A Very Dirty Pot Dares to Call A Clean Kettle Black

05 Dec

 The RCS District’s Very Dirty Pot, Matt “the Mutt” Miller, Continues His Ridiculous Campaign of Harassment Against a Respected Board of Education Member, and It Has the Foul Smell of Retaliation.


Stop Talking, Matt!
We know where you’re coming from!

What does our very humiliated and disgraced teachers union representative and employee of the RCS School District, Matt “the Mutt” Miller, with all of his baggage have to say about an elected community representative who has done nothing but good for the community, but who has been made to suffer attacks from the Coeymanazis, we may very well ask.

RCS high school science teacher Matt Miller has a lot of baggage and isn’t the most credible spokesperson for any organization. who are you to judgeThis article reminds readers of this shady character’s history and provides an analysis and comparison of Matt Miller’s past and why he would be well advised to lay low, stay out of sight, and shut his mouth. But he’s too stupid to realize that his attacks on others only draw more attention to him and for the worst of reasons. We can conclude that parents and residents should take a closer look at the people in sensitive positions to whom our young people are exposed, and what kind of role models they represent, what morality they are exemplifying for our developing citizens. We suggest that teachers like Matt Miller are not the best we should offer in our schools. We can and should do better.

In fact, Matt Miller shows all the signs of a drowning, desperate man, grasping at anything floating by to save himself, even at a straw. Buzz is that he’s lost all effectiveness as a representative for the teachers union, he’s lost credibility, lost face, lost support of those he’s representing. That’s true, isn’t it Matt?

Matt Miller’s most recent gaff, there have been so damned many, I’ve lost track, is an example of repeated misinformation and distortion of facts that lead to our community believing a lie to be true.

I don’t think it’s necessary to repeat the lessons on sovereignty, autonomy, legal personhood, corporation because either you know or you don’t want to know. We are all sovereign which means we all have a right to govern ourselves and make decisions that affect us. Government is created to serve the people, not the other way around. That went out when we got rid of the king. But we are living in a perverse system, still. We allow ourselves to be drowned in lies that, if told to us often enough, we believe are true. Anyone with any intelligence and guts looks at the situation and becomes angry, very angry and does what he or she can to fix at least his or her personal situation.

wolf sheeps clothesI do draw the line, however, at my representatives in Washington and the Supreme Court giving corporations legal personhood and rights that I should be enjoying. Many of you marched to the corporations’ Black Friday and Extended Black Friday drumbeat, like a bunch of rats dancing to the tunes of the Pied Piper, to interrupt your family holiday meal to rush out and trample each other to get to buy crap the corporations have told you you need, most if it Chinese, and which will likely be either broken or you’ll be told is outdated by January 2nd. Pretty soon, Congress and the Supreme Court will give my toaster the right to vote.

So, my advice to anyone, but Matt Miller, especially, is that if you want to pick on “someone” for not paying taxes, go for the biggies: the corporations, your legislators, the 1%, and stop picking on the local working man.

The result of all of this is that the sheeple run to hide behind locked doors, and the wolves are free to wander the streets, to make the rules. But there are still a few intrepid, brave hearts that venture out to kick a wolf, or at least to throw a stone. Where are the rest of you when it’s happening right here in your community?

First of all, let’s do a little review: In May 2012, a school budget was passed under suspicious circumstances, circumstances that threw the RCS community into a scandal and led to investigations and audits by the state authorities. The RCS board of education was updated and the balance of power shifted. The citizen-business group (Krzykowski, Lukens, Robbins, Sylvester, Vadney) were now in the majority and the teachers clique (Engel, Reville, Latter, Whalen), all teachers or married/closely related  to teachers, were now the minority. With more than $42 million at stake, the teachers clique and their supporters started to fight really dirty, and the misinformation and downtalking was out of control.

The entire scenario was complicated by the involvement of Matt Miller, the teachers union rep, and former Elizabeth “Betsy” Smith, teacher and then superintendent, who was totally incompetent and had no control over anything, except padding her retirement check. She announced her intention to retire giving short notice and jumped ship.

The Coeymanazis, a group of loudmouthed hypocrites who lost all credibility once the voting irregularities were made the subject of public investigation, and their hyped up claims and promises could not be backed up, stood by and got desperate. They upped the ante by continuing their attacks on Mr Rodney Krzykowski, but also instigated a botched up frame up of the school board president, Mr J. Vadney, whose family was threatened and even attacked, and they spewed unsavory comments about other citizen-business boardmembers through the Times Union (a.k.a. the Times Useless) newspaper and the Times Union blogs, until they were caught using multiple phoney names to post multiple comments.

