Quick Update: RCS vs Vorheesville Comparison Figures

26 Oct


Vorheesville Highschool Has Outperformed RCS Consistently By a Considerable Margin for the Past Six Years. Dr Alan McCartney Was Instrumental in That Superior Performance.

Or You Can Stick With The Bronze

Graduation Rates Comparison: RCS HS vs. Vorheesville HS
Year RCS* Vorheesville*
2005-2006 82 % 94 %
2006-2007 83 % 95 %
2007-2008 82 % 97 %
2008-2009 83 % 91 %
2009-2010 78 % 93 %
2010-2011 80 % 98 %
* Figures provided by the respective school district offices.

So where did you say Superintendent Elizabeth R. Smith was taking the district…for a ride, you say? And what about all that talk about parents coming to the RCS district because of the fine reputation the schools have? Was that part of the pitch you got from the real estate salesperson who sold you the house? Or did you actually do real research? You’d better check your figures!

And if the teachers are so great, why are the graduation rates so low?

Let’s just put our bets on McCartney and shut up and let him do what he’s been hired to do. If you really want to bitch about someone, try bitching about Elizabeth R. Smith; she did nothing, jumped ship, and is still spending your tax dollars!

Shut up! And do your homework!
The Editor

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2 responses to “Quick Update: RCS vs Vorheesville Comparison Figures

  1. laszlo polyak

    October 27, 2012 at 2:01 am

    Let’s not forget he did it with less money per child! What was the dollar difference between the two schools?; again please, thank you!!! Will my school taxes go down by 7% ?


    • RCS Confidential

      October 27, 2012 at 8:18 am

      Thank you, Laszlo! Yes, he did. Why? Because he is a real manager, a real executive. He’s not afraid to trim the fat and eliminate the waste to get a healthy, sustainable product. Thanks to his work at Vorheesville, the effects were sustainable and are visible today in the district’s performance.

      As I mentioned before, the ones opposing his hire are exactly the ones who have most to fear from any improvements and any capable management of this district. They’re scared shiteless!

      Those who have any sense whatsoever and who have confidence in the numbers will welcome Dr McCartney, however.




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