Can This Be True? Let’s Investigate! The Latest in Child Abuse at RCS…

28 Sep

We’ve Just Received Another Report on Child Abuse at the RCS High School



The Pattern of Abuse and Retaliation Continues at the RCS High School. As if the Continuing Epidemic of Unrelenting Bullying Isn’t Enough, Bully Teachers, Administrators, Ineffectual Principals, A Totally Useless Superintendent, and Now the Bottom-Feeders are Joining in the Orgy of Child Abuse at RCS!

An abuse of trust!

The report is that a young student was abandoned at the RCS high school yesterday and refused transportation home. because he didn’t have a bus pass.  The student is a regular, normal, well-behaved student at the high school, travels on the bus daily, and his parents are community leaders. The busdriver and the dispatcher knew the kid had a legitimate right to be transported home. Is this the only way the corrupt and perverse teachers, administrators and support persons in the RCS school district can make a point: take it out on the kids?!?

The student’s mother had to go and get him. When the student’s mother called the bus garage to find out about the so-called bus pass requirement, a lower level employee, Darcy Hunter, a transportation dispatcher, was rude and talked over the mother when she called to find out what happened.

We’ve also received an unconfirmed report that the school recently (this week) also forced a special ed student to walk home from school. According to the report, the school couldn’t figure out what bus he was supposed to be on! The poor kid was so confused that he walked home! Can you imagine a special ed kid walking home on US Rt 9W? Doesn’t the busdriver or the aide have the brains to help the kid or to contact the school office if there’s a question? What are the taxpayers of this distict paying for and getting for their school tax dollars??? Answer: Abuse and more abuse. And the district’s children are being put at risk!

But if the Board of Education tries to do anything about it like launch an investigation, make inquiries, inaugurate policy and procedure…Guess what? The Coeymanazis are right there to stonewall and are all over them! But they continue the mantra, “It’s for the kids!” Go figure!

Is this how you treat the trust parents place in you to protect the welfare of their children? Is this your idea of serving the kids? Is this what “It’s for the kids!” means to you perverts?

We demand that Jennifer Houck, RCS Transportation Director, Hunter’s boss, investigate immediately and take disciplinary action against the bus driver and especially Darcy Hunter. Scandalous! Shameful! Putting a child at risk and under such stress!  Check into it, parents!!! Your child will be next!

Here we have a school district with a RCS Board of Education that is trying to set things right and is ambushed at every turn by groups calling themselves, strangely enough, Friends of RCS and More, and a RCS Sports Association that acts like its a part of the distict athletics department, but is an outside organization that operates with some very strange notions of accountability and paperwork. The antagonists are constantly waving the banner, “It’s for the kids!” While bullying continues at the school, junior high-school students are attempting to commit suicide at the school, and school buses are refusing to transport students home, abandoning them at the school! To add insult to injury, parents have to be verbally abused and disrespected by the low-lifes that are being paid with public funds!

What is going on with these crazies?
If anyone has any more information on this crime,
we want to know about it!

Shouldn’t your Albany County District Attorney, The New York State Education Department, the New York State Attorney General, BOCES be Investigating these Incidents? Where are they?

We Make You
Perverts Public Enemies!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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13 responses to “Can This Be True? Let’s Investigate! The Latest in Child Abuse at RCS…

  1. A concerned taxpayer

    October 1, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    First of all, I would like to know what kind of special ed this child was that had to walk home? If the child did not know what bus they took, where was his/her teacher to help guide the child to the correct bus? Everyone with a scanner knows that at school dismissal time, the radios are non stop trying to find correct busses for students. Especially during the first month of school. There are how many students in these schools? How many busdrivers, or office personnel? These busses do not leave the school yard until it is clear to leave.

    As for the 10th period busses, it has always been a rule that a student needs a bus pass to ride home because of safety issues that could possibly arrise. You never know what child will be staying late and riding home that day. What if there was an acciedent? A bus pass allowes these drivers a list of students that are on the bus during that time should a problem arrise.

