Attack and Backpedal! Teacher’s Clique Bites and Backpedals!

09 Oct

Everybody’s Reading This Blog!!!

Alice Whalen and Howard Engel
Get Snippy, Get Caught In Lies and Misinformation!

When They’re Caught They Can Get Real Nasty.
But They Sure Can Backpedal

When They’re Forced to Face the True Facts.

Alice Whalen, Howard Engel,
James Latter, Edward Reville
The Double-Talk Foursome

 Superintendent Elizabeth R. Smith announced a proclamation by Coeymans town Supervisor and the Coeymans town board declaring the month of October to be “Anti-Bullying Month.” Now that was ironic, also because at the last town of Coeymans board meeting a resident, M. Driscoll, chastised the Coeymans town board for its bullying of each other! The RCS board of education meeting was a classic example of mass bullying! The bullying was disgraceful at the October 9, 2012, RCS board of education meeting and flew in the face of any proclamation. Shame on you! RCS public! Shame on you, Alice Whalen, Howard Engel, James Latter, Edward Reville! You all clearly validated your status as first-class bullies!

 Before I launch into this commentary, I must go on the record to state that this RCS district’s self-loathing and dysfunction ends up being dumped by an infantile minority on targeted members of an elected volunteer group; the vicious minority is spurred on by none other than the alleged educators, the teachers and their minions, to engage in public displays of mass bullying. The contradiction is glaring: out of one side of their mouths they condemn bullying and out of the other they promote it both in their words and in their behavior! You’re a majority of hypocrites! But you can change!

And then, to top all of the disgraceful, bestial behavior we witnessed…

We were floored when Superintendent Elizabeth R. Smith took the floor and proselytized on positive behavior education–with the disrespect among board members, the apes in the public gallery, and the general ignorance that predominates at board of education meetings: Superintendent Smith’s cover-all responses, “I don’t know.” or “I wasn’t there.” But she introduced another new program–another do-nothing, spend-tax-dollars, keep-some-useless-meat-busy  program:

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support.
What a joke! The Adults Act Like Jerks (Whalen and Engel are TEACHERS!)
and the chimps shouting out-of-order in the audience sure could use some

(Just like they need another anti-bullying law they can ignore and a genuine toothless proclamation of an Anti-Bullying Month. Give me a fikkin’ break!)

Whalen, Engel, Latter, Reville
Share the Same Cup!

In response to some sub-human persistently shouting out from the audience, the board president asked in utter frustration and disbelief:
“Is this what we’re teaching our children? This is ridiculous.”

We Agree! That having been said, the meeting of October 9, 2012, has to go down as one of the most uncivilized on both sides. The board is conspicuously divided by two parties with two incompatible agendas and Yes, it is turning into a bullying session as exemplified by the idiotic diatribe performed by Mrs A. Whalen and the junkyard dog performance by Howard “Backpedaler” Engel. Such outbursts are totally unprofessional and an abuse of the public forum. The audience was a mob and if they are to be taken as role models then we might as well save the $42 million school budget because it’s being wasted. The so-called teachers had no dignity and were soapboxing and grandstanding, enjoying the moment of notoriety and acknowledgement from the hordes of unwashed; it was a cheap shot and was made obviously out of desperation and frustration at not being able to assert themselves otherwise vis-à-vis the majority opposition.

What all concerned should realize but obviously do not is that their personal and political differences are not part of the script to be played out in the public forum but should be negotiated in their so-called executive session, where such inflammatory and misleading comments should be contained or, in the unlikely event of civility among the board members, even discussed.

Alice Whalen must have overdosed on stool softener earlier because she was sure talking some sh*t! She must have slipped Howard Engel a dose, too, because he was talkin’ a pile, too! Caca!

Mrs Alice Whalen’s protracted, volatile diatribe was totally unnecessary and its obvious intent was to garner the cheap support of the mob who she was well aware would go into a feeding frenzy once she was able to draw even the tiniest drop of blood. She was absolutely and embarrassingly unprofessional and prostituted herself, divorcing herself of any dignity for the sake of cheap political shots.

Howard Engel’s stupid insistence that the president had no authority to call or chair a policy meeting was also a misguided and cheap shot, simply aimed at publicly embarrassing the president and other members in the opposition. He was rightly disciplined and corrected when he was confronted with the actual facts and the rules of procedure. Nevertheless, he took his cheap shots and, like Alice Whalen, appealed to the baser nature of the mob. He was quick to back pedal and to attempt to double talk his way out of the corner into which he had painted himself, but failed to do that as well.

