Elizabeth “Betsy” R. Smith a.k.a. Superintendent Double-Talk

12 Sep

Mr James Latter Recently Informed the Community that The Superintendent of Schools ‘Does Not have to Answer Residents’ Questions.’

Well, Mr Latter, Although You Were Out of Order and Very Wrong to Have Written that, You’ll Be Pleased to Know that RCS Central School District Superintendent Elizabeth R. Smith Doesn’t Answer Residents’ Questions.

She Just Double-talks Them to Oblivion!

Well, That’s Being Too Fair, Actually, She’s Apparently Dyslexic … We’ve already Established That She’s Illiterate (see our article,  The RCS District RFP Is an Embarassment and a Sham!) but We Now Think She Has a Much More Serious Problem: Indifference!

But she did little when she was in the job, now she’s given her notice–after she’s padded her retirement checks with the $140,000 salary she’s ending with–and so she can wait it out another month or two, she’s a shorttimer now. She’ll leave the mess for the next crook who gets hired to the position.

We covered the illicit, delinquent, and illegal conduct of the RCS athletics coaches when they asked students to sell raffle tickets on behalf of the RCS Sports Association (see our article, Raffle, Anyone?). It was clear in that article that there was serious misconduct going on right under Brian Bailey’s and Elizabeth Smith’s noses!  We also published Superintendent Smith’s idiotic response (rather, refusal to respond) to that situation, as well in our article, No Response From District Office, Ms. Smith. It gets worse, still, because when we published our article on our suspicion of illegal money transactions at the National Bank of Coxsackie by the RCS Sports Association, there was still no action taken (see our article More Money Questions…Who’s Cashing the Checks?)

No Answers, Betsy?

So, even after all of that scandalous misconduct, we are still asking why the RCS district offices, the Superintendent, especially, and the Board of Education, too, have not addressed these concerns and put their foot down squarely on the culprits’ necks?!? We’re still asking WHO? is the RCS Sports Association, WHAT? are they doing having the coaches hand out raffle tickets to students to sell, and HOW MUCH? the RCS Bottle Blitz is paying to use school facilities!

We recently obtained a copy of a letter request addressed to Superintendent Elizabeth “Betsy” R. Smith, dated September 11, 2012 and received at the District Offices on September 12, 2012, in which a concerned resident requests information regarding the action taken against the RCS athletics coaches who writes:

“Could you please advise me of the action taken with the coaches that told the students to sell raffle tickets? It is my understanding that this is illegal and the students again were placed in a situtation that gave them no recourse except to do what they were told for fear of reprisal. Also, who is collecting this money, and who and what will these funds be used for? Many community members are very concerned that inappropriate behavior on the part of our teachers/coaches continues and feel it is essential that administration take immediate, legal action against any and all staff who continue to disregard policy and law further damaging the welfare of the students as well as this district’s reputation.
[Name Redacted]

The letter is very clear in that the writer asks specific questions:

  1. What is the action taken with the coaches who unlawfully told students to sell raffle tickets?
  2. Who is collecting the money?
  3. For whom and for what will the funds be used?
  4. The question is also asked impliedly “What action the administration is going to take against any and all staff who disregard policy and law, endangering students and damaging the district’s reputation?”

The questions are pretty clear, aren’t they? You’d expect the Superintendent of schools to be able to read and understand such simple language, wouldn’t you? After all, it’s clear English, and it’s really quite clear and plainly stated, isn’t it?

But the question is nagging: Why doesn’t Superintendent Smith simply answer the questions? She simply refuses to answer our questions or those posed by residents! Why is that, we wonder!?! So, here’s your Superintendent of Schools, Ms Elizabeth “Betsy” R. Smith‘s “answer” to the resident’s written questions:

Thank you for your letter, which I opened today.  [Name Redacted] delivered it to me after our Building, Grounds and Transportation meeting yesterday.   All RCS coaches of fall sports were notified of the law restricting raffle ticket sales to adults 18 and over. 

