Dardiani and Biscone Subject to Discipline!

24 Aug

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An Asinine Idiotic Attorney and an Ignorant Judge with No Balls Make for A Silly Soap Opera! But That’s What Was Presented to the Public by the Dardiani-Biscone Comedy Team, the Stars of the Coeymans Town Court.

Coeymans Town Court is One!

Take it for what it’s worth but I have a very profound respect for the law, ethics, morality. I am personally offended when I see a cheap shyster making a mockery of jurisprudence, the court, police work and all for the shyster’s ego and personal gain. That’s what I saw in Dardiani’s court with the performance of star-clown Michael J. Biscone in his perverse defense of alleged felon Scott Lendin, whom he refused to produce for arraignment on Thursday on two counts of felony grand theft and one of trespassing. Not only did shyster  Biscone show unabashed contempt for the court, playing on the presiding judge’s ignorance and inability to assert himself, but he offended the notion of law enforcement by publicly–and inaccurately–proclaiming that the Coeymans police department had screwed up the paperwork. Biscone showed extreme disrespect for the court by telling, YES! telling the judge he was not going to bring his client in to be arraigned. Any other judge would have placed Biscone in contempt of court with a hefty fine but Coeymans town justice George Dardiani just grinned stupidly and attempted to appease Biscone.

If that were a private meeting or a meeting in chambers it would have been bad enough but it all transpired in public, in front of dozens of spectators in open court. What effect did the whole circus performance have on the public? Well, it would be reasonable to assume that anyone witnessing the monkeys at play felt it was a mockery of jurisprudence. I, for one, was embarassed by it all and felt that most of the unwashed in the courtroom probably lost all respect for the court. Bully Biscone merely proved the general opinon that he’s a jerk and that the court is a plaything, a sham, and he could do what he pleased and get away with it. After all, he’s a Biscone.

Well, Dardiani, you balless wonder, and Mikey Biscone: Here’s where the buck is going to stop! Dardiani, you’re done making a mockery of the justice system. Biscone, you’re on your way to disciplinary hearings, shyster that you are! The investigation will probably include your unethical conflicts of interest, too. The community is getting a wake-up call and you’re both on notice.

Based on What We Were Able to Observe in Coeymans Town Justice George Dardiani’s Court on Thursday, We Have Grounds for and Will File Another Formal Written Complaint Demanding that the State Unified Court System Discipline Dardiani for Failing to Maintain Order in His Courtroom and for Eroding the Public’s Confidence in the Judical System. Bad news for Georgy, because this may mean the Commission will remove him from the bench and prohibit him from ever running again. Are you listening, kitty-litter reporter Dayelin Roman of the Smalbany Times Useless?

Dardiani’s Reaction to Biscone
He Became a Sucking Eyeball Freak!

 Old John J. Biscone, mouldering in his grave, must have been turning restlessly at about 10:20 on Thursday, August 23, 2012, when sonny boy Michael Biscone was making an ass of himself, George Dardiani, and the justice system. Poor old dead daddy! Is that really your legacy to the community, John J.? Is Michael J. and John T. all there is (Well, isn’t it enough? The place is lousy with Biscone shysters!)  Not quite what you were hoping for, is it? But it’s the Biscone Legacy.

Michael J. Biscone, the Biscone Legacy
John J. Biscone’s Gift to You = One Big Turd and One Little Turd

So, in Addition, We are Preparing a Formal Written Complaint Against Michael J. [Jerky-Boy] Biscone for Submission to the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division, 3rd Department Demanding the Biscone be Censured and Disciplined for His Unprofessional and Contemptuous Conduct in Dardiani’s Court and for his Unethical Conflicts of Interest he Operates in RCS which We and an Entire Community Witness Regularly (Probably Why the Coeymans Town Board Meetings and the Ravena Village Council Meetings are Not Recorded and Archived).

They’re All Cousins!
Now do you see what’s going on?
(We’re working on a bigger relationships chart.)

And yes, we are aware that Michael T. Biscone’s former partner, Joseph C Rotello, is employed as a clerk (exec assistant)  in the Appellate Division 3rd Department division of the court system. And yes, we will ensure that the complaint points out this fact and that the investigation precludes Joe Rotello from interfering, intervening, or otherwise influencing the investigative process or the outcome. Sorry, Mikey, but Joe Rotello won’t be able to help you out on this one. And don’t forget that hidden little tick, Greg Teresi, his father is the notorious censured state judge Joseph Teresi, the one censored for anti-pro se bias. Not to mention, of course, town justice Harold “Hal” Warren’s wife who is a Biscone and a member of the Ravena town counsel.  And there’s the Darlington connection with Soares DA’s office, the best little whorehouse in Albany,  in Albany where his wife is a secretary. So, you see, in this widow’s web of incestuous relationships unless you’re paying someone off, or in bed with them, you don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell for justice in Ravena-Coeymans!

