Albany County DA Has Perfected Stupidity (Opinion)

15 Oct

Albany County District Attorney P. [Pudenda] David Soares Has Worked Very Hard at Perfecting Stupidity. He Seems to have Succeeded in Getting the Stupid Look Right and, According to Several Judges, Has Made Himself Ridiculous.

Is there Anything Going On
Behind that Stupid Look?
P. David Soares
Albany County District Attorney
à la the Race Ticket to Office

Soares Has Become a Laughing Stock not Only In Albany County, But Apparently Enjoys National Fame for His Gaffes and Being Publicly Disciplined By Several Judges. It’s Uncanny that Voters In Albany County Have Allowed P. David Sores to Even Run Again!

We’ve reported several times already on this Jerky Boy and his ineptitude, his total lack of any ethics, and his coziness with the local Coeymanazis. Democrats have perfected playing the race card to the detriment of the people.

Soares Is A Card-Holding

Well, Albany County managed to keep the Great Pussy Gangster in the DA run by sidelining a very competent, patriotic (Democrats have little use for patriots, it seems), ex-marine, Lee Kindlon, in favor of the incumbent alien (in more ways than one) P. David Soares or Sores as we fondly call him, who managed again to jockey the Democrat race ticket and take the primary. Can we really survive another term of this Magnus Dorkus?

It’s interesting to see how this character represents “justice” in Albany County: In short: He views justice from a personal point of view, that is, how can he make it serve his personal interests. Here’s how:

Since May 2012, Magnus Dorkus Soares has been dragging a local case on and on and on. He can’t prosecute it because he has no case. But does that stop him? Hell No! If he can use the case to promote himself or serve his cronies’ interests, he’ll do it! Case in point: Back in May Josephine O’Connor had a psychotic episode in which she though she was being called “fat.” True to her dysfunctional background and her political fixations, she accused a leading opponent of calling her “fat.” Didn’t matter that everyone present says it never happened, O’Connor and her Coeymanazi pals played it up big time.

Enter O’Connors whacko dysfunctional father, Joseph Edward Tracy, in a rare moment of sobriety but still somewhat detached from reality, harasses a local school board official, gets himself arrested, is charged with misdemeanor aggravated harassment, has an order of protection issued against him and then, screwball that he is, goes off and files the same complaint against the official whose family he just got charged with harassing!

Of course, any police department with any sense of decency or any brains would have figured out in a New York minute what was going on and would have sent old Joe Tracey packing…or would have cuffed him. But not the Coeymans police, the local Coeymanazi squad. They arrest the board member for…harassing Joe Tracey!

So this has been going on and on and on. It’s obvious what’s happening but no one will admit it. It’s retaliation and coercion at its worst. They thought the board member would cave and just to have some peace they thought they’d railroad him into accepting a plea bargain. But they didn’t figure he’d have balls and stand up to them. He hired a lawyer and told the Coeymanazis to ‘bring it on!’ Soares would be required to prepare the case and prosecute it from the Albany County DA’s office but that torpid turd doesn’t have a case to prosecute and so they play the make them wait game, a well-known form of harassment and retaliation.

Warner, Dardiani or Crandall?

The local town justices are bloated turds, too. Every one of them has recused himself from the case! They’re scared shiteless of the case and what will happen if they get involved! And Soares’ office doesn’t want to prosecute the board member because there’s a conflict of interest (fancy that in Coeymans!) because the DA’s office is prosecuting Joe Tracey in Bethlehem town court! Actually, two of the town justices, Warner and Dardiani, are currently under investigation by the NYS Unified Court System Commission on Judicial Conduct for ethical violations. Philip Crandall, who we thought would have some balls, doesn’t. We’ve figured out that he’s closely connected with one of the local mafia families, the Albanos, and is coming up for re-election. So instead of ethics and principles, he’s chosen political safety and has recused himself, too. So much for justice in Coeymans. They’re all sleeping with each other, the incestuous pigs.

Dat U Davie?