“Community Organizations and Parent-Teacher Organizations may conduct fund raisers and raffles.  Those organizations can be contacted for information about their fund raisers.


Am I missing something, or what? “Thank you…[Name Redacted] delivered the letter…All RCS coaches…were notified of the law restricting raffle ticket sales to adults 18 and over.” What about the coaches distributing the tickets to students and telling them to sell them? Did you miss that Betsy? Didn’t you understand the question, Betsy? Need your eyes examined, Betsy?

Wot Duhn’t U Understand, Ms Smith?

“Community Organizations and Parent-Teacher Organizations may conduct fund raisers and raffles.” Duh! So what, Betsy? Who cares?
Those organizations can be contacted for information about their fund raisers.” What in hell are you blathering about, Betsy? Have you lost your mind? Who cares? Answer the damned questions, why don’t you?!?

So parents, residents, community members, on September 18, 2012, at the very next board of education meeting, we urge you to press Ms Smith for a more detailed, responsive answer to these questions we’ve raised in our article about the raffle ticket sales (see Raffle, Anyone?), Smith’s command of the English language, and the progress made in getting the required documentation from the RCS Sports Association that verifies their legality.

Who’s Cleaning Up the Money?

We will also be interested in parents, residents, taxpayers, and community members pressing Ms Smith and the Board of Education to know how much the RCS Bottle Blitz was charged for the use of the high school cafeteria on September 14th. As an outside program not affiliated with the RCS school district and not a registered organization of any kind, the RCS Bottle Blitz would be subject to hourly charges for the use of the school property, just like the community sports clubs are being charged. We need to know, How much? Who’s paying for opening and closing the building, the insurance, the utilities, the clean-up, etc.?

Superintendent Smith’s Legacy to the RCS Central School District
(+ A Couple of Lawsuits)

So, Superintendent Smith, we have just one last question for you: If YOU, the Superintendent of Schools for this RCS central school district, can’t read and comprehend simple English in a short letter asking very clear and concise questions for the purpose of answering them just as plainly and concisely, how do you intend to convince parents, taxpayers of this district that they are getting what they think they’re paying for.

Also, will you please now answer the questions the resident asked in the above letter. Thank you!

It’s Those Voices In James Latter’s and Elizabeth Smith’s Heads that Are Causing
All the Problems!

The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

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3 responses to “Elizabeth “Betsy” R. Smith a.k.a. Superintendent Double-Talk

  1. Simon

    September 13, 2012 at 6:43 am

    She’s just reinforcing her opinion (I assume as well as others opinion within the district) that the Association is supposedly a separate organization and not part of the school. My kids raise money for their soccer club, and the school isn’t involved. It does get troubling when the officers of the Association are teachers and there’s a mixing of laws and policies. It should have been a grey area that was avoided, but for some reason they didn’t. They should have stuck to off-campus Brooks BBQs and the like.

    Kids have always sold tickets. The important part of the law is that the tickets can’t be sold *TO* those under 18. They can, however, be sold *BY* those under 18. It’s one of those silly situations like in the grocery stores, you have to be 21 to buy beer, but a 15 year old register clerk sure can sell it to you. 🙂



  2. Pundit

    September 12, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    I think Mrs Smith is in a tough spot. She has, by her actions, been ‘out there
    ‘ with the community’, talked with people and acted in the best way she can. I also think her hands and actions are/must be bound by some other reasoning that apparently has a hold on the goings-on here at RCS. I believe Mrs Smith would have continued in her capacity had not these outside influences-and they may not be outside the District but somehow outside of her control-as I think she really likes kids and their Education process.

    However, that being said, these shenanigans need to come to an end, and soon. As the questions and situations posed above seem logical, I hope the proper authorities will deal with it/them swiftly and justly, without regard to politics.
    You know, all humor aside, it is really supposed to be ‘for the kids’ and it is about time it was!