(Bud don’t despair yet. There’s still justice Phillip Crandall and retired justice, now justice clerk Kevin Reilly who may be the only two clean people in the entire putrid system!)

Biscone Screwed You Guys Good

All that having been noted, we’d like to know what the Coeymans police department thinks of the ass-kicking they received at the hands of fat-ass Michael J. Biscone? Seems Biscone thinks you guys can’t even properly fill out an investigation form or an information. Fat-Ass Biscone seems to think you’re all a bunch of morons and belong in the same league as the ignorant mousey Coeymans town justices. How do you all feel about that? Did you really screw up the paperwork like Mike Biscone claims you did? Did you all play into Biscone’s dirty little game plan? What do you think about all of this? And where was your chief, Darlington, when all of this was happening…out again? What the hell is this town paying him for, anyway? He’s totally ineffective, useless! Was he taking his wife to the doctor’s again? Did you check under his desk…or was he under Dirty-Hands Jerry’s desk (Move over, Dayelin Roman, you gotta share!)?

Dardiani should have immediately held shyster Michael J. Biscone in contempt, remanded him to overnight custody, issued an immediate bench warrant and ordered alleged felon Scott Lendin arrested and brought in for arraignment. In addition, were I Dardiani, I would have made a formal written complaint to the NYS Committee on Professional Standards demanding that Biscone be disciplined. But then I’m different from Dardiani; I have a set of working man-apples.

Everyone present that day will be named as witnesses. We’ll submit the entire sign-in sheet with our papers. We’ll also demand the digital recordings of the proceedings as part of our filing.

To File Your Own Complaint Against A Lawyer or Against A Judge Click on the Page “How To File A Complaint” (at the Top of this Article) or Click Here.

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Bad-Boy Baby Gonna Kick Yer Asses!
The Editor

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

6 responses to “Dardiani and Biscone Subject to Discipline!

  1. roxanne brown

    September 6, 2016 at 10:52 am

    I applaud your blog and grateful that someone has the balls to call them out on their dirty deeds! Biscone-aka-fat ass, needs to be put in his place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Editor

      October 14, 2016 at 1:08 pm

      We agree! But how much will it cost taxpayers to enlarge a jail cell to the dimensions that will accommodate his pregnant bull hippo sized butt?!?!


  2. Simon

    August 28, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Your blog posts would probably be much more productive in taking care of these characters if they didn’t have as many blunt adjectives in them. They make your arguments seem much less credible, and more petty.



    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 28, 2012 at 6:10 pm

      Thank you, Simon, you are quite correct. I’ll try to be less f***ing FRUSTRATED with these morons!


      P.s. Some of them are adverbs 😉


      • Simon

        August 29, 2012 at 10:59 am

        Not an english major. 🙂

        The thing that frustrates us masses is that while you may have legitimate points here, the second someone of relevance is making a serious inquiry as to what’s going on at the town or at the school your blog will be found and read. The arguments within will end up being ignored and written off as by a wacky minority (even if it’s a mainstream majority view). It then makes it much more difficult for those of us who normally would have been taken seriously with our complaints if it weren’t for the blog with a witty derogatory nickname for everyone it writes about.

        Be frustrated. Be very frustrated. But I think somewhere back in that head of yours you (and your crew) can be less sensationalist and more informative and persuasive. You’ll get much more public motivation to look into these situations.



      • Fides qua Creditur

        August 29, 2012 at 12:12 pm

        Thank you, Simon. Good points and well taken.

        Regrettably, though, I think those who have to get motivated are the unwashed, the masses, those who are at or near the bottom of the feeding chain but who make up the majority of those for whom we (me and my “crew”) are advocating. The very ones who the Coeymanazis ignore or persecute but to whom they appeal with their so-called gimmes and pseudo-gifts.

        The minority, those who generally get up and cry at the podium at public meetings or point the fingers, are the most vocal and visible, but they are in the smallest minority. It’s they who are perpetrating the majority of the crimes in this community and it’s they who have the affluence, the education, the wherewithall but it’s also they who are possessed of greed and the more-sickness, it’s they who covet anything their neighbors have or might achieve, it’s they who take every advantage of the system as it is–forget medicaid, medicare and welfare! just look at the damage the haves have done! then ask yourself, Why?— To be very honest, in my home community the very worst, the most vile are those with the biggest cars, the biggest houses, and those who came here from “classy” hoods (regrettably, they left the class behind). It’s the woodchucks who’d give you the shirt off their backs because you’re neighbor.

        It’s not the marginalized, the poor, the ignorant whom we are really addressing. It’s not they who need the wake-up call. It’s those who think they are above everyone else but are lower than whale pooh in the San Andreas trench to whom we are adressing the charming monikers and the notices of doom.

        When they seethe to see their names and evil publicized. When they boil when they’re called what they really are. When they cringe when they’re associations and relationships are published. When they deny reading the blog but lurk to see what’s posted about them or one of their cronies, it is our hope that at some point at least one of them will melt down or autocombust, a warning to the others.




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