Have You Lost Your Voice? I Can’t Hear You!

14 Nov

 Can you remember the last time Shop’n Save or PriceChopper asked you what you’d like to see them put on the shelves? Can you remember the last time MidHudson Cable asked you how much you want to pay for your cable service? Or has your utility or power company ever asked you how you want them to spend your money? When was the last time the Times Union or the News Herald asked you what you’d like to see printed? Or whether they should hire enough professional reporters to properly cover the news you’re interested in? Or if they should print more letters to the editor? Do you ever have the impression that your opinion doesn’t really matter, that they simply don’t care what you think?


Truth is, we’re never ever really asked about what we think when it comes right down to the crucial decisions that affect us, how we live, what’s done to us.

Minority Message
To the Majority !

Well, my questions above were about corporate decisions. What about our so-called “democratic” government? Take ObamaCare, for example, which never really contained any serious options for healthcare for all. Did you know that?

What about the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant next door to us in Vermont. When it’s license to operate ran out after 40 years the people unanimously voted NOT to renew it’s license, and the Vermont state legislature voted NOT to renew the license. Entergy, the company that runs the plant went to the federal government and sued. The feds backed Entergy,  ignoring the people and the Vermont state legislature, and renewed Entergy’s license to operate the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant… By the way, that’s the same vintage and design as the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan…you know, the one that melted down. So much for the feds protecting its citizens…the corporation won out over against the people.

That’s What Minority Rule Looks Like. We Vote, Sign Petitions, Make Public Statements at Meetings, Write Letters. We Lose.

So, is it any wonder that many of our neighbors refuse to get involved in the political process? The government and its partners, the corporations, have worn us out, we’re exhausted. Many of us are angry, some have despaired. Some think that whatever we do won’t make any difference at all. But that’s not true. Massive numbers of Americans are rising up and raising hell against the government and the corporations. That’s what the Occupy Wall Street movement was…a sign of things to come.

Remember back in January 2010, when the US Supreme Court said it was all right for the corporations to steal our elections even easier than it was before. Do you know how citizens reacted to that decision? We do: 85% of Democrats, 81% of Independents and 76% of Republicans opposed the decision!

Ever think of how the strategy “divide and conquer” works?

Look around yourself. You’re one of the majority and you”re brain is so colonized, so poisoned you don’t even realize what’s going on.

Step One: Get real, wake up, and stop lying to yourselves!

Remember the Constitution of the United States? Have you ever read it? Do you know who James Madison was? Madison was one of the main authors of the Constitution of the United States. Madison wrote that “The primary goal of government is to protect the minority of the opulent [the rich, the haves] against the majority [you and me].” Read the original Constitution, not the Amendments, the Constitution and you’ll see what I mean. The fact is that the original Constitution didn’t give anyone any rights or protections at all, it protected property and commerce and the rich. It wasn’t a revolutionary democratic document, it was an economic document. And when it was written only 10-15% of the people in the US had any rights at all under the Constitution! Women and blacks weren’t even considered persons! Neither were white men who didn’t own property! (As Madison’s colleague John Jay was fond of putting it, “The people who own the country ought to govern it.”  Madison, Jay, and others sharing their opinions were the founders of these US! No wonder we’re in the dump we are! By the way, do they teach American History any more at RCS?)

Corporations are, in fact, things, not human beings or persons in the real sense. So how can the Supreme Court of the United States give a thing rights? But it has done and continues to do so. That’s like giving my microwave property rights or the right of free speech! Sound stupid? It is!

WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with the status quo in this country. We’re fed up with feeling powerless. We’re fed up with the lies and the thieving.  And we’re fed up with being ignored by our leaders and abused by the law and the enforcers! We’re sick and tired of a system that allows crooks and corporations to use the government of the people, by the people, and for the people to override the people!

We Are Witnessing the First Shots of the Second American Revolution!

The time for pleading and begging is over, people. It’s time to collectively stand up and say NO!  to what you’re being force-fed and YES! to what you want! In fact, the next time you hear on the news or on the radio that the policy makers have decided, maybe you should ask who in hell these policy makers are? Who decided? Who are these people?

So, you think that it’s all happening in the ivory towers of ATT or GE or in plush rooms in Washington? Wrong, again!

No, no! It’s right under your noses, people! You are not exercising your right of sovereignty, of self-determination, of self-governance right here in your front yards!