None of the Coeymanazis have any official positions, except for Matt “the Mutt” Miller, who is the RCS school district teachers union representative. Mr Miller has his own baggage to check, as you’ll see as you read on.

First of all, let’s not be mistaken regarding Mr Matt Miller. He is a teacher and he is the local representative of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT). His interests are in protecting the rights of the teachers and promoting their interests. He has no interest as union representative in protecting your children, parents’ interests, or the community.

(We recent acquired a copy of a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) demand for disclosure of information regarding the RCS CSD energy manager position. Read the FOIL demand at FOIL Request re Matt Miller_redacted.)

Here is the NYSUT mission statement. See if you can find students, parents, community anywhere in it:

Through a representative democratic structure, New York State United Teachers improves the professional, economic and personal lives of our members and their families, strengthens the institutions in which they work, and furthers the cause of social justice through the trade union movement.

Matt "the Mutt" Miller

Matt “the Mutt” Miller

And Mr Miller is working a reduced teaching load (2.5 hours) and devotes the rest of his day to his union work. Mr Miller receives his full teacher’s salary ($80,000+), full benefits, professional enhancement perqs, etc. at your expense. In other words, you are paying his teacher’s salary, the majority of which is going to fund his union work. That’s like Congress funding the salaries of the Washington gun, pharmaceutical, or automobile manufacturers lobbies!

Quite frankly, I don’t really care if this arrangement is in his contract. It’s wrong. If he’s doing union work at the school, the union should be reimbursing the district for the time he spends as union rep. Or, if it’s so important to Mr Miller, maybe Mr Miller should do his union work on his own time or take personal or vacation time to do it. Or the Union should pay Miller directly. After all, the New York State Teachers Union apparently isn’t hurting for money, judging by their building at 800 Troy Schenectady Road in Latham, New York. It’s incredible!

NYSUT Building, Latham, NY.

NYSUT Building, Latham, NY.

Snatch it and Run like hell, Matt!

Which brings us to a subject near and dear to our hearts: Mr Matt Miller’s double dipping. Yes, we consider Miller to be a double-dipper. Worse still, we point to the fact that until the current RCS board of education majority put a stop to it, Miller was actually triple-dipping! Yes! Triple-dipping. Your darling Matt Miller, part-time teacher getting a full-time salary at your expense, was actually getting an additional $10,000 payment (some say as much as $18,000) a year to be district energy manager: He told people to switch off lights, for example, turn off computers, close windows when the heat was on. DUH! That was being paid for the same time Miller was (1) supposed to be teaching, (2) doing his union work, (3) playing energy manager. Triple-dipping at taxpayer expense.

(We recent acquired a copy of a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) demand for disclosure of information regarding the RCS CSD energy manager position. Read the FOIL demand at FOIL Request re Energy Manager redacted.)

One of the very first actions taken by the new majority (Krzykowski, Lukens, Robbins, Sylvester, Vadney)  on the RCS school board under president John Vadney and vice-president Mike Robbins, supported by all of the citizen-business members and opposed by all of the teachers clique, was to dump Miller and his energy manager racket. Needless to say dear Matt Miller was not a happy camper and it seems had vengeance in his bald little head: he always had something to say about parents filing grievances for injustices and abuse done to their children, now Matt Miller files a grievance against the RCS school district. But that’s not all, he launches a campain of negative statement against the district, too.

Matt Has Reason to Feel Depressed

Matt Has Reason to Feel Depressed

Well, if the teachers were doing their jobs and Matt Miller were doing his teaching for which he was being very well paid, maybe our graduation rates wouldn’t have been in the 70% range. Think about that. Maybe the teachers and the students would have had brains enough to turn off the lights, too!

Well, the citizen-business majority of the RCS board of education (Vadney, Robbins, Krzykowski, Lukens, Sylvester), after having gotten rid of Elizabeth “Betsy” Smith, took the step of hiring a proven heavy-hitter, no-nonsense, superintendent, Dr Alan McCarthy, whose experience, wisdom and know-how kept the Vorheesville school district in the high 90% range in graduation rates.

