Graduation Rates: Vorheesville CSD vs. RCS CSD

17 Oct

Maybe If the Residents and Parents in the RCS School District Would Shut Up Long Enough to Hear Some Good Sense and STOP Listening to the Self-Serving Lies of the Teachers Clique Guided by the Teachers Union This District Could Actually Achieve What the Vorheesville District has Achieved: 98% Graduation Rates!

If You Pull It Out
You May See the Truth!

And maybe, if the teachers clique on the RCS board of education–Alice Whalen, Howard Engel, James Latter, Edward Reville— would stop playing their stupid games and bullying the other members some real work could get done and this school district lifted out of the cesspool of corruption and scandal into which it’s been dumped by the special interest groups and the Coeymanazi greed machine!

Listen up, people: You’re bitching and moaning about internal accounting and missing the whole point: You’re trailing Vorheesville, YES MR ALAN MCCARNEY”S FORMER DISTRICT, by a good 20 percent in graduation rates!

Top Capital Region Public High Schools

In another survey, I found: “Since the 2010 Challenge Index has not been extended nation-wide yet, I looked at the 2009 List of 1,500 Top US Public High Schools which compares 2008 test figures.  Then I sorted the list, to just look at the 2009 Top US Public High Schools In New York.  As a state, we fare very well on the list with 180 schools ranking between #13 through #1527.  Of that number, the Capital Region claims five schools on the list of top US high schools.”

Unfortunately RCS does not appear in these five but Vorheesville is No. 1 in the list of Capital District Schools where RCS doesn’t even make the list!. And the fact is, since Mr Alan McCartney’s retirement from the Vorheesville district in 2006, Vorheesville dropped from No. 228 (in 2006) to No. 500 (in 2010)! And it’s still No. 1 in the Capitol District! Try to spin that Alice Whalen, Matt “the Mutt” Miller!

  1. # 500 Bouton High School –  Voorheesville, N.Y.  Index: 2.165 (2008: #410, 2007: #395, 2006:#228, 2005: #270)  Course Guide Additional statistics from the 2007-2008 New York State Report Card: Total Graduates – 110; Total Noncompleters – 6; 4-Year College Plans – 75%.
  2. #1112 Albany High School – Albany, N.Y. Index: 1.432  (2006: #1146) Course Guide (Both AP & IB Courses Available)  Additional statistics from the 2007-2008 New York State Report Card: Total Graduates – 479 ; Total Noncompleters – 175; 4-Year College Plans – 29%.
  3. #1197 Bethlehem Central High School – Delmar, N.Y. Index: 1.352 (2008:#993, 2007: #930, 2006:#759, 2005:#638, 2003:#487) Course Guide Additional statistics from the 2007-2008 New York State Report Card: Total Graduates – approx. 400 (missing data); Total Noncompleters – 22 ; 4-Year College Plans – 80% (2006-2007 data)
  4. #1492 Shaker High School – Latham, N.Y. Index:1.067(2008: #1246, 2007: # 1159, 2005: #961, 2003: #601) Course Guide Additional statistics from the 2006-2007 New York State Report Card (2007-2008 data missing): Total Graduates – 425; Total Noncompleters – 31; 4-Year College Plans –  63%.
    5.#1524 Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School – Burnt Hills, N.Y.  Index: 1.036 (2008:#1227) Course Guide Additional statistics from the 2007-2008 New York State Report Card: Total Graduates – 275; Total Noncompleters – 15; 4-Year College Plans – 57%.

(Source: Albany Kid. Top 5 Pubic High Schools in New York’s Captial Region.)

In fact, According to the NYS Public School District Total Cohort Graduation Rate and Enrollment Outcome Summary, 2010-11 School Year, RCS has consistently hovered around the mid-to-high 70’s in graduation rates while Vorheesville has consistently been in the range of 93-98%!!!!