We’ve reported a number of times on the abuses heaped on you, the citizens, the people, by the local Coeymanazis, the thugs in the Coeymans P.D., the loudmouth few who lead you all by the short-and-curleys to do their bidding (remember the school budget vote?). We’ve reported a gazillion times on the crimes committed against the kids and parents in the RCS schools, the bullying, the waste, the disrespect, the retaliation, the croneyism, the double-dipping!

Yet You All Tend to Fight Your Own Skirmishes, Single-Issues, Crisis-Activism Rather than Getting Together, Uniting and Saying “NO!”

Case in Point: Your Elected Officials In the Village of Ravena Have Decided to Have a Fitness Center, to Spend Your Tax Money, to Evict Your Community Library.

The Ravena town council Decided all of this Without the Public’s Inputs! Not a single public meeting. Not a single public hearing. All done behind closed doors and no minutes. In fact, they actually purchased the used fitness equipment and no one knew anything about it. They spent more than $40,000 of your money without you knowing it. And you think huge corporations and Washington are bad? You’re getting screwed on your own front porch and doing nothing about it!

On September 5, 2012 the Village of Ravena issued a fund appropriation No. A1623.436 in the amount of $37,000, which was approved my mayor John Bruno on October 2, 2012, to pay for fitness equipment. The $37,000 is being paid with two checks: one to a so-called NBC (not identified) and one to “the Fisks.”

Who are the Fisks? Well back in the late 90’s Robert “Bob” Fisk was Coeymans town supervisor for one term. Seems he had some serious IRS tax problems and didn’t get elected for a second term due to the tax scandal. Fisk owns the old fire house in Ravena at 172 Main Street, where the Deluca failed fitness center was located, and where the fitness equipment was that Bruno purchased.

Back then, Josephine Biscone-Bruno was Ravena Village clerk and, if you’ll recall, we reported some of the shenanigans that went on when she was a real estate sales person at Sturges Realty in Ravena and sold off three village-owned properties to local cronies for a song.

Does the name Persico ring a bell? It should and it should be a really BIG bell. You see, Bob Fisk is related to the Persicos (Fisk’s mother was a Persico). Josephine “Josie” is connected with both the Biscones and the Brunos. And Josie Biscone-Bruno (wife of Bill Bruno) is now involved with the sale of Guess what? The old fire house at 172 Main Street, Ravena…AGAIN! Did I mention INCEST yet? O.K. INCEST.

So, in a nutshell we have: The Biscone-Bruno-Persico connection overriding your rights and spending your money, enriching themselves because you’re all asleep at the wheel.

Ravena mayor John Bruno and village “trustee” Nancy Warner, wife of village justice Harold “Hal” Warner (currently under investigation by the state Commission on Judicial Conduct) hold secret meetings to create a fitness center in the space occupied by the RCS Community Library. (Did we mention that the fitness centers in Ravena failed twice? Once under Bob Fisk’s management and again under Cathy Deluca’s mismanagement.) At the secret meetings the decision is made to make Cathy Deluca manager of the fitness center. Surprised? The conspirators then decide, in secret, to buy the used fitness equipment located in the failed fitness center, paying $37,000 of taxpayer money to former supervisor, Persico clan member, Bob Fisk. Now, the library is being squeezed out of it’s home in the space John Bruno and his co-conspirators have decided will be the fitness center (Bruno has already evicted the library from its annex space so that the fitness equipment can be stored there).

The RCS Community Library has nowhere to go until the new location is finished but the building, owned by Don Persico, is not yet finished. Yes, I said Don Persico, cousin to sitting Ravena council member Rocco Persico, and related the INCEST mob in Ravena.

Just an interesting note: Rocco Persico is a psychologist at the RCS high school. Can you believe that? The RCS high school has at least one psychologist on site and still has a bunch of lunatics running around calling themselves teachers and administrators! Go figure!

We recently reported on the A.S.A.P. program at A.W. Becker. A.S.A.P. is After School Activities Program that keeps kids busy after school until their “working” so-called parents pick them up. So you can imagine our amusement when we found out that there is going to be a “Ravena Coeymans Teen Activity Center” going into … You Guessed It … the old firehouse at 172 Main Street in Ravena. Fancy that!

