BoBo Cop’s Big Bust

17 Dec
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Coeyman’s Police Department’s Own BoBo Cop, Gerald “Dirty Hands Jerry” Deluca Makes a Major Bust and Ruins a Kid’s Life.

You GO! BoBo!

You GO! BoBo!
(As reported in the
Dec. 17, 2012, Ravena News Herald)

We just had to post this. It’s so typical of the super dodos and bobos in the Coeymans Police Department. Here’s 300 lb BoBo Cop responding to a stupid 13 year old kid playing phone pranks from the RCS Middle School, no less (Earth to teachers, where are you?). So what does BoBo Deluca (a.k.a. in the Coeymans P.D. as “Dumbluca“)? He arrests the kid on criminal charges! Now that’s some real criminal investigation and police work.

BoBo Cop Jerry Deluca LeadsCoeymans Dodos in Arrest of Desperate Criminal.

BoBo Cop Jerry Deluca Leads
Coeymans Dodos in Arrest of Desperate Criminal.
(Your Tax Dollars Working for You!)

So our bloated BoBo crimestopper moves his fat ass to apprehend and charge a jerky-boy (we’re assuming its a male) teenager who gets his rocks off making prank telephone calls from school (Repeat: Earth to teachers: Where are you?). Seriously, who are the adults calling the cops on some teen dorkus? And then to take the kid into custody…wouldn’t that have been enought to scare the shite out of him/her…and have the parents pick the kid up after a good lecture? No. Of course not! Arrest the kid, arraign the kid, and give him a record. Nice going, BoBo. Yeah! We know, “It’s all for the kids!” We’ve heard you oinking that line too many times before!

(By the way, how’s Tom Dolan’s boy doing?
Ever been charged, arrested? Didn’t think so!)

My final question, I guess, would be: If this terrible criminal was perpetrating his horrible acts at the RCS Middle School, where in hell were the teachers and teachers’ aides at the time?  Don’t you parents think that if your minor child is at school that the teachers and teachers’ aids have some accountability and responsibility for misconduct that happens on school property on their watch? Maybe the school principal and the teacher and teachers’ aides who were supposed to be keeping an eye on the kid at the time (just check the time the calls were made and where the kid was supposed to be at the time) should be dragged into court with the parent? Don’t the principal, the teachers, the teachers’ aides, the RCS district have some accountability in this incident? Answer: YES!

That’s just another reason why:

  • We need to start holding teachers accountable for what they don’t do and
  • We need to get rid of the Coeymans P.D. and its BoBos and DoDos.
"It's for the kids."The Editor

“It’s for the kids.”
The Editor

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4 responses to “BoBo Cop’s Big Bust

  1. Simon

    December 18, 2012 at 7:56 am

    Agree with cookie. Keep in mind we don’t know the nature of the calls (although I assume if it was something REALLY serious, the article would have been specific).

    All criticisms of the Coeymans PD aside, their job is to arrest people in these situations. The DA’s hands are tied if the cops don’t areest for the charges. So, even though this will likely end up eing passed on, if it did warrant the DA’s charges, if the police didn’t arrest their process gets more difficult.



    • RCS Confidential

      December 18, 2012 at 9:28 am

      While in principle, I would tend to agree with you, Simon, but somewhere along the line discretion, common sense, and good judgment must enter into the equation and into the action taken; in the absence of such discretion, common sense, and good judgment law enforcement or any action takes on a black-and-white character or a robotic nature, something I think none of us would appreciate, given the diversity in creation and the preponderance of grey areas requiring prudent and wise decision-making. Imagine if our law enforcement, judges, or other empowered agents were to react to all situations with a knee-jerk reaction rather than weighing the circumstances and interpreting the situation in light of the facts.

      I disagree that the first step is to react, to shoot or take any other action without first weighing the situation. There is a great difference between making accusations (which may have been true and unappreciated or false and unappreciated by the recipient) and offensive remarks (which may be objectively offensive or merely subjectively offensive to the recipient). For example, if I were to say, “Simon, you’re a crook!” You’ll likely not appreciate such a statement whether it be true or false, depending, of course on the context in which it’s said. In the instant case we are confronted by a stupid teen making telephone calls, presumably not conference calls, to an individual, who then took extreme action. Secondly, I may say, “Simon, you have some very feminine traits.” And you may very well have some very feminine traits but not be aware ofthem or you may have suppressed conscious awareness of them (objectively) and, because you’d rather not have feminist ideas, you are subjectively offended.

      My responses are largely based on my training in ethics where we have a number of tests that we apply to situations to determine the appropriate ethical course to be taken. Simply stated, one weighs the end result or effect against the initial problem. The evil (the bad effect) should never outweigh the good effect of the action taken, and the action taken should never be in and of itself bad (evil) in its ultimate outcome, it should not outweigh the good attained. (I do hope this simplification of the Dual Effect Doctrine is clear.)

      I this case, presuming the reported facts and the actions taken were reasonably accurate, Deluca’s action does not pass the test for being ethically good. I stand by my analysis.



  2. cookie

    December 17, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Considering all of the juvenile pranks I did, if they became criminal arrests, I’d still be in jail. While I would suggest it is not ok to make threats or cause mental anguish, it sounds like minor stuff. I got caught doing a prank and the local cop literally gave me a kick in the backside, and told me that that was only the start of things after he told my father what I did. Now, instead of that kick we have lawyers, courts, records, probation, etc. In the meantime there are some really worrisome people out there that our resources should be devoted to.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 17, 2012 at 5:46 pm

      It’s akin to bullying. Besides, kids are easy pickin’s. Coeymanazis are not known for their balls, just their guts. Dumbluca and the rest of them are basically spineless. They work much better when confronting kids or old women. But the News Herald police blotter does make for some good humor most of the time. Makes Dagwood Bumstead look like a real hero!

      Kids need discipline and good role models, two things they are not getting in school or at home. So why give the kid an arrest record? Just look at what the Coeymanazis have been doing and wonder where’s law enforcement for the big adult dorks.

      In this instance, Deluca gets no points. Neither do the teachers when something like this happens right under their snotty noses. So now the kid and the parents have to go to lowlife court and suffer the absolute in humiliation and wasted money. Thanks Dumbluca! Your a real Bobo Champ!

      And to think that Dumbass Deluca is sucking up our tax dollars and will probably live to collect a pension at our expense. Go figure!

      The Editor



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