The teachers clique, and especially union rep Matt Miller, saw the writing on the wall. Dr McCartney would not put up with their antics, so they went on a smear campaign, led by the teachers clique (Engel, Reville, Latter, Whalen), the Coeymanazis (led by Jerry and Cathy Deluca), and of course, Matt “the Mutt” Miller, the teachers union representative. Failed again. McCartney took control, held meetings, gave instructions, and had the mess under control and assumed command. Bravo! Dr McCartney!

Dr Alan McCartney was and is a force to be reckoned with and knows how to handle obstreperous and unruly children, even if they happen to be teachers. So it was, after a public outburst performance by Matt Miller, Miller and Dr McCartney had a “a cordial meeting of the minds,”  according to a reliable source. Our interpretation: Miller was put on notice.

Dr McCartney is preparing his justification and proposal for reinstating the 5 p.m. bus run for students who stay at school for remedial support; the justification will be  presented to the RCS Board of Education for consideration. Dr McCartney is making this important proposal by finding the funds already there–that means without it costing taxpayers more–to provide remedial help for students lagging behind (why would that be if RCS teachers are so great?), and forcing the teachers to stay and provide the remedial help. Of course, this doesn’t go over very well with the teachers, the teachers clique, the teachers union,  and least of all with Matt Miller, the district teachers union representative. Imagine that! Teachers are being held accountable for what they’re being paid to do! Added services at no additional cost to the taxpayer! The sun’s starting to shine again on RCS!

Under superintendent Elizabeth Smith, bullying and student abuse was rampant in the RCS schools, especially at the high school. We’ve already published the fact that there is evidence that teacher Matt Miller was involved in inciting acts of bullying and placing students at risk. The bullying was common knowledge, even parents were being treated with disrespect, the athletics coaches were abusing students, and the list goes on. Where were the teachers while all of this was happening? Where were the principals? Where was Elizabeth Smith? Where was Matt Miller? Yes, that’s all history now. But the disease is not cured until you cut the entire cancer out, leave a single cancer cell in the body and it can flare up again! There’s still disease in the RCS school district that needs to be excised before we can say the disease is cured.

This week an article appeared on the RCS School District website that reported on the RCS Greenhouse, Community Greenhouse Project To Benefit RCS Students in which Matt Miller is mentioned for his contribution, and of course the teachers get top billing, while the real promoters and workers are relegated to a list. Well, the record shows that one of the principal obstacles to that greenhouse was none other than Matt Miller and his gang. So what’s new. We’re still giving postive honorable mention to people who obstruct progress. Nothing new but things are changing, fast.

(By the way, I think it’s time that the articles that appear on that RCS School District website start to give names of the persons who write them. We’d like to know whose opinion we are reading. Isn’t that fair? After all it’s a public information source for community and residents and we’d like to know who’s doing the writing.)

Matt Miller is just a small fish swimming in a cesspool of bigger caprophages (shit-eaters). Here are just a couple of examples that we’ve areadly reported on but we feel you need to be reminded:

  • Coeymans supervisor Flach together with Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple has proposed a gem of a proposal for eliminating the Coeymans Police Department and replacing it with a local, professional law enforcement force provided by the Albany County Sheriff. Coeymans keeps local law enforcement but the uniforms and cars change, and the town saves about $500,000 each year in the first four years and about $750,000 in the fifth year. Anybody with half a brain would jump up and shout, “No-brainer! Yes!” But not coeymans board members Thomas “Tom” E. Dolan, Dawn Rogers, and Thomas A. Boehm, who oppose anything that might make a positive difference in Coeymans. Dolan, Rogers, and Boehm have to go! They’re losers. Say YES! to Supervisor Flach’s vision and YES! to Sheriff Apple’s offer to save us from the Coeymanazis!
  • Put the Ravena village council and mayor John Bruno on the carpet and ask what the F***K is going on with this scandalous insider wheeling and dealing with the Bruno-Deluca-Warner Memorial Fitness Center. Everything went on behind closed doors from the decision to have a fitness center after they throw the library out, to who was going to run it (Cathy Deluca), to spending on their own $40,000 of taxpayer dollars to buy used fitness equipment and transport it from the failed fitness center location to space formerly occupied by the library. You citizens had no say whatsoever in all of this and you need to ask WHY? Someone has to be held accountable for this illegal action by mayor John Bruno and his minions.
  • There’s an awful lot of croneyism, corruption, double-dealing, conflict of interest in the Ravena-Coeymans community.
You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

The first thing that comes to mind is the Michael Biscone Syndrome. That’s where sonny boy follows in daddy’s corrupt footsteps and takes over everything legal and illegal in the community. That’s where law steps all over justice and the scheister tells the courts what’s to be done. It’s where Michael J. Biscone operates both as village attorney and as a private attorney in matters involving the village, submits vouchers for payment as village attorney and makes money billing privately for basically the same thing. There are a lot of Biscone vouchers in Ravena village hall that need to be audited and audited NOW!  We might want also to ask how is Biscone misusing his corrupt positioning to cash in on village resources? Take for instance a certain trailor park on property owned by Guess who? on Winnie Avenue, and a certain water line that was laid to that property owned by Guess who? And there’s more, much more than that. But if you don’t ask you’ll never know.

