidence has been assembled and is ready to go out that is likely to put our favorite mutt, Matt Miller, in the hot seat.

Whatcha Gonna Do Now, Matt?

Whatcha Gonna Do Now, Matt?

We have received disclosure of documents demanded under New York’s Freedom of Information Law that shows that Matt Miller collected far more than we had originally expected during his profitable stint as double-dipping Energy Educator/Manager in the RCS school district. We’ll publish that information, too, as soon as we can verify it.

Citizen residents are really taking the reins on these issues, we’re pleased to say and we urge them to continue the good fight. Well done, so far.

It’ll be interesting to see just what the New York State United Teachers, NYSUT,  is made of and how far they’ll go to support one of their membership and who is a local teachers union rep,  and who appears to have no morals or ethics at all. Not that unions are the role model for honesty or ethical conduct, but they do tend to be survivors and, as we all know, there’s no honor among thieves.

We’ll also see, if the letter actually does go out to the Commissioner of NYSED, the NYS Attorney General, and to state and federal lawmakers, what the ripple effect  might uncover.

Support your RCS CSD board of education non-teacher citizen-resident members.

Flex Those Muscles, People!

Flex Those Muscles, People!

Sorry, but it’s getting late and I have to head off the the RCS CSD board of education meeting to do some investigative reporting. We’ll continue this later. Thanks for your patience!

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!



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4 responses to “Resignation or Termination: Matt Miller’s Choice

  1. Simon

    December 18, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    I have great difficulty with this article.

    You’re commenting on a supposed letter (which you haven’t seen) which is being sent in response to another letter (which you also haven’t seen).

    You also seem to forget that the DoE has no standing to remove the head of a union. In fact, doing so would be gross misconduct by a government agency.

    The DoE does have standing to revoke a teaching certification, but as we all know from prior experience, this involves a 3020a proceeding and is rarely successful. Just ask NYC. And it is NEVER successful over matters of opinion such as “ethics” or “morals”. Such an action will cost hundreds of thousands in legal fees.

    I don’t see what has to be “verified” with your documents if you FOILed them from the school.

    And you’re still tagging your blog entries with tons of tags which have nothing to do with the article.

    And regarding your trip to the board meeting – notice that all the district’s meetings now take exactly 16 minutes? With prior meetings taking hours (talking about snack bars and everything) our school’s business has been handled in under 20 minutes for the last number of meetings? Anyone else think that there’s stuff going on in private meeting sessions that should be happening in public?



    • RCS Confidential

      December 18, 2012 at 10:47 pm

      I’m not quite certain why my previous response has gone missing but I will respond more briefly here.

      You are somehow reading more into the article than is actually there. First of all, I can comment on a letter which I may not have physically seen but whose contents may have been disclosed to me in their detail and particularity by a very reliable source.

      I see nowhere in the most recently published article any mention of a second letter. You are reading something that simply is not there.

      Nowhere in the most recent article is there any mention of the Commissioner removing a union head. We are talking in this article about a teacher not a union head. The superintendent, the board of education, the NYSED Commissioner, all have the authority to initiate proceedings to remove a teacher. Whether that teacher is a union head or not does not objectively detract from their authority.

      Regardless of the procedure for doing so, a first step has to be made in demanding a resignation or termination. After that the administrative and judicial processes can be inaugurated. Whether it costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars to effect the termination is a flaw in the system, and if that’s the effect of the union, it needs to be changed. Moreover, such a situation flies in the faces of taxpayers who would thus be deprived of their right to say who is being paid for what with their tax dollars. If that is the effect of the union, it only makes it more urgent to force change. It has no bearing whatsoever on the fact that citizens, residents may voice their demand to have the villain removed. Citizens, residents must advocate for morals and ethics because those are the very things we’re missing and are the foundations of the myriad problems we’re witnessing in and out of schools today. Disagree if you will, but that’s my point.

      BTW, have you been whittling away at the holiday eggnog?

      You need to think outside of the box. Just because an agency responds to a FOIL does not mean that the response is complete or even relevant. As it is, the RCS CSD did respond rather quickly to the FOIL but the documents produced refer to “attachments” that elaborate on some details and particularities that are essential to a fuller understanding of the issues and facts. Until those attachments are produced, the ambiguous information contained in the documents produced in response to the FOIL is just that, ambiguous, and needs to be substantiated or “verified,” if you will. I hope that’s clearer for you now.

      As to your concern about the length of the RCS CSD board of education public meetings, I’d like to point out to you firstly that since the entry of Dr McCartney on the scene, meetings have proceeded in a more businesslike manner than I have ever experienced before. That alone shaves many minutes off the total time. Secondly, board members are conducting their performances in a more civilized rather than syphilized manner; there’s much less diatribe and overtalking. That alone makes a better impression and, again, saves time. Thirdly, the galleries appear to be more under control than in previous experiences. It seems that there has been less of a necessity to call the meeting back to order after disturbances by hooligans, Coeymanazis, and generally unwashed in the galleries. That saves a great deal of time. Fourth, there have been fewer whiners and accusers appearing at the podium to abuse and insult the boardmembers. The Delucas, Millers, Donna the Whiner, and a host of other Coeymanazi adherents are not wasting the board’s or the public’s time with their stupidity. So, as you can see, just these few positive developments have definitively shortened the meeting times. That is overall a positive development.