    There are always 2 sides to every story and anyone with common sense should know that. Using names for one side of a story is considered slander and should not be accepted. Any personal experience I have had with anyone at the transportation department has been pleasent and helpful. I have never felt that they “did not” care for the safety of my childeren. Calling anyone a “low level employee”, a “pervert” or a “low life” is not a professional way to deal with things, let alone this post. Everyone is supposed to be treated equal no matter what your wages are. Again, anyone with common sense should know that. Being upset with one or two people is one thing but taking it out on everyone in that department? That disappoints me to no end.

    As a tax payer myself, I believe we should be focussing more on educating these children and the real problems that the entire community is facing. How is it that children are graduating hardly able to read? It’s sad that we have to fight for their education. Instead we have lawsuits for things that should not have been a issue to begin with. Take care of these problems right at the top of the line! Apparently, that is where they begin.

    These highschool games need to stop between all these adults. Until that happens, the school will not be able to move forward. All adults that work in the district need to work and stick together and make the best future possible for these children. Put your own differences aside and focus of the children because that IS what it’s all about.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 1, 2012 at 1:18 pm

      Thank you for your comment, “Concerned Taxpayer.”

      Whatever your opinion on the use of names in public access media, such as newspapers, newspaper blogs, public comment blogs, you are quite incorrrect when you say it is “slander.” Facts known to be untrue at the time of publishing those facts relevant to a public figure are “libel.” The facts published came from reliable sources and on information and belief were considered to be true at the time they were published.

      Moreover, anyone whose name appears on this blog has every opportunity to contact us to provide their side of the story or to correct the facts. Anything we publish is subject to correction and we actually invite readers to contact us if they find an error (please read the disclaimer at the end of every blog).

      If there is a known issue and no effort is made to confront the issue to avoid adverse outcomes constitutes indifference to a known issue that can reasonably expected to have adverse outcomes. Under such circumstances as you mention in your comment, the start of a new school year brings with it the expectation that there will be problems with students identifying the correct bus for transportation home. That being a given, one could reasonably expect that the school administrators would take extraordinary measures to confront the extraordinary but reasonably expected situation. This applies all the more so when it concerns a special ed student or any student having difficulties. Once identified, that student should be afforded personal assistance or the case should be called in to get someone who can assist. That apparently was not done in the case of the special ed student. If you have an alternative take on this issue or if you have additional true facts, please share either or both of them.

      As for the bus pass situation. No parent or student should be put in the position to second guess an apparently totally disorganized, ulteriorly interested school administration and staff. Case in point: We have obtained information from a very reliable source that the information regarding the bus pass policy was not put out in a timely fashion. To verify this, we went to the RCS CSD webpages and examined every page that could be reasonably expected to publicize such information as bus pass requirements. It is nowhere to be found on the site. The RCS CSD district offices or the schools neglected to post this important information in a place accessible to the public.

      One reader has suggested that the information was broadcast by e-mail and that parents and others should be more diligent in checking their e-mail. E-mail is not the be all and end all of communications. E-mail is not the most reliable of communications. When I want to get up-to-date information I do what has frequently been suggested community members do: I go to the RCS CSD website. I did and found nothing…correction…there was one note saying when bus passes would not be issued.

      I understand that the district has robo-call capabilities. Why not use that to advise of something as important as bus passes?

      But the fact still remains that according to sources in the RCS CSD system that the bus passes were not in effect at the time the student was refused transportation. The fact remains that “ALL” transportation staff were notified by memo of the effective date of the bus passes on Friday, September 28. Those are facts, easily verifiable.

