Flash Updates: RCS Child Abuse and RCS Retaliation

01 Oct

Because the Issues are So Serious and the Conduct So Appalling, We Felt It Would Be Important to Publish Updates on Two Recent Reports: RCS Child Abuse and RCS Retaliation. Here Are Recent Updates Received from Our Readers.

Which Coach’s Pix Belongs Here?

And Cathy Deluca can Get Her Fitness Center While Saying, “To Hell With the Library! It’s Their Own Fault!” (Friends of RCS and More FaceBook Site) And Cathy Deluca and Her Coeymanazi Mob Can Crucify the Board of Education for Trying to Bring Law and Order to the RCS School District. But Cathy Deluca and Her Coeymanazi Cluck Buddies Are Blind to the Child Abuse and Stupidity of the RCS Coaches and Administration! But “It’s for the kids!” Right Cathy, Clucks, Coeymanazis?

Only in

RCS Students Refused Bus Transportation Home: We received confirming information about the incidents in which at least two students were refused bus transportation home from the high school. In the one instance the student was refused transportation because he allegedly did not have a bus pass, the transportation personnel were rude to the parent who called to find out about the bus pass requirement, and the mother had to pick up the student at the school. In the second reported incident, a special ed student attempted to get on the wrong bus, was left unaided, became confused, and walk approximately two miles on Rt 9w, to get home. Both instances amount to endangering a minor, indifference to the welfare of a minor, gross negligence, and incur the civil liability, in our opinion, of the RCS school district, especially in the case of the special ed student. We’d like Jennifer Houck, RCS Transportation Director, to stand up before the next RCS board of education meeting and explain why this sort of abuse is happening!

According to our sources:

The bus pass was something used at the highschool about two years ago for the 10th period bus.  Apparently the transportation brainiacs at bus garage wanted to start it back up again for the 10th period bus this year.  Apparently, on Tuesday, September 25, some students were boarding the bus with passes and some were not.  Busdrivers were told to let them on.  When the incident happened on Thursday, September 27, when the student was refused transportation, as we have learned from reliable sources, as the student’s mother was on the phone with Darcy Hunter, a dispatcher at the bus garage, the student’s father was on the phone with the high school main office and the spokesperson at the high school told him that the bus passes hadn’t been implemented yet.  To the best of out knowledge and as confirmed by reliable sources, the bus passes are going to be fully implemented on Monday Oct 1st.  We also have information from reliable sources that the the school transportation people at the RCS bus garage are trying to pull a fast one… We have learned that on Friday September 28, drivers were all (the memo was to ALL employees!) handed a notice dated on Sept 25 stating that “Thank you for your patience with the enrichment runs, please remember that ALL students are required to give you a pass to ride the bus with a legible first and last name on it.  (The schools are supporting us on this)”  We were given this notice on Friday Sept 28th and asked to sign and date that we received it. So apparently, the student was refused transportation for no good reason! The fact that the student is the child of a member of the RCS board of education wouldn’t have been a factor in this new incident of RCS child abuse, would it? We’d like Jennifer Houck, RCS Transportation Director, to stand up before the next RCS board of education meeting and explain why this sort of abuse is happening!

The facts relating to the special ed student having to walk home are much simpler: the bus drivers and aids behaved like idiots, and the school administration fell flat on its face AGAIN, failing in its duty to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students in their care. We think the parents of the special ed student should file a Formal Written Complaint and make a claim against the RCS District for indifference to the safety and welfare of a child, gross negligence, endangerment of a minor, etc. After all, “It’s for the kids.”

Only card-holding members get home!
But you already paid the fare!

Retaliation Against the Children of An RCS Employee. We reported on the case of the mother who was employed by the RCS school district who made a complaint against one of the RCS athletics coaches for lewd and indecent behavior in the presence of minor players. Well, she made the complaint and as soon as she returned to her workplace, she was fired on the spot. The mother had a spotless employee record but also had some very bad experiences with the RCS athletics coaches mistreatment of her children, as have other parents. Well, not only have the coaches retaliated by refusing to play her sons–they’re great athletes and not playing them certainly doesn’t say much for the coaches’ coaching nor for their morals (Pretty sad when the child knows he isn’t being played because his mother has the guts to stand up to a**holes!  Will this EVER stop?  That’s a question we should all I can ask ourselves!)

But it gets worse, still…

One of this same mother’s boys was injured on September 29, in the game and the mother had to bring him to urgent care after the game, The varsity coach, Gary Vanderzee, took a look at him and called the mother over to tell her he thought it was a “broken blood vessel” and to bring him home and ice it for the weekend and see how he is on Monday.  Initial reports from the urgent care facility are, it’s a ruptured tendon in his bicep and they did x-rays to make sure that when the tendon tore from the bone it didn’t cause a bone fracture or a bone splinter; the doctors’ instructions are to see ortho a.s.a.p. to get an MRI. The diagnosis by the professionals was that he ruptured the tendon in his left bicep.

Coach Vanderzee: “It’s just a broken blood vessel.”

Our question is: Where and when did coach Gary Vanderzee get his medical degree? Vanderzee overstepped his boundaries by making an illegal medical diagnosis which might have resulted in serious consequences for the young man who was injured, had the mother not ignored Vanderzee’s advice to “ice it for the weekend and see how he is on Monday!” (There’s something on Vanderzee we’d like to put on ice!) The arrogance and stupidity of the RCS coaches went over the top on this one, and could have had very serious consequences. Coach Gary Vanderzee, in our opinion, should be summarily disciplined and suspended for making an illegal diagnosis, providing illegal medical advice, and for endangering a minor.