We simply can’t wait to see if this case actually goes to trial. If it does, the revelations will be catastrophic. The stuff that will come out about politics and criminal activity in Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk will send a lot of people scurrying for their rat holes…and for the phones to find an attorney. Names will have to be mentioned and so will years of behind the scenes activity that will be the stuff of a Hitchcock or a Wes Cravens film. Once the depositions start, the subpoenas will be issued by the ream, I’ll bet. And we’ll be right there to cover the whole think, friends. What can we call the series?  Maybe we’ll make a contest out of it and let our readers send in titles.

But one thing is certain: Albany County DA P. David Soares is well-known for ignoring the law, the rights of citizens, and for playing loose and dirty with the law. That’s why he’s pushing the notion of a speedy trial to the absolute limits! One of the basic rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution is framed in Article VI, which guarantees a speedy trial. New York requires that a midemeanor case be tried, if it can be tried within at most a 90-day time periond (New York Penal Code §30.30(b) and (c)). The underlying principles of the speedy trial provisions is to ensure that the defendant is not unduely inconvenienced and that the evidence is fresh. Now, I would ask you, the reader, how this outrageous delay in either bringing the case to trial or dismissing it is serving  justice? The answer is: It’s not.

If Soares had a case at all, wouldn’t it have been to his advantage to try it and get it out of the way? And if he doesn’t have a case, why continue this stupid game? Is it some way of punishing the innocent outside of the law when Soares knows he can’t do it within the law? And what motivation would Soares have to do that? This is not high-profile case. In fact, it’s a case that revolves around a sociopathic woman who needs to do some serious growing up and her father, a lunatic druggie with a fried brain who doesn’t know any better and who is a danger to society. The real reason is probably a bit more gruesome and has to do with petty revenge and the desire for power and control. That’s basically what’s happening here: it’s an agenda to get control by unlawful means and doing so by character assassination. Pure and simple. And Soares is just playing to game to please his cronies. It’s in character, you have to admit, for David Soares to act unlawfully and to be untrustworthy. A number of state and federal judges have already noted that on the record.

But one thing’s for certain: Once this thing gets started, there’ll be no stopping it and heads, many heads will be rolling down Main Street. And then just wait for the civil suits to follow. Bye-bye RCS! You’re on the fast track to the poorhouse, thanks to your Coeymanazi friends O’Connor, Tracey, Deluca, Warner, Dardiani, Crandall, Darlington and everyone associated with them…including the godfathers (Biscones, Persicos, Albanos, Brunos, etc.). The end of an era is at hand!

Now this brings us full circle back to Magnus Dorkus Soares, the burnt out DA of Albany County. Rather than use our own words, we’ll quote from

Soares’ last indictment in his steroids case is pending before the state Court of Appeals.

We know it’s you, DA!

In the federal ruling issued Wednesday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas B. Smith stopped short of finding that Soares intentionally destroyed evidence or that it would affect the outcome of the defamation lawsuit. He noted that the disciplinary letters were easily reproduced and made available to the plaintiffs by Soares’ attorneys. Still, the judge said Soares should have disclosed the 2008 disciplinary letter to the plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit that was filed in October 2008.

Soares also received a second letter of admonishment in 2009 for public comments to the Times Union about plea bargain negotiations with a Guilderland police chief later convicted of official misconduct.
“Soares is himself a lawyer and he received the second letter of admonition after this case was filed and after plaintiffs made their first request for production,” Smith wrote. “He knew or should have known better than to destroy the letter and he should have produced it in response to plaintiffs’ request for production.”

There is no automatic consequence against Soares’ law license as a result of the judge’s sanction order. But if a complaint is lodged the sanction could be investigated by the state’s Committee on Professional Standards, which handles disciplinary mattersinvolving licensed attorneys.

(“Federal judge scolds Soares: Jurist rules Albany County DA should have disclosed steroids case admonishment,”by Brendan J. Lyons (Albany Times Union,  October 10, 2012)

That’s your DA, Albany County. Hope you’re happy with your choice of delinquents to enforce your laws. If he doesn’t land in some jail somewhere soon (hopefull back in Cape Verde, his home island), you may be stuck with him and his scandals and misconduct for another 4 years.

The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!
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