Maybe some of the nay-sayers and those who are in chronic denial should take a closer look at the wisdom of the RCS Board of Education’s choice for superintendent. Mr McCartney seems to have known what he was doing back in 2006 as far as running a school district and the effects seem to have been lasting. Maybe McCartney can get RCS back on track and move the RCS district out of the mediocre into the superior range of graduation rates!

Public School District Total Cohort Graduation Rate and Enrollment Outcome Summary, 2010-11 School Year

RAVENA-COEYMANS-SELKIRK CSD: 2007 Total Cohort – 4 Year Outcome – August 2011 All Students 154 79.9%
RAVENA-COEYMANS-SELKIRK CSD: 2007 Total Cohort – 4 Year Outcome All Students 154 77.9%
RAVENA-COEYMANS-SELKIRK CSD: 2006 Total Cohort – 5 Year Outcome – August 2011 All Students 179 78.8%
RAVENA-COEYMANS-SELKIRK CSD: 2005 Total Cohort – 6 Year Outcome All Students 205 80.0%

VOORHEESVILLE CSD: 2007 Total Cohort – 4 Year Outcome – August 2011 All Students 102 98.0%
VOORHEESVILLE CSD: 2007 Total Cohort – 4 Year Outcome All Students 102 98.0%
VOORHEESVILLE CSD: 2006 Total Cohort – 5 Year Outcome – August 2011 All Students 93 96.8% VOORHEESVILLE CSD: 2006 Total Cohort – 5 Year OutcomeAll Students 93 96.8%
VOORHEESVILLE CSD: 2005 Total Cohort – 6 Year Outcome All Students 112 93.8%

Unlike your Coeymanazi keepers, the New York State ED numbers don’t lie. Maybe you should be thanking the BoE majority for their insight and wisdom and finally tell the special-interest group on the board, Alice Whalen, Howard Engel, James Latter, and Edward Reville to shut up and get to work. Enough already with the accusations, the finger-pointing and the misinformation. And Matt the Mutt Miller, the double-dipping, immoral, teachers union rep should start earning his teachers salary and keep his bald mouth shut!


Ravena (October 17, 2012). Contrary to expectations, the local rag, the Ravena News Herald, in an article entitled “BOE hires interim superintendent by close margin,” by Melanie Leckocevic, presented a relatively balanced report on the RCS BoE’s hiring of Dr McCartney. Ms Leckocevic was convincing as a journalist in that article, although in our opinion she did focus excessively on the contrived  “scandal” side and was somewhat repetitive. I had to smirk with some self-satisfaction  because the article fit so nicely with this blog which I had posted earlier. Maybe Ms L. could do some investigative fact fnding next time.  Thank you! Melanie. The Editor.


I’d Rather Light a Candle
Than Curse The Darkness
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

9 responses to “Graduation Rates: Vorheesville CSD vs. RCS CSD

  1. Current RCS Student

    March 14, 2017 at 8:44 am

    Oh boy… Where do I start?
    [Redacted due to irrelevant content, off-topic. The author of the comment alleges to be an age and status that prohibits posting of his/her comment. Commenter’s reading level substandard; commenter violates blog guidelines.]
    I am currently fifteen and a half, and I have just, ‘schooled,’ you.

    Sincerely, Current RCS Student, Ms Davis.


    • Editor

      March 14, 2017 at 4:09 pm

      Now let me see…You can start, Ms Narcissism, with some humility, and perhaps a maxipad. Your PMS is showing, not your intelligence.

      It’s bizarre misfits like you who make our points clear regarding the toxic water quality in RCS. Or are you one of the local trailer trash genetic experiments gone awry?

      Finally and to avoid any misunderstandings, this blog is written in a style and language adjusted to the intelligence and reading level of the RCS community, most of whom are graduates of the RCS poor-performance system. Sorry, but the statistics speak volumes more truth than you could possibly muster in your exhibitionistic palaver.