Best Advice.

Although we can understand the good intentions, the president of the board of education should in future refrain from citing law or precedent in the public part of the meeting. He should at all times refer such pronouncements to the attorney who should be available at every board of education meeting in an ex officio, advisory capacity. The president, as far as I am informed, has no legal training (nor do I, of I admit, but my statements on law are purely opinion as evidenced by the disclaimer that accompanies all of my statements on such matters).

In toto: The mob, Whalen, Engels fed the press. They did nothing to avert the usual description of this RCS school district as being nothing more than a bunch of yahoos with axes to grind, and once ground, burying them deeply in the backs of their neighbors!

In general, the teachers clique, Whalen, Engel, Latter, Reville, was absolutely disgusting and totally embarrassing. They managed to avoid discussion in executive session and engaged in ridiculous exhibitionist public discussions that should have been held in executive session. The teachers clique took unfair advantage and confirmed our continuing allegations that they are poor role models. It is unfair to the children to have to be exposed to such poor and bestial behavior.

The lack of coöperation, collaboration, consensus and the public’s frustration, largely because some members refuse to allow the dysfunctional board of education to function with the freedom they need (at least when the teachers clique is not trying to trip the operations up). The educators on the board of education do absolutely nothing to foster coöperation, collaboration, consensus; in fact, they inappropriately fuel the holocaust.

Immoral Matt “The Mutt”

Of all persons to take the floor to talk about poor performance in academics, morality, and ethics, Matt “the Mutt” Miller spoke as the president of the RCS teachers association (the teachers union!) in opposition to the hiring of the new interim supervisor. Mr Miller is a poor example of morality and ethics, as our reporting on this blog bears irrefutable testimony. Matt “the Mutt” Miller should be the last person to take the floor to pontificate on morals and ethics. He is receiving a full teacher’s salary while on reduced teaching load to allow him to do his teachers union work on the taxpayer dime! Talk about special-interest conflicts of interest! He’s also the double-dipper who was collecting a stipend of $10,000 a year in addition to his teacher salary to act as so-called “energy manager” during the same time he was receiving the teacher’s salary, doing the teachers union work on school time, etc. This is the same Matt “the Mutt” Miller who got really pissed when the non-teacher RCS board of education majority gave him the boot and did not renew his contract as “energy manager.” He’s also the same Matt “the Mutt” Miller who was implicated in inciting students to bully other students, and who violated policy by discussing confidential information with lunch aides in the presence of students! It’s incredible that Matt “the Mutt” would have the balls to make a public statement on behalf of the teachers union opposing the hiring of the new superintendent on moral and ethical grounds! And this is one of the teacher role models to which RCS parents are exposing their children. Blind bats!


Working Parents Want It All!

As far as the lengthy discussions of the A.S.A.P. (After School Activities Program) program went, and as far as I was able to discern from the whiney presentation by the director of that program, Alice Christiana, it quickly became obvious that it is simply a subsidized aftercare program that benefits largely the parents who opt to each work and delegate their parenting to a program which they expect the public to pay for.

No Mo’, Bro’!

Mark Silverbush,referring to his daughter, “…she gets her homework done…socializes…has a safe haven.” (Hang on, Mark, isn’t that what home is for? And parents?)  Maybe if one of her parents were home, she’d be getting that from her parents! Nicholas Abrams, another resident, describes his family as “both working parents” and is “rely highly on the program just to get by Monday through Friday…until their parents pick up their children,” and is concerned that the program is being charged rent. (Gee! Fancy that!) This babysitting notion is continued by another resident Jo Lido, both parents working, who states “to really rely on it heavily much as the other parents have mentioned…we are thrilled to have a programs like that in the school that are after school where kids can go while we’re still at work…Whoa! Free daycare, babysitting? Get outa here! ASAP is an after-school program, an extracurricular, which was described almost unanimously by supporters to be important to them because it allows both parents to work without having to be concerned about where their children are. Those very parents are outraged because the program may have to pay its way and the working parents won’t be getting a freebie at the public’s expense. Now isn’t that a dirty shame!?! While those very parents are the ones who would likely scream socialism they want the convenience that socialism would provide. In the alternative, they obviously want their cake and eat it, too, but object to having to buy the cake, that is, they want to enjoy the benefits but avoid paying for them. That’s not the way it happens.

That having been said, I was appalled that our wet rag superintendent took the safe path and let the frenzy go full steam and kept her mouth shut when she should have spoken up, I’m referring specifically to the A.S.A.P. director’s whiney presentation. Business as usual.