    If one has to be 18 to sell tickets is should be pretty easy to see if that rule has been broken and the offenders dealt with. As far as paying for use of school facilities, well, the rules are there and need to be enforced. As far as monies deposited into a bank, well, that too, should be pretty easy to track down and dealt with. The Superintendent has a staff to answer residents questions and there must be an attorney on retainer to advise as to what is legally right and what is not.

    What happened to the Concession thingie-the one that provides for someone to serve food and beverages to us at events?

    This stuff should be child’s play to deal with but it seems to just continue.

    BTW, I received my School Tax bill the other day and it was odd to me to notice the “Make Checks Payable” address to be in Rochester!!! I am sure there is a good reason for this but it would be nice to hear as I must have missed it. Maybe that is where First Niagara receives the monies, holds it for a while, then sends it all here for disbursement….or maybe not…

    How about the District publicizing School Bus ridership statistics so we stop looking at the large almost empty buses and complaining about it?
    Can the videos taken by RCS Surveillance cameras, be they on the property or on the buses be FOILed? Might be some interesting footage….

    Lots of questions/scenarios/situations but not many results/answers/reasons.
    I hope we have a good school year.


    • RCS Confidential

      September 12, 2012 at 9:33 pm

      Thanks very much, Pundit, for your comment and your very interesting insights. I hope that many of our readers will enjoy reading your thoughts as much as I did.

      While I do not contest the general impression that Elizabeth Smith is a “nice person” interested in the community, that is not sufficient to get the job done in this district, especially, as we have had the opportunity to have noted. Yes, her heart may be in the right place but obviously she has played the politics to keep it there…in her chest…because there are plenty of very nasty people out there who would tear it out in a New York minute. That being said, I think she arrogantly overestimated herself or strategically sold herself into a position she was not really up to. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: being a good elementary school principal is not sufficient qualification to be even a mediocre superintendent of schools. Smith is living proof of that.

      But it’s not all her fault. She was inteviewed, vetted, and hired by the representatives of the community, the Board of Education, who seemed to think that she was up to the job. We now know that at the time the BoE was dominated by the teachers clique and so, naturally and perversely, they pushed one of their own, a local no less, into the position. Too bad for the district and too bad for Smith. Maybe now the community will wake up to the wisdom we’ve been publishing on this blog for the past several months.

      Yes, we’re paying a lot of money for staff but no one seems to know what they’re doing. They’re certainly not ensuring the best interests of the district. They certainly have not done much to curtail the bullying in the schools. They’ve not done much to eliminate the corruption and graft running rampant in the district schools and agencies. The current leadership and majority on the BoE have made some progress but it’s been an uphill battle with booby-traps at every turn. Look what they tried to do the the board president! Look what they have uniformly tried to do to just about everyone on the “civilian” side of the aisle. Not one has gone unscathed by the teachers clique or by the Deluca Coeymanazis! Yet no one speaks up about James Latters’ conspicuous misconduct, about the RCS Sports Association’s recalcitrance, about the RCS Bottle Blitz machinations, and where have all the questions gone about the voting irregularities, the deficiencies found in the audits, etc. etc. In one ear and out the other…20:20 hindsight, and memories like sieves!

      I have been screaming at people lately to do exactly what the Coeymanazis do, get organized and go after them! That’s the only way to get things done around here: in civil warfare fought guerilla style. I’ve told a number of parents that they’ll get nowhere fighting the battle as individuals, they need to join forces and then watch things happen. They’re slow but eventually they do wake up.

      I really like your idea about doing the bus occupancy census. It makes sense. But then they’d rather buy more new buses than figure out how to fill what they have. RCS Economics 101. That’s what happens in failing schools that lower the standards to meet the criteria. RCS Economics 202, don’t correct the waste, don’t plug the holes, don’t correct the overpayments, just raise the stakes, tell the community “it’s for the kids,” and increase the budget…there’s something in there for everyone to steal.

      Isn’t it pitiful?

      The Editor



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