Hidden Costs of Corruption…Can Ravena-Coeymans Afford Them?

30 Aug

We Published Parts of this Article in a Previous Article But it Wasn’t Very Visible, We’re Told. It’s Important, So We’re Giving it Space of Its Own

In a previous article we discussed a case of a resident trying to get the Coeymans police department to enforce the law rather than having the law perversely applied as usually occurs. In that article we describe a current case where  the Coeymans police, in conspiracy with the Coeymanazis around the Coeymans justice court, are actually obstructing justice (that’s a federal crime under where I come from; see US Code – Chapter 73: Obstruction of justice.) by employing conspicuous retaliation (delaying) tactics and likely other criminal activities to avoid prosecuting alleged felonies. The problem is, the Coeymans police and the Coeymans justice court actually thought they’d get away with it again this time again, sillies that they are!

Obstruction of Justice is a Serious Crime

Obstruction of justice is a serious federal and state  crime where someone tries to impede or interfere with the operation of the justice process. Anyone, even a police investigator or officer, a judge or other public official can be guilty of this crime. This can include actions that impede or prevent the criminal process during the investigation stage or during the prosecution stage. There are many different ways that someone can be charged with obstructing justice such as:

  • Attempting to influence a judge, court employee or a jury member
  • Threatening, harassing, coercing, assaulting, blackmailing, retaliating against or taking other actions against someone for participating in a criminal investigation or prosecution
  • Lying to law enforcement officials about important information such as knowingly altering, concealing, or destroying evidence or potential evidence
  • Otherwise obstructing or impairing the operation of state or federal laws, obstructing or impairing a criminal investigation.

The law takes a particularly dim view of public officials (elected officials, judges, public employees, police officers and employees) who obstructing the justice system, because society holds such people to a higher standard of conduct. Where an obstruction of justice charge might be sketchy, most prosecutors also make use of statutes protecting the citizen’s civil rights; so there are provisions that can be used in prosecuting for civil rights violations, too. Even a mediocre attorney would have a picnic here in Coeymans, and probably will…a qualified civil rights lawyer will make a killing!

The civil suits will be filed, of course, or follow the criminal prosecutions, or they may even be filed at the same time and run simultaneously. Where the criminal prosecutions don’t get the dirtbags, the civil lawsuits will (Do you remember OJ Simpson?). Pay us now or pay us later, as the old Midas muffler commercial used to chant.

Coming Soon to Someone
You Know!

You’re gonna be served!

Note also that Coeymans will have to diligently investigate and disposition each and every Formal Written Complaint submitted by citizens and residents, and those investigations must be properly documented. That’s great for future civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions because the documentation of those complaint investigations will be available in discovery or when subpoenaed and what a mess that will be for Coeymans! Furthermore, every Notice of Claim will have to be investigated, documented, and those records of investigation will be available, too. Everyone involved at any stage of the process will be a possible witness and can ge examined before trial or at trial. Positively delicious!

And do you realize, citzens and residents of Ravena-Coeymans, that you will  have to foot the bill for the criminal misconduct of your elected officials, the police, the judges. So, go ahead and ignore what’s going on in the Coeymans Police Department and in the Coeymans Town Court and in your town boards and village councils.

Keep on ignoring the corruption and criminal activity but don’t complain later that the lawsuits are sending the town into bankruptcy or that services are discontinued in order to pay the judgments! And don’t scandalize the citizens who stand up for their rights when they’re abused and mistreated; if the majority in the community didn’t sit back and let the criminals have their way with the community, the criminal prosecutions and the administrative law actions and civil lawsuits wouldn’t be happening.

  • Do you residents realize that every complaint has to be investigated and that costs money?
  • Do you realize that every time a complaint is made against a judge, like the ones against George Dardiani, or against one of your public officials, the community, YOU, have to foot the bill for his lawyers?
  • Do you residents realize that when a complaint is made against a police officer, whether the complaint is justified no not, and that officer is disciplined or terminated, it could cost upwards of $250,000 in the battle with the police union to get the creep off the force? This is about what it costs to battle the teachers union, too, when you want to fire a teacher. Do you wonder why you have so many pervs on the police force or as teachers?

Are you listening, Darlington, Dardiani, Deluca, Biscone, David Soares, Coeymans town board members! Your outright misconduct and indifference is going to cost a bundle…both you and the community. Fines, jail, loss of pension…not pretty.

So, Citizens and Residents of Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk, You Can Wake Up Now or Pay Up Later…Those Who Are Still Left in Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk; The Smart Ones Will Have Already Left, Probably With Their Non-Polluting Businesses and Skills (All that Coeymans can attract these days is ther communities rejects and garbage dumps, it seems! But you all have raw sewerage on your lawns or in your basements, don’t you? Now, that’s a plus!)

Enjoy the Show…And Pay the Price
(We Warned You!)
The Editor

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