Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk [Very Personal] Musings

12 Oct

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this page NOW or get your parent to supervise your visit!

This Is Going to be a Plainer Posting than You’re Used To. The Reason May Be the Lackluster Subject or Because the Individuals Simply Defy Description, They’re So Bizarre and Scary.

This one’s for you, Cupcake!

They’re the Coeymanazis, the Women and Eunuchs of
Cathy Deluca’s Coeymanazi Cupcake Club a.k.a.
“Save the Arts at RCS”
(the Arts of Deception and Hypocrisy) and
“RCS Sports Association”
(Where Anything or Anyone is ‘Fair Game’!)

Whalen offers toxic apples!

RCS Board of Education Teachers Clique Deceit: And as for Alice Whalen’s big mouth: Alice, for all you have to say, didn’t YOU review all of the applications submitted for the business manager (you were all confusing the numbers at the meeting)? So wouldn’t you have also had the opportunity to have reviewed the applications for interim superintendent, too? If so, did you? That’s not what we heard from you, Alice. And unless the RCS board of education website is not up-to-date, Jeff Luckens chairs the personnel committee, and Howard Engel and Edward Reville are the other two members. So what’s the beef, people, you’re all bitching about the selection but YOU run the committee, Engel, Reville must have reviewed the applications or should have, and Whalen could have reviewed all of the applications! So SHUT UP you deceitful dregs!

While cleaning up my files I happened across some extracts from the Coeymanazi FaceBook sites run apparently by Cathy Deluca (at least she appears to take the majority of space there) and I’m amused at what I notice. Have a read and let us know if you feel the same way.

Yes, to start off, I must say that I am pissed! My first suggestion goes  to the FaceBook strumpets to get off their fat arses and drag their bloated forms away from their bacon-fat-soaked keyboards and to stop venting their frustrations in their failed lives on the elected unpaid board members who are doing their utmost to serve the best interests of this community. Shut your fat gobs if you don’t have anything constructive to say OR move your broad butts and DO something…like run for a seat on the BoE…Excuse me, you probably can’t run without having a coronary…well, then, waddle for election. All you biatches seem to be capable of is whining and complaining…does that come with menopause? Is that what I have to look forward to?!?

  • Sorry, Jeff, did my back hurt your knife?

    Something bothering you, Jeff?

    I’ve been thinking about Jeff Lukens’ odd behavior at the October 9 board of education meeting and I’ve come to some conclusions to explain it. Lukens’ son was implicated in an accident a short time ago and it was alleged that he left the scene of an accident and some other rubbish. Apparently our darling Coeymanazi police investigated and of course, Mr Dirty- Hands Jerry Deluca was most probably involved either directly or behind the scenes. It’s entirely possible that Lukens has been coerced or intimidated and told to watch his step or the Coeymanazis will throw the book at his son! Knowing how the Coeymans police department works and how Dirty-Hands Deluca and his gang operate, it would come as no surprise to me that they have threatened Lukens into a low-key position. Of course that crooked, unethical Albany County District Attorney Pablo David Soares (he’s been implicated in yet another incident of misconduct!) will play the game…our local town justices have no balls so we can expect that the threat and intimidation is close to perfect. Can you help us with this theory, Jeff?