While on the subject of ASAP, it needs to be mentioned that the director of the program, Alice Christiana, is misdirecting her frustration to the board of education, as usual targeting the president, when her real beef is with the superintendent! The president attempted to explain to the program director that she had to talk to the superintendent, to the district business manager, who would consult with the school-district attorney to respond to her needs.

Even the Superintendent, in a rare moment of lucidness, admitted that it is not the board’s job to negotiate contracts. It is the superintendent’s job. The president of the board of education, too, indicated that she had to talk to the “persons on either side of me,” again emphasizing that she had to talk to the Superintendent Elizabeth R. Smith and the RCS CSD business manager about her situation. Duh! What’s not to understand, Ms Christiana?

This babysitting notion is continued by another resident Jo Lido, both parents working, who states “to really rely on it heavily much as the other parents have mentioned…we are thrilled to have a programs like that in the school that are after school where kids can go while we’re still at work…” Whoa! Free daycare, babysitting? Get outa here!

But, it’s incomprehensible that so many people should make public statements to the effect that ‘we don’t understand why we’re paying for the ASAP program.’ Please help us to understand, people, why shouldn’t you pay for the program? It’s extracurricular, it’s after school, it’s doing your parenting for you!

Lukens, Robbins, RK, Sylvester & Vadney were champs at cool, though!

Go Figure!

More GOOD NEWS is:
The Times Useless Star Illiterate, Dayelin Roman, Has Left the Area!

She’s Gone!
Good Riddance!

 More to Come…

Make the call, it’s FREE!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your coöperation and assistance!

17 responses to “Attack and Backpedal! Teacher’s Clique Bites and Backpedals!

  1. Honest Abe

    October 11, 2012 at 10:40 am

    Also, the ASAP program only uses the cafeteria but many times it gets pushed out of their contracted location because if the school or some other entity has something they need to use the cafeteria for the ASAP program gets pushed out to either the gym or the library – last minute, that’s why the get stuck in other locations.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 11, 2012 at 11:22 am

      It appears, “Abe” that you are not familiar with the contract signed by Ms Christiana with the school district which provides expressly that if the provisionally designated areas for use by ASAP, to wit, the “gym, library, cafeteria, faculty room and any other space as determined by the building principal…” It is untrue that the ASAP program is “pushed ou of their contracted location” or that they are “stuck inother locations.” That is clearly untrue and the ASAP program is aware, by the express wording of their contract with the district, that “if the designated space as listed [that is, the gym, library, cafeteria, faculty room]…is unavailable” an “acceptable alternative” space will be designated.

      ASAP is whining and like so many whiners is misrepresenting the real situation.

      ASAP enjoyed a privileged status as long as it was feasible. They are not providing the program for nothing and are reveiving favored status. Where on this earth are they going to get facilities for $400 a month or even twice that amount.

      So PUHLEEZ, let’s be real abou this.



      • Honest Abe

        October 12, 2012 at 10:30 am

        Good to know that you seem to think you ARE familiar with the contract. Even if that is the case, my point was just that they do lose space depending on what’s going on in the school on certain days. I guess it would make sense though because if you are paying rent for space at the school, the school couldn’t just take your $$ and then say sorry – no room for you today. That aside, where is it fair that other not for profit programs are capped at $1,000.00 per year but ASAP has to pay $4,000.00 per year? ASAP is a not for profit and it’s obvious no one is getting rich off the program. it’s financed ONLY by the parents using the program. The provide all their own supplies and snacks and workers. I guess what you say goes for all of the not for profits – or even the profitable programs such as Karate. Where would any of them find space for $400 per month – or even twice that amount!? What’s good for one is good for all. Let’s be FAIR about this.


      • RCS Confidential

        October 12, 2012 at 10:37 am

        Thank your for your comment, “Abe.”

        I have already agreed with the concept of a fees cap of $1000 for MOST not-for-profits and non-profits providing they comply with the policies and procedures of full, maximum disclosure.

        In exceptional cases I would have to say that the fees could be assessed higher, depending on the organization’s or the group’s requirements.

        Under NO circumstances should fees be WAIVED for any organization not an official district organ…especially organizations that receive dues or fees themselves or are active in fund-raising such as the teachers association, sports/athletic association, the Bottle Blitz. And, AGAIN, all organizations must provide full disclosure.

        I think that’s clear enough.

        Thanks again!