In the announcement (at  we read “We would like to thank Robert Fisk [a member of the Persico clan], the current building owner for allowing the building to be used for this purpose, and Josephine Bruno of Prudential Manor Homes REALTORS, for her continued patience…blah, blah, blah.”  Focus: FISK (PERSICO) and [BISCONE] BRUNO. (The “owner” is  Michael Fisher who says he’s a  consultant for Oakbrook Manor Apartments, but doesn’t seem to be English language literate, judging by his prose. Maybe he’s going to offer after-school English gibberish help at the RC Teen Center.) So it’s anyone’s guess what the connections and the catch is to all of this RC Teen Center stuff.

??? BUT… ???

The local population of Ravena-Coeymans has dropped dramatically in the past decade, by at least a couple of thousand, and that means that many have either died, moved away, or the Cow-eymanazis and the Coeymans P.D.  have deported them to a secret location. So that means that we have even fewer kids in the area than ever before. So-o-o-o….in the enlightened wisdom of the Bruno mob at the Ravena village offices and the Ravena Planning Board, we don’t need to attract families and business to brighten up Ravena-Coeymans’ deserted Main Street, we just need to get our wandering, homeless, chronically depressed, brain-dead kids off the street and into Mr Fisher’s quaranteen site. Right mom and dad? Right Mr Bruno? Or maybe that’s the meeting point before they’re all sold memberships and herded off to Cathy Deluca’s steamy fitness center. Hmmmm.

Fitness Center, Teen Center. Do I smell lawsuits and criminal charges on the horizon?

Why on earth do we have to duplicate the fine efforts that the Hoots bowling alley on Main Street, Ravena? Hoots has been doing a fine job for the local teens on Friday and Saturday evenings for almost two years now. The Hotaling family has been hosting local teens successfully and responsibly so why does Mr Fisher have to copycat that effort? Maybe it’s just that Mr Fisk (Persico) and Josie Biscone-Bruno, and the Persico-Biscone-Bruno connection need to saboutage anyone not in the tribe?

What we do read is that Fisher’s concern is that he hears on his police scanner that Ravena-Coeymans teens are getting into trouble and he wants to provide a hangout to get them off the streets. But…isn’t that what parents are for? Isn’t that what homes are for? What’s Mr Fisher planning to do, run a teen-care center? Does Ravena-Coeymans have that much of a homeless criminal teen population that they need a teen-center? Are there that many kids left in Ravena and Coeymans? I’m also a bit concerned about Mr Fisher’s plan for a “teen night club” which he plans to run from 6-10 p.m. on Saturdays. Is this really a good idea, parents? Shouldn’t the 13-17 age group be home on Saturday evenings enjoying the pleasure of their parents’ and siblings’ company? Yeah, right! Shame on you all!

Sorry but something’s not right with all this. Something’s fishy! Here in Ravena we’re kicking a very valuable resource, the RCS Community Library,  around like a piece of trash, stealing its space for a questionable fitness center that for all intents and purposes is illegal. Then we have some pretty shady dealings going on with the purchase of the fitness equipment, the hiring of the so-called fitness center manager (Cathy Deluca), and the sale of the property at 172 Main Street. And now some charitable soul, a Michael Fisher,  is going to take good care of Ravena-Coeymans teens in a teen center. Who’s really behind all of this? What’s their purpose? Be afraid, be very afraid!

Not in

With all of this coziness going on among the incestuous tribes of Ravena-Coeymans you really have to wonder what became of the Ethics Policy that mayor John Bruno was required to create (it’s about 19-pages long) and then proceeded to totally ignore while his cronies are violating every possible notion of ethics while they’re feathering their own nests and padding their own pockets. Another question I’d like to ask with all these goings on is: Where is Nancy Warner’s and Hal Warner’s daughter, a prosecuter in our illustrious dumbass Albany District Attorney P[undenda] David Soares’ office? It’s obvious Soares doen’t give a damn about the law but is Baby Girl Warner keeping the criminality in Ravena-Coeymans under tight wraps for mommy and daddy and their friends?

Spotter Report: One of our spotters spotted Josie Biscone-Bruno driving a Village of Ravena truck and transporting the fitness equipment from 172 Main Street to the village offices building. What’s she doing driving a village truck? Then we have Nancy Warner using the village vehicles to transport the questionable purchases. What’s the wife of a village justice, Harold “Hal” Warner, doing involved in what for all intents and purposes is an illegal operation?

