It’s Just Good Business Practice. So WHY…?

10 Aug

Federal, State and Local Governments (Except Coeymans, Maybe) Asks for Bids from Contractors. Employers Ask for Applications and Résumés When Hiring. We Shop Around When We Buy A Car. We Get Estimates For the New Roof. Why?

Make Them Beg to Provide!
RFPs Stimulate Competition & Improve Quality

So that we know who we’re dealing with and what we’re getting for our money. That’s why. It’s only common sense and good business practice. Wouldn’t you agree? The local self-made business owners and operators agree. But the parasite professions, the teachers clique, don’t. Why? Because they’ve never had to think about where the money’s coming from or how to manage it! They have no practical experience!

So, a group comes along and offers to put your roof on just for what it costs in materials. They’ll do the labor for nothing. All you have to do is provide the power for the equipment and they’ll do the rest. Skeptical? And you should be!

Who are these people? What are their skills? Do they know what they’re doing or will they do more damage than repairs? What if someone gets hurt? Are they insured? Where are they getting their materials? How are you protected? Good questions, right?

But that’s exactly what the RCS Sports Association is doing…asking everyone to take a very big risk, even when we know all about it’s past shadey practices. But the RCS Board of Education is saying NO! The Board of Education is saying that certain standards have to be met and there are no favorites; the public must be protected because the risks are so high.

Now that sounds like good common sense to us…but some people, like the RCS coaches and their cronies like Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca, Ron Racey, Gerry Perrine, Gary Vanderzee, and Howard Engel Jr turn good sense into a personal attack–it’s their standard tactic and they throw it out there every time, even though its a loser. Why is that?

Teachers Clique Sticks Together

And then, we have the teachers clique on the board of education who like a good bunch of Nazis, stick together like flies on shit, and whatever the resident/non-teachers suggest, they vote it down, even when it’s good business and common sense! Here’s an example straight from the July 10th meeting:

On a motion to put out an RFP (request for proposal) to outside vendors to supply food at sports activities, a very good idea and it stimulates local businesses to compete and to showcase their products at local events, the resident/non-teachers all voted YES! but the teachers clique, James Latter, Edward Reville, Alice Whalen all voted NO! Why on earth would the teachers clique vote no on such a sensible proposal? We know why and you know why…

Looking Brighter

Fortunately, the YES! vote won and the district will be asking local vendors to submit their proposals for providing hospitality at sports events. Now Diane Malecki has to solicit interest through a request for proposal (RFP) process for vendors at the High School fields concession stands. Great job!

Another motion was made to give the RCS Sports Association the privilege of using RCS school facilities… you know the bunch who refused to disclose how much money was taken in and how it was spent; the same bunch who lied about their non-profit registrations; the same bunch who would not produce their tax filings, etc. The same ones who, though illegal, spent RCS Sports Association money promoting certain political campaigns. Yeah, that bunch.

The RCS Sports Association is not an official organization of the RCS school district and must be treated like any other outside operator or organization. Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca and the so-called coaches are going nutzo now, because the RCS Sports Association is being told to cough up the necessary documents and is being made to play fairly like everyone else. Too bad! This is riling up certain groups that benefit from the RCS Sports Association’s activities, like the political interests, for example. That’s a big NO-NO! But now that they’re getting all this attention, they’re pissed as a bunch of hornets and just as nasty.

When the motion came up to add the RCS Sports Association to the so-called Fee Schedule for Use of School Facilities, the vote again went in favor of the community and the teachers clique lost:

The residents group on the board of education voted NO! and the RCS Sports Association is off the list until they comply with policy, procedures, and the law. Of course this really pissed off the teachers clique, James Latter, Edward Reville, Alice Whalen who all voted YES ! for their little pets, and Ron Racey, Gerry Perrine, Gary Vanderzee, and Howard Engel all threw hissy fits! Dirty-Hands Jerry Deluca even wrote an idiotic, illiterate letter to the editor that the News Herald published, to its own embarassment. Looks like the political favors and the easy money are things of the past. The world is looking so much brighter!

 Looks like the new majority on the board of education is making a real effort at cleaning house when it comes to getting rid of the corruption and crookedness that has infested the school distict and the schools for years, now. With the audits and investigations that have either already been done or are in process and those that are in the making, RCS should have a pretty squeaky clean operation soon enough.

Running Scared

It looks like the community, too, is seeing through the smoke screen created by the teachers clique and the Delucas and the Coeymanazis. There’s growing support for the new majority on the board of education and the crooks and liars are feeling the heat; they’re running scared and lying really low. Some, like Dirty Hands Jerry Deluca allegedly have been told by the godfathers to shut up and stay out of sight. In fact, Deluca’s recent appearance in the form of a letter to the editor was a rare event since he had been in hiding for a number of weeks, not being seen at any local meetings. Things are really looking good.

Other Coeymanazis like Matt “the Mutt” Miller, Donna Leput-Hommel, the Dave and Amy Bartlett, Bill McFerran (at least until the old RCS Sports Association comes under investigation soon), and others have all gone into retirement. The audits and investigations must have really scared the bejezis out of them. Thanks, Pennywise!

Pennywise, the Auding Clown Gonna Gitcha!
The Editor


2 responses to “It’s Just Good Business Practice. So WHY…?

  1. cookie

    August 13, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    Thanks for keeping us updated. The RFP is long overdue. The successful bidder will have insurance, sales tax id numbers, have health department inspections and certifications, in essence do things the right way. Why would the others vote against this process? Because the other side is for it. Or maybe they were told to be contrary to commen sense


    • Fides qua Creditur

      August 14, 2012 at 7:50 am

      Thanks, Cookie, for the comment.

      There’s nothing so far to speak agains the RFP policy and everything to speak for it. If the teachers clique are simply voting against it because they want to be contrary it merely proves what we’ve been saying all along: they’re out for themselves and their misuse of the system should get them properly prosecuted either in a law court or at least in the public’s opinion. Things are moving, moving slowly, but moving in the right direction. Their days are numbered and counting down.




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