Albany Times Union: Best Media Bias Money Can Buy! Can You Afford it Anymore?

19 Sep

The Only News the Times Useless Seems to Print About the Ravena-Coeymans Community is Either Negative or When a Corrupt Candidate for Albany County or State Office is Running…
The Rule Is: Smear Them Or Use Them. Seems To Work for Some.

Albany Times Union Reporting:
Makes Even Brian Wanna Puke!

The fact that the trash even makes it into the news is symptomatic of the depravity of this area and especially of the Times Union and that trash-tramp Dayelin Roman. Why do you people let them get away with it? Where’s the editor of the News Herald? Shouldn’t that rag be championing this area?

Well, one of our readers, Pundit,  is fed up with it all and has writting with the following:

I am now attempting to find a way to post the following on a Times-Union Blog site but am unable to find the location to do so. In the meantime, I am posting it here as the site is open and fair and allows posting on any subject, especially if it is relevant to the Ravena Area. Here ’tis:

This comment refers to the article I read this morning I titled:

“Cops crack Coeymans crash mystery. Son of RCS school board member allegedly drove SUV into house then fled”

Written By Dayelin Roman and it says it was “Updated 7:45 a.m., Wednesday, September September 19, 2012”.

While I am happy to see the TU [Times Useless = Times Union newspaper] is following Local News and reporting criminal acts, I am beginning to wonder if there is something to be said about a bias against that Ravena School District, which is just to the South of beautiful Delmar. Whether the young man is guilty or not will I am sure be proven, I wonder what it has to do with the subtitle “Son of RCS school board member” has to do with anything?

It is difficult enough to find people to take on this and other difficult non-paying Volunteer jobs without including comments like this-and it has nothing to do with the story-or at least it was not explained how it does.

The reporter on the local TV news station went a step beyond when interviewing the Dad when they asked “are you going to support your son…” – to Mr. Lukens’ credit he kept his cool and just got into his vehicle after saying “of course, he is my son”!

Where are these reporter wannabees hired from? I ask, are news people from some other planet? Is there a Times-Union policy on when to use the names and jobs of Parents when reporting news about their children? It seems to be a spotty reporting practice as one rarely sees this in print. Similarly, I have seen other articles by this reporter about the Ravena School District Board members having legal issues and/or higher profile items of interest but do not see it about other Districts and am sure the Ravena District is not so removed from the mainstream.

I also find it odd that, when one looks at the Blog site under Places, Ravena is not even listed! desirable Bethlehem is, along with wonderful Guilderland and beautiful Delmar.

Just wondering.

Thanks for the time.


Everything BUT the Truth!
The Albany Times Union
by Dayelin Roman

Maybe you all should go to the TU blog site and start blasting them! Perhaps cancelling your subscription or your advertising in the rag would show some community spirit. Or have you lost all of your community spirit and self-respect?  If you have no respect for yourself how can you expect someone else to respect you?

Now, here’s the real question: Mr Lukens is one of the local business persons on the BoE and is NOT a member of the teacher’s clique, he did speak up in favor of eliminating the Coeymans Police Department, he was in favor of making the RCS Sports Association file the proper paperwork like everyone else. Think this might be another smear campaign by the Coeymanazis?

Here’s another question: Do you think Tom Dolan’s kids would have gotten that press? How about Deluca’s? Biscone’s (no, he’d just get the felony buried by one of the Teresis or the Coeymans police simply wouldn’t “investigate.”) How about one of the Brunos? Don’t think so. If you do, Wanna buy a bridge?

Hear much about Joe Tracey’s court appearances lately? How about Mayor Bruno’s brain fart to spend more than $50,000 on the failied Ravena fitness equipment (formerly the Delucas’ fiasco and their snog shack). What about Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca’s comments on their FaceBook page that the local residents should support the purchase of the equipment for the healthclub where the former library was located. Deluca says the library isn’t needed. But ask him who’s getting the money and who that person is related to. Ask him also who is going to manage the Mayor’s little gem of senile thinking (Hint: Rumor is her first name is Cathy.) By the way, did anyone hear about any public meetings to discuss the health club or the purchase of the equipment? We sure didn’t. Or is Bruno investing his own money? Not likely. Did anyone read about this in the Times Union? Or about Tom Dolan’s shady past or lack-luster do absolutely-nothing-present in local government? That’s not likely either, is it? Do you think there’s any media bias here?

Or how about the firing of a local parent from her school district job for filing a complaint against one of the RCS Sports Association athletics coaches, almost immediately after filing the complaint? Anyone read about that scandalous abuse, retaliation, harassment in the Albany Times Useles rag? Probably not!

You’re All Getting Closer to the Slaugher!
What do you expect when you’re SHEEPLE!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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3 responses to “Albany Times Union: Best Media Bias Money Can Buy! Can You Afford it Anymore?

  1. Simon

    September 20, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    It’s more a sign that RCS has become more of a laughingstock of the area. While Lukens (Sr.) is not a relevant part of the story, it will unfortunately sell papers to have “embattled RCS Board” mentioned in the story (people will want to see why RCS is in the paper AGAIN).

    Anyone who thinks that ANY news organization whatsoever (paper, magazine, TV, Web Site, anything) is in business to do anything other than to sell their product is just kidding themselves.



    • RCS Confidential

      September 20, 2012 at 3:37 pm

      Your right, Simon. And a reader has just sent a copy of another article in the TU by that same reporter, D. Roman, that is bursting with non-newsworthy ad hominem crapola. I’m beginning to wonder whether Roman gets any supervision from her editors; she appears to be wasting an awful lot of space with non-sequiturs and flotsam and jetstuff. Is the TU that hard pressed to fill the space of a page that they have to settle for such third rate writing? Times must be tough if that’s the kind of writing they have to settle for…And they wonder that subscriptions are dwindling?



      • Simon

        September 20, 2012 at 3:51 pm

        Society has proven time and time again that it’s all about entertainment. That’s why news magazine shows have flashy graphics and dramatic music during reenactments.

        Subscriptions are down all over the place because there’s simply less people in the public who make THAT much time to read a newspaper. News is much easier (and quicker) to get from other sources, and in many cases by the time a newspaper is able to print a story it’s already old news. It’s even worse for magazines like Time, who only print once a week.




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