So, dear readers, that’s where we stand with trusting the minority rulers in corporate America, Washington, and in your own back yard to screw the hell out of you. And you just sit there grinning idiotically! You can’t make this stuff up…it’s impossible.

The Editor

Editor’s Note (In the unlikely case that you don’t believe what I’ve written above on your lost voice in government.): I recently listened to an amazing talk on National Public Radio (NPR) give by Paul Cienfuegos, an advocate of community rights and founder of Democracy Unlimited. The talk was entitled, “Ending Corporate Rule,” and was paired up with another talk by David Cobb on the constitution and how corporations have taken control of the Constitution and kidnapped the government. Transcripts of both the Cienfuegos and the Cobb talks are available from Alternative Radio, or e-mail Alternative Radio at info@alternativeradio. [I’d provide them free on this blog but they’re copyrighted.]

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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5 responses to “Have You Lost Your Voice? I Can’t Hear You!

  1. laszlo polyak

    November 18, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    I sent the link and article ……….. Bob provided, to my Aunt Norma, “Sissy”; who is retired from Columbia High School in East Greenbush. This is what she wrote back after reading it ……. [ Thanks for the article. That’s what happens when these sports clubs have their accounts in private banks and not on “my books” when I was doing the job. I was the extra classroom activities account clerk and my books were audited every year and sometimes more than once a year. I had to balance with the monthly bank statement and fill everything out in triplicate. I had 32 different clubs and I was manically busy all the time. By law all clubs were supposed to be on my books but when it comes to sports they get away with it. I’m sure he is not the first one to skim off some money for themselves but he got a little too greedy, i’m sure.
    Thanks again and happy thanksgiving to all. Love Aunt Sis]


    • RCS Confidential

      November 18, 2012 at 8:31 pm

      Read any authority on non-profits, not-for-profits, volunteer organizations, fundraising organizations, anywhere and the keyword is “transparency.” “Hide nothing, show everything!” is the golden rule. Publish everything on your site or in a newsletter. When everything is in the open and everything is on the up-and-up no one can suggest malfeasance, no one can make unsavory suggestions. If an organization refuses to be open and transparent it deserves all the negativity it receives. There is absolutely no reason to keep anything under wraps unless there IS something you don’t want the public to know. Period.

      But in the RCS district, there’s plenty going on that the culprits, the pervs, and the perps have to keep hidden or they’ll get themselves lynched!

      Thanks for your comment, Laszlo, and Happy Thanksgiving, Aunt Sissy, wherever you are!

      The Editor


  2. George Babcock Sr.

    November 16, 2012 at 8:53 am

    I think the sheeple need someone to leed them to the path of reform, a lot of us are as pissed off as you are but don’t know how to unite, for reform. Let’s show them how to revolt. Maybe our revolt can catch on to further political reform long overdo


    • RCS Confidential

      November 16, 2012 at 9:31 am

      That’s the whole point, George, so many people have been hearing the lies for so long they believe they are true and that’s the way the minority wants it to stay. The false prophets and crooks keep repeating the lie and a lie repeated often enough is believed to be truth. One of the weapons they are using is mind control. No, not the SciFi mind control, but by using slogans, propaganda, wishful thinking, fingerpointing they cleverly manipulate the majority to think they have it right and everything is real cozy. It’s not! And the sooner we realize it at the local, grass roots level, the better off we’ll be.

      The elections are a total farce! Anyone who says differently is either a fool or a crook. There are plenty of laws but no justice! The saying goes that “The fish rots from the head down,” and in terms of government that’s true. But it’s also true that the real shit starts and happens at the bottom. That’s where we need to start cleaning up.

      Thanks very much for your comment, George. And WELCOME!

      The Editor


  3. Bob

    November 15, 2012 at 8:00 pm Submitted on 2012/11/15 at 6:00 pm
    …well I cannot find the appropriate place on the blog to enter this, so I am putting it here!
    News item at this link……. …..about someone stealing about $4000 of funds raised for student athletics….sure it is a bad thing and the person should be punished, but…can you imagine raising $4000 to help a program in a school district that has a budget in excess of $20 million? If they cannot find the funds in that pile then they don’t deserve a sports program.

    Besides, mixing volunteer monies with employees is a task begging for problems….that’s why we don’t ix them here at RCS….or do we?



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