        The Editor


  2. Honest Abe

    October 11, 2012 at 10:18 am

    I just want to mention that the ASAP program is not FREE or LOW COST to parents. Also, it’s not baby sitting. The cost ranges depending on if you have one child or more than one in the program and if you need before care, after care, or both – as well as if you need the service every day or just certain days. Parents who use the program are the only ones who pay, it costs the school nothing. The program also pays rent to the school so the school makes money. It is a very valuable service. Maybe if the taxes weren’t so high one parent could afford to stay home, but these days it takes two incomes to make ends meet. It’s that simple. And because we do love our children, we are willing to pay extra to have them in a safe place until we can get out of work to pick them up Monday – Friday.


  3. notinbcdistrict

    October 10, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    wanna take it outside? just had to say that,lol


  4. Simon

    October 10, 2012 at 11:22 am

    I’m glad you mentioned ASAP in the full article.

    If they (the administration) have a policy/fee schedule which maxes out yearly rent at $1000 a year, she should also be limited to $1000 a year. That’s just fair parity.

    Many of the speakers last night spoke about the validity of the program. I don’t feel there’s really a debate that the program is good. However, the public is NOT entitled to a “low-cost” before & after school child care service as part of their school taxes. It’s an outside company which happens to use the school facilities.

    She *deserves* to be treated fairly. However, I thought most of the speakers felt entitled. Additionally, by their own acknowledgement they use the library, gym, playground, etc. That alone may also justify the the increase beyond the max; noone has been specific enough to justify the additional rent however.



    • RCS Confidential

      October 10, 2012 at 11:30 am

      Thanks again, Simon, for a very reasonable and good sense comment.

      And a special thanks for being a regular reader and commentor; your contributions even out the discourse;)

      The Editor


      • Simon

        October 10, 2012 at 3:47 pm

        Just playin’ my role.



      • RCS Confidential

        October 10, 2012 at 9:06 pm

        And we are grateful!



      • RCS Confidential

        October 11, 2012 at 11:36 am

        ASAP is babysitting. ASAP is a very inexpensive alternative to the parents taking reasonable responsibility for their offspring vis-a-vis their having their cakes and enjoying their freedom, too.

        I have read the contract and am well aware of what is and what is not true about the program.

        The fact that the ASAP program rightly pays rent for the space it uses is no indication that the school or the district is “making money”; the fact that the district may recoup some of the expenses invoved in allowing ASAP to rent space is not tantamount to “making money.” So that argument should be abandoned immediately.

        If you expect me or anyone else to believe that the miniscule amount that ASAP pays for the use of the facilities costs the school nothing, think again. That’s patently unrealistic.

        Another fallacy to your reasoning is the fact of taxes. Look, taxes are assessed based on the value of your property. Valuable property, higher taxes. If you need to have both parents working to meet the tax burden, then several things are to be considered, including but not limted to the fact that perhaps you are living beyond your means, perhaps you should examine the dead wood in the school system and eliminate the waste, perhaps you should be demanding fewer programs and make the best use of what you have, perhaps you should be reviewing the benefits being paid to employees, to the utilization of available resources, etc. No one has to work two jobs to meet the tax burden. That statement is just too stupid.

        What I will believe is that the parents of many of the ASAP kids are just too greedy to live on one income and provide the children they bred with decent parenting! That’s the bottom line according to the very statements made by the parents supporting the ASAP program.

        Don’t give me any crap about how much RCS parents love their children! That’s pure bullshit in a great many of the cases I have witnessed! If they love their children so much, they will be there for them. All I hear is parents arguing for more babysitting programs from the district. If they love their children so much why to they act like such assholes in public? If they love their children so much why aren’t they helping them with their homework? If they love their children so much why are they not better role models for them or advocating for better role models for them? When I see how the teachers act out and invade borders or how some of the adults misbehave at local meetings, I ask myself: Why don’t we have involuntary sterilization?!? For the most part these parents are failures; they are greedy; they have misplaced values; they are poor role models; their ethics are despicable. Most of those pathological figures are the worst role models possible. And I’m not even mentioning the obvious and conspicuous self-loathing and hyperventilating rage so evident in thier conduct.

        ASAP is NOT the ANSWER…it is the bandaid that the adult children of dysfunctional families apply to thier own children of dysfunctional families.
        Thank you!


      • Simon

        October 11, 2012 at 3:22 pm

        The validity, reasoning behind, happiness with, or justification behind the program is irrelevant. $400 a month being a steal of a deal or not, if it’s the district’s policy to cap at $1000 for non-profits, that’s the yardstick that should be held to all organizations regardless as to if they’re afterschool programs or zombie defense training seminars.



