The Deluca Bottle Blitz…Or Is It the RCS Bottle Scam?

11 Aug

Warning: If you are a student or a minor, please leave this blog NOW!

We Find It Extremely Important Not Only to Expose the Evil in the Community but Also to Share Some of Our Readers’ Responses to What is Going On In the RCS Community. Here’s A Contribution From One Of Our Readers on the RCS Bottle Blitz that Raises Some Interesting Questions and is Really Worth Reading.

There’s Something Below the Surface

 To Understand What’s Really Going On and to Get A Real Feel for the Consequences, You Simply Have to Get Below The Surface. A Beautiful Calm Sea May Be Hiding A Very Hungry Shark.

One of our regular commentors, Pundit, pointed out some very interesting points, which we’d like to publish on their own, because they’re so on target. Pundit writes in response to our article Bottle Blitz Secret is Out…

Bottle Collection Question:

I wonder if I would be able to obtain a receipt for any deposit bottles and/or cans I leave so that I can use it as a donation write off on my Income Taxes? Not being a Tax authority, I would have to guess that the group collecting the bottles would need to keep track of how much was ‘donated’ for their tax return too.

This stuff can really get sticky.

Actually, it would seem if I gave say $100(2000-Five Cent containers) in deposit containers I would have spent money to purchase the product meaning I would -once again- be giving a portion of my earnings directly to what would need to be a not-for-profit/for profit organization which, in turn is passing it on to the RCS District, meaning I have now transferred $100 more of my money to the District.

It just keeps getting better and better with each passing day!

We responded:

Thank you very much, Pundit, for a very clear and correct analysis of the bottom-line problem we’re dealing with in this case.

You see, you pay the deposit up front when you purchase the beverage, as a pledge to return the can or bottle, at which time you will receive your pledge, the deposit, back. Now, if you give the right to that deposit away, for example, when you make a charitable contribution by giving away your say, 2000 bottles and cans, equivalent to a cash contribution of $100, and the recipient in turn redeems the 2000 bottles and cans for their value of $100 in cash, that becomes revenue or income. In the case where they say they are doing this not for themselves but on behalf of say, a group or organization, what then? Someone has to keep track of the money trail. If you make a charitable donation of $100 wouldn’t you want to be able to deduct that amount from your taxes? But you’d need a receipt to claim that safely.

And the individuals collecting the proceeds, how are they handling the revenue? Are they redeeming the bottles for cash? Do they get a check?

You’re being followed!

Who deposits the check? Into a personal account or into a program account? Who then becomes responsible for the taxable income? If it goes into a personal account or a business account and that business writes out a check to say, the Sports Association or to the School District, does the writer of the check then take advantage of the tax benefit of the “charitable donation” to the SA or the CSD? Does it then become income for the Sports Association or the school district, and if so, is the Sports Association required to keep books and to report the income? (Yes! they are!)

Basic question: Who gets the advantage of using the charitable donation deduction? The people contributing the bottles and cans are certainly not getting any benefits.

Great questions, great analysis, great points, Pundit! Let’s see if we get any answers.

The Editor

It’s Coming. Are You Ready?

At this point I’d really like to remind all of you disgustingly self-righteous guardians of the public morals that only a couple of months ago you all were fired up, together with that skank-gossip-monger-in-tow Dayelin Roman at the Times Useless, and turned into a veritable lynch mob ready to string up a local businessperson on the board of education for appealing, read APPEALING, his tax assessments. Isn’t it funny that a select group of you are all too ready to forgive the “old” RCS Sports Association and cast a blind eye on the “new” RCS Sports Association (for trying the same unlawful and deceitful tricks), and the DeLuca Bottle Blitz for worse misconduct? Some of you are all too ready to have double standards and that should make the rest of us very uncomfortable. It’s worse still because the RCS Sports Association and the Deluca RCS Bottle Blitz are so publicly visible, and any misconduct by them really has a very bad effect on the community as a whole, but inflicts a really ugly scar on any group claiming to benefit the schools, students, and students’ activities. Organizations like the RCS Sports Association and projects like the RCS Bottle Blitz must be held to an even higher standard than ordinary businesses!

So, Cathy Deluca and your supporters, RCS Sports Association and supporters, RCS loud-mouth coaches, and teachers clique: What are your answers to these questions? They’d better be good!

But wait a minute! Don’t Cathy Deluca and Gerald “Dirty-Hands Jerry” Deluca claim to have several businesses, including the so-called DeLuca Public Affairs (no pun intended!), the Main Street Small Business Coalition, and isn’t old Dirty-Hands Jerry connected with the ARANY (the Automotive Recycling Association of New York) as a “consultant,” (in What? may we ask!), the New York State Assembly, etc? And doesn’t old Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca claim to work closely, to have an “in” with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (the DEC)? Isn’t Edward “Teddy” Reville is the Protective and Marine Coatings Manager for eastern New York, Vermont and western Massachusetts with the Sherwin-Williams Company? Isn’t James Latter an engineer with GE? Aren’t Alice Whalen (retired) and Howard Engel teachers? You’d expect these people to recognize and acknowledge all of the good sense behind RFPs (requests for proposals), insurance, documentation of organization, etc. but why are they opposing all of the businesspersons on the board of education (who are not teachers or married to a teacher) when the board of education calls for it. Whalen, Latter, Reville all voted against it! Why are they opposing the board of education’s demands for proof of organization, lists of officers, proof of tax filing? Shouldn’t they be supporting all of this tooth and claw? What are they hiding, who are they protecting? What’s their agenda? Maybe you should be asking Mrs Deluca, Mr Deluca, Mr Reville, Mr Latter, Ms Whalen, Mr Engel? What’s the deal? What’s your agenda?

And RCS board of education members, how are you going to handle this problem BEFORE it becomes a thorny public concern complete with audits and investigations? Are you going to stand your ground and demand answers, documentation? Are you going to oppose the teachers clique and the easy-sleazy superintendent and demand accountability from any organization dealing with the schools?

That’s why, dear readers, the non-teacher, resident / businesspersons on the RCS Board of Education, Robbins, Lukens, Sylvester, Randy K., Vadney–, are demanding that organizations and anyone claiming to be doing something “for the kids” or for the schools cough up proof that it’s entirely legitimate and legal. Get it now?

Special Notice: We make every effort to be truthful, complete, fair, and balanced on this blog; therefore, if you see anything that you know to be false or incorrect, or if you have additional information to clarify any issue, please let us know by e-mailing your information or by leaving a comment. It’s very important to us that we don’t fall into the same category as those whom this blog is intended to expose. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and assistance!

One response to “The Deluca Bottle Blitz…Or Is It the RCS Bottle Scam?

  1. Simon

    August 12, 2012 at 7:38 am

    This is actually a very common issue, not limited to our situation at RCS. It’s why I don’t donate to the people in front of WalMart unless I’m familiar with the organization – – we have no idea what these organizations are and what’s happening to the money. The tax implications are icing on the cake as well, although many times when I donate to these organizations it’s small amounts and I’m not concerned about the tax writeoff. I am concerned however as to what my money will be going towards and if society would be better off if I kept my money myself.




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