      But the one fact remains: The student, whether or not s/he had a bus pass, was refused transportation. The busdrivers are provided with communications equipment. Why was no call made to someone in charge to get authorization, if authorization were indeed and in fact required, to transport the student. Why was the student humiliated and subjected to unnecessary stress by being refused transportation? Was it a glitch in the administration’s system? Was the student at the school for bona fide purposes? If so, whose responsibility was it to issue the bus pass? Or does the highly paid, professionally developed school administration rely on the students to take care of the process?

      You write: “As a taxpayer I believe we should be focussing more on educating these children and the real problems that the entire community is facing.” But isn’t that exactly what we on this blog are saying? Am I missing something important here? But I am somewhat concerned–and I may be misreading your comment–that you might feel that student dignity and safety are not part of student education? That abusing students psychologically, emotionally, or physically is not something we need to identify and correct? Or are you denying that it is a real and pernicious problem NOW in the RCS school district…that these published facts are perhaps not really true?

      Your final paragraph also raises some concerns: It is not just about the children. It is about the adults and their responsibilities as role models for the children. The adults are failing the children in any number of ways: as educators, as role models of good citizenship, as role models of community and fellowship, as role models as team members, as role models as examples of human dignity and respect for others, as role models as good stewards…, etc. Need I go on. The adults in this community STINK! All we hear are slogans, misguided pseudo-wisdom, all bullshit! The role that the adults in this district are modeling is that of hypocrisy and smoke screens!

      The English language is impoverished in that it colloquially uses one word, “education” for everything that the pre-adult person gets to work with in becoming a member of the community, of society. The European languages almost without exception have several words, education and formation, each sharing certain features but each affecting a different aspect of the persons development of self, personeity, and identity. We are failing in providing the entire product.

      The Editor

      If you can enlighten us on any of these points, we shall be most grateful.

      Thank you for your comment.

      The Editor


  2. unknown

    October 1, 2012 at 11:52 am

    And I am not by any rights trying to be meqan or disrespectful I just happen to really like my bus driver and I think she is the best out there. Just when you say all the bus drivers how can you know its all of them. I know its not her I would stand by herside threw anything and knowing that she could or wouldn’t do the things you try to say all bus drivers do or have done. Shes a loving mother wife and a great friend. You need to know everybody before you put everyone on blast on this website


    • RCS Confidential

      October 1, 2012 at 12:00 pm

      Thanks, again, “Unknown,” for your comment.

      We are aware you are referring to one person, a friend, whom you obviously admire. That’s fine and we support you in your support of her. We, too, are talking about single individuals, all of whom, in our opinion and in the opinions of our informants, have not met the expectations. They have fallen far short of even the minimum standards for their positions. We are aware that there are very fine and dedicated busdrivers, aides, etc. who really love to work with the students. They know who they are and so do the students. That should be enough. Did you ever think that maybe some of them informed us of what they saw happening? That’s not an impossibility, is it?

      You are misreading what was written. No one wrote “all busdrivers.” That is what is in your head, not in our blog.

      Thanks again!
      The Editor


      • RCS Confidential

        October 1, 2012 at 12:25 pm

        Just an afterthought…I’ve checked the RCS CSD district site, the school sites, the BoE site and I see no mention that bus passes will be required or when such a program would be going into effect. I would think that that sort of information would be available on the RCS CSD site. If I missed something, please let me know.