      • RCS Confidential

        October 11, 2012 at 4:49 pm

        Yes, I agree. Even $1000 a month would be a steal and they’re bitching about $400! . if they think they can do better, let them start looking. Maybe Don Persico has some space in the area that was supposed to be dedicated to the RCS Community Library or maybe Mayor Bruno, Cathy Deluca, and Nancy Warren, the Three Coeymanazi Stooges, will offer some space in the Ravena Village Complex?

        Moreover, any organization not an official organ of the RCS CSD, whether not-for-profit or non-profit should and must pay fees for the use of school property. In addition, before being allowed to use the school property they must be required to show proof of organization status, tax registration (if applicable), and proof of sufficient insurance. Most organizations have membership or association fees and they should factor a reasonable amount in for the cost of acceptable facilities. Tax dollars do not cover extracurricular activities, I don’t care who you are or where you are!

        A cap on fees is reasonable and $1000 is a good place to start. That having been said, it would then be up to the District and the applicant to negotiate access, time, and space on the basis of the fees.

        With the state of the economy and the increase in prices of EVERYTHING from gas to bread, I find it outrageously ignorant and unrealistic for these nut cases to be bitching about finally getting a reasonable amount for reasonable performances. They’ve been riding practically free for years. It’s time to pay up!



  5. Simon

    October 10, 2012 at 7:43 am

    This meeting had bad behavior by all parties. Even the public. However, based on the placeholder teaser that you have here, I assume this will be a fairly one-sided story.

    Please be sure to include the following items in your story:

    * While I believe Mr. Engel to be incorrect with his insistence that Mr Vadney couldn’t hold the Policy meeting without him, Mr Vadney may have violated the open meetings laws. When the meeting was canceled by the seated chair, Mr Vadney may have had to give 24 hours notice that the meeting essentially was “back on”. Apparently, no such notice was given, to the point that the other 2 members of the committee didn’t attend the meeting.

    * The president may also have admitted to another violation of the open meetings law when he reminded Mr. Engel of the fact that the policies in question were discussed at a BoE retreat with the attorney and they were nothing new. If the policies were discussed by a quorum of the BoE, that kind of discussion would likely be subject to the open meetings rules and should NOT have happened at a retreat.

    * He also made a comment in regards to Mrs Whalen and ASAP that “they [the BoE] have no inherent powers”. Yet later in the same meeting, he wanted to pass a policy removing all input into agenda setting for BoE meetings from the Vice President and the Superintendent. [redacted]

    * When the meeting got heated, and Mr Vadney was looking for an out, he was recorded on camera requesting a board member [redacted] to make a motion to adjourn the meeting. Which the board member did. [redacted]

    * For being such big champions of anti-bullying, I found it amusing that after Mr. Lukens didn’t vote with [redacted] to adjourn the meeting when it got heated, after the meeting had completed Mr. Robbins askted to see him out in the parking lot. [redacted]

    We also have violations of confidentiality happening on FaceBook as well. [redacted] A person close to a board member allegedly posted (on the RCS Sports Association page, of all places!) details on the confidential interviews being done. This isn’t the first time that people associated with the board have been told confidential information before it was common knowledge. Details of Mr. Jones’ 3020A proceedings are out there as well.

    [Editor’s Note: Parts of this comment have been edited for clarity and content but the edits do not substantively change the fundamental points being made by the commentor. Please note also that these are the OPINIONS of the commentor, who has not verified or validated any qualifications or credentials that would make him an authority on the open meetings laws. Furthermore, the commentor is obviously speculating on things of which he cannot have certain knowledge. Nevertheless, We are publishing the comment as part of our open discussion policy, however.]


    • Simon

      October 10, 2012 at 8:37 am

      The redacted portions of my post are publicly viewable on the video recording of the meeting, and via screen shots of FaceBook. You can label my post as opinions, that’s fine. But I can post the times on the video recording if you’d like.

      I’d encourage everyone to watch the meeting anyways.



      • RCS Confidential

        October 10, 2012 at 9:36 am

        Thank you, Simon, but I don’t think it will be necessary to post the times. If any of our readers are genuinely interested in watching the otherwise scandalous performances of Whalen, Engels, Latter, and Reville with the supporting roles filled by the Neanderthals in the gallery, they can certainly visit the district website and watch the rather lengthy video.

        Thanks again!



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