  • Out of the 12 districts surveyed in a recent study, this RCS school district is paying the highest per student cost of any of the others.We pay more than $21,000 per student. Does anyone talk about that anymore? Why not?
  • The Town of New Baltimore sends a mere 123 students (all grades, all schools) to the RCS schools and property owners in the town of New Baltimore pay the highest tax rates in the entire region. Why hasn’t New Baltimore pulled out of the Coeymanazi money pit? Any ideas?
  • Have you all forgotten already about the audit irregularities found by the recent auditors? Why aren’t you cannibals talking about what’s going on with recouping the overpayments (probably because you’ve received them)? That sort of mismanagement and thieving is OK. Right? But you gotta lynch the non-teacher board of education members! Right?
Jena, Are You Listening?
  • While we do appreciate your visits to this blog, Jena Misuraca, you are apparently misreading the comments left here. None of our readers seems to need you to interpret their comments or their emotions. You’d be better advised to work on your own emotional incontinence, Jena. No one is getting angry with anyone here, least of all with the RCS board of education. The comments posted are simply stating opinions and are intended to spur on debate. You are projecting your internalized emotions to the comments, which seems to be standard procedure with you FaceBook addicts. Seems you can’t get past more than two consecutive lines of text without getting hopelessly confused. Stick to Cathy Deluca’s infantile FaceBook pages, you seem to deal with them much better than with higher level language. (The difference is that this blog encourages the exchange of heterogeneous ideas and opinions, unlike what you are used to on Coeymanazi FaceBook where dissenters are either banned or disciplined!)
  • Same applies to Kathleen Ryan Gill, another FaceBook addict, who apparently is in desperate need of fake friends (and boy has she found some on Save the Arts at RCS, Cathy Deluca’s soapbox), who thinks that a “house of cards is unraveling.” That’s an interesting but incorrect metaphor, Kathleen. Our advice to you would that you try to avoid attempting to be erudite or cute (you’re not very good at it and your ignorance shows through). Best you remain an ursine sow–isn’t that how you describe yourself?
  •  The RCS Sports Association FaceBook site and the Save the Arts at RCS FaceBook site seem to be obsessed with the workings of the RCS  board of education but say absolutely nothing about the school bus incidents (kids made to push the broken-down bus, abandonment of two children, etc.). If they’re so concerned about the children in this district, why don’t they speak up about the abuse?
  • The RCS Sports Association FaceBook site and the Save the Arts at RCS FaceBook site seem to be totally oblivious to the reasonable and lawful requirements imposed by the RCS school district policies and procedures requiring organizations that are not part of the school district structure to submit complete documentation on their organization, tax filings, insurance, officers, etc. before being allowed to use school property. Quite the opposite: Those so-called champions of the RCS school district appear only to ignore the law, policy and procedure and trash the board of education for protecting the district’s interests. Am I missing something?
  • And those paradigms of the RCS community, those models of maternal morality, those self-less slanderers on FaceBook haven’t a word to say about the devastating problem of bullying at the RCS schools. Not a single word is spent discussing what should or could be done about the rampant bullying problem, especially in the RCS high school! All those snotty snouts seem to be interested in is Bottle Blitz Biatch palaver, and whom to butcher next. Nice bunch of dried up breeding pods!
  • The RCS Sports Association FaceBook site and the Save the Arts at RCS FaceBook site seem to ignore the fact that the board of education is doing what every normal and rational district is doing: cutting back and reviewing utilization. But when the RCS board of education attempts to save the taxpayers money and rationalize utilization, the RCS FaceBook addicts are the fist to scream bloody murder. Why is it that the FaceBook people need to condemn everything that the board of education does? Can it be that the leaders of the FaceBook crowd are the very ones who are looking to get on the board (they were voted off the board last time I looked) and get their hands on the $42 million? Cathy Deluca doesn’t like answering questions about money and Dirty-Hands Jerry likes to hide behind the scenes to do his dirty work. But could someone please comment on why the FaceBook Trollettes and Teletubbies associated with Cathy Deluca’s Coeymanazi Clucks Club have such difficulty with common sense economics?
  • The FaceBook Trollettes and Cathy’s Coeymanazi Cluck’s Club have so much to share (all 5 or six of them) on FaceBook but never once dare to show their pudgy, triple-chins on this blog? Is that a form of self-gratification, girls?
  • The FaceBook Trollettes and Cathy’s Coeymanazi Cluck’s Club have not aged well, probably are starved for affection, obviously loathe themselves, are adult children of dysfunctional families and as adults (I’m using the term very loosely) run dysfunctional homes and raise dysfunctional children. Would that be why they cluster on FaceBook and shoot darts at anyone their better?
  • I recognize so many of the names of the high-school tramps now posing on FaceBook as saviors of the RCS community. They were trollops while at RCS high school back then and they’re just older trollops now. What makes them think they’ve changed?
  • One writer on the Save the Arts at RCS FaceBook site thinks that the anger, rage, and frustration exhibited to the shame of this community at the last RCS board of education meeting was acceptable and reasonable. In fact, the batty bitch thinks that is was less than it should have been! Which prison did you escape from, missy? You don’t belong in civilized–maybe you should be in syphilized–society. And I really do hope you are not a fertile breeder if that is what you want to pass on to your pups!
  • Another writer, a Suni Martinez Swann, on the Save the Arts seems to think her philosophy of “negative energy good” is the way to go and that this community needs more negative energy. Well, Suni, darling, that is a bit of a psychotic pronouncement if I ever heard one! Just how much more negative energy do you think this community can take without being pronounced DOA? You are a nutty bunch of bunnies!
  • I’m wondering if the fact that you have aged badly, have become bloated, have become unattractive to your men, have no purpose in life, have lost all self-esteem (you never had any self-respect, have you?), and are so addicted to idols and pettiness, that you have spent your lives living in smallness, that you have become really ugly inside and out.  That’s really sad!
  • And of course, you’re all in denial, aren’t you? You all fell for the misinformation spread by the Delucas and their cronies about what you’d be getting once you passed their teachers-pet budget. Now that you have all come out with egg on your sour pusses you need scapegoats. That’s how it works with you disordered personalities, you can never take responsibility for your failures or for your actions. You all need to blame someone for your shortcomings. I guess FaceBook is really where you all belong; it’s simple like you!

Well, readers, those are just a couple of my musings about the RCS community, the RCS district, and the FaceBook Coeymanazi hags. I just don’t understand why those bitchy gossipers don’t go after the real problems and yet they have such an obsession with five board of education members? It’s really beyond any comprehension. One theory is that they are unable to get their arms around an abstract issue and can only grasp physical things, like persons. Is that it? Are their brains just so disordered that they can’t handle concepts and need to attack something solid? There’s so much more but watching the brain-dead gets boring after a while. Feel free to comment!

We’ve Had This Made
For You, Girls!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!
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