        The Editor


  3. unknown

    October 1, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Well first off the new thing is as we as parents should all KNOW if we took the time to read the stuff that comes home All KIDS need a bus pass to ride the 10th period bus. That was even stated when we went to the 6th grade welcome start.As I am sure it was the same for 8th grade. I was told by someone that the child was told to go in and get a pass from the office and he or she did not. They went in and called their mother to come pick them up. So to me the bus driver was by all rights following his/her orders from the job.
    2nd Of all you are saying that a lower level employee, Darcy Hunter which I think by all means you have no right to say that about her. Which makes me think that you are someone higher up and should not talk about the employees like this at all its what you call discrimination and futher more rude to even mention her name in this and highlight it.I would have a law suite going up and down your back. And this is what we try to teach our kids in school about online bullying and here you go calling someone out.Lets just say that we know were it starts from right at home. I think you are very rude and need to look futher into something before putting someone on blast.
    And 3rd not all bus drivers are like the way you say they are I for one have 2 great bus drivers and have a very close relationship with one of them. Some of these bus drivers can see your kids in the am and put a smile on their faces and know hey this is someone I can trust, some even tell their bus drivers information about them because they feel comfortable to do so even before telling their parents. You can not bash all the bus drivers because just because you had one bad experience with one doesn’t give you the right to bash all of them.Its just not right.
    I don’t agree with this and think its very wrong for you to put something up like this. The kid was told to go into the office and get a pass the bus was waiting for this kid and instead he or she went to call their mom to come pick them up.

    I for one love sending my child to school with someone I trust I feel completely safe with my bus driver and know my kids are well taken care of they get on and off the bus with a smile everyday and look forward to going on again the nexted day. You should not blast all of the bus drivers because each and everyone is their own person and has their own way of doing things.And I have not ever had a problem with Darcy or anyone else I spoke to at the garage they have always treated me like a loving mother who was wondering about her child. This is on called for and so not right by all means. Learn to read what comes home from school or check your emails more often to know what is happing on a day to day basic with your child.


    • RCS Confidential

      October 1, 2012 at 11:51 am

      Dear “Unknown,”

      Thank you for your comments.

      First of all, we are not “bashing all busdrivers.” We are pointing out quite clearly that one busdriver, the student’s busdriver, is the culprit. Please read our Flash Update for more information.

      As for Darcey Hunter, all she has to do is write to us an deny the events as reported. To be thorough, Ms Hunter can explain what she did and why. Ms Houck can do the same. She can be more thorough still by simply stating when the public information went out to parents and to the district about the bus pass requirement and where and when it was explicitly that they would be required, starting when, and under which circumstances. Now there’s a great idea! So far we haven’t heard from either of them. Maybe they’ll stand up before the public and the RCS CSD board of education at the next meeting and explain what happened? What do you think.

      We’ll gladly retract what we have said if they can convince us otherwise.

      By the way, where are you getting your information? We have it directly from eye witnesses. In order to be reliable, your witnesses must have been at several places at the same time and must have followed the student to know what was said on the phone to his/her mother. How can that be. Sounds more like you might be less than reliable in terms of your facts.

      Our facts are carefully checked and verified before we go to press. Obviously, yours are not.

      And, I suppose you have more up-to-date information than the information the busdrivers themselves get? That’s interesting.

      Please check your facts in future and avoid public embarassment.

      The Editor


    • unknown

      October 1, 2012 at 12:57 pm

      It was in the letters that come home it was well said in the 6th grade orientation as well as the eight grade one.And plus it is told to the kids while they are at school. So its all about keeping eyes open and ears and you will learn


      • RCS Confidential

        October 1, 2012 at 1:26 pm

        It was said at “6th-grad orientation,” at “8th-grade orientation,” “it is told to the kids…while at school.” Fine. Dandy. Wonderful! So far you are telling us it was all orally transmitted information, primarily to the students, and you expect that as a policy to be enforced by adults that is where it should stop.

        I’m very sorry but I am having a great deal of difficulty following your reasoning, if reasoning it is.

        First of all, if you are going to leave policy to the kids, we don’t need teachers or administrators. Just tell the kids they need to read the books and write a couple of papers on what they read. That’s what it all boils down to, isn’t it?

        Are you reading and comprehending what’s in black and white in these blog articles? Can we make it simpler for you to understand?

        Are you missing the gist of our expanded responses to the comments by readers? And are you still missing the points?

        Unknown, please attentively read what we’re writing hear follow your own advice: “So its all about keeping eyes open and ears and you will learn.”

        This is our last patient/polite response to any comments that reveal a mental block to the information readily available.