  • Main Street Ravena-Coeymans is fast becoming a ghost town. The ruse of leaving up business signs (Bush’s, Ledger, etc.) in front of long dead enterprises is losing its effect. I can’t help but think that instead of spending $40,000 and more on used fitness equipment the money could have been spent more wisely on some sort of promotion of the village and hamlet, perhaps to attract the interest of new enterprise. But given the record of retaliation, corruption and special-interests in this community there’s not the chance of a snowball in hell that anything is going to happen until we get the sinister plans of the Biscones, the Brunos, the Persicos, Albanos, Delucasand their Coeymanazi henchmenunder control and we take back the community. Clans like the Brunos and Biscones don’t want to share what they’ve got and don’t want to miss out on what little remains to be had. They’ll try all of their old tricks and a few new ones to suppress anything that isn’t going to benefit them. That’s the problem we have with the village idiots who serve them and the retaliation and intimidation that’s done to anyone who doesn’t bend over for them.
  • And let’s not forget that BoBo-cop phoney, Jerry Deluca and his partner in conspiracies, Cathy Deluca. There’s so much about those two characters on this blog that all you have to do is start typing their name and you’ll get literally pages of incriminating facts.

And the henchmen doing their dirty work come from the most unlikely places, like in the schools. Right, Matt Miller?

So, good people, loyal readers, it’s time to really get together and make the good things happen that are already popping up, at least in the schools where Dr McCartney and the citizen-business board members are doing great positive things. With a great leader at the help of the schools and a community-oriented majority on the board, the schools appear to be in safer hands now than ever. Now that parents and residents can trust the superintendent and the citizen-business board members to protect their children and their interests, we can now turn all of that energy that was spread everywhere and concentrate that energy on improving the RCS community overall. We can start locally and start saying positive things about our superintendent and school board members and stop tripping them up only to bruise ourselves. Start thinking in positive terms. Let’s clean up the village Of Ravena and the hamlet of Coeymans by getting to the core of the corruption. Take back the community, people!

The Community HuddleThe Editor

The Community Huddle
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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12 responses to “A Very Dirty Pot Dares to Call A Clean Kettle Black

  1. cookie

    December 8, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    This is nothing but a bald faced attempt to circumvent the will of the people. RK was elected, period. The purpose of this complaint is only related to the fact that RK is not a lackey for the teachers union and the bunch of howling baboons that make nothing but noise without thought. If RK was voting in favor of Mr. Miller’s positions, there would be no such complaint filed. He is opposed by Mr. Miller, as are others on the board. Regardless of how the voters voted, Mr. Miller is working to have him (them) removed. Why then have an election, let’s let Mr. Miller choose the board members.

    Besides, where is it that the staff choose their bosses. Please name the place, Miller doesn’t want RK, Vadney, McCartney, etc. Who next will he target for smear and removal. His message is clear to this board and future boards; “don’t mess with me” and next time give me even more money to do nothing. They have been feeding off of us for years, now the beast has been angered.

    Thanks for keeping us informed! I tell everyone that they need to be reading this blog.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 8, 2012 at 2:53 pm

      Thanks very much, Cookie, for your insights and comment.

      You are absolutely right, it’s a smear campaign by childish adults who, if they can’t have their cake and eat it, too, they’ll come out like unsocialized children.

      While I would agree that under other circumstances Miller would have every right to make his feelings known, there is a time and a place and forum to do so. To go outside of the box and start bringing complaints to a higher authority without first going through the local process is a patent violation of acceptable professional conduct, and flies in the fact of the Superintendent and the elected RCS board of education.

      If I were Miller’s supervisor, he would be facing disciplinary proceedings, and I hope the powers at large appreciate your and other readers’ comments on this subject. While I have no doubts whatsoever that Dr McCartney is keeping tabs on all of this and is just biding his time, letting the fools in our midst take enough rope to hang themselves, it is essential that the timing for any action be precise; too soon and the action might flounder, too late and people will have already soured and depaired. Tough call as it is, that’s why we’re paying Dr McCartney the big bucks: for experience, know-how, and the wisdom that comes from both.

