Coeymans: Mad Dog Escapes Kennel

12 Dec

Gather Your Children, Hide Your Daughters, Send Your Sons to Another State, Bury Your Dead!

Ryan Johnson's Back!Mad Dog Cop Loose!

Ryan Johnson’s Back!
Mad Dog Cop Loose!

Mad-Dog Coeymans Cop Ryan Johnson Has Been Spotted Prowling the Streets of Cow-eymans Looking for Fresh Blood, Flesh, YOU!


Rumors were that someone had Jimmy-Hoffa’ed Johnson and he was in a building foundation somewhere, or that the was receiving treatment at some psychiatric facility at an undisclosed location, or that he was in jail, playing bottom to Big Bubba. Actually, none of those rumors were true. But he’s back on the street fresh and ready to continue his routine of harrassment, intimidation, coercion, and retaliation on behalf of his Coeymanazi handlers, BoBo-Cop Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca, DumboCop Gregory Darlington, Sheister-in-chief Michael T. Biscone, Kerry “The Tool” Thompson, and the unnamed unholy minions in Coeymans.

So gather your children, lock up your daughters, send your sons away, and bury your dead! No one’s safe again, anymore!

Stay Safe!The Editor

Stay Safe!
The Editor


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