      Finally, I cannot speak to where issues are being discussed by the board. But if you are concerned that issues are being handled “privately” or in executive session, or elsewhere other than in public session, may I suggest that you personally appear at an upcoming meeting, take the podium, and use your 3 minutes to best advantage. The best way to satisfy your curiosity is to participate, to pose your questions directly to those in the position to best respond.

      So, in general, either you are misreading the article or reading into the article facts that are objectively not there; secondly, you are making assumptions without admitting to extenuating circumstances as in, for example, your statements on the FOIL document production and the need for “verification.” And continuing, you appear to have missed a number of factors that served in previous board meetings to unnecessarily protract the proceedings, and that they no longer prevail at meetings. The absence of those defects certainly serves to shorten the sessions. Finally, rather than suggest that decisions are being made in a smoke-filled back room, you may want to personally physically attend a BoE meeting, and personally participate by asking your questions in public session. You’ll get much better answers than I can produce here.

      The Editor

      P.s. Obviously, I was patently unsuccessful in keeping my response brief. Oh well!

      P.p.s. About those tags. Visitors find this blog by searching those tags and categories and become Readers. In order to hide the tags and categories I would have to purchase a premium publishing version of WordPress that would allow me to customize the display. At present I invest far too much in terms of time and energy in this blog and I am unwilling to further invest money, unless I offer advertising space, which I abhor. So, if the tags bother you that much (sounds like an obsession to me), you may want to consider making a gift of the cost of the premium subscription, and I’ll be pleased to hide the tags. Ball’s in your court, Simon.


      • Simon

        December 19, 2012 at 6:26 am

        I’ll keep my response brief. Promise.

        The reason I went in the direction of union head removal is that all the items you’re complaining about are Mr. Miller fulfilling his role as union head. You know what? There’s many good teachers in our school. The vast majority. There are some wackos. Unfortunately, it seems like many of them may be centralized in the leadership “corp” of the union. They’re the ones dictating the agenda of the union.

        So, you can villify Mr. Miller if you want. I see him just as the representative of a larger group who dictates that he has to go out and do these things. He’s had to defend crummy people and crummy topics in the past, I’m sure some of them against his own opinion. I also don’t hold his energy position against him, as long as the work was done after hours (not during regular salaried time) and the compensation didn’t exceed the $10k plus the required training sessions (which I believe were in Texas?). It was all laid out in the contract with the energy company which you should have FOILed by now. Which, by the way, gave the energy company the primary role of selecting the representative – – NOT the school district.

        The 2 letters I’m referring to (this time) are the original Miller letter to the DoE and the letter being prepared in response. You’re commenting on facts which you have no first hand knowledge of. Which is fine for a blog; perhaps I’m trying to assign journalistic properties to your pursuit of the truth, and instead I should assign you to the same pool as the Times Union.


        P.s. – My suggestions would be to dump wordpress and go to Blogger.


      • RCS Confidential

        December 19, 2012 at 6:48 am

        Thank you, Simon, for your thoughts, all of which have merit.

        It is archetypal to go after a figure or a symbol when it’s impossible to embrace the whole problem. Matt Miller is such a symbol of corruption, hypocrisy, and unethical conduct in the most sensitive of environments, our schools. He is also a symbol of the evil that unions have become and come to do.

        As to the first letter, the source of the so-called facts is the actual publishers as reported in their official publication, the Times Useless. As to the second letter you refer to, I have already made a statement on that.

        I published the FOILS and anyone can see that the demand for disclosure is complete as can be under the circumstances; the production was not as complete as desired but the documents can be re-foiled.

        As to the designation of the Energy Educator/Manager we know that Miller did not do his energy managing after hours–what sense would that have made? It was/is a managing/education activity not an audit. And the documents show he made from $10-18,000 each year he held the position. That’s a tidy sum and a good chunk of the income of an average family, if employed, in this area. And that’s in addition to his $80K+ salary as a teacher/union rep. Plus his wife’s teacher’s salary (add at least another $65K to that pile of loot, still). Greed is what I call it. And greed is a vice (a “deadly sin”). And vice is immoral.

        As to your comment about journalism, truth, blogging, and the Times Union, I’ll assume that was an impoverished attempt at humor, and shall not comment further.

        The Editor

        P.s. Yes, I will. I can’t help myself! For the record: Contrary to the pseudojournalism one reads in the Times Union, I at least (1) acknowledge up front that what I write are, if applicable, allegations or unverified facts, (2) that true facts may require further “verification,”, (3) I do not publish on mere hearsay but demand dates, times, places, names to, well, confirm, (4) I FOIL or have information/documents FOILed, if only to show good faith. Moreover, I explicitly request readers for corrective inputs, and I don’t publish selectively. Most everything civil gets published, whether it agrees with my points or not. Miles away from Times Union pseudo-journalism, I daresay!



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