      A pleasure to again read your comments, Cookie. Thank you!

      The Editor


  2. laszlo polyak

    December 8, 2012 at 6:37 am

    after re-reading didn’t our Governor make a name for himself as Attorney General when he hung and peeled the skin off a few Long Island attorneys and teachers for double-dipping/billing, never mind triple-dipping a few years back? Maybe this blogger could notify him and our AG, too, for an voucher by voucher audit.


    • RCS Confidential

      December 8, 2012 at 8:47 am

      Yes, Laszlo, but he needed some “heroic” deed to launch him into the governor’s mansion. Andrew Cuomo wasn’t much of anything but the shadow of his father, Mario, before that. In fact, he’s still not much of anything to brag about. He’s done sod-all for the state of New York which is in a pretty pitiful state (no pun intended).

      Maybe that useless criminal we have as County District Attorney could get off his African ass and start doing something other than generating scandals and prosecuting the poor. How’s that for starters.

      And this blogger is not the regional babysitter. This blogger does plenty by just keeping people informed of the abuses and reminding them of their rights. This blogger has no intention of fighting their battles for them. It’s high time they got off their depressed and lazy butts and started fighting their own battles. Hear that, people?

      The Editor


  3. Simon

    December 7, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Comment regarding the updated story.

    I think most of your complaints are very valid issues regarding the entire concept of union representation. The laws in this country provide for people who work sub-100% work loads in order to administrate the union. And unions NEVER have been about (in any sense whatsoever) about protecting product. They’re about protecting the employees themselves. Refer to the Hostess debacle for a more involved case of union activity.

    This is something which the time has come to change the system – – not at a local level, but the way that we nationally re-evaluate how employee relations is handled in this country.



    • RCS Confidential

      December 7, 2012 at 4:50 pm

      Great comment and insights. I’m glad you cited the Hostess case as an example because it clearly illustrates where the unions’ hearts are…certainly not beating very vigorously for the working person!




  4. laszlo polyak

    December 7, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    Doc, God bless you, This is what is well overdue for the RCS CSD. Just your kind response gives me great hope that our school district is on the right and fast track to get our students to improve their grades and raise the graduation rate. Simple respect for each other’s opinions via reading, listening, appreciating others’ viewpoints . Again, the simple fact you returned an answer to my email, where Mrs. Smith hadn’t or anyone’s for that matter, is a great improvement.

    My question to all. Was Mr Miller insubordinate by sending that letter [to the Commissioner of Education]? He should have gone through you [the Superintendent]. If Mr Miller had the time to write the letter then he had the time to see to it that all of his students are A+ and get straight 100s in his classes. I mean if you’re a teacher then teach first…. bitch second, and spend my tax dollars third.

    I Don’t think Dr. King is going to do anything to the board members; however Dr. King could have Mr Miller reevaluated because everyone knows sovereign citizen is another name or commonly known as American Indians. Second, there may be a loop-hole in the US Constitution about paying taxes…if there is….MR K count me in too!! The courts will decide that and it should not be a concern of Mr Miller. I do not care what Mr K does in his private life or what you do in yours or even what Mr Miller does privately, etc. I only care how my and our tax dollars are spent and giving our children the best education we can. In the future I hope your entire staff goes through you first!!! Your sage wisdom just might save their faces and or their asses.

    Enjoy your Christmas and New Year. I look forward to seeing your continued improvements in our schools. I will forward this to be posted on the Blog


    Just a point of clarification – I have not reinstated the five o’clock bus run yet. I am in the process of preparing a justification to present to the board for their approval. I am hoping to reinstate the run when the students return to school in January. My meeting with Mr. Miller was also a cordial meeting of the minds rather than a one-sided ass kicking.

    Thanks for the info – have a great holiday.

    From: Laz [redacted]
    Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2012 4:19 PM
    To: McCartney, Alan; [redacted]
    Subject: Fwd: RCS…. MILLER

    Doc, your mentioned in this and have 3 paragraphs about you Doc enjoy reading as our property vales go down



    • RCS Confidential

      December 7, 2012 at 2:54 pm

      Thank you, Mr Polyak, for sharing your communication with us. We’re certain Dr McCartney appreciated your inputs and insights.

      Happy Hannukah!