        The Editor


  4. Pundit

    September 29, 2012 at 12:54 am

    This does not sound good….and you can’t make up this kind of stuff!

    These kinds of things just happen too regularly to be accidental. There just has to be other reasons.

    We may need the Sheriff to make his presence known at his alma mater on a daily/hourly basis. The High School could be the location of the new substation here in Coeymans….deal with two issues at one time!

    What could possibly be the issue with preventing a kid walking home? I thought there were issues where a kid must go home on the bus they came in on? I assume they attempted to contact the parent before refusing a bus ride…maybe there weren’t any empty seats….don’t think so….

    When you say ” his parents are community leaders”, you are not referring to School Board members, are you? I hope not.

    There is no getting away from it, it is certainly all “for the kids”!

    Sad if even only half true.

    On a positive note, maybe the News-Herald or TU investigate reporters will be on to it and publish a report as this is community news–news concerning the business being run by the tax money we just spent this month.


    • RCS Confidential

      September 29, 2012 at 8:26 am

      Greetings, Pundit!

      No, nothing on this blog is made up…except maybe the monikers or nicknames for some of the actors in this tragicomedy we call life in RCS.

      Everything that happens in this district raises multiple questions, just like this most recent example of child abuse has done. Whether it’s the residents flying their banners of double standards, to their spreading of misinformation and propaganda on the FaceBook websites that attempt to make them “official” by using the RCS in their names. It’s all like garbage you think you’ve disposed of and can forget by dragging out to sea, dumping it and watching it disappear under the waves…only to return to shore and finding that the sea has vomited it up, returned it to you on the home shores. The filth under the surface of the RCS district and the so-called communities is surfacing and it’s really ugly, disgusting, scandalous.

      And Yes! you are quite right in your insight that the abuse was committed (a second time) against a student whose parent is on the RCS board of education. I find it very interesting that that suspicion should have arisen in your mind. Has this sort of deviant behavior, this retaliation perped on children by adults become a commonplace, a characteristic of this community, so much so that when it is so much as suggested that a child is abused the reader thinks to herself, “Must have been a relative of someone on the board of education.” Now that is going to attract some really great people to the board in future, isn’t it!? But maybe that’s the plan…scare off the good ones and then the Coeymanazis can have it back. Interesting!

      Well if its “sad if only half true,” it’s doubly sad if wholly true. It’s true.

      As for the News Herald or the Times Useless covering any of this tragedy that’s a longshot. They are beholding to the very ones perpetrating the scandal and disgrace we call RCS. Over the past several months we have reported on some very newsworthy items, items that any journalist worth his or her salt would have jumped on, investigated, and turned into a book-length series, actually doing some real journalism. But no! What have they reported on? What has the Times Union, the News Herald, the Daily Mail reported on that is of any substance, contains any truth at all? Even News 13 botched up their recent reports…So what’s new in the news? Total lack of journalism and journalistic professionalism. The reporters are just as trashy as what they report and just as authentic.

      And as for law enforcement, the local Coeymanazis don’t want real law enforcement here in Coeymans, and they’ll do all they can to spread misinformation and lies to scare the locals into thinking that the Coeymans Police Department is really law enforcement, when it’s a club of thugs and criminals. Few of them have any training at all and this community cannot affort to continue feeding the snakes in the Coeymans p.d. and getting bitten for it. Put a professional, supervised, accountable, well-trained force like the Sheriff in there and watch things happen.

      We’re goners if we just sit back idly!

      Peace, Pundit!
      The Editor


    • unknown

      October 1, 2012 at 1:00 pm

      And see I don’t have to highlight or comment rude like you do.Maybe put alittle less effort into this and more on the kids will do the kids better. After all it is all about the kids right 🙂
      Well said tax payer


      • RCS Confidential

        October 1, 2012 at 1:27 pm

        I’m having difficulty following you, Unknown. You seem to be missing something…



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