The part that’s really irks the parents now is I that they have YET to get a PHONE CALL from any coach, or anyone at the school that even fakes concern about the kid, or to at least see how their child is doing!  That’s the sum total of concern of the RCS athletics coaches. It would really make good sense for someone at the high school to express some sort of concern, after all, evidence-based studies have shown that in cases of medical malpractice, settlements and money awards were considerably lower when the physician expressed regret at the mistake or showed some compassion with regard to the patient or the family. Being human and having compassion has its rewards, but RCS coaches and administrators missed that point long ago. That’s why they’re classified as Coeymanazis–they have all the care and sense of responsibility for the kids that guards at Auschwitz had for the prisoners!

Perhaps Mr Ron Racey (he’s got some skeletons in his closet, too) would like to address the parents and the RCS board of education at their next meeting on the subject of coach Gary Vanderzee’s medical expertise. There must be a policy and procedure in place at the District Offices that covers student injuries while participating in school athletics programs and events. Maybe we should check that out, too!

Gee! Racey, Vanderzee, Perrine all muster up the testosterone to back up the illegal operations of the RCS Athletic Association; we wonder why they’re so silent on the abuse that’s been reported to have been going on for years in the RCS district. Any explanatins, Ron, Gary? Anyone? Not to worry! It’ll all come out in the depositions 😉

Yet they all claim “Its for the Kids.”

Our advice to the parents: File a formal written complaint against the varsity coaches, Vanderzee, and the school district! Better fix the situation now before they cripple or kill a kid! That will be “for the kids,” too!

How Long Are You Going To Stay Stupid?
“It’s for the kids!”
The Editor

Still Outstanding Business

  • Has the RCS School District Received the Paperwork Demanded from the RCS Athletic Association? If not, why are they allowed to do business on school property?
  • Has the RCS School District received any payment from the RCS Bottle Blitz for the use of school premises for collection activities led by Cathy Deluca and Lorraine Misuraca? Or are they an exception to the rules, too?
  • On what authority and in compliance with which policy did Albany Boys Academy operate a concession stand on RCS high school property, and what portion of their profits were turned over to RCS?
  • Has anyone received a response from outgoing Superintendent Elizabeth “Do Nothing” Smith regarding the requests for the number of students from the town of New Baltimore attending RCS schools (must be a dozen times this has been requested!)?
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7 responses to “Flash Updates: RCS Child Abuse and RCS Retaliation

  1. Sam Manchéz

    October 1, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    This is BEYOND ridiculous! You must not know that the high school teachers don’t even give out 10th period passes. Two and three years ago when there were passes, if you didn’t have a pass you were sent back in to get one. That was how they prevented kids who should have been in detention from leaving. The bus drivers are NOT idiots. I know a lot of the drivers. Even the ones I do not like would never refuse a child from a ride home. If you did not have a pass, you did not get on the bus. If you did not know this, which it seems to be, then WHO do you think you are? You are just someone who is trying to make RCS even worse than it is. Knock it off because you sound like you know everything from everybody’s point of view and you don’t. You try to blog about all of this like you are so mature but the way you are writing males you seen “stupid”, idiotic, an “a**hole” and just immature.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 1, 2012 at 3:19 pm

      You’re absolutely right, Emma Lynn or Sam or whatever your name is, on just one point only, though: all busdrivers are not idiots.

      But you appear to be one, yourself. In fact, you write and express yourself like a freaking 13-year old girl, and I have a gut feeling that you ARE a 13-year old girl, at least mentally.

      It is beyond my capacity to make RCS look worse than it is; RCS does just fine on its own. Some of this stuff is just to bizarre and lunatic to be fantasy; it has to be true because if it were, fiction it would be incredible.

      And, missy, who in hell do you think you are to pontificate to me, you ignorant lump of pulsating amoebic jelly? I’d have to lie down in a ditch to put myself at your intellectual level!

      I’m speaking to real people whom I know and can believe. I get real reports! I get the documents foiled and the solid facts! And you DARE question ME! You turdette!

      “Sam Manchéz,” or “Emma Lyna Knapp,” indeed! More like Samantha Moron-ez!

      Now that’s how I would respond to you if I matched your description of me but I wouldn’t stoop to such a level.

      Thank you for your comment!


  2. Simon Bolendorf

    October 1, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    You know, when I first read these last few blog posts, there were so many issues I had with the commentary. I had so many comments about rules and such.

    But you know what? These are all cases of where the base safety of the students needs to transcend the enforcement of some of these rules.



    • RCS Confidential

      October 1, 2012 at 1:20 pm

      Thank you, Simon. I admire your knack for concision. You’ve said in so few words what I would need pages to say.

      Thanks very much!

      The Editor


      • Simon

        October 1, 2012 at 2:17 pm

        I did have much more to say, but I came to the realization that none of it really mattered… 🙂



      • RCS Confidential

        October 1, 2012 at 2:36 pm

        That seems like a strange thing to say, Simon. Of course it matters! It may not be important to you but it may be important to the rest of us.



      • Simon

        October 2, 2012 at 2:51 pm

        No, I was referring to my other comments not really mattering. I prefer to keep my comments legit by not using adjectives. 🙂



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