  5. Simon

    December 5, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Out of curiosity, how is not paying your taxes for 10 years doing “nothing but good for the community”?



    • RCS Confidential

      December 5, 2012 at 10:41 pm

      First of all, the question of taxes is not and should not be a relevant consideration in these terms. Taxation is a matter that is freely debatable and appealable. The matter is pending before the competent authorities and will remain pending until adjudicated by the appropriate authorities. Any discussion of the matter is prejudging it and we are not competent in terms of knowledge or jurisdiction to even discuss the issue of a specific case. Period.

      As for taxation in general and in prinicipal it is inherently non-consensual and therefore violates any notion of human autonomy. It is therefore intrinsically immoral and as such is inherently unfair and unjust, unless by free and geneal consensus it is allowed. Anyone has the right to contest and appeal taxation. That having been said, I would challenge you or any other reader to provide a cogent and coherent argument why taxation is generally accepted, apart from the coercive power of government to deprive or to impose upon the dissenter outrageous penalties and retaliation for not acquiescing to taxation. Anyone since the dawn of the concept of taxation has reasonably and rationally questioned and opposed the practice. Again, I would challenge you or anyone else to argue that any people in history gratefully acquiesed to any governments imposition of taxation in any form whatsoever.

      The radical and fundamental question here is not whether a citizen, and all citizens are invested with sovereignty and sovereign rights of autonomy and self-determination, can be lambasted for asserting that status. If the citizen were frivolously asserting a fictive right or notion, it would have been promptly and summarily adjudicated by the competent autorities. Neither you, nor Mr Miller, nor I are vested with that authority and, I daresay, most are not qualified even to state a credible opinion on the issue.

      What is abundantly clear, however, is that Mr Miller has an axe to grind and is proceeding to grind it for self-serving and private agendas. Mr Miller is a hack serving interests other than the common good. Any other interpretation of his actions would have to be categorized as simplistic and naïve at best.

      The person he is relentlessly attacking is no worse than Mr Miller and, in all probability, puts Mr Miller to shame in terms of public service. The person being attacked is primally noble and generous of time and treasure. To deny that he has been an exemplar of community and community spirit would be to repeat a lie. The man is grass-roots more than the vast majority of his detractors. He has very valid viewpoints that benefit the community yet do not proselytize his politics. He is operating entirely within the framework of his natural rights.

      As I will clearly point out in the continuation of this article, Mr Miller is immoral if not amoral. He is a hypocrite to the max. He is a crook and is vindictive now that he has been exposed and humiliated. He is incompetent in his arguments, off-topic, and his credibility is absolute zero. He has a worse history of professional and personal misconduct that would make even John Bruno blush, if he were mentally competent.

      So please, don’t play that idiotic and weak “if he paid his taxes cared,” because it’s old and impotent.



      • Simon

        December 6, 2012 at 6:23 am

        Did I strike a nerve? [redacted] My point is that you shouldn’t use absolute terms like “nothing but good” when there’s blatant blemishes. We also need to get real in discussing this. The guy hasn’t paid his taxes in 10 years plus. Disputing the amount, fine. But still unpaid – – and he doesn’t dispute that. Guy’s perfectly fine disputing the amounts, and obviously that’s taking them lots of time (who knows why). But don’t paint him as a saint; I believe the Pope would disagree with that label as well.

        That being said, I don’t believe unpaid taxes is on the list of criteria for removal in this situation. If he’s convicted, it might be (depending on level of the charges). Personally, I predict the Commissioner will determine that right of the public to elect someone will overrule a complaint that amounts to a difference of opinion of the issues.



      • RCS Confidential

        December 6, 2012 at 7:11 am

        No, you did not strike a nerve. I regret you may have gotten that impression but you may have misread what I wrote.

        My point is this, in recap: I’m sick and tired of hearing this same old shitola about unpaid taxes. Period. I don’t want to hear it again. Period. It’s nonsense and is off-topic.

        The point is, further, Mr K. has and continues to do a hell of a lot of good in this community. He makes a great deal of sense when he speaks. He doesn’t pick fights. He’s elected to do what he’s doing. That’s a hell of a lot more good than the busybodies, harlots, crooks, and naysayers are doing in this community.

        I applaud Mr K for his courage and guts to fight for what he believes…a far greater number of sheeple Americans would do well to do the same instead of dancing to the corporations’ tunes and slurping the sludge this illegal and corrupt government is dishing out to them. Most would rather hide in their holes and remain silent cowards.




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