      You obviously have a suboptimal reading level or have a boundaries problem if you are a student. Maybe if you had some decent parenting you’d observe the restrictions posted, and may have enjoyed a normal childhood development.

      Now get off this blog and stay off, empty your diaper elsewhere, and grow up.

      The Editor


  2. Simon

    October 18, 2012 at 9:02 am

    So what issue do you have with someone just saying (even just the BoE President can say this for all) that they feel that the graduation rates speak for themselves? While I still don’t agree with the selection, you’ve put a very logical and fact based argument here as to why you feel this is a good choice for RCS. Having the BoE majority simply stating this would go a long way to back up the decision and reduce the hostility from a good number of the people in the crowd.

    Not everyone is in the “Coeymanazi” group. There are many of us who just want to know that there’s some sort of logic working in those brains.



    • RCS Confidential

      October 18, 2012 at 9:40 am

      Thank you, Simon, for your comment.

      I agree with you entirely. I feel that instead of sitting like a row of turds, either the president of the BoE or the chair of the personnel or hiring committee, or the outgoing superintendent should have spoken up and given the very facts that I have presented. That would have shut up the crone Alice Whalen and her diatribe on “education,” which was a bit contradictory simply in virtue of the fact that she represented herself as ignorant, unprofessional, and dyed-in-the-wool Coeymanazi. Yes, indeed, had anyone on the board, teachers clique minority or business majority, the superintendent, ANYONE, simply stood up and spoke about McCartney’s record, not as an alleged perv, but as an effective and energetic builder and executive, that would certainly have assuaged much of the rage we heard that night.

      I simply don’t understand why the board, both sides of the aisle, are such DORKS, and don’t respond to the gallery!?! (Yes, that’s a question and an exclamation.) They simply sit there and talk at each other and then, when it gets unbearable and the unwashed start pitching rocks, they then attack each other. Go figure!

      The Board must start addressing the unwashed! There’s the president and the committee chairs who are in the position to do that. What they’re doing in executive session is beyone me! Probably just sitting there glaring at each other and bullying each other. We need to see real cooperation, collaboration, consensus forming! Not simply partisan, lock-step voting but real processing. Actually, for all I’ve written and said since May, I’ve seen very little professionalism at all and I mean in ALL camps.

      You know, I think they could really use one of my conflict management in-services.

      And, YES! If I need to be brought back on track, thank you! For the record, I do not consider everyone in the RCS district or in Coeymans to be Coeymanazis. There are many, many wonderful souls in the RCS district and in Ravena-Coeymans who deserve better than what they’re getting. But I must concede that for the most part they have made their bed and are now sleeping in it. They have to get up and change the sheets, and remake the bed. We all know who the Coeymanazis are, they know they’re Coeymanazis, and they know that we know that they’re Coeymanazis. And they have to go! They’re on their way with the new interim superintendent already and I’m sure they’re quaking in their pantyhose.

      McCartney, as long as he keeps his game clean, has our support 200%.



  3. laszlo polyak

    October 17, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    the truth was bad management underneath Mr McCarthney. A few other people just mismanaged the funds our DA Sores then and now didn’t have enough evidence to pursue the case and said the same thing: just mismanaged funds and poor accounting practices.


  4. Concerned Citizen

    October 17, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    Just a point that I’d like to make…On the local news last week they mentioned how RCS has a new Interim Sup… Mr. McCartney, at one time, had $100,000.00 of the Voorheesville budget unaccounted for and they also mentioned that they found $3,000.00 of that spent on Strip Clubs by Mr. McCartney!! What is the truth to this and if it is the truth and with all the bad publicity RCS has gotten over the last year of so…why did they hire this man and what’s he gonna do w/RCS’s budget!!


    • RCS Confidential

      October 17, 2012 at 1:49 pm

      Well, “Concerned,” I have one thing to say about the local news: It’s CRAP! If you don’t know that by now, you’d better move to another area. The local news is a bunch of whores who pick up on stories and couldn’t care less whether the facts are true or not. What do they have to lose in this justice system? They can say what they like and it’s very unlikely anyone can get them for it. What are you going to say and where are you going to say it? Shout it from a street corner and then have the nazi cops arrest you for disturbing the peace or loitering? Oh! Maybe you’d like to sue them? Right?

      Now where was I…Oh, yes. Your concern about an unaccounted for $100,000.00. Well, according to our brilliant Albany County DA P. David Soares, there was no criminal activity. It was all due to poor district management and accounting. So the entire district, not just one person, was at fault. Any business, and a school district is a business, has people who check vouchers and expense reimbursement request before they’re paid, right? So who you gonna go after now? Do you know where the $100,000 was, how it was found, why it was paid, under what circumstances, was it a misunderstanding, a poorly drafted contract? Tell me because I don’t get it from any of the news stories. And what about the NY senator in disgrace, Joe Bruno? Is he still collecting his $90K plus pension and benefits? What about his daughter and her $70K no-show job with the State University? What about the State University and the billions that now appear to be unaccounted for? But I guess the Coeymanazis have an in with the media–and we intende to find out who it is–so they’ll continue trashing anything that happens in RCS.

      They hired the man because he contributed to bringing the Vorheesville district to top place in most lists, he contributed to getting their graduation rates to 98%! That’s why! Unlike the Coeymanazis, the teachers clique, the teachers union, the idiot local superintendents, and all the smoke screens as well as the greedy and negligent parents, not to mention the cows that roam the FaceBook and drag their cellulite-laden asses to BoE meetings to make complete fools of themselves, Mr McCartney is liable to do this district some good, despite the efforts of some residents to trash everyting at their first chance.

      Didn’t you read my damned article? What did you manage to miss?

      So, you’re worried about the RCS school budget, are you? Well, get Whalen, Engel, Latter, and Reville off the school board and you’ll have removed the teachers union’s moles on the board. That will probably make it possible to get some work done. Then tell the stupid moos on FaceBook to either get laid or get a job so that they have something better to do than trash the district on FaceBook. When you’ve done that, you can audit the RCS Sports Association and the Bottle Blitz and get them to comply with policy and procedure. Remove the waste, double-dipping, accounting deficiencies found in the recent audits of RCS, review and revise the election procedures and voting practices to avoid the irregularities, fraud, and harassment so conspicuous in the last elections. Then you can send the abusive sports coaches to jail. After that, you can implement the security policies and procedures at the schools, and then implement the provisions of the Anti-Bullying Dignity Act with proper training. You can investigate the allegations of child abuse at the hands of coaches, teachers, and transportation personnel. You can then revisit the problem of waste, double-dipping, unnecessary programs and personnel, accounting irrecularities because you probably missed something when you first investigated.

      As for the strip club visits. In Ravena-Coeymans you have more sluts and whores posing as respectable citizens than I can count. Adultery is commonplace. The theft and mismanagement in the village of Ravena pales in comparison to anything that Mr McCarney can be accused of. The accounting irregularities have been published time and again in the RCS school district and in the village but everyone seems to cast a blind eye to it. Ask for lawful proposals because it’s the law and all hell breaks loose in RCS. Ask the RCS Sports Association and the Bottle Blitz to produce the minimum in documentation to show that they are legal and properly insured and the shit hits the fan. It’s right under your nose! Now, what were you saying about Mr McCartney?

      And you’re worried about unsubstantiated, insignificant allegations against Mr McCartney? Get a life!



      • Pam Powell

        October 17, 2012 at 6:31 pm

        Love Love Love IT! Your response says it all!


      • RCS Confidential

        October 17, 2012 at 7:02 pm

        Thank you, Pam! Nice to hear from you!

        Well, it has nothing to do with me. It’s out there in black and white for those who have eyes to see and read, and